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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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bye-bye. right now, live at five,a dramatic day in the courtroom for jurors who watched video of a man police accuse of stabbing a marion woman to death.what hy-vee employees said this afternoon about the donald. we'll get to that story in a moment, but first, just into the newsroom, one person has been taken to the hospital after an officer involved shooting and chase in waterloo. details are still coming in but the waterloo cedar falls courier reports police are working two crime scenes - one near fourth and wellington and another on south hackett road. witnesses say it started with a chase and neighbors heard several shots around 3 pm. the paper reports one person was taken into custody and transported to a hospital wish shooting injuries. stay with cbs 2 and
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we'll keep you updated as more information comes in. today, jurors were shown the video of the marion hy vee parking lot stabbing that happened in april. prosecutors say nicholas luerkins went to kill his former girlfriend, armed with a knife. cbs 2 news reporter dora miller is live from the courthouse, where she's been listening to testimony today, dora, what have you heard? testimony from hyvee employees and the surveillance video were the main focus during the trial. trial.employees who worked that day were emotional on the stand as they recalled seeing nick luerkens car circling around the parking lot before he allegedly attacked donald. that ten-minute surveillance video showing luerkens approaching donald and her falling to the ground, moments later we see multiple people stopping to help. some employees testifying that the scene was chaotic and it was "very apparent she was dead." the jury also watched another video -- this time it was dashcam video of the first marion police officer on the scene. we could hear luerkens yelling that he didn't want to go to jail forever and that he
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wanted to die. the trial is likely to continue tomorrow morning. covering the corridor in cr dora miller cbs 2 news live at 5 we hope you got out and voted on this gorgeous tuesday - and if not - you still have a couple hours left. left.municipal elections are being held across the state today - and mayoral contests are taking place in several eastern iowa major issue weighing on cedar rapids' tax-payers minds is whether they want to pay *more to keep services at the new public library. the two year old library is paid for but keeping services like play and learn and extended hours will depend on a new 27-cent proposed levy. and it's issues like these that bring out passionate voters. linn county auditor joel miller tells cbs 2 news today that he expected a high turnout - but fewer people have shown up compared to 2013. miller says the beautiful day is one *less excuse for people to sit at
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home and that perhaps voters are just getting to the polls later tonight. while there are fewer contentious races on the ballot, he says there are still issues that are important to voters. "i would think that the library issue this year would get more people to vote." vote."we've been checking and as of just a couple hours ago - nine-point-seven percent of people in linn county had find out where you can still cast your two cents, just head to our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. and be sure to tune in to the cbs 2 news at six where we'll have a live report on the library debate. now, let's head over to chief meteorologist terry swails who deserves an award for
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cbs 2 news has learned an america spy satellite detected a flash of heat when a russian jetliner vanished from radar over the weekend . if the flash came from the plane, investigators will look into whether it was mechanical failure, an explosion, severe
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weather or terrorism. investigators hope they can figure out the cause of the crash once they analyze the jet's voice and data recorders. prosecutors in south africa are trying to get oscar pistorius put back in prison for murder. he was released on early parole weeks ago after spending about a year in prison for manslaughter.but lawyers say the punishment wasn't harsh enough and he should have been convicted of murder for killing reeva steenkamp. new developments today in the scandal dubbed "vatileaks." the vatican is criticizing newly-released claims of financial mismanagement and internal resistance to pope francis' reform efforts. two people are under arrest, accused of leaking the of two books out later this week claims a special commission set up by pope francis found money missing from vatican finances. (sot - candida moss - professor of theology, notre dame):there must be a cleanup of vatican finances. so in a way, pope francis comes out as
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other allegations include a claim that the alleged corruption at the vatican was one of the main reasons pope benedict resigned. the vatican is attacking the books, saying they're the fruit of a grave betrayal of the pope's trust. donald trump and ben carson are going toe-to-toe for the lead in the gop race for the presidential nomination. a new national poll shows carson gaining momentum ahead of trump. unity in the republican ranks may be at a low as the 15-different campaigns struggle with how to set up debate formats they can all agree on. the *democratic frontrunner is back in the corridor today. after several shootings in recent months, hillary clinton spoke with coralville voters about gun control. she referenced the coral ridge mall shooting that killed andrea farrington back in june. she says people think gun violence is a problem somewhere else, when, in reality, it can happen close
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"90 people a day die from guns homicides suicides tragic avoidable accidents that's 33,000 people a year." year."fellow democratic candidate martin o-malley has challenged clinton to adopt some of his seven-point plan to reduce gun violence. the clinton campaign says she was pushing those issues before o-malley came on board. cbs 2 news reporter kevin barry will have a full recap of all the week's political news on iowa in sure to tune in at 10:30 sunday morning, right here on cbs 2. iowa remains a battleground state for next year's presidential elections.that's also the case in west africa, and an organization called wake up for your rights is helping out with that. 2 news reporter steffi lee is here to explain what their efforts are. are.wake up for your rights
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in benin to dig deeper into the election process. process.former nigerian child soldier esaie toingar started the group after wanting to give others a voice.he's doing that by training men and women in the west african country on exposing the election process. these volunteers have already monitored previous elections by observing campaigns and reporting on any problems. toingar says there is still a lot of turmoil, but hopes by making elections more transparent, that can change. "young people are busy with war, and other crimes. but to tackle those things, is not only to stop them or put them in jail or something like that, but we have to educate them." them."benin's presidential elections take place next february. february.toingar says benin currently has an established democracy and hopes his organization can help spread that to other african countries.
