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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 15, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MDT

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i did about two cycles of cpr. when officer came up. i. >> i asked the head football coach. to grab my radio. while i was doing compressions. to communicate with dispatch. >> it was team work that worked perfectliment. band members were running a work out. when his friend since middle school collapsed. >> he's a great kid. very fit. which caught me off guard because he's so active. >> . it does the work for you. and it's analyzing the heart. and it's telling us back up. we're going to administer a shock. >> after that first shock. pulse returned. as paramedics arrived. >> . >> now that team work continues at children's hospital. in aurora. where his parents tell us their son is doing well.
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take time to learn cpr. >> the chances are slim. getting -lt situation. but it happens. >> . there is still no diagnosis. doctors still trying to figure out what happened. >> . he felt so much support and
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every performance counts. when your school is dealing with an unexpected tragedy. you put your heart and soul into every move. >> we wanted to really come out and be strong. put our best foot forward. we're trying to keep our spirits up. trying to stay positive. >> members of legacy high school. palms dance team. helped kick off thursday night homecoming block party. an event in the works for weeks. but took on a new meaning. when the football team was involved in a fatal crash over weekend. >> . it's hard to think about what the football boys webt went through. >> on sunday one of the bus us hit a concrete pillar. several students and 3 coaches were hurt. the devastating accident happened just as the school repaired to kick off homecoming week. students teachers and staff. and the community coming together in a way they could have never planned for. >> . >> everybody is in this together. >> math teacher rocked out with his band at the rally. a performance he was more than
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happy to help. >> . surrounded the crowd people donated money to help the families of the coaches and the bus driver. and the term leg reu legacy strong came to life. >> . >> new information tonight. about a crash that killed a colorado pilot. with the navy elite flying team. blue angels. the soerbgted press reporting tonight the crash that killed captain. happened because of a pilot error. he died during a practice run in june. outside nashville. he was there for an air show. he was from durango in colorado. he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> . truck driver who crashed into this winery is being cited for careless driving.
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when a semi-flew off the highway and right through the aspen peek cellars. >> . no one else hurt. the winery staff is started a go fund me page. for the owners. and hopes they can rebuild their small shop. >> . caught on camera. listen to this. a really frightening afternoon for a couple denver dog owners. when their pets ate bags of heroin. at a dog day care. employees say a man running from police tossed 17 bags of over the fence. into the play area. happened around noon on wednesday. they noticed the drug bags thrown in the air. surveillance video shows the dogs checking it out. and an employee ran out to see what it was. in seconds one golden re-traoefr pup ate the heroin. was taken to the hospital. the dog was treated and she's doing well.
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>> out on the campaign trail. today. clinton criticized trump for releasing results of a recent physical. and of course she was referring to her opponents appearance on dr. oz show. trump warn wanting the world to know he's in great shape for his
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trumps cap pain saying he tkusz believe the president was indeed born in the united states.
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trump questioned the presidents p*eurt place. tonight his candidate does believe president obama was born in the united states.
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new developments in the fight against zika virus. ground 0 is miami. 64 cases from local mosquitoes. 8 new cases in the state in just the last week.
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congress is expected to reconsider that 1 billion dollar funding deal. this time it's part of a largers government spending measure. congress has until the epbtd of the month to pass a pwulgt budget to avoid a government shut down. >> from viral. to maybe shotgun you call less sinister. still a still a h*et hazard. >> a local high school. >> . how the fear of bedbugs was feeding the rumor mill. >> >> just red little bugs. >> . in the driveway of the commerce city home. >> they examine each item the seniors carried to school today. they're looking for bedbugs. >> .
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deal. >> even without note 23eu contamination from the school word spread. kids started leaving carrying excused absence notes. after parents caught wind of issue and pulled them out. >> . the school still should have notified parents. >> . parents could have judged for themselves. should i take my kid to school today. and put my kid at risk. it is a big risk. >> . if they would have found any evidence of bedbugs they would have notified parents. and automated call did go out this afternoon. that was long after they started receiving angry phone calls from parents. >> .
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tomorrow. >>
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78. and 50. just about where we should be. which is 79. and 49 on your seasonal average. as far as what's going on the bigger storms. have now raced away. off into kansas and nebraska. but. as we zoom in. we have a few storms. here's downtown denver. the airport. running out i 70. couple showers out here. i was keeping an eye on lightening. most of it faded away. so what we're dealing with is a few remains showers. across the city. it's quiet. we have a few high clouds. 59 and 55. with an east wind at 7. and we have just the few clouds above us right now. humidity is low. so. very comfortable.
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it we get into the afternoon. and the start of the evening commute. most of it will be concentrated here. down to colorado springs. and that's going to be about it. tomorrow. western colorado you're doing great. a lot of sunshine. under clear skies tonight. very cold 30s on the way. check this out. below freeze tph-g gunnison tonight.
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september october. my two favorite months in colorado.
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police in new york say a man wielding a meat cleaver was shot. after attacking officers near pen station. >> this just happened a couple hours ago. several officers trying to subdue the suspect. one *efp using a taser. it didn't work. >> investigators say officers had to shoot the suspect. several times. >> . that detective is in serious condition. the suspect is stable. official saying two more officers sustained nonlife threatening injuries. >> scary moments for shop -rs in houston. thieves bust into a jewelry store. the robbery was caught on camera. 4 men in all black with their faces covered. storm the store. you can see customers and police take cover. hiding while the thieves go at it. the crooks used hammers to smash into display case. people watching with stunned by
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>> she wants to keep them pwausz she says they are helping her partner. a vet who served in afghanistan. the health department says she has 30 days to get rid of t because they're not permitted in the city. she says she'll appeal that. >> . i haven't heard of therapy chickens.
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>> following breaking news now.
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who vanished earlier this evening. certainly some good news there. >> greg nieto just on the scene. what do we know. >> . literally seconds ago. denver police tweeting out this six kwraoerd boy was found safe. and i can confirm that. i spoke with the boys grandfather. who tells me the 6 year-old was found playing next door. >> to ask for their help. earlier. just like 15 minutes or so ago. a slew of dpd cars out here. looking for this little boy. at least according to to the grandpa. may have been playing next door
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we are happy to report the 6 year-old boy has been found. safe. dpd wrapping up their investigation. >> . >> >> branded a bandit. accused of bank robbery he didn't commit. >> . after he was arrested not once but twice. for a bank robbery. where charges were later dropped. now he is filing a ten million dollar lawsuit. against the fbi. city of denver. and the police department. >> problem solvers update. >> . steve tally is represented by the same new york law firm that won 40 million for the central park five.


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