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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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corridor are coming together to pray, not protest." protest."plus ... paying it forward. right now, residents are coming together to pray no protest plus paying it forward. one corridor high schoolers actions have now created a ripple affect. the symbol of hope an iowa town is hoping to build and after a cool, calm and collected start to the week some changes in the forecast by the time we get to thanksgiving. we will let you know what to expect coming up. also tonight, killed in the line >> most families would be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of their own. >> the everyday action the san antonio --
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we are checking in with terry looking at our thanksgiving week weather. >> it is going to stay pretty quiet around here the next 24 hours. there are some things this week that will bring some more active weather to the midwest. some cold rain will be a possibility by the time we get to tuesday. here is the radar tonight. it is a good thing there is nothing on here because it would certainly be in the form of snow. this morning' temperature went all the way down to 16 degrees. you can see our skies are clear. that will allow temperatures to bottom out in the teens once again so the commute tomorrow is quiet but cold with temperatures upper teens to low 20s. later in the day we should eget up to around 42 degrees so that is a bit of improvement since today's high was only 36. we will talk about thanksgiving day weather in a few minutes.
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together in the corridor this afternoon to support area law enforcement. joe tells us their message for the community and the officers that patrol it. >> yeah. about 300 people turned out for prayer services. they were gathering with the message being one of prayer, not of protest. on sunday afternoon the crowds in front of area police depart good. >> we did not come out here to protestor yell at the cops or anything like that. we came to come together in peace and have a dialogue. >> a dialogue that covers a variety of issues. >> violence has been on an uptick and there has been concern about youth being killed, about -- you know the polices connection to the community -- um, about -- police being killed. >> organizers say this time of
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recent events. >> it has been a group of pastors and police officers that have been meeting for months to talk about these big issues of them and help their day to day judgment. 14 divisions and opinions were left behind to focus on the greater goal. goal. this event was designed not necessarily around saying that police officers are in the right or just supporting police officers supporting the community. 11 11 i think everybody wants to live in a peaceful community the community >> i think everybody wants to live in a peaceful community. that is what this event was all about. >> prauers for peace and good judgment on the part of officers protecting it. >> it is hard to make the right decision ermine it of every hour and yet that is what we are asking to do. >> after prayer was concluded many people stuck around despite the cold for conversation,
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warmup. back to you. >> the prayer services were held today despite some corridor groups disagreeing. the freedom from religion foundation said the event violates the constitution. another group told fox 28 news they are thankful for those who put themselves in harms way however this organization said they expect feature events to be all inclusive of all community members regardless of their police chiefs. the sheriff said this similar to someone else giving -- [ indiscernible ] right now we are following the latest on two different officer shootings today. we have been following those stories tonight. >> we are tracking two manhunts now tonight. one in st. louis and one in san antonio. in st. louis at about 7:30 tonight a police officer was shot twice in the face and he is conscious. there is a press conference going on right now.
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slowing down with traffic when somebody pulled up alongside the driver's side of his car and shot him twice through the window and drove off. the only description they have is that it was a silver car. that officer right now is in the hospital going through surgery. he is critical but stable. they say that officer was able to talk. he radioed for help himself and was able to have other police officers bring him to the hospital. these are more picture we're getting a look at on the scene as we well. sexual event. this is some of the police activity in st. louis tonight. but all day long we have been tracking san antonio where detective ben yeah -- ben marconi was shot and killed today while he was conducting a traffic stop then another vehicle drove up behind him. that driver got out and shot him twice through the driver's side window as well killing him. he died later at a hospital.
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anything related to the suspect that they have so far. this is his car. but the chief william mcmanus spoke earlier today. >> [ indiscernible ] that he or she is to have cover. >> that suspect is still on the run and there is a $10,000 reward being offered for any information that leads to the suspect in the san antonio incidents arrest. we are still tracking that is a very fluid situation right now. coming up next we will have more information on the san antonio shooter and anymore developments that we find out of st. louis. back to you right now the transition continues for president elect donald trump. today trump met with potential members of his administration. he also spoke with new jersey governor chris christie.
