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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  January 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

10:00 pm, the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. for many, it's a convenient stop on the way home and a great place to go for craft beer and imported wine. but this iconic iowa city grocery store, is now closed. closed.john's grocery - - on east market street - locked the doors - tonight at eight - - but - - the store will open again.. 2 news reporter - steffi - lee - is here to explain. for 69 years - johns grocery store never wavered from its promise to be iowa city's go-to marketplace for downtown and the east side.they don't want to lose that personal touch - and that's why they say this remodeling is so important. important. this corner building of iowa city - has never seen these words plastered on its windows. windows. "we've never closed since the alberhaskys have
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the doors have never even been shut." shut."but john's grocery stores workers are clearing off the shelves and packing things away - "i said it's like seeing your celebrity hero without their makeup on." on."so customers can get even better service. service. "i think the only thing they suffer from is that they have to be so small." small." "we've always said we have everything - it's just the matter of finding it." it." "instead of having these tall shelves here - after construction - customers will see shorter shelves down this aisle so they can have an expanded shopping feel." feel." "the liquor's getting expanded pushed to the back wall - the high end case inventory is going to be expanded."the expansion after decades of walking down narrow aisles will stretch beyond tight corners. corners. "we're actually making the whole basement into celler that will be able to hold things at a consistent temperature."a necessity so when customers check out - -"happy customers - it's all about our customers - making their shopping experience - making it easier to find things."signs like this won't become permanent.
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ourselves for one heck of a 70th anniversary celebration." john's grocery store will hold a ribbon cutting for its grand reopening on january 21st. steffi lee, cbs 2 news ten at ten. not that far from the
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corridor - - from the not that far from the corridor - - people in parts of missouri and illinois - are dealing with record** some areas - the mississippi - - is finally receding - - but in others - it's six-teen** feet - - over homes - and cape girardau - - some victims - say the water - is higher now - - than during the floods of - '93.across the river - in illinois - hundreds of homes - are under-water - - and battling the flood is more dangerous - now. "a flood in the winter is much different than a flood in the summer because hypothermia is a risk with people waiting around their house we got people wading around their homes in knee deep water."
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people - are confirmed dead. the mississippi river - is expected to crest at memphis - - on january ninth. 33 million.that's the number of dollars vermont senator bernie sanders' presidential campaign says it has raised during the past three months. comparison, clinton raised 37 million dollars during that same time period and 112 million during the *entire year.sanders raised 73 million dollars during 20-15, according to fundraising totals released today.the campaign says they've received two and a half *million donations, topping the number given to the obama campaign in 2011. donald trump's - presidential campaign - faced an attack from someone - other** than an opponent.this morning - his web-site - went off**line - after being attack - by a group called - new world hacking.the same new york group - claimed responsibility for shutting down the b-b-c* news web-site - earlier this's
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isis**. a lot of hawkeye fans were spotted at "the rose parade", leading up to the big game in southern california yesterday, and so was this.a message in the sky - bashing donald trump reading, "america is great, trump is disgusting, anybody but trump."six planes were used to write the message, which could reportedly be seen from ten miles arial advertising company called air sign took credit.they took to twitter in the hours leading up to the event promising a *surprise for parade-goers. a bar owner in rochester, new york - says his business was the intended* target of a new year's eve - terrorist plot. plot.federal agents - say - emanuel - lutch-man planned to attack a bar - but authorities did not* reveal which one.the owner of merchants grill - says investigators told him - his business was the target.he says - lutch-man - is no stranger. "he's been around the neighborhood for some time.
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businesses have asked him to leave. he's banned in a few of them.""including yourself?" "including myself." myself."a criminal complaint says lutch-man wanted to bomb and kidnap those celebrating at the bar - to prove himself - to isis.lutch-man was arrested - before new years. authorities in des moines - say an autopsy - has not* revealed any additional clues - about a teen - found dead in a pond last month. month.the polk county medical examiner - says - sam kemp- junior - - died from drowning. the 17-year-old - was found by police - near granger - on december 17th.his family reported him missing - a few days earlier.kemp was at a loud party - at a nearby house - and witnesses say he ran - when police - arrived. a new out*reach effort - will soon help - veterans - on iowa college campuses. month - the black hawk county veterans affairs commission - - plans a series of lunch and learns. the meetings will be at u-n- i - hawkeye community
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university.the commission hopes to reach younger* veterans - to explain - the resources available to them. the black hawk county v-a office - is also planning a new programs - to help homes. tonight - a house of worship - in the corridor - that helps people change their lives - - needs some help - of its own. own.the c-r sanctuary is a church in cedar rapids, but it also houses a rehab program for people who are turning their lives around. cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee explains what could happen if they can't afford the needed renovations. renovations. we feed them, we teach thema house doesn't need to look like your typical house to feel like home. home.this is my family this is what god's given me after i lost my family stephen mccrink will say while these bedrooms and this kitchen are all shared spaces i was an alcoholic it's to live. live. i was in and out of jail
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c-r sanctuary in cedar rapids isn't only a church - - we deal with real life and death around herethere's also a six month rehab program to help those who are lost - find stable ground. ground.we get up early every morning - we have certain things we do throughout the day for a building that's more than a century old - the city of cedar rapids says it's in need of upgrades - like an overhead sprinkler system, and an elevator or chairlift. chairlift. if we do not get up to all the codes, then we would have to shut the doors renovation's could cost nearly two hundred thousand dollars - and the monthly payment from the members won't be enough. enough.we just don't know how they would continue living life for people like stephen - if he wasn't surrounded by these walls walls i would've died, i would've diedsteffi lee cbs 2
