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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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super tuesday.. the biggest day of contests in the race for the white house so far.. who's coming out ahead.. and who may be closer to dropping out of the race.. plate debate.. why some iowa lawmakers want to get rid of the license plate on the front bumper of your car.. and why others don't like the idea. investigation interference police say the leader of the university of iowa campus police force refused an officer's request to pull over last summer... what police were looking for... and why they said he was interfering with an investigation. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 003126 - i just think its one of those things in the state of iowa that don't we really need it anymore 19 other states nation wide do not require cars to have a license plate on their front bumper... now
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iowa's turn... good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. the iowa house is considering a bill that would require only rear license plates on vehicles... however those against the idea say lawmakers would be getting rid of the plates for the wrong reasons. jodi whitworth has more... 103201 - were kind of entering a new age of car ownership where there is a pride of ownership is unprecedented since the 60s not many customers are willing spend a hundred grand on a new car... 142500 - this is the 2016 corvette, this is the z06 model but those who do -- buy for millions of dollars beautiful cars the front plate is a turn off for car collectors and enthusiasts... most sports cars don't come with a front license plate bracket. 101007 - the license plate would somewhere between the logo to half way through the grill car experts at shottenkirk chevrolet say not only is the attachment aesthetically
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performance of the car members of the house transportation committee proposed a bill to get rid of front plates all together 030727 - i think the physical characteristics trump the license plate tag itself - josh byrnes but those against the bill say it could make their jobs more difficult... 090824 - if you take on plate away its 50 percent less opportunity to identify that car - sgt. jason bryan police say having both sets of plates is not meant to be a cosmetic enhancement but a tool to aid in criminal investigations 091807 - if you got both plates there's a better chance your gonna be able to at least get some of the plate, all of the plate - s. jason bryan an issue opposing sides will have to bridge -- if they want to settle the front plate debate 034008 - maybe not every vehicle in the state of iowa needs to have their front plate removed but maybe the folks who are the car enthusists... we reach a compromise that way -- rep. josh byrnes the iowa department of transportation says the license plate change would
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thousand dollars each year. the bill is now eligible for the debate on the house floor today, iowa lawmakers got a sneak peek at a plan to provide more oversight of the state's massive changes to the medicaid system. democratic senator amanda ragan says the bill is designed to safeguard the more than half a million iowans who use encourage participation and protect tax payers. governor branstad's plan to privatize medicaid is set to take effect april first the federal government's already pushed that start date back twice. ragan let colleagues know she's still not happy the switch is happening. 'this medicaid privatization program is destined to harm the very people it was supposed to help. apparently, it was designed by those who know the cost of everything but understand the value of nothing.' republicans want to change the proposed oversight bill. democratic leaders say that means it could be tomorrow before the full senate will debate the ideas. prairie city is on its third day
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weekend malfunction ... the towns loss of water pressure means residents have to boil drinking water. the p-c-m elementary school remained open, thanks to 28- hundred bottles of water donated by the newton hy-vee. more bottled water is coming wednesday, donated by the pella fareway. in the mean time city officials are trying to prevent a loss of water pressure again. under d-n-r rules the water must be tested twice to make sure it's safe to drink. a second test was taken today, and results should be known sometime tomorrow morning. in just three days we went from 70 degrees down to 30 degrees.... but another warm up is on the way. meteorologist brett mcintyre joins us now with a look at the forecast. hi
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a des moines man charged in a deadly car crash took the stand in his own defense today. troy mure junior is on trial for vehicular homicide. he's accused of causing the death of 22 year old scalicity boyd when he slammed into a telephone pole going nearly 90 miles an hour last november. in the days leading up to the crash, mure says he received death threats over rumors of his involvement in a fatal shooting earlier that month at evolution night club. he testified on that morning, he thought his and boyd's lives were in danger... when another car started chasing them.
