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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 10, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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southwest has officially been in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here or more excited about the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations. because as everybody knows, the ten-year anniversary is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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>> a greeley grandmother and a chief executive of a successful honey company is getting the honor of a lifetime. she's been invited to attend the
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>> . just one of 23 guests. the only one from colorado. sitting with some of the most powerful people. in the free world. >> . probably the one looking around at all the people.
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about as sweet as it gets. >> . i got married at 18. i know nothing but the honey business. that's all i have ever known. to be honored like this. it's really awesome. >> >> the candidates vying to be the successor. both parties are ramping up campaigns before next months caucus. democrat front runner releasing a new add. taking aim at her republican rivals. it features clipping from trump. cruise. christy. and bush. a narrator calls the candidates quote backwards.
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>> >> days after drug kingpin was captured by mexican officials following his second escape from prison in july. mexican authorities are turning their interest to actor shawn pen. officials want to question pen over the reported secret meeting he had with the drug lord. on saturday, rolling stone published an article written by pen. featuring an interview done by video missages.
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>> the mexican attorney general said extradition proceedings are set to begin. but didn't spet specify
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>> . her body was reportedly found by her boyfriend. worried for her safety. after not hearing from her for a few days. >> . days after north collie kwra claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb. the u.s. responding with a display of military
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a b 52 bomber flew over south korea today. it was joined by two f15 fighter jets. one from the u.s. the other from south korea. experts doubt their claim it tested an h bomb. but north korean has celebrating. >> . a new book from pope francis. set to hit stores this week. called the name of god is mercy. a one hundred page conversation with an aoeual january
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there's a draw here. >> some things. century. this thing has peeled back on the town. >> it's just been a part of our lifestyle. out here. for generations. >> even in her younger years. e remembers coming out to the wonder tower and being wowed. >> it's it was not the regular run of mill thing. >> . in a part of our state. that doesn't see change. the wonder tower brought something ewe knee. >> they had a drunken room. you felt like you were falling. >> . mix that in with a two headed cow arrow heads and ma'am mammoth bones
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>> turning it into a nonprofit. in order to do so. they need to raise two hundred thousand dollars. by the end of the month. >> we're kind of in a hurry. to get it purchased. and get some work done on it. >> . sure. they have a long road ahead. only a short time to get there. >> it's a part of colorado. >> the one thing is clear. they won't sit pack and
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>> how cold was it. take a look. out of greeley. where the snow from friday kind of cape over with ice. the ice crystals kept growing.
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>> into the day tomorrow. i think we get closer. to those mid 40s here. we'll get to that in a second. highs in tort kols. back to 27 earlier today. a frigid morning in greeley. be e low 0. highs only reached 14. by the end of the day. for the most part, daytime numbers stay below average statewide. into the mid 20s to lower 30s. in most communities. right now downtown. we're at 19 degrees. dia a little cooler at 14. 15 around aurora. ken carol 18 degrees. and golden good sunday evening to you. right now 21. when you bring the winds it. it drops down the numbers. and this is what it feels like to the skin. when you bring the wind in. two degrees downtown. greeley at 0. fort collins feels like nine. and it's actually turning quite breezy. especially in the high can you be the country. where we have windchills
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spots 30 below 0. here tonight. and i think by tomorrow morning, even with just a light wind. it will be frigid. make sure the kids have the heavy jackets on. >> . country. rural spots. and tomorrow afternoon, degrees. fort collins will hit greeley 31. down i 25, colorado springs around 40.
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the high country. part hroeu partly cloudy over head. as a matter of fact. i'm expecting mainly sunny skies will enter the picture through tomorrow. maybe one or two fair weather passing clouds. that is about it. so highs raoeugtd arpbdz 40. >> a low of 12. and tomorrow afternoon 40. underneath plenty of sunshine. 7-day forecast. return. 40s. tuesday wednesday. thursday too. before the next storm system comes in. that brings us back down
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with some light snow. friday night and saturday. sunshine and 30s. for kick off it looks like. for broncos steelers.
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>> all right. it is the elite 8. of the nfl. so to speak. 32 times down to 8. with the chance to win the super bowl.
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the broncos do now know their opponent. they'll face the steelers. first up today's games. this one you saw right here this afternoon. green bay on the road against the emerging cousins and washington red skins. >> one point lead. here comes the running game. in from eleven yards out. packers move onto play arizona. >> sea hawks on the road at vikings. beautiful. balmy minnesota. look at that. this game tied for the third coldest game in history.
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look at this guy no shirt on. >> . minus 21 with the windchill. i would be home in front of the big screen. the game it's it was a good one. >> . throwing. picked off. the pick. sraoeubg accident convert into a field goal. 6 to nothing minnesota. up nine in the fourth. seattle coming to play. 3 yard touch down. lead cut to two. nine to 7. ahead. here comes minnesota. potential game winning drive. >> going to set this up. 26 seconds to play. the vet. on for the game winner. 27 yard chip shot. and he just hooks it. in pefr really gave it a chance. laces were out. take a look. >> blame the holder for a bit of that. no matter. lucky is the sea hawks. they get the win. ten to nine.
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moving onto play carolina next weekend. >> broncos. who take on the banged up steelers. next sunday. steelers last night won a game on the road in cincinnati. this game more or less resembled
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>> a lot of hockey to play. granted. a s back at it this evening. on the road at chicago. not a great start. already down two to nothing in the second period. black hawks lights the lamp again. 3 to nothing chicago. avs fight back. courtesy of the all star. matt duchene. gets the avs on the board. nice goal there. and a little later. this is not a replay of the same goal. >> final score 6 to two. >> nuggets hosting the hornets. >> . big dunk here. nuggets win this. get it done by 3. and get the victory.
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>> . something you don't get to say very often. nuggets win. >> . few and far between.
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