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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 7, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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we're tracking where the candidates . they're down to the final few hours.hillary clinton is holding an event at tonight -- with bill clinton and their daughter chelsea -- along with lady gaga -- jon bon jovi and d-j samantha ronson -- who was with
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weeks ago.she'll give a speech -- but the point of this is to drive voters who haven't voted yet to the polls.focus on florida -- new hampshire -- colorado --'s no mistake this is being held in north carolina -- which could be an important swing state tomorrow night.later -- we check in on the trump campaign. be sure to join kevin for a final look at the campaign on election eve.don't miss iowa
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special - before you head to the polls can watch it tonight at 10-30, right here on fox 28. vote 2016 team coverage continues now -- --fox 28 news anchor scott sanborn joins us with a unique option for getting to the polls tomorrow. kelly, polls here in iowa are open from 7 a-m to 9 p-m tomorrow.and there are a number of ways you can get help to cast your new option in iowa city is zipc. zipcar.all you have to do is sign up on zip car's website or smartphone city, that gives you access to a vehicle.for election day, zipcar is offering members access to their fleet for free zip car is offering access to their fleet for free in order to get to the polls the car sharing company says it wants to make sure everyone's voice is heard. >> the political world the attorney general has died she served all 8 years of the
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controversial actions he took most notably the raid in waco texas in 1993, forced removal of a cuban refugee and extended family in 2000. family says the disease contributes to her death this morning. the former attorney general janet reno was 78. next on the news at 9:00. >> isn't good enough. hawkeyes as they prepare for the biggest challenge of the
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it's a battle of bottom dwellers in the big twelve - and for iowa . it is a battle of bottom
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big chance to get a conference one this season the jayhawks give 200 yards a game on the ground and the clones will lead on a 3 headed beast on saturday, matt campbell's newest chart david montgomery and they are all listed as co- starters. >> we got three guys that are doing things that are really positive, you can look at video are positive things that they've done i'm a guy that i love competition, i wish we had more, if they did i think we'd be a better football team. after saturday's blow out loss iowa may be feeling deflated or defeated with all the injuries even depleted but they need to move passed that quickly because some bad boys are coming to town the struggling hawks versus the michigan wolverines, coming in
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at as a moral victory if iowa can keep it closed. michigan this week one of our goals is to protect kinnick - get a win there - we're going up against another ranked team - top ten team - it's gonna be a challenge - we just got to step up to the plate and get a win u-n-i earned a big win on saturday - with a little help from prairie alum the true freshman wideout caught a 40-yard pass in the game - his third straight game with a catch - but his biggest impact came on special teams - rima took a 94 yard punt return back to the house - and that's a school record... moving jalen back on punt return has really ignited that phase of our game - so he did a nice job - good front blocking for him - but i tell you what - we had to find points on special teams - and he did that - he made a huge play at the time - and those punts boy - they're
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u-n-i basketball plays coe on saturday - and then next week - it's on to orlando to take on some other high major programs - so are they ready for the big time... head coach ben jacobson says - not yet - the panthers are replacing three starters and breaking in a brand new point guard - and so from a development standpoint - these last few preseason practices are big.. we need to get locked in on some things - and get it simplified - and get everybody in the same lane - and build our base - foundation - being in the right position - making the rotations - just making the easy or the simple plays on offense - not trying to do to much - those are the kinds of things where we have to get a lot done this week iowa state star monte morris was named to the lute olson award watch list today - which goes to the nation's top player with two years of college experience - morris had eight points, five assists, and five boards in last night's exhibition win over sioux falls...