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>> [ indiscernible ] >> he is a very talented man. great guy. >> donald trump is expected to head back to new york to continue meetings at trump tower this week. the president elect's administration takes over two months from today. both trump and pence from r face -- are facing some scrutiny. >> protesters gather add at park to make their voices heard. in toronto at least a thousand people held an anti-trump rally where one person was arrested. the vice president elect got some extra attention as well the vp-elect was leaving the theater.from the stage, the cast member said he hoped the show inspired pence to uphold
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behalf of all of us.i just checked our facebook page where dozens of people who responded to this story are angry about the incident. but pence seems to be taking it in stride. "when we arrived, we heard a few boos, and we heard some cheers, and i nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like, and... but, at the end, i did hear what was said from the stage, and, i can tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said, and i'll leave to others whether to say it." trump had a different reaction when reporters asked him about the incident. (reporter): "mr. trump, are you still upset about 'hamilton?'"(donald trump/ (r) president-elect): "they were very inappropriate. thank you." you."trump also took to twitter this weekend, demanding an apology from the >> trump also took to twitter this weekend demanding an apology from the hamilton cast. trump accused them of harassment and being rude to pence.
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is still a top priority for president elect donald trump. just how big and how long the promised wall still remains to be seen. their top priority keeping terrorists and their weapons out. >> customs and border protections is the largest organization in the u.s. than 100,000 miles of borders and coastline. but to criminal drug cartel all that security -- [ indiscernible ] >> [ indiscernible ] they actively seek to corrupt u.s. government employees to facilitate their criminal
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briefing us. >> what kind of money can the illegal activity bring in? >> they could make more in an evening than they -- their annual salary would guard. >> the fbi now has 22 task forces. they caught officer michael on surveillance video allegedly carrying a cash pay off in a bag. he pled guilty to letting hundreds of illegal immaterial grants for $120,000 in bribes and there are many more. agent marcus jr. hid illegal [00:09:38] veltri: all these individuals take an oath to protect this country against enemies foreign and domestic and they are violating that oath and they are violating the trust of the american people.(graphic)from 2004-2014, 168 customs and
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prosecuted on corruption charges.(on cam tag)the vast majority of the men and women who work the border are >> the vast majority of men and women who work the borderer are honest. the impact of a few bad apples could be devastating. they could allow in terrorists. back to you. in you are planning on traveling through o'hare this week, there could be some delays. hundreds of workers are threatening to strike this holiday week. union officials say they will announce the date of their strike tomorrow morning at the airport. about 500 workers have committed to the strike. airport employees have been fighting for a wage increase and union rights. a recall to tell you about tonight. they are now issuing a voluntary recall on some of their products
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contamination. awe cording to the fda the affected products were made at a plant where that bacteria may have been found. if you have a product you will need to disguard it. the bacteria can cause serious and fatal infections in young children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems. symptoms include fever, muscle aches, and diarrhea. next -- >> i statute they really can almost feel the presence of their child. >> how a local girl's actions several years ago is now helping a countless number of people as they grieve. [music playing] and the holiday week will get off to a quiet start weather wise form but there is a weather system that will move in here just before thanksgiving and we
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fox28 and cbs2 has a new series called pay it forward with impact. fox 28 and cbs 2 has a new series called pay it forward with impact. this is where we highlight people in our community doing little acts of kindness without asking for anything in return. tonight's story shows how one person can create a ripple affect. how one action can others to pay it forward. >> an angel of hope stands alone at the high school in cedar rapids. the statute commemorates all lives lost too soon. [music playing] a jup your in high school in 2012, kylie watched the tragic shooting unfold at sandy hook elementary school. >> i wanted to have a place people could go either find hope
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every year on december 6th at 6:00 p.m. there is a candle light vigil. >> a child loss support group read the book so it was fresh on their minds when they heard of the statute. one of the members explains hit been on her heart for a while >> it had been thinking about for it maybe two years. we thought we should get one. >> she decided to contact her family to learn more about the process of getting an angel for >> it made me really happy. >> progress is now being made on the statute. foundation is poured and now they are working to get enough money for the angel. >> it means there is a place for them to go and pray for the ones they lost, remember their children. >> and now, many who are geeing
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peace. >> i think when they go to this there are other people there all gathered for one purpose and that is support and rememberance. if you'd like to know how to contribute to the angel of hope statue in dubuque we have a link on our website fox28iowa.comdo you have a story of someone "paying it forward?"we would love to hear it!all you have to do is email us at news - at c-b-s 2 - iowa dot com. at nine -- --the illness causing concern across the its affecting kids -- and what doctors know so far.