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than to drive fast down that street? no, my main objective was to get away from the cadillac or at where there all the time 11:22:01 testimony wrapped up this afternoon. attorneys will submit their closing determine mure's guilt or innocence. the leader of the university of accused of interfering with an investigation into a hit-and-run drunk driving crash.. and that crash involves his stepson... mike dasilva joins us now with more.. mike.. this story was first reported by ryan foley of the associated press... and according to records obtained by the a-p... the allegations center around an incident on june 25, 2015.... after the two men...47 year old david visin and 33 year-old sean crane left the eagles club in iowa city. investigative documents show that visin, who is the interim director of the university of
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refused an officer's request by phone to pull over that night so that police could speak wit him and his passenger...visin's stepson sean crane. officers were searching for crane, because police say crane had smashed his truck into two cars, in a parking lot outside of the eagles club. police say crane left the scene before officers arrived. an officer then visited crane's home.. and learned from his wife that crane had left and was with visin . the officer spoke with visin over the phone in an attempt to get him to pull over. police say visin refused and continued driving because he wanted to drop off a trailer he was pulling at a location in town. despite being ordered to stop.. police say visin let his stepson out at a gas station police located crane walking along the road at the corner of 500th street southwest and oak crest hill road southeast in riverside. according to the incident report he was only wearing shorts... and had an obvious wound on his back. police say crane also had a blood- alcohol level nearly twice the
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in a statement, u of i says visin disclosed information regarding the incident with his stepson to the senior vice president for finance and operations, shortly after it occurred, and that the university of iowa is not aware of any charges filed against visin. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- super tuesday.. the biggest day of contests in the race for the white house so far.. who's coming out ahead.. and who may be closer to dropping out of the race.. but first.. multi-level marketing.. it's a big business.. how many people actually profit from the business model.. and what it can cost. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox
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more independent sellers, each profiting from the people up the line. the biggest m-l-m's flood downtown salt lake city with thousands of visitors for their annual conventions. its the arena where the utah jazz play and music stars perform. its also the mecca of multi-level marketing conventions. if its august its usana, september- doterra, october-nu-skin, each attracting more than 10 thousand visitors to salt lake city. the rock stars here are buttoned up utah business executive wentz, ceo of vitamin giant usana. dave wentz, ceo, usana: "we can be proud of our past. but we can also look at now and say, 'wow.' outside the arena...many of us see the signs usana, young living, do terra, nuskin, morinda. we wonder what they they make enough money for the office towers and sponsorships. they are multi-level marketers. selling products person to person, though it's hardly a mom and pop business in utah. case in point...this convention for usana. dan macuga, chief communications officer, usana : "there's over 10,000 people this year so it's one of our biggest years and they are individual business owners, but really you think of
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company here and we have over a thousand employees right here in salt lake. usana and nuskin are on the stock exchange... usana brought in 890 million dollars last year. anti aging products company nuskin, with this giant new headquarters in provo, reported revenue over two billion dollars. the industry big enough to exercise clout in utah politics. us congressman jason chaffetz got his career start at nu-skin...and now nuskin is fueling his aspirations in the u-s house of representatives. chaffetz has a political action committee or pac called budget hawks dot com. in 2014 chaffetz spent 121 thousand dollars from the fund. some went to colleagues, a lot to the republican party, some to travel and fundraising costs. the two biggest skin and essential oils seller doterra. rep. jason chaffetz, utah: "doterra, is a special organization. utah's big mlms have been generous to the republican and democratic parties. congresswoman mia love endorses doterra wholeheartedly. rep. mia love, utah: everyone in my family loves the oils." doterra, nuskin, and
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and to their network of distributors is a quality product. an important point because the vast majority of those distributors do not make money. for example. usana's 2014 numbers show they had 61,400 members in the u.s. they call them associates. close to two-thirds made no sales commission. about 80 associates made six figures. that's just over one in a thousand, or point one three percent. put it another way...if you have a kid playing high school baseball, he has twice the odds to make it to the pros as he does making six figures with usana. mila zeng's getting close. mila zeng, usana associate: " i have never catch a cold since i take usana products." zeng is a natural saleswoman...selling usana in alaska. she's recruited more than a hundred other members. she's a team leader getting money from their sales, as does her team leader and her team leader's team leader up the line. she's what usana calls a gold director...meaning she's one of the top one percent of usana directors average commissions of 66 thousand dollars a year. mila zeng, usana associate: "my future goal gonna be diamond." diamond would mean mila had 500 distributors below her and would
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about $5000 a week. but for every mila zeng, there are hundreds of distributors earning nothing or next to nothing. if the companies are right...most aren't trying to earn anything. the many people come close to losing everything? people like nicole lopez. nicole lopez, springville resident: "guess what? i'm still paying that debt, we're ten years later i'm still paying it." ed ad lib weather tease on set coming up -- updates on
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coming up -- updates on construction of the first new roller coaster at
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stocks on wall street rallied on tuesday. the s&p climbed 46 points. the dow added 348 points.
