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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 6, 2016 9:00pm-9:59pm CST

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more live reports.more reports. more live backing the blue. >> we know that if something were to happen to us, we would want our families to be taken care of. our fellow officers to be taken care of also. >> why they are making the journey to des moines. plus the count down is on in the race for the white house. where candidates are campaigning in the final hours before election day. and a sneak peak. we take you on a tour of ui children's hospital. why this new building is truly one of a kind. [music playing] we are in the weather center right now with chief meteorologist taking a look at our week ahead. >> such a nice weekend. while we have a little cool down
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real here. let's get to the radar right now. boy, it is clear. we haven't seen much on that in recent times. it will day pretty dry here for the rest of the week. just a little chance for a shower tomorrow night. our weather headlines, do include cool, calm and collected conditions overnight. another beautiful day tomorrow. temperatures well into the 60s. election day a little bit cooler but by and large nothing out of line for this time of year. i expect tomorrow morning in the quarter to be nice and quiet. temperatures will be in the skies. by later on in the afternoon we will have some sunshine around and we will shoot for a high of 65 degrees. well above the normal which will be down to 51 at this time of the year. pretty good day coming up. there are now less than 36 hours till polls open on election day. presidential candidates, their vp picks are making the rounds. many stopping in key battleground states to secure votes for election 2016.
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weeks ago that the bureau may not be done investigating her. fox 28 news political reporter and host explains how this news is now rippling through the political world. >> this all started two weeks ago when clinton and trump were in cedar rapids at slightly different times. that is when we found out about the fbi saying they may not be finished investigating clinton's e-mails. turns out that investigation goes into anthony and his aide. today he tweeted out the fbi director just informed them based on our review we have not changed our conclusion that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. that conclusion was that there was no reasonable prosecutor that would bring charges against her.
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ryan says the undisputed findings of the fbi is that secretary clinton put secrets at risk. he said she repeatedly lied to the american people about her reckless conduct. the democrats say it is too clear that speaker ryan and how republicans care more about the -- [ indiscernible ] than doing the hard work of actual governing. these are the responses sides. former iowa governor and current u.s. secretary of agriculture was in cedar rapids today talking to voters about why hillary clinton has the right qualifications to be president. >> this fbi stuff doesn't change any of that. i don't think it is necessarily going to change the dynamic of this race. it's reaffirms what we already knew which is there is no evidence of wrong doing or
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night. johnson county republicans met today in solon for the final time before tuesday's election. election.speakers at today's event included iowa state representative bobby kauffmann, iowa state representative pat grassley and dr christopher peters. doctor peters is running for iowa's second district in the christopher peters. dr. peters second district. peters said he is proud of a clean competition in his race. he is now looking forward to the negativity coming to an end. >> going forward whether we win or lose, for our race, i want to be part of that process of it continuing to discuss issues sub assistantively, civilly and hopefully bringing about some healing of the past.