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looking live right now at i-80 at fourth street southeast. everything is clear out there this chilly sunday evening. we are checking in with our weather first forecast now with terry. just -- winter is upon us and it -- i don't know if you guys were ready but we all got our jackets now. >> it is definitely here now. >> yes. >> i think the transition into more wintery like conditions will get even more pronounced in the next week. the first part of december will be kind of interesting around eastern iowa. you can read into that what you want. but here is the radar right now. it is still -- dry here in
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we have now gone 18 consecutive days with no measurable rain. that is a pretty impressive streak. it has been over a year since we have gone any longer than that. that is a long stretch of dry weather that will be coming to an end though about tuesday of this week. so the morning commute tomorrow will still be pretty uncomplicated outside of the fact that temperatures won't be nearly as nice as what we were looking at a year ago. 18-20 are the temperatures around 7:00 tomorrow morning. skies will be mostly sunny. they will certainly into cold. what a major change we have seen around here in the past few days. it was just last thursday when we tied a record high with the reading of 73 degrees. this morning our low temperature was down to 16 degrees. we dropped 57 degrees over that three day period there and had a windchill make it feel more like
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out there. it sure looks like the cold will stick around for this week. saturday and sunday high temperatures were 36 here in cedar rapids. that is the first back to back 30s since all the way back on march 2nd and 3rd of this year. so that was a long time coming. and so the things we will be watching here tonight are more frigid temperatures. our highs get back to the lower 40s and finally by tuesday a weather system will come into the area with a cold rain and th north there could be a few wet snowflakes mixed in. at this point it looks like primarily a rain event. while we are nice and quiet right now you can see the clouds gather to the southwest of us. this is expected to lift out at us tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon we will start to see the first clouds punching into eastern iowa. that will be very late in the day. most of the clouds and the heavier weather will stay to the west of us.
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prove deuce some light rain in southeastern iowa. that is expected to push across during the day on tuesday up to the north here in minnesota is where most of the snow is connected to occur. this should lift out on wednesday morning just in time to clear skies out by the time we get to thanksgiving day. nothing overly heavy expected. so on the north looking for low temperatures tonight that mostly clear skies. further to the south upper teens. maybe a few spots around 20 degrees. light east winds. in the north tomorrow temperatures do make it back to the upper 30s to around 40 they -- degrees and a few clouds coming in late in the day. 42 in cedar rapids and 44 in iowa city. here is your extended outlook. we have got that rain in the forecast for tuesday. it does depart wednesday
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for a high temperature. the next system doesn't come in till early next week. we will get a little bounce on temperatures there on saturday and sunday. the 14 day outlook is much nine"it came time to dress ezra and he wasn't able to move his left arm like he could an hour ago." ago."the growing number of cases of a rare illness that has doctors working to find a way to prevent it. it.when the fox 28 news at
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san antonio detective benjamn welcome back. we are still tracking two manhunts tonight. one in, st. louis, the other in san antonio. [ indiscernible ] the twice through the window. he later died at the hospital. the latest information we have so far is that suspect is still on the run. now there is a memorial starting to grow in san antonio outside the public safety building. we are still tracking a developing story in st. louis where another police officer was also ambushed in their car. we know that the officer, he was a sergent, a 46-year-old 20 year
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was sitting in his car when a car pulled up next to him. he thought the suspect's car was pulling up to ask a question. that is when the driver started to shoot at him. that officer is in critical but stable condition. she able to talk and give police officers some information. we are still tracking these. we will come back a little later in the show. in health news today, women who have a history of migraines could be at a greater risk for other health issues. researchers found those women could have a higher risk of more than 900 women were studied risk of cardiovascular issues, including heart attacks. there are a growing number of cases of a polio-like illness in children across the country. so far this year, one child in seattle, washington has died from the rare condition and now los angeles is the latest area to see a spike in cases. danielle nottingham reports from children's hospital los angeles. (pkg)clarissa guerrero was
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son ezra last month when all of sudden something was wrong. (clarissa guerrero, ezra's all of a sudden something was wrong. >> we were getting ready to go to dinner. came time to dress him, he wasn't able to move his left arm. he was able to an hour prior. >> his whole left side became limp. he was rushed to children's hospital los angeles diagnosed with afm. -- >> we know why some people get very sick and other people get a cold or nothing -- no. she said they have treated eight cases so far this year. after not getting any the year before. nationwide there have been 89 cases in 33 states.