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a big night on sunday - barnes poured in a career-high 34 points and made the game-tying layup with 13 seconds left - he added a basket in overtime and the mavs earned their first win of the season... doug mcdermott played with barnes at ames high school... and he scored some baskets >> playing with ames high school, scored baskets tonight against the magic and peoples around a screen and and he was not done, th flows it done, had 11 and 5. everything looking pretty good as we head towards election day tomorrow. >> set my ballot in several weeks ago, i wanted the focus on the weather part of things here anyway, i do think it will clear out and be a much better day fors us tomorrow, after the clouds we experience i have all
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you are looking at a live picture from . you're looking at a live picture from washington d.c., the white house is 1 away from new occupants we'll have election coverage tomorrow night we'll turn to our weather meteorologist terry swails. of course one of the things that can keep people away from the polls is snow or rain happy to say we don't have to worry about any snow, we have a few showers, waterloo towards
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any significance to quickly moving to the northeast, this won't amount to, clear skies and sunshine for election day just to the east to chickasha county. in our quarter commute looks pretty good the rains will be gone the clouds will be parting temperatures expected in the mid to upper 40s which is well above normal time of year. we'll take you on the seven day forecast, going on 14 days, goes out to november 21st, still in red for a 14 day period whichmeans above normal temperatures the forecast are getting colder and colder we think things will start to cool down and get to more seasonal
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2 period. over all nothing too terribly mad. we're looking at our forecast in detail the sun will be out breezy and cooler we'll keep 50s around into wednesday, thursday another nice jump as our next front comes into the area we could be up as warm as 66 degrees beyond that for, 46 on friday, 52 on saturday, by the end of the weekend temperatures start a decent possibility for both sunday and monday our coverage continues, a few spots to look out for with tomorrow's drive. on iowa avenue there could be delays starting tomorrow morning that will last for about two weeks that's eastbound traffic on iowa avenue between north river side drive and madison street and eastbound traffic there will be reduced to one lane as they do construction work there that
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november 18th. if further to the north near fairfax along highway 151 starting on wednesday morning at 9 a.m. there will be reduced lanes there because of road maintenance between county road e-70 and w42 that will be an alternating directions due to that maintenance, 9 a.m. until 2:00 on wednesday next on the fox 28 news at :0 can help chip in to help officers give area kids a
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focus on . welcome back to the breaking news desk keeping an eye on the last moves the two major presidential parties are making hours before the polls open early tomorrow morning and voters head out this is video before a little bit new hampshire is a good state that both sides are looking to try to capitalize on, they both held events in that state but the trump campaign is focusing heavily on michigan just yesterday, they had ted nugent, gave some remarks before the trump, before donald trump made his appearance the reason that's newsworthy is because donald trump has been critical of the hillary clinton campaign for all the star power they've
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a celebrity country singer come out in support of donald trump they are also fighting over pennsylvania and michigan is that big state they are looking for that hasn't gone republican since it went to bill clinton in 1992, we're still tracking this and a little bit later on on the cbs 2 news 10 at 10 we'll have some rallies live as they start to kick up actually the trump event in grand rapids michigan just started tonight that's where they'll close their night later on we'll come back to that in a little bit later now we'll send it back to you. be sure to join kevin for a live campaign on election eve. don't miss iowa in focus before you head to the polls tomorrow you can watch it tonight at 10:30 right here on fox 28. new information tonight paints a positive picture of iowa's push to prevent premature births fox 28 news acre joins us with a new development. iowa is among the number of
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premature births you can see iowa shaded in blue with those with a b grade only four states earned an a grade for the march of dimes in order that earn that grade they must reduce premature birth dates to 8.1% of lower the march of dimes report iowa is getting close sitting at a 9% rate that's more than a half point ahead of the national average over all the country earns a c grade with the worse rates reported in the louisiana, mississippi and alabama. right now you can help police connect with their communities the cedar rapids police department is raising funds for its charitable causes among them shopping with area kids in need for back to school supplies you can help make a contribution at or attend a
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nine -- --chief meteorologist terry swails give you a last look at your weatherfirst forecast and how to prepare for the weather tomorrow. but first, check out this story from our digital partners at circa news. news. if you live in a solidly republican or democratic state you might be under the impression that your vote for president doesn't really matter. and you'd be wrong, because november 8 is about so much more than the presidency the fate of the senate is in play this election. and while it looks like the republican the fate of the u.s. senate is in play this election while it looks like republicans will keep control of the house, democrats have a real chance of taking back the senate this year after 6 years of republican control. they should be really important to you no matter who you're voting for for president like say you support trump if there is democrat control of congress it is going to be really hard for him to cut taxes to repeal obamacare, or to build his famous wall. same goes if you support hillary clinton. immigration reform, debt free
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for the republican house of representatives if republicans control the senate too, there is not going to be much of a chance for any of that. here is the deal. right now in the senate there are 54 republicans and 46 democrats. reelection.but only a few states have senate races that are so close that they'll likely decide the fate of the nevada, republican joe heckare florida, senator marco rubio is up 4. florida marco rubio is up by 4. in missouri, up four points and kelly ayotte is up in new hampshire. north carolina richard burr is up 2 points democrat katie mcginty is up two points in pennsylvania, in indiana today young and evan are tied if you live in one of these states and care about your candidate you
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. taking a final look at our weather first forecast, tomorrow, temperatures are going to be in the range of 48 to maybe 56 degrees all day long not a lot of spread tomorrow as it is going to turn
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i had a great dream last night. really? yeah. i dreamed i got locked in a house made of donuts and i had to eat my way out. interesting. i had a similar dream, only no house and no donuts. morning. morning. morning. so, uh... how'd everybody sleep? uncle charlie and i both had dreams about eating. mine was with donuts. his was something dirty. he's just guessing. .ood guess and, yes, alan, we see your earring. it's pretty cool, right? yeah, if you're going to a wham! concert with molly ringwald. i thinl. thank it's cook you, jake. can i get my ear pierced? no. why not? you can't keep the holes you have clean. and you're too young.


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