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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> >> tha bgs thanks for staying with us. >> . after a brief break from the bitter cold. it sure felt nice. a big change is coming our way. and that could mean traffic trouble for your driver to work tomorrow. >> we'll start to see the cold pouring in. here's a sneak peek. with the future cast.
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over the mountains. you'll see it build here. and by tomorrow morning, just starting to make its way in to denver. weather. tomorrow night. snow totals. come -lging up. light snow first. i'll let you know how much. and we'll talk about the second wave. and how much with that. plus the cold temperatures. freeze. >> a male being taken from a low mail being taken from a local mans mailbox. technology told him about the crime as soon as it happened. but since he was out of town there was nothing he tkould could do. and the thief got away with
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>> . with this new technology. that number is likely to change. >> the video shows a christmas grinch. running towards his car. after stealing a front porch package. >> . we were in florida. visiting great grandma. >> >> his phone rang. >> i was standing in line. and i got an alert. taking the package. and loading it into his car. >> . this how is this video possible. you'll find the ring system. it immediately notifies homeowners when there's movement outside. >> . it triggers a motion alarm. and there's activity at your door. >> you push the button.
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>> . much. those next door. neighborhood. >> he says this device can never each other. >> . peace of mind comes from the neighborhood being a neighbor. toy. >> we posted that video on he's moving towards a white hybrid suv. if you recognize him.
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>> troubling new information about the douglas county teenager now charged as an adult. for plotting a mass murder. at her high school. experts say her internet postings are more than just words. they show serious intent. >> posts that claim to be from 16 year-old johnson. the teen describes a happy early childhood. that turned what she calls sour. and rebellious. after a move to colorado when she was nine. >> she kind of details out a very turmoiled childhood. and then it seems to kind of merge into drug use. and even addiction. >> there are disturbing entries from her journal. violent art work and poetry. psychologist says taken as a whole it's clear she's not just making it up. >> i had an impression of trama.
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>> . >> clearly. a rot a lot of pain. and loneliness. >> these posts go far beyond typical teenage angst. >> it's a huge red flag. >> there aren't actual threats on this site. but prosecutors say johnsons tumbler was a different story. it's been taken down now. but in court yesterday, prosecutors say they have evidence johnson was not only planning a mass murder at mountain vista high school. but taken steps to carry out the plan. >> . things like detailed school maps and schedules. practicing shooting. trying to get a gun. and violent acts involving her pets. >> the information we have and the concerns of the information. >> . these kinds of posts alarm even other teenagers. that's apparently what happened here.
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authorities and the girls were arrested. days before they were to carry out the plan. >>
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are upset after the driver left them stranded as a kansas hotel. while he went in to get sleep. passengers thought he was making a quick stop. when they pulled into an inn. greyhound says the driver went swao into the hotel to finish his federally regulated rest hours. passengers say they were never told what he was doing. and were left waiting on the cold bus for hours. >> we have newborns and chirp. when the driver finished his rest time. he drove the bus onto denver. the company says passengers had the option to keep warm at a nearby fast food restaurant. while they waited. >> . new tonight. young man from colorado now hearing better than ever before. thanks to a state of the art upgrade. to his coke implant. >> . how this upgrade will allow him
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>> incredible feet for someone who has been deaf since he was 4 years old. >> . i answer the phone all the time. it really helped with the phone clip. >> it's considered a huge upgrade. from his old implant. allowing him to hear up to 77 percent better. >> it's very smooth. i love it. the cleaner sound. >> . this new one is blue tooth capable. he can stream phone calls.
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directly to his ear. and can choose how much background noise he wants to receive. which will help him as he pursues his dream of becoming a pharmacist. >> . >> country around the worltd including north korea ally china. are condemning the claims. and the security counsel
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turning to the presidential election now. a dan controversy. now troubling senator cruise. tkopbl trump flip-flops. saying he maybe ineligible to be president. >> . polls in iowa show cruise gaining ground on trump. cruise was born in canada. but renounced claims that he's a canada citizen. >> . that will clear it all up. >> earlier. trump said cruises canada heritage wouldn't disqualify him. he was also a leader in questioning president obama's birth certificate. >> . after years of attempts by republicans. obama care repeal bill is on the way to president desk. the bill passed the house on a
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the bill also includes a measure that would end funding. federal funding. for planned parenthood. president obama is expected to veto the bill. >> 17 was the power pwaol. if anybody matched all those if nobody matched those. the jackpot will grow even
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and then the drawing will take place on saturday. >> . we can both buy new tickets. >> . >> that was a dream for about five minutes. >> i got one number. 2.
