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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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>> growing fire threat -pg dozens of homes and prompting evacuations in larimer county. >> . smoke could be seen for miles throughout the day. the fire continued to spread. >> . ashly michaels is in larimer county with how the fight is going -fpgt. >> this entire area behind me to the south stkp the fire danger zone. fire crews tell me this is about ten percent contained. still growing. if you take a look at the sign behind me. this area was already under a fire warning. you can see why.
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now known as the star wood fire. >> . that's where wendy owns a cabin. >> my husband and our friend went off on the side by side to look. and saw hundred foot flames. >> firefighters from all over northern colorado battle the flames. both on the ground. and from the sky. >> we have hand crews. engines. tenders and we have aircraft. >> . county officials are trying to get everyone out of this area. safely. >> . we wept back. there was the 1246789 they wouldn't let us he's still up there on the property. waiting for this fire to end.
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we don't know how this fire started. but i'm told that no home has been lost yet. fire crews will be out here working. threw through the night.
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doctors are treating detective bright. >> . doctors here at parker hospital say they are seeing promising pr in detective dan brights condition. he is now responding to stimulus. that is certainly positive news for a community that has shown incredible support. >> . >> times of tragedy call for a time to come together. >> . not only did they protect us. take care of us. put their life on the line. >> detective pwroeugt with the
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friday afternoon. and spent the past two days in critical condition. >> . thank god for them. if it wasn't for people like the first responders. i don't know where we'd be. >> the shoot out that left the suspect dead and officer critically injured. rocked this community. but is now bringing it together. >> >> even a tiny little coffee shop. on the corner of parker road. >> friends, family. >> . is making a difference. >> . it's just pretty credible. how people rise to the occasion. >> . business next sunday will be in honor of detective bright. >> . every sale. it's my promise to you that we will give it to his family. >> . after announcing the idea today. >> got a hundred dollar bill. and i got 50 dollars. >> toe nations have already come pouring in. even though the shop is closed.
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i believe every praying for him. that's why he's getting better. >> the and the support will continue. >> . you're going to pull through this. we'll rely on you again in the future. >> . his wife also works in the douglas county sheriff office. she said today that she truly believes that all of the suppo has helped detective bright in his recovery. and she asks for continue support and prayer. >> .
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officer haven't been released. >> a moving truck bursts into flames. and stalls traffic on westbound i -p 70 for hours this evening. still closed at this moment. the traffic being routed to love land pass. it happened near the pass west of the tunnel. around 6:30 this evening. >> sharing pictures showing crews to work out the blaze. the westbound lanes of the highway of course shut down. as crews work to get the fire under control. fire officials say the mechanical malfunction sparked the fire. and without injury. >> . developing tonight. west minister police looking for this man. in connection with to a homicide. this is jared michael strange. police got a call yesterday. went to a home on 70 place and found a woman dead. she was shot. police say strange has warrants out for his arrest and should be considered armed and dangerous.
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>> in making their decision. the civil service commission cited several instances. why nixon made false statements about the july 2009 night. in comparison to what they saw in security video. now a judge ordered the
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case. ruling the commission mis-characterized the facts in the video. >> . right now post tropical cyclone. spinning off the eastern sea board. packing up to 70 miles per hour winds. and heavy rain. the after math is still being felt in parts of north carolina. and virginia. many homes and businesses there. have been damaged. innew jersey governor and alreay declared state of emergency for several counties in his state. coastal new jersey braces for heavy wind and rain. >> officially declared mother
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>> . the pontiff called her a model of mercy. the nun was a nobel peace prize winner and devoted her life to caring for the poor. >> . festivities will continue tomorrow. >> . tomorrow marks 19 kwraers since her death.
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showcasing some of the most beautiful sights in colorado. >> . >> only imagine -ts emotions he experienced. he pwraet the previous record by 3 days. >> . climbing one sher
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morning. why feat becomes legendary. >> . as an ultra runner. he had his fair share of races. and climbs too. but this month he mixed the two and did something incredible. >> i just ran had 4 times up and down pikes peek. >> . he shared the tale of how he ran up and down pikes peak. but 4 times. >> it was 30 hours. >> . the first 3 times he ran it straight. in between the third and fourth he took a quick nap. the forty fourth run was a marathon. >> . a nice even number. >> i had to know. why. would you do such a thing. >> that's a question everybody asks. i don't have a great answer. >> >> i like to challenge my mind and body. >> . one of the most competitive
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colorado. >> . by the way. he did all of that just a month after completing the 485 colorado trail from durango to denver. in nine and a half days. you're wondering what's next. he's going to greece. to help a visually impaired friend participate in a race. >> . after watching that. i felt like a pathetic human being. >> . speak for yours. >> . yourself. >> . over each and everies. over achievers >> this clicker gets really heavy.
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this morning was cool. at 51. that was a refresher. and tomorrow morning should be nice too.
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develop over the mile high. right tphoeu we're looking from the east of downtown. back toward downtown. and mountains off in the distance. we might see fog here. in a few hours. some of the low lying areas. humidity is quite high. and producing the that fog. temperatures cool off now. 68 downtown. airport is 62. winds have been kicking around a bit today. >> . >> keystone winter park. vail. very similar forecast. nine o'clock temperature of 52. 63 at noon. and 70 by three o'clock.
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there. as well as in denver. only five percent likelihood. for the two areas. >> . notice the over night lows great for camping. if you know shall be up there. they'll wake up to 40s in the morning. >> . it's out of here in no time. midday very quiet. with sunshine. notice later in the day there's one focus area for thunder storms. that will be the southeast plains. y there's potential for severe thunder storms there. and also cloud cover. the next storm system. another ripple. in the at phots fear. bring in cooler changes and thurpd storms for tuesday. but labor day looks nice. >> . 85 gran junction. picking out your spot. numbers five, 6 degrees above the a*frpbl in most cases. one of the last times on the
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at 90. gets really hard to do once you pass labor day. still possible. >> . 85 tuesday. and a few thunder storms around. wednesday thursday friday. a mix of 80s. next weekend not as warm as this one. sadly just official start to fall. >> it happened on september 1. so there. >> i thought it was after labor day. >> that's the calendar. weather
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the dow jones industrial average gained more than 72 points. to close at 18491.
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than 22 point on friday. >> . unemployment rate holding steady. just under five percent in august. the economy creating roughly 151 thousand new jobs. fewer than expected. 27 5 thousand were added in july. >> . gas prices are up slightly. but still looking good compared
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has since recovered. he and his wife say thanks. and plan to continue enjoining their golden years. >> . thank you that's an under statement. >> . right place at the right time.
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really hard to believe they'll grow up to be hundreds of pounds. the zoo keepers are swapping them out.
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the other is in an incubator. the first giant pandas born in the u.s. this year. >> . washington dc trying to crack down on littering. that crack down includes given a ticket to two year-old. >> can you believe. they issued a ticket to her. >> . that's right. a sanitation worker found the letter on the ground that had been addressed to two year-old harper. likely fell out of trash bag that her family dumped in the alley. never the less. the department of public counts that and now expecting 75 dollars from that toddler.
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so again a windy day. >> . rocky stadium tomorrow. see what happens. >> . it will be toasty. well into the 90s. down close to the tpaoeltd field. >> . thank you for joining us tonight. wake up with good cay colorado.
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