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for absentee voting in glen county. yesterday about 900 people went to the office to take advantage of early voting. voters still have one opportunity to vote absentee tomorrow. county officials say if you have an absentee ballot and you haven't mailed it in you can simply walk it in before polls close on election day. both auditor's offices in cedar rapids and iowa city will be opened on monday. in cedar rapids you can from 8:00 to 5:00. iowa city voting is from 7:45 time to 5:30. before you head to the polls on election day be sure to join us on for a final look at the campaign. don't miss iowa in focus vote 2016 election special. you can watch it tomorrow night at 10:30 right here on fox 28. right now we are heading back to the breaking news desk following a developing story out of
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county deputies were involved in the affiliate -- wmaz2 deputies responding to a dispute between neighbors -- shot at right away one officer dead -- the other shot and at the hospital suspect wounded and taken to the hospitalwitnesshospital witnessscreaming -- shooting -- a lot of gunfire. friends, family and community members are celebrating the lives of two des moines area police officers who were gunned down early wednesday morning. morning.the man suspected of killing those officers is behind bars right now - facing morning. the man suspected of killing them is behind bars right now
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charges. services for des moines police sergent and urban dale police officer began today. as the state prepares to mourn the two ambushed officers, they are now preparing to show their support. fox 28 news reporter joe is live now in marion to tell us what makes their journey so important. >> on monday law enforcement will be joining others from around country to honor the men. the departments will be showing their support monday for des moines police sergent anthony in west des moines. on tuesday they will be in rock well city for the funeral of urbandale officer justin martin. according to the website officer down which tracks law enforcement deaths, they joined 49 other officers killed by gun
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that is up 59% from 2015. marion police sergent says that ten to 15 marion officers will be attending the funerals. he said the outpouring of sun port would be the same for any iowa officer. >> we have to answer every call for service. we don't ged a -- get a choice or whether we go out on it or not. we have to respond. we know we are taking a risk. when we go show our support, we know that if something were to happen to us we want our families to be taken care out of and our officers also. >> he adds these deaths are especially hard to understand because the officers never had a chance to defend themselves. back to you. >> his funeral will be at lute ran church of hope in des
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morning. he will be buried at glendale cemetery in des moines. services for justin martin will be in his hometown of rockwell city. a visitation is set for tomorrow evening from 4:00 to 8:00 at south central calhoun middle school. the funeral is scheduled at the school tuesday morning at 11:40. that was his badge number. the urbandetail police department is now retiring that number. many people have been asking how they can help and there is a way the des moines police officers union has set up a website to take donations for the families of the officers killed. you can go to our website for a honor of sergent beminio and officer martin.flags are to be flown at half staff from sunrise tomorow to sunset on tuesday. fox 28 and cbs 2 wanted to show our support for the
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held a back the blue event. for about seven hours we taped thin blue lines to the backs of cars.the line represents the line of police officers that protect the communities they too can show your support by placing a blue line on the back of your car. local police say the line should not be removed until the final officer is laid to rest. the thin blue line is not just for cars.a corridor donut company started putting a thin blue line on donuts they sold. hurts donuts in coralville raised more than 27- dollars in just 48 hours.100 percent of the money will go to the families of the two officers killed in des moines. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --a tour of the new university killed in des moines next a tour of the new university of iowa children's hospital. why this new building is truly
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four years and nearly 400 million dollars later - the university of iowa children's hospital is opening its four years and nearly $400 million later the university of iowa's children hospital is opening their door to the public. >> in the four years it has taking on the build the brand new university of children's hospital the football team has gone from average to amazing. from a parking garage for patients and families to the tallest building in all of iowa city. the university of iowa children's hospital is gearing up for guests. >> i think really everyone -- makes their way into the stadium. you can't help but notice the construction activity here over the past four years. i think there is a natural
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than 10,000 people to see the space this weekend. the directors say some of those guests had a hand in the final product. >> one of the best things about our project has been driven by participation. we have had well over 600 people help with the design. >> it is a nice culmination of families that have stayed for long periods of time. >> 14 floors and more than 500 square feet are sure to draw your attention. the facility is now dedicated to serving and distracting the more than 200,000 children in need of their services. >> kids of all ages will find something fun. we have great views across iowa city looking at the farmland and