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numbers is unclear. >> it has raised alarm along doctors who have seen it. so far we haven't found anything that reverses the process. >> after a month of intensive physical therapy, ezra is walking again. >> his left arm is still not able to move or -- anything but he is able to walk and -- and bend over and do things that he wasn't able to do a few woks ago and sfwl >> and his mother hopes that is a sign that he will continue to get better. next, iowa takes the win against the fighting. hear from curt and the team on
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lot's of sports news to catch up on, fox28 sports anchor, pat lots of sports news to catch up on. pat is here to get us up to speed. >> last year uni took down north carolina, iowa state and texas. this week they have handed loses to arizona state and oklahoma. ben and the panthers win the invitational. first half morgan step back triple right between the eyes. morgan was hot all night. he led uni with 20. before the half cook shows some polish in the post. two points for cook and the panthers just did have enough to beat them.
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all - the lay up in traffic is good - monte had a triple double in this's one of his assists - and donovan jackson helps a buddy out - his three is cash - jackson was one of eight cyclones in double figures... and the guy that led the way - naz long - rising to finish an alley oop - naz led all scorers with 26 points... the cyclones put up 130 against the citadel - and win by 67... after iowa's first loss of the after iowa's first loss on friday night, fran was not percent - and he wasn't happy that his hawkeyes had more turnovers than assists - two days later - fran was a happier man... the hawkeyes were at home sunday - against texas-rio grande valley... peter jok -- unconscious from the get go -- point lad - jok had 20 points in the first half alone..while he was shooting -- tyler cook was slamming -- two hands for
9:35 pm
jam puts iowa up 46 to 33... they picked it up in the second half -- maishe dailey the steal, isaish moss the finish -- iowa bounces back to win... 95 to 67 - and fran's happy with his hawkeyes... "you know how we performed at the start of the second half, because really in all three games, start of the second half we were nt that good.... the intensity level, the focus, the concentration, the execution at that juncture was critical. and we really did a good job there. i was proud of the guys" at home against south dakota state... this one tight in the fourth quarter -- ally disterhoft - she has the clutch gene - the long-two cuts the lead to one with under a minute remaining... after a jackrabbit free throw -- the hawks get the ball back -- and megan gustafson cleans the hawks get the ball back and megan cleans up the mess. she lays it in and ties things up at 64 with five seconds left. but miller didn't come all the
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66-64 -- it's gonna be a tough road for bluder's bunch - and they better get used to stiff competition... "we let an opportunity really slip through our fingers today stiff competition. >> we let an opportunity really slip through our fingers today. we are playing number nine ucla and number one notre dame coming up here. we have a tough schedule but the problem is not one thing to play win some. [ indiscernible ] the hawkeye d looks totally different than the unit we saw get handled by penn state. on saturday they held illinois to under 200 yards of offense, forced a couple of turnovers and
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>> it is a good thing we are going out there and doing our job and just playing as a unit. >> [ indiscernible ] it looked like we played a really good game out there today. the play off brackets were released on sunday. for the first uni failed to make the cut. uni isn't far from elite status but to get back there, mark and the panthers will reflect and rebuild. >> i think you need to step back and look at -- where you are at, what happened and try to make some sense of it. i will remember how they played. what i will remember is how some of those guys did that for us.