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the pastors at the church - say to keep the doors open - - they'll need help from the community. you can find information - on that - on our web-site - at c-b-s -two- iowa -dot - com. "happy birthday ice arena!" arena!"a big sweet-sixteen party is going down in cedar rapids - and you are invited! the cedar rapids ice arena, is doing the celebrating.the facility opened in january of 2000, so today, they celebrated 16 years with birthday cake and, of course, ice skating.the arena has been a spot for winter sports enthusiasts, as well as a family-fun place, and people who came out today said, the party was a perfect example. "it is very cool to see families come out here and, children come out here, and they learn how to skate, they go through the learn to skate program, and then move into the hockey program, and they can go on to do other things that we offer. its great to see." see."winter break public
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from 1-30 until's six dollars to get in and two dollars to rent a pair of skates. coming up next on your cbs 2 news ten at ten - an incredible season - in the books.what the iowa hawkeye seniors will remember - most
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pasadena. are making new years resolutions.and i'm betting getting in shape is on there. its one of the most popular goals.but its often the most broken on cbs2 monday how to make your fitness dreams a reality.see you at 5. wind and snow - created black** ice - and a very
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driver . .the highway patrol - says the s-u-v - - drifted across inter-state - 80 and hit a then slid on top of the barrier - - for at least - 50 feet.lucky for the driver - - it did a balancing act on top - - and didn't roll into the ditch.police say wearing a seat-belt - - probably saved the man - from being ejected - from the vehicle. thankfully - no additional snow in the corridor -- but some very slick - drive-ways and parking lots . .meteoroloigst jeff kennedy is
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what rose bowl?... tonight in sports... iowa basketball makes hawkeye fans smile again... highlights from west lafayette... next on
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for iowa is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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hoops... their big-ten opening act played out perfectly... with a home upset of michigan state... but afterwards... fran mccaffery wanted to pump everybody... that it was just one win... no time to celebrate with 14th- ranked purdue up next... the hawks were down 17 at half... but they kept on comin'... dom uhl... he's got stroke... the three ball caps off a 23-4 run... and iowa's back on top... next up... bearin' down the boilermakers... nicholas baer... the freshman... drills the corner three...then the vets took over... jarrod uthoff.. the crafty move to get to the bucket... he gets the roll... that puts iowa up
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later... adam woodbury rolls to the rim... and goes off glass for the dagger... there's no quit in these hawkeyes... iowa comes all the way back... they were down by as much as 19 in this game... but they steal one in west lafayette to move to 2-0 in conference play... fred hoiberg did a lot of good things at iowa state... one thing he wasn't so great at... was winning in norman, oklahoma... the cyclones haven't won there since 20- 12... tonight... that's where steve prohm made *his* big- twelve debut... the sooners are number-three in the nation... but george niang wasn't fazed... he stayed in the zone all night long... his three here... tickles the twine... 'clones up four at half... but late in the game... they were down four... deonte burton finds a wide open jameel mckay... that's a dunk to cut it to two... still down two... final minute... shot clock winding down... but jordan woodard... is cold-blooded... still... iowa state had a chance to tie or take the lead late... but monte morris's three point try is off the mark...
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up short in norman... 87-83 is the final here... big nights for niang and burton... but steve prohm's team is 0-1 in big twelve play... u-n-i went on the road and dropped a nailbiter... to southern illinois, 75-73... a late comeback fell just short for the panthers... wes washpun led the way with 19 points... before yesterday's rose bowl... iowa's biggest deficit of the season... was just seven points... but in pasadena... it quickly became a blowout... and a hawkeye embarrassment on the big stage... but as c-b-s two's zach hanley explains... this team... and these seniors... have nothing to be ashamed of... the hawkeye seniors didn't win a bowl game in their careers, but they got here, to the rose bowl and left the program in a better place. place.: "you know i'll never forget this for the rest of my life. just all the hard work, not just from me, but from everyone. finally getting a shot here this last year and being able to do what we did is something i'll tell me grand kids some day." day.": "it's been a special
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been a tribute to the seniors and the leadership they've shown. they've done a good job and obviously we are sad we couldn't finish it out for them." them." "best senior leadership i've ever seen. they help you with everyday life, with football, on and off the field, stuff like that. just stuff you shouldn't be doing and stuff you should be doing." doing." "i wouldn't say that this game defines us. it's a group of seniors that worked hard since jaguar after the taxslayer bowl and left it in a better place." place." "it's not in our blood to quit. it's just a how we've been raised in this program and the way we've fought every single game and that's just what we try to do so just proud to be a hawk."after the game the talk in the locker room wasn't about the loss, it was about the underclass men learning from the seniors and to take steps in the right direction. at the rose bowl stadium in pasadena zach hanley cbs 2 sports lisbon and mount vernon... the two schools joined forces tonight to honor mount vernon
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fight against cancer...but on the mat, all business -- bryce cox got the mustangs out to the early lead -- takedown after takedown -- he took 220 by fall....but the lions are number one for a reason - unphased by the deficit -- cobe sirbecht wraps around for two -- and would win by narrow 2-1 decision --and more of the same from rhyne mohrfield at 113... he gets his lions a win by decision... and lisbon comes away with a dual meet "w"... 35-27 over mount vernon... thats a check of sports --
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an american woman has an exciting new title.wingsuit pilot ellen brennan is the world's fastest
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around the world in the sport of "wingsuit base jumping."she does her jumps in a mountainous region of france, jumping off, inflating her suit, then flying down the mountain and landing with a parachute.those behind the suits say there's more than meets the eye. "wingsuit base jumping definitely looks dangerous but what you don't see when you is all the training and preparation that went into it. people don't just arrive at the edge of a cliff and jump off wearing a suit, there is a lot that leads up to that.." that.."that area she's jumping off at has quickly grown to be one of the most popular places
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