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an iowa city store that made headlines after opening a year ago is going through another transition. today, co-owner and former n-f-l player nate kaeding tweeted tailgate clothing company has been sold to american eagle. the des moines register reports that the plan is to open as many as 200 new stores.the 11-million dollar deal gives american eagle a hand in the widely-popular college apparel market. coming up on live at research shows just how much screen time our kids are taking in. one reason some parents feel there's nothing they can do about it. meanwhile, this is a live look at the mcgrath ampitheatre on
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beautiful tuesday. let's check
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as parents - we know we're supposed to monitor our children's screen time.but with so much technology today - its becoming harder and harder to keep that technology out of their hands. hands.a new report shows two- thirds of teens spend up to nine hours a day on entertainment media - such as listening to music, texting, or watching videos online.and - just as many kids carry
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say kids use technology in part because their friends are on it.they say social media is so prolific these days - it's our kids who will see the effects of it when they're older.and some parents worry that schools perpetuate the problem with homework online. (sot- michelle larue/mother) "they're using their computers and phones and stuff to email teachers and doing research//you can't tell your kid you can only have two hours of screen time."(sot-jim steyer/ceo, common sense media) "there's this enormous experiment we're carrying out as a society, largely, on our children." children.""common sense media" tracks use among children and teens.they say media and technology are not good or bad - it's all about *how you use them. still ahead live at five... thanksgiving is just around the corner and we're here to help you with your feast.the three time-consuming myths we're told to do that expert chefs say isn't worth it.. this is a live look at interstate 80 east of iowa city on wapsi avenue. there's more news ahead when live at 5 continues on cbs 2.
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as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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a new local service has many people in the community talking.word is spreading quickly because it simplifies a to do list 2 news anchor kelly d-ambrosio saw the chatter online, and decided to find out why aisles online has become so popular. popular. abby stern is a busy hairstylist, wife and mom of three. but of the many things on her to do list, there's one thing she didn't have to do shopping!gaining popularity is hyvee's service
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called aisles online. instead of you walking down the aisle. the aisle comes to you.i used aisles online, ordered my groceries online and had them load it up for me.abby says it's pretty simple, all you do is make an account, specify your location, then go through a list and pick out the groceries you want. then, there are two ways to get them. you can drive to hyvee and let them load your trunk or hyvee will deliver the groceries to your house! abby likes having them delivered to her house the best!i just think it's really great. it's super conveniant to have your groceries delivered and he was really friendly. he came in and set everything on the counter. i didn't even have to go outside.abby says her normal grocery store trip would take 30 to 45 minutes. and it takes about that long to pick out the groceries online, but each time you order online it gets a little quicker because it holds your past order just simplifies my day. with kids at home, one of the big things is just getting loaded up and going out. there's been lots of chatter about this service online, abby heard about it
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through her friends facebook page.she even got a starbucks order with hers and i'm like hmmm i'll try thatwith the conveniance and stress relief it brings it's like a circus going through the wonder it's becoming so popular. (broll: show abby playing with kids) less time buying groceries, means more time for that to-do list-and the sweet moments that will be gone too fast.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, i'm kelly d'ambrosio cbs2 news. with halloween over - we turn our attention now to thanksgiving.most all of us look forward to a turkey and all the trimmings.but cooking the bird doesn't have to be rocket science. are some common myths about the star attraction and what real chefs have to say.first myth - you have to cook the whole bird. instead chefs say to cook only the cuts your guests are sure to enjoy.second myth - stuffing is a must. not only is it a myth, it can be a health hazard. chefs say stuffing inside the cavity is nearly always undercooked. finally - brine is always
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better. not true say the chefs. instead, pre season the bird 48-hours before hand with a mixture of herbes de provence, sea salt and black there you have it. some recommendations from top chefs around the country. "here's a live look at downtown cedar rapids. terry will have your final forecast when live at 5 comes back.
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game against indiana. and now a final look at your forecast. forecast. patchy fog is that's cbs 2 news live at 5 this . coverage continues now with the cbs evening news and
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