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security what put us in this situation that were done today. >> to the nfl. arizona visiting the vikings. picked in the end zone and then he out runs everybody to the other end zone. fourth quarter now. david johnson keeps the cardinals in it. the second touchdown of the day for the former panther. but the vikings hold on to win 30-24. a little later on circle back to college football. we will talk a little cyclones and panthers as well. >> sounds good it is chilly out there. >> yeah. we really don't have a lot to complain about. it has been an amazing fall around here but things have really turned around here. now that we are heading into thanksgiving week the weather is starting to turn a little more wintery around the upper midwest. we have a 14 day outlook that
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da nico lahood - suspect will face capitol we have breaking news out of san antonio tonight where the police there say that they have a suspect in custody just about 20 minutes ago. earlier today they released this picture, this was a person of interest. someone they wanted to talk to. we are not sure if it was this person. they thought this person may have information about how detective ben marconi was shot during a traffic stop. then at about 7:30 or 7:00 in
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ambushed also in his police car. he was stopped in traffic and believed a car came up to him to ask him a question. that is in st. louis. that officer is a 46-year-old male sergent. he is 20 years on the service. she in surgery tonight in critical but stable condition and is expected to survive. but both those officers were ambushed about hours apart in completely different cities. we are tracking the latest information. the new information we have just about 20 minutes ago is that one antonio. we are waiting on more information about if police think that is the shooter or just someone that has information about what happened one of the things that will impact our forecast is a much more active weather pattern that is beginning to take place across our country. now the pattern is starting to
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accurate with the potential of storminess in the next couple of weeks. the first system is down here in the southwestern united states. it will not impact our area till about tuesday. at that point i think a cold rain will develop here. tomorrow morning the commute here will be a chilly one but at least the sun will be out. temperature shoulsd -- should be back up in the now getting beyond the seven day, this is our 14 day outlook. you can see the rest of this week, temperatures are expected to be just a little bit below normal. you can see the normal line runs right through there. a lot of readings in the upper 30s to around 40. after that a little bit of a bump there with temperatures in the low to mid 40s as we go into the weekend. then a strong weather system is expected to come into the midwest in week two here.
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week of december and there is a potential for some snow here. if our models are correct, much colder air will follow that. we have some highs that by december 4th that might not be out of the mid 20s here in eastern iowa. that will be well below normal. so to break down this week, we start at 42 tomorrow. 39 with the rain around on tuesday. wednesday that moves out early. thursday, thanksgiving day, should be a dry day. late thursday night and friday another the upcoming weekend looking excellent. after that is when it gets stormier and colder. next, fox 28 sports college
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welcome back to fox 28 sports. college football analyst sweet lou montgomery is here with us to talk all things college football. lou, you have to like what you saw from iowa yesterday. didn't they? >> absolutely. here is a team that came out, they didn't win on a lot of style points by any means. obviously this was a very sluggish looking team but they got after it in very difficult conditions. ultimately they got the job done. a win is a win. >> why do you think the defense has been able to turn around so much in two weeks?