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the west, the stadium. >> the facility will take on their first patient december 10th. back to you. >> the fast illty isn't-- facility isn't just for show. the lay out creates concentrated care areas, eliminating extensive walking for staff efficiency. our sister station in georgia is reporting tonight that this deputy patrick was shot and killed tonight. we know more now about the situation leading up to his death tonight. apparently a four wheeler and a motorcycle, two people riding those vehicles got an argument. a third person arrive with a gun. those people driving the motorcycles called 911. when the sheriff's deputies showed up that is when the
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firing on the deputies. that other is in critical condition. the suspect has been shot and is in the hospital and is in custody. we are still tracking this developing story. this all unfolded at about 6:30 local time here in iowa. back to you. just ahead, following the money, just how much political candidates are spending this election season. we break down the numbers. and after a sensational weekend it looks like we have another nice day coming up tomorrow and then some changes move into the midwest just in time for election day. we will tell you what that is
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we are taking a live look right now at the moon outside. how beautiful is that? such a gorgeous shot. so clear we can see the craters than moon. >> yeah. obviously there is no clouds around so the moon and stars are ou that sets us up for another excellent day of weather tomorrow. i can tell you today we were up to 67 degrees. we had all kinds of sunshine out there. just an amazingly nice weekend for november. the radars are not showing any rain around the midwest yet. later tomorrow night or at least there is a slight chance of a few showers moving through. that will definitely be cooling the temperatures down for a couple of days by the time we
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there is enough moisture for some clouds to start developing in western iowa. later tomorrow afternoon those come into the area and a few of these showers will be a possibility for us later tomorrow night. the corridor commute tomorrow morning willing be a good one. temperatures should be around 41 to 42 as you go back to work. skies will be mostly clear. we have a cool u calm and collected night ahead of us. tomorrow looks to be beautiful day. just a few afternoon clouds. temperatures back up in the mid 60s. a good 15 degrees above where they should be. election day we have that front come through. temperatures definitely going to be cooler. our forecast will call for a temperatures 7:00 a.m. around 49 degrees. if you are heading to the ballot box early, it will be kind of cool and breezy. only 53 at noontime. still nice and dry. as we go towards the evening
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temperature and eventually later on on election night temperatures getting down to the freezing mark here in eastern iowa. somewhat cooler air is on the way. meantime on our satellite we talked about that disturbance off to the west of us. this will be a fast moving one. it does haven't a lot of moisture associated with it but it could bring some clouds and showers. we take you to the predictor here. this is monday morning at 6:00 a.m. by the time we get to noon we are starting to see some higher clouds move in and then fina tomorrow eveni it starts to cloud up. then here mes our front between 00 and midnight. along that a few scattered showers a possibility. it does look like tuesday morning the showers will have pushed off to the east of us. our skies will start to clear out. that is why we expect election day to be a clear one. i think overall it will be quite light and probably less
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in our northern counties we will see mostly clear conditions. cool temperatures but not bad for this time of year. upper 30s to around 40 degrees. in our southern counties mostly clear conditions and temperatures there around 40-43 degrees. we will go for a low of 41 in cedar rapids. 42 in iowa city. tomorrow temperatures will be back in the 60s. 61 in new hampton. 65 in manchester. a few clouds coming in later in the day. same situation in the south. lots of sun hours. 65 in cedar rapids. about 66 degrees in tipton. your extended forecast here does call for dry conditions on election day itself. wednesday we are down to 56 degrees. the warmer air starts to get back in here on thursday as we pop up to 63. things cool off again for the weekend. we are starting to see signs of some cooler weather. we will have more on that coming
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for tomorrow's drive. >> there will be some lane closures going on. lanes will be reduced along i-80 all the way from victor to west branch till november 23rd. along i-80 you could run into some trouble spots. this will primarily be done during the overnight hours but actually started at sunday night 9:00 p.m. so it is already going on till 6:00 a.m. in the then from monday to wednesday from exit 201 to 239 that will be on going monday to wednesday 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. then along -- exit 237 to 254 we will have monday to friday 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. those lanes will be reduced and also sunday nights from 9:00 p.m.
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going on. kelly. next, election day is hours away but have you ever wondered where candidates get their campaign cash? we will show you their biggest
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4 wheeler and motorcycle altercation3rd person welcome back. we are following breaking news tonight in georgia. one sheriff's deputy from peach county georgia is dead.
