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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  September 11, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MDT

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problem for most homeowners who hire a contractor and take the money and run. police usually call it a civil matter. and don't get involved. >> . a contractor named don donovan johnson. actually has a felony conviction. and since he's under probation he's not supposed to do any work. >> . we want to know why he's s at it. >> . the problem who hire a contractor who takes the money and runs. law enforcement usually calls a civil matter and doesn't get involved. johnson actually has a felony conviction. where he's probation demands he do no more contracting work. 16 years later. why is he still doing it. >> >> if you don't live in you probably never heard of the
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skeletons in your closet. the owner of the bar and grill was planning her future. with a major expansion. >> . we promised people we were going to have a grocery store. it's a much immediated thing. it's a much needed thing. >> . instead. she's out two thousand dollars after the man she hired never even delivered the drawings on faze one. >> . this disgusts me. >> . blowing out the to add a dance hall and stage. >> . it's about stopping him. >> . an army vet. she served in afghanistan. she never thought adding a new roof. along with a front porch and back porch. would prove so stressful.
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16 years to this home in colorado springs. >> he was supposed to put a new addition on the house. >> they ended up paying someone else to finish what he barely started. >> . they hit the gas line. so. it was a big mess. >> . at least she got some justice. when he pled guilty to theft. of 15 thousand dollars. but it may not seem like justice. because his restitution is ten dollar enough to pay nancy and her husband back in 125 years. >> . even longer when you include interest. >> after we're dead and gone. so. we woept get paid back. >> . >> it clearly states. he's not supposed to do any contracting work. not supposed to take any money up front from anyone. you're wondering how he got his license from neighboring park county. to even work. >> . his application asks.
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suspended or revoked by any jurisdiction. he just left the box blank. the county admits it failed to notice. but didn't move to revoke his license. until the problem solveers started asking questions. >> . our tpru traeugs. we we wouldn't have gotten duped. if he didn't have a license. he shouldn't have been licensed and he was. >> . his contracting insurance. dropped for nonpayment in skpwrupb. june. before any work was begin. >> he needs to be stopped. now. he shouldn't have gotten this far. >> . i probably missed it.
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you missed it. >> i don't care what people think. >> he might care what his probation officer thinks. since it violates court orders. >> . i made a mistake we're not perfect. okay. >> why would you do it. if probation says don't do it. >> i made a mistake. okay. but. she got her money back. >> actually she is still fighting her credit card company. the only good news for her. betty and nancy. el paso issued a summons revoke his probation. meaning jail could be next. >> . that's why he does it. he hasn't been held accountable. >> . he should have been in jail a long time ago. >> . legal history. 6 felonies. and 27 lawsuits. >> . that's a lot of disputes. >> over a long period of time. >> suggests to people you have a history of. >> right.
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it is. >> . that's a crime. that's your crime. >> i never set out to rip anybody off. never. >> . heads to court october 4. for a probation revocation hearing. and a week later. another court appearance this time in park county. because prosecutors there have just charged him with two counts of signatures by deception. >> . if you have a problem. for the problem or need us to investigate something. let us know. e-mail us at problem solvers at
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tomorrow night tune in for news at a brand new time. colorado only eleven p.m. newscast. debuts on our sister station. channel 2. give us a try and see why staying up late can be fun. especially with mat makens. >> . it's not typical to drink coffee in the morning. but this is for you.
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there can give you a make. >> . the problem solvers want to save you time. trouble. and tie tphol. >> tylenol. >> . is there any advantage to like signing up today. >> our first advice. don't wait to shop. most of the best deals are about to end within the next few weeks. >> if you wait. it's kind of like going up to the ticket counter and buying a like right there. >> . second. do your research. cheapest deals out there may not actually be the best. >> don't just go to the first flash in the pan. make sure you really look into what the product allows. what it provides. when you can use it. stkphr for example. many of the best deals have black out dates during popular weeks. and some passes are nontransferable. meaning you can't share with friend. kids even your spouse. >> . the devil is in the details. >> .
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you have children. some may not offer the cheapest deals. but offer free skiing for kids. and cheaper lesson prices. >> . if you won't hit the slopes more than ten times this winter. skip the season pass. purchase smaller packages instead. >> . here's a few of the better offers out right now. >> . >> a lot to think about. but it's research that could make this the most wonderful time of the year. >> now you're probably wondering tkhou i find all the deals. without actually visiting each resort web site. i did the research for you. you can find the resort by resort comparison. with the story on
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a slight chance for a thunder shower. for tomorrow. you'll notice a wind and temperature drop. even if you don't get the rain showers. you can see some rain along i 70 right now. approaching eagle. vail pass. through dillen. then eventually trying to reach
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pushed our direction by colder air. i showed you that about a half our ago. the same system rain and cloud wise. pushing that utah moisture out. it's also pushing the smoke our direction. from western colorado. into wyoming. and utah. so some of the fires. if you look to the west and is that true smoke. that is because of our wind shift. into the state. as far as the cloud. it will weaken a bit. over night. we'll wake up to a mostly clear 7 a.m. pick out your spot. smooth sailing. getting off to work. except the breeze in some areas will be strong. midday still looks good. you'll feel a change quickly. the wind kicks up. changes direction. fort collins first. greeley second. then denver. and around five o'clock we'll start to add to that. some of the moisture pushed our way. a few rain showers later in the day.
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mostly 70s. about 77. popular number. if most all neighborhoods. and down to the south douglas county. looking at middle 70s. >> here's the 7-day forecast. take a look at it longer this time. tuesday 60. with a better chance for showers. 40 percent.
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showers. but pleasant. middle 70s. 60s on friday. and next weekend we clear it off. and we stay in the 70s. things are starting to look like fall. in addition to feeling like it.
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the rest ot propb koes nice day of rest today. to watch the nfl go back to work. week number one.
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especially the two games featuring afc west competition. we start with the raiders. on the road at the new orleans saints. at the super-dome. offensive track meet. and car was up for the task. >> . what's the saying play for the win on the road. tie at home. go for the win on the road. jack does that. i usually hate the fade route on goal line. ce perfection. >> . big road win. final score. 35 to 34. >> . one and 0 this season. >> . arrow head stadium. a lot of didn't look that way today. against the chargers. at least not the first 3 quarters. >> . chiefs trail 24 to 3.
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third. they rallied here. 17 unanswered to force over time. >> . now in ot. on the option. alex smith. the chiefs come back from 21 down. largest come back win in franchise history. >> . bounces back to stun the chargers. >> . next opponent. colts in indiana. hosting detroit. the broncos offense has to be licking their chops here comes luck. one of his 4 touch down passes
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excited to be back home. for a second game here. and hopefully play cleaner. another tough ball game. >> . talking on the coaches show this week. the rockies won't be a play off team. it would take a really great september. and. to even finish at five hundred. but you have to love chad. dealing in san san diego. on the heels of a complete game two hit shut out last week. five and a third more scoreless
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>> . game winner there it is there it goes. 3 to two rockies.
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>> breaking news. i 70 eastbound shut down along sixth avenue. after a truck hit the bridge


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