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nasa is investing in the potential revival of supersonic jet travel. the space agency has granted a 20- million dollar contract to lockheed martin to develop a passenger jet that can fly faster than the speed of sound. nasa says the plan is intended to make flying safer, greener and quieter. the jet would use technology to create a soft thump instead of rattling sonic booms while in flight. sonic booms trigger booming sounds that can be heard for miles. and it's a sign that spring is just around the corner... adventureland park released these pictures of its new roller coaster, "the monster" today... they show the different lights that will illuminate the new 133 foot tall roller coaster... the park says that it will be a whole different ride from day to night. the coaster is expected to open in june. it replaces the park's log ride. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour...
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the debate is now heading from the courtroom.. to capitol hill.. the latest in the battle between the federal government and apple... over the fbi's demand that apple unlock the iphone of one of the san bernadino
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super tuesday.. the biggest day of contests in the race for the white house so far.. who's coming out ahead.. and who may be closer to dropping out of the race.. migrant crisis.. what is further complicating an already complex problem.. as refugees flee violence in the middle east.. where thousands are now finding themselves stuck in limbo.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 hillary clinton and donald trump
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tuesday wins -- as they seek to tighten their grips on the democratic and republican presidential nominations. clinton and trump will win the big prizes of georgia -- alabama -- tennessee -- and virginia while bernie sanders and ted cruz won their home states. sanders won vermont and oklahoma. and cruz won texas and oklahoma. but the votes are still being counted and in some cases -- still being cast. mary moloney reports. "hillary." presidential candidate: "thank you all so much!"cheers erupting at the florida headquarters for hillary clinton -- after georgia and virginia were called for her two states -- she lost the last time she ran for president. presidential candidate: "what a super tuesday!." "bernie bernie bernie."bernie sanders easily winning his home state of vermont. presidential candidate: "thank you! it is good to be home!"supporters happy with the outcome chanting his popular slogan -- feel the bern "feel the bern. feel the bern."the super tuesday
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bonanza for front-runners and a test of survival for others. presidential candidate: "when i am president of the united states, we will not just save the american dream, we will it to reach more people than ever."sanders and clinton are vying for for more than a third the delegates needed to win the democratic race. presidential candidate: "this campaign isn't just about electing a president, it's about transforming america."the stakes are higher for republicans. nearly half the republican delegates needed to clinch the gop nomination are up for grabs.--many of these states will divide those delegates proportionally but donald trump has the upper hand -- coming into the day with the most delegates -- and winning the first big contests. i'm mary moloney reporting. united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon says the cease fire in syria is holding despite "some incidents." speaking in madrid today... ban ki-moon discussed the agreement that's now in its fourth day. the u-n
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the agreement to keep their promises during the cease-fire. saying the u-n's priority is to provide humanitarian aid... he said.. aid will be delivered to at least 140-thousand people within the next six days. "we will continue try to provide another air drop, that is our top priority. for that possible it is crucially important that this 'cessation of hostilities' should be kept without being broken. the cease-fire does not apply to u.n.- designated terror groups like the islamic state... or airstrikes from russia, syria, and the u-s. tonight the top nato commander in europe is warning that isis militants are now part of the daily refugee flow into europe. this, as there's now a growing humanitarian disaster... a backlog of some ten thousand migrants...stuck at the border between
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miller reports. a humanitarian disaster -- that's how the united nations now describes a crisis along the orr f cedmace. asd gabuild my coutr."at las
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ait oo hrio he scfod t ndoo daed av to livwith or he rest of her lfe. "i'll always have to et treatment for this. i'll aosmeo about this, because this will always be on the internet. this will always be there, there will wsbea reidr vrysingle day." andrews' lawyers claim the hotel was negligtwenialoe barett to request a room next to her without asking any questions. wui ts still unclear who would pay the damages. the legal tug-of-war between apple and the f-b-i moves from the courthouse to capitol hill today... kristin fisher has more from whitas the legal battle between apple andeficotius.