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condition. what happened this afternoon at about 6:30 iowa time, it would have been 5:30 over in georgia, someone riding a four wheeler and a motorcycle got into some kind of fight. a third person with a give up showed up. that is when the people on the vehicles drove away and called 911. when the deputies responded to those 911 calls that is when the person with the gun opened fire killing one sheriff's deputy. we know that is patrick so far. another deputy named daryl small was also critically injured. recovering. the suspect was shot and is also in custody and in the hospital. we are been following this all day long. all this information is from our sister station. we are still tracking this for now though. we will send it back to you. the facts -- and the money -- a new president. for now we follow the facts and
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pulling strings behind the scenes. >> clinton bragged about her great relationship with the financial industry, that is where she gets all the money. >> it is pretty much the wild west out there when it comes to the outside spending. >> she is taking us through the murky world of outside spending by dark money groups and super packs that often shield donors identities. >> for clinton when you factor in the super pack donors have been donald -- james simons who is with the hedge fund, and george who everyone has heard of. the last time we looked at the numbers there were no hedge fund billionaires supporting trump. now that he is the last man standing in the republican party, that has changed. >> right. >> um -- a lot of the hedge fund billionaires have not come aboard with trump but robert is
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he used to support cruz. he supported ted cruz till he hedge fund that james simons have been robert merser who is actually with the same hedge fund that james is with. jeff palmer is a real estate developer in california who many people haven't heard of. >> add it all up and clinton has far and away more big donor support. $20 million from hedge $14 million from renaissance technology jim simons. more than $12 million and more than $10 million each from them. trump has only three donors in that category. [ indiscernible ]
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from the coveted small donor. novak: she has raised about 19-percent of her funds from small donors, a greater amount of money but a smaller share of her funds from donald trump. um, so if you take out the 54 million dollars that donald trump has given to his own campaign, um his share of small donors uh funding is about 43-percent, which is pretty good. i'm sharyl attkisson for full measure. how much are the candidates spending to get elected? as calculated by the center for responsive politics, the campaigns together were closing in on $2 ?billion dollars on october 31st. that's significantly more than what obama and romney spent by the same time 2012: about $1.7 ?billion. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --college basketball is back - highlights from iowa city and ames - next on fox 28 sports...
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pat joins now with some highlights from some of today's basketball games. >> yes. after another disappointing season on the grid iron they are celebrating the start of basketball season in aims for the 57th straight week the cyclones are in the top 25. they hosted them exhibition tonight. that leads to morris in tran it. iowa state up by 10 early. minutes later another new guy. donovan jackson shows off a little stroke from deep. one of his two triples on the night. in the second half this guy is a human highlight reel. he rocks the rim. he had 16 and 9. cyclones win big 101-57. also in exhibition action on sunday, the iowa women. last year the program missed out
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first time since 2007. that made it a long off season for them. to now beginnings. the hawks welcomed lewis university to carver. early on they fed their spectacular sophomore. she had 16 points and 11 boards in this one. later on new faces making a splash. meyers spots up and knocks it down. iowa up 15. then the reigning miss iowa basketball got it done on alley with the finish. beautiful basketball right davis - transition game in midseason form... and after the game - lisa bluder - is excited about the influx of talent... "the freshmen are playing amazing defense. i think their energy level is incredible.... the offense is awlays a little bit slower... and i just think you know they were really the offense is always a little bit slower. i think they were really excited
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have given up in a long time. it is exciting. looking forward to the neck -- next game. was a blow out. [ indiscernible ] so what went wrong? pretty much everything. the most telling stat of the game, rushing yards. the lions racked up 359 yards on the ground. the hawks ran for just 30. penn state was 7-14 on third down. they six tacklings and four sacks. in other words it was complete domination. times and it's tough - it's gonna hurt - it's never fun going somewhere and losing like this - so it's gonna sting - but i'll have it flushed in like three minutes - and i'm ready to go next week - the packers and colts last played each other in 20-12 -