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-lt biggest convention in the world began today in las vegas. the consumer electronics show. while it focuses on the latest
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cars are actually taking center stage this year. >> . good day colorado anchor is there. and shows us the newest technology. >> . to some extent it seems like cars have started today take over a big chunk of this year. it's not a surprise. cars are filled with more technology than ever before. the big talk is. cars that will drive themselves. every manufacturer talking about how they'll do it. most agree that we're going to see the tech tphol sooner than we expected. >> . this is a cool concept. from ford. an electric car. that has a bike in the back. it charges in the trunk. and you can use it to ride the last mile. from the parking garage. to your work. that might be a mile away. on top of that. this is smart bike. that connects to your phone. and helps you navigate. >> . we have a smart handlebar as well.
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the grips vibrate to tell you to turn left or right. or give you warnings about cars from behind. or potholes. >> that's a concept. you can't really buy that. no question the technology inside of the car is changing. we're seeing a lot of giant screens in the dash board. dials. in front of the steering wheel. being replaced by a giant screen. even heads up displays that show us images on the windshield. as we're driving. a lot of technology. a lot of stuff sto see. we're here checking it out. for now i send it back to you. >> . a dramatic rescue at a ski resort in canada. caught on camera. look at this. about 75 skiers got trapped sunday.
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>> always my fear of getting is it stuck up there. >> . that looked good. i'm glad they were there to do that. to me. logic would dictate lower them down. >> . dave has all the answers. >> . we have snow on the way. if you want to head up to the mountains. in the next couple days. >> . let's get to work. start you out with a look at live radar. light. we are seeing more and more. showing up on live radar. now the few little what looks like flurries here. front range. not reaching the ground yet. light snow.
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look at the hraoeuger color of blue. deeper blue for the heavy snow. just nothing really out there. out west. and then of course here in the south and east. it's a mix. the pink shade is the radar saying it could be rain. could be snow. generally it's going to be coming down in the form of snow. don't forget for the southwest corner. we have the winter storm warning. and for everything else in blue. over southern colorado. southwest mountains wet mountains. you have a winter storm watch.
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>> we that snow is going to continue into friday. the numbers could really go up.
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these are new numbers into tonight. it still looks like a one to two inch snowstorm for the front range. two to 4 in the mountains. 7 to 8 in the southern mountains. a look at the lows tonight. we'll be the in cold 20s everywhere. and here's your highs tomorrow. only in the 20s and 30s in the mountains. notice the 40s and 50s are gone. 30s and much cooler 40s. let's come into the front range. show you the timing of the snow. again. most of it in the mountains over night. seven o'clock in the morning. it might be knocking on your door. it will be there south of town. through the lunch hour. but it's the evening commute and late tomorrow. where things really become widespread. by this time tomorrow night. we're looking at an eufrpbg or inch or two. maybe 3 in castle rock. that's about right. with the pw-tar accumulation coming in the second half of the
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s. and matt duchene. 24 year-old forward selected to already his second career nhl all star game. certainly a nice career honor. to represent the organization. here in a couple weeks.
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in the meantime, avs and matt duchene got work to do. hosting the blues. all star was ready to go for this one. right away. finds the back of the net. the first goal. avs go up one to nothing. st. louis ties it up. and take the lead in the first. on the power play. last check. 3 to 2 after the second period. they are in the third. st. louis with a bun goal lead. >> nuggets on the road. skid. facing minnesota. they haven't been too good either. lost 15 of last 19. >> . danilo gallinari from deep. that's a pretty stroke. 3 ball good. nuggets up one. one more time. this time inside doing work. denver up by 3. final seconds of the game. clamp down on defense. there it is. nuggets get the win. by 4. not a lot of scoring. nuggets will take a win. final 78 to 74. >> . this game is not going to win any awards for style points. but.
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are desperate for a win. stkp willing to do whatever it takes. it will be like that. >> . college hoops. colorado state looking for the first conference win. hosting unlv.
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>> >> buffs basketball. off to a one and one start. in pack 12 play. now have a big opportunity. take advantage of home court advantage. >> we have the details. >> . the buffs are 3 straight here at home. against pack 12 opponents. starting with utah on friday. these guys know how important protecting home court is. during conference play. >> . you better take care of business at home. and because it's so hard to win on the road. and you have seen that in the league. in the first weekend. >> . we have a lot of respect for utah. coming in here. >> friday. rolling in hot. they dropped the first two contests and dropped out of the top 25. >> . finally here. nicks pick. jack sock. he's about to return service on this. but. it's fault.
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>> . he's telling him to challenge that. it was in. he did. look. the official reviewed it. it was in. >> . yeah. it's a point. although jack goes onto lose this.
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>> look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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nobody won the power ball. saturday. 675 million dollars. >> . now i'll start to play. >> . now we're talking real money.
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