9:48 pm
was not that long ago. why is this defense playing so much better? >> i think what we are finding from iowa is they are having a resurgence. we saw some things with michigan and michigan was one of those games they came out and took care of business. after that game iowa recommitted themselves to really getting after it and getting after the ball and i think we are seeing a residual of that and that is tough defense. >> on offense obviously got after defense yesterday. >> yeah, yesterday's game was one of the best games i saw. i like the running style of both but daniels is the thunder in the lightning. he is the big power back. he showed why he is such a dominant runner just taking care of business up the middle and he also showed you some explosive speed too. this young man has a great
9:49 pm
him -- ahead of him. >> [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, i like this game because we are playing at home. nebraska is a team that is unpredictable right now. this is one of those teams that can go either way. if iowa comes out and plays the way they played against michigan, they can beat any team right now in the big ten. if they come out sluggish against this nebraska team, they could have some difficulty. i really like iowa's chances at home and behind them. >> it was all working yesterday to iowa state. they really put it on texas tech. that is now two straight conference wins. you have to love what you are seeing from his crew, don't you? >> yeah, matt campbell is doing a great job at iowa state. finally iowa state was able to put together four quarters. this is what i've been talking about the entire year. they put together four quarters against a very tough texas tech
9:50 pm
and in the air. they didn't let their foot off the pedal. this team is really looking good. great showing against the texas tech team. >> iowa state will have a chance to go for their fourth win next week. uni's season is done. they are have no more wins. they fell to south dakota state yesterday. what will come to mind when you think of the panthers this year? >> well what comes to mind i there is a lot of missed opportunities. uni had a lot of opportunities to stay very close into some of the games they played but just missed opportunities, penalties, a lot of things just -- the ball simply didn't bounce their way this year. farley will get this team back together. they have some good players coming back next year. this team will bounce back just fine. >> even though they are done still plenty to talk about with iowa and iowa state and lou montgomery will be back next week for that.
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9:00, terry gives you another look at your weather first forecast and how to prepare for the weather tomorrow. but first let's check out this story from our digital partners at circa news. >> it is up to you whether it is a good or bad idea for a grammy winning artist kids to launch their own music careers. marketing, and other celebrity friends-last month chirs martin and gwyneth paltro's kids sang on stage with the fundraiser; and they were amazing. so maybe they should take a cue from their dad's career, and start making their own music?-getting to the music game worked well for willow smith. people knocked "whip my hair" as a kid's song, even calling her baby- rhianna.-miley cyrus has certainly surpassed her dad billy ray cyrus as a cultural superstar. and given he had hits like achy breaky heart, the bar was pretty high before superstar. and given he had hits, the bar
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became a household name. and speaking of high bar, how about jacob dillon and his dad bob? sure bob dillon won the nobel prize for literature and was the voice of the generation, jacob fronted the wall flowers who whose album had several hits. talk about pressure. it must be pretty tough to be a kid of the beatle. normal people have to work their way up through the smith's kid, jay z, might be more likely to sign you to roc nation. and now the world can
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a bizarre sight in santa clara, california, friday. fl a bizarre sight in santa clara california. friday fluffy white foam filled the local street because of a system malfunction at the fire department. officials say that something tripped the fire alarm system which asked this foam to fill the entire building. the system actually did function properly but there wasn't a fire to extinguish so the fire kept spreading. despite warnings to stay out of
9:56 pm
it does look fun to play in -- [ indiscernible ] >> [ laughter ] >> looks like snow kind of. >> that was pretty unusual. >> [ laughter ] >> well -- our weather has certainly changed dramatically around here. it is cold. tomorrow morning if you are out and about early expect temperatures to be in the upper teens to around 20 degrees. at least our skies will be mostly sunny. later in the day that will warm temperatures back up into the lower 40s in most areas. that is about wh at this time of year. that is the theme of the week, more seasonal temperatures for us and our next storm system arrives about tuesday. at this point it should be just warm enough for rain as opposed to snow. a close call. >> all right. we will cross our fingers. thanks for watching fox 28 news at 9:00. you can flip on over to cbs 2 news at 10:00 coming up at 10:45 tonight because of football pushing us back a little bit.
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i'm not going to make it over tonight, sweetie. yeah, i got to pull another double shift. the snowstorm's left us shorthanded, and somebody's got to keep the city from crumbling into anarchy and mob rule. hand me the pringles. no, no. the ranch. i'll see you tomorrow when i get off of work. i love you, too. well, life with a police officer is a life of sacrifice. that's why i've chosen not to enter into a relationship. isn't fair to the woman. i see. it's got nothing to do with her being unwilling to climb in your window after your grandma falls asleep. hey, if a woman's not willing to shimmy up a drainpipe to get a little taste of carl mcmillan, then she's too full of herself, anyway. you know what? if we're going to be here for a while, i'm going to kick my shoes off. uh-uh. leave those nasty things on.


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