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and in that matchup - green bay led 21 to 3 - and then luck led indy - all the way back - today - a rematch at lambeau field... aaron rodgers and the pack looking to avoid a second straight loss...but indy came out firing - just before half -- luck goes back shoulder to donte montcrief -- and lambeau goes silent - colts up two scores... but rodgers and the packers battled back - here's davante adams holding on to a fourth quarter touchdown pass - lead cut to 12... next drive - finds randall cobb - take that ian rapaport - it's a one score game - but the defense couldn't make that final stop - and the colts win - 31 to 26 -- the packers are now 4 and 4 - and they're in third place in the n-f-c north... to the vikings and the lions - this one got interesting late... third quarter - vikes down 7 - kyle rudolph's only catch of the game - comes at a good time - a one-yard touchdown reception - p-a-t no
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was 13-9 with 27 seconds left - end around to a tight end - rhett ellison - he's in before he fumbles - so minnesota takes a three point lead - only to let the lions tie it at the end of regulation...and on detroit's first overtime drive - matthew stafford fires a strike to golden tate - tate shakes away from a couple defenders - and takes it in for the game-winning touchdown...this was a heartbreaker for the vikings... they lose 22 to 16 in overtime - that's now three losses in a row fo for the first time in three weeks this team really fought like i expect them to fight - if we continue to do these kind of things then we'll win football games - we'll continue to move forward and there were some encouraging
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we are taking a look this eevening at the marion police department where they have their american flag at half staff in remembrance of the two des moines area police officers who were recently killed
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>> we will get to that in a moment. before we do, i did want to show you with our light winds out there night we still have clear skies. when we get up tomorrow morning no weather issues but later in the day a few of these clouds will show up and then eventually a few of these showers could work their way into the picture sometime later on tomorrow night. for the morning rush hour tomorrow here in the corridor looks like a good drive. the sun will be out. temperatures will be back in the lower 40s. the winds will be light out of the southeast. that means no weather issues start with tomorrow. we will keep that good weather around right on through the rest of the day. now lets get tond to -- lets get to beyond the 7 day here. we start out with an average temperature of 52. we have a lot of readings in the 50s and 60s over the next several days. in week two the average temperature is down to 44 degrees. notice what happens here. we get a strong front and then the jet stream starts to buckle
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northwesterly flow to develop and finally some cold air can make it into the midwest. around november 17 or 18 i am expecting temperatures to actually go below normal here in eastern iowa and the overall pattern starts to look a lot more like it should look at this time of the season. here is our extended forecast in detail for the next several days. we should have another outstanding november day. we have a front that comes through on tuesday. that will keep the temperare quite a bit cooler. there will also be gusty winds out of the northwest. looks like our temperatures will stay in the 50s then on wednesday. then we get back up to 63 thursday. another front comes through on friday drops temperatures down there for veterans day. saturday morning we are at the freezing mark. next saturday looks sunny and dry but kind of cool at 52. then it is just beyond the 7 day period when the colder air makes a return to the midwest. we should easily see the coldest
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>> we have a few things to look out for during tomorrow's drive. >> well in parts of iowa, johnson and cedar counties y there will be some lane reductions. they are go all the way through november 23rd. you could run into some trouble spots. it already started at 9:00 p.m. tonight all the way from exit 201 which starts in victor all the way to west branch at exit 254. now most of this construction will be on going in the those lane reductions through the nighttime hours but still during the weekdays from victor to this area here, that is when there will be some lane reductions. from that area to west branch from monday to friday there will be lane reductions from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. once again this will be on going all the way until november 23rd there are three big changes
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join us right here tomorrow night to hear about the feature of i-380. the iowa dot has several ways to help out during the construction. that will be tomorrow night in a special report. next, fox 28 college football analyst lou stops by to talk about what went wrong for
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welcome back to fox 28 sports. lou montgomery is in with us to break down all the college football action. let's start with the hawkeyes. disappointing loss yesterday. what kind of stood out to you? >> what i saw saturday was a team that did not come out and want to be great. this team really struggled offensively. then offensively they just couldn't get anything going in surprising for iowa. that has been our bread and butter all yearlong. teams have started to figure out if they can stop iowa's running attack and force him to throw, they have a great opportunity to win and penn state executed that to the t on saturday. >> the most surprising stat you touched on was the iowa running game. penn state rushed for over 300 yards. you don't see that from on a away team. how much of a red flag is that?