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lawmakers today... asking for congress -nt he cor t dcie whether it should be forced to help the-i svdafomanihone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. sewell says: "the decisions should b ad by you and your colleagues as representativefthe people, rather anhrg wrntrequest based on a 220-year-old statute." the hearin osa a fer apple's case got a boost from a federal judge... rulingt ed cnt fcape to provide access to a locked iphone in nwyr cs inolving a drug dealer. comey says the f-b-i is complying t fe iac lws in both cases... and there's no legal basis for apple's refusal to help. comey says: "we only use the tools given to us under the law. it's ouro t simply tell people there is a problem." meanwhile, a number of lawmakers have said they're preparing legislation that would compel mpielk apple to assist the f-b-i when needed... tmotea eet ay that's unlikely to happen - while the case is still beingitge oolt ay "adoption of new communication techologies by those intending harm to the american people is outpacing law
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cabiit." napolitano says: "the congress has no business intruding in the middle of a case in federal cor. he court is one branch of government, the congress is another branh.ltth court decide and then congress can make its inquiry." attorney general loretta lynch also weighing in on tuesday... lngfo n"p iaogue" between the government and tech companies... to avoid disputes like this in thfure
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big game for the slumping hawkeyes. iowa plays big ten leader indiana, and it's senior night in iowa city. four starters play their final game in carver-hawkeye arena: jarrod uthoff, and adam woodbury. adam woodbury, four year starter
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also, honored all big ten player, jarrod uthoff, the transfer from wisconsin. sold out crowd, let the seniors, like anthony clemmons and mike gesell really hear it. fran mccaffery not a fan of these ceremonies before a big game, and tonight won't change his mind. 1st half. clemmons buries the 3. hawks lead indiana by 1 early. more from deep. gesell from downtown. hawks lead 8-5. and they stay outside. jarrod uthoff hits the 3. back and forth in the 1st. but the hoosiers hit 8 threes in the first half to lead 47-41. iowa indiana iowa's fading hopes of sharing the title with indiana rely on a win tonight. the hoosiers have two games on iowa, and three other big ten teams.
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iowa state, even at hilton coliseum. back to back threes by the mountaineers, it's all west virginia, 82-57. day two girls state basketball, and like day one, the girls compete against a college basketball senior night for attention, but today, far more central iowa teams took the court. that includes ballard, a team with a reserved parking spot at state. bombs away against keokuk. taylor larson for three. bombers up by one. then gabbie doud surrounded by purple. still scores. ballard keokuk half of nevada shows up to see the champs play sioux center.. surprisingly, the cubs trail early. cubs lexi koudelka kuh-del-kuh scores to tie sioux center at 22. 2nd half starts with a barrage of cub three's. abby stephenson starts the shooting spree.
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kati cassabaum/nevada senior 00-05 abby stephenson/nevada junior 17-22 undefeated pocahontas area taking on overmatched mount vernon. ashlyn weidauer 3 pointer, 43-22. end of the first half, elle ruffridge beats the buzzer 53-28. ruffridge finishes with a game high 24 points. indians break three tournament scoring records, including points in a 3-a game, points in a quarter, and
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manson nw-webster against iowa city regina. regina 24-0, but manson nw-webster stays close with the three ball. cloie herzberg from the corner, webster trails, 38-31. manson creeping closer. same corner, same result. emma rae snell cuts the lead to 5. but regina pulls away down the stretch, stays perfect 59-47. brenna peters/manson nww senior 00-05 cloie herzberg/manson nww
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