9:48 pm
iowa. if you can't run the football then there is no i denty to -- identity to this program. they will have to get more creativity in their offense. you a big game coming up against michigan where iowa will be tested at all levels. they will have to play mistake free football against michigan. more importantly they will have to run the football and c.j. will have t down the field. >> yeah. like you said the number two team in the country coming in to kinnick next week. can iowa string four quarters together? >> they will have to because this is a -- one of those games where -- it is on national tv. it is a night game. i fully anticipate the entire stadium will be packed because folks want to see the number two team in the nation play.
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that has been iowa's achilles heel this entire last couple of years. can they win the big one? this is their opportunity to really try to get it done. >> yeah. iowa state another loss against oklahoma but -- there were again some bright spots for the cyclones. what did you see in this game? do you think they could get a win next week? >> they have had just a brutal schedule. what i love about iowa state is these guys are playing with with compassion. these guys are getting better and better every game. they are playing some tough teams and they are playing tough teams close. this is an exciting team to watch when you watch iowa state. they toss the ball around the field, they are not afraid to -- move players in and out of the quarterback spot. they can run and throw. the problem with iowa state is they can't put together four quarters. this team will get better. i think they get a big opportunity against kansas on saturday. >> yeah.
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job. let's go to cedar rapids. u and i really took care of business yesterday. they did it with a third string quarterback. >> they came out and absolutely dominated this football. they really started off with a key interception by neil. once that happened, u and i just continued to roll. like you say, we talked about how on terms of him being a third string quarterback came in and did a nice job of tossing the rock around the field. >> yeah. u and i goes next week. they need to win out if they want to make the playoffs. thanks so much for joining us. back to you kelly >> next, terry swells gives you a last look at your weather first forecast and how to prepare for the weather tomorrow. but first check out this story from our digital partners at a lot shorter because what happens after two years is people aren't even listening to the issues anymore.(sot)"it
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good for anyone. it's good for the media outlets, it's good for the people who listening to the issues anymore. [music playing] the campaigns, it's great for it becomes more about entertainment. it is not good for anyone. it is good for the media news outlets. it is good for the people running the campaigns. it not good for the people actually voting. we need to come away from election process feeling good having participated in it. [music playing] ameri what i want to say is there is many things that need to be changed. people complain on the our government not doing anything.
9:52 pm
i want this changed and i am throwing in my voic to say -- you represent us, this is what we wan we can no long very it be this way.
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dale earnhardt jr was pulled over for speeding while
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speedway on sunday morning before the triple "a" texas he was pull oeded over for speeding. -- pulled over for speeding. his fiance posted this picture on twitter. she didn't say how fast he was going though. right now he is isn't racing because of a concussion but he is still doing appearances and of course watching the races. pretty ironic -- i think it is one of those things you always wonder door the nascar racers really fast on the road and i guess in this case yes. >> it is affirmative apparently. [ laughter ] he only got off with a warning too. >> i know. i'm sure the police officer was pretty surprised if he knew who he was. >> i'm sure. [ laughter ] well weather wise i got another good week of weather coming up. not quite as warm as it has been once we get to tuesday. still nice and dry for the majority of the week. not showing any rain around here or any place around the upper
9:56 pm
cool, calm and collected night out there. then tomorrow should be another beauty. i think we will be back in the middle 60s. by the time we get to election day a front will come through. that is a day temperatures will probably be in the upper 40s to start with and stay in the mid 50s for much of the day. for anybody getting out to do the vote, don't see any problems with t weather other than the fact you might have to wear a coat for for a change. then you can see here temperatures lower 40s. it will be mostly clear and nice. then eventually it is later in the afternoon when we get back to the good stuff. about 65 degrees. >> all right. it is about time i guess. >> it is. then long range i am definitely seeing some much cooler weather. >> all right. thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. come on over and watch us on cbs 2 news at 10:00 coming up a
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