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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 27, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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wants it, who wants it...ok ill shoot it. lead up to 9. just before half. wes washpun,
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washwhy its going to be short-lived. a lot of people and wildlife were outside today - especially around the jordan creek area to bask in the nice weather that broke a record good evening and thanks for joining us, im brooke bouma. and the record we broke? today was the warmest february 27th on record in iowa... although the weather was the talk of the day - we'll see cooler temperatures this week.. lets check in with meteorologist amber alexander for a first look
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today couldn't have been nicer for drake university - the school held a groundbreaking ceremony for its first new academic building in 20 years. collier-scripps hall is a 15-million dollar 50-thousand square foot facility that will house the university's school of education and the
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mathematics and computer science. drake's dean of the school of education says this represents a seven year project of fundraising, program building, collecting, connecting, and counting on people all over the country. janet mcmanhill, dean, drake university school of education 3:57:07:26-3:57:18:07 "it affords an opportunity for us to showase best practice, to show and teach how to administrate, research and learn in a state of art facility." the building is one of two currently under construction as part of the $52 million "stem@drake" initiative... so far drake has raised half of its 30 million dollar philanthropy goal. polk county's budget for mental health and disability services is running at a deficit...and service providers say it will take action from lawmakers to get it out of the red. reid chandler follows this story. for over a year now, frank anna-
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15:12:05 "most of my life, i've been stable, then homeless, then stable, then was kind of rough." - frank anuszewski - client, rapid re- housing program but he broke the cycle when he heard about polk county's "rapid re-housing" program... the program is just two years old, but it's helped over 300 homeless persons like anna-zeski find affordable housing, and keep them in it. 15:13:39 "i've actually been able to get my business started. something i've been struggling with - when i do get stabilized, i try to do it. and then something happens, and i end up homeless again." - frank anuszewski - client, rapid re-housing program the program helps pay for anna-zeski's housing and partners him with a case worker who ensures his mental health issues are treated, and his dream to run his own computer housing and partners him with a case worker who ensures his mental health issues are treated, and his dream to run his own computer repair business takes off. 15:21:25 "because they look around at all the aspects of what a person needs to stay stable. a lot of places just say, 'okay, we'll get them a place,' and throw them in there, and let them loose." - frank anuszewski
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program but anna-zeski represents just one of over 13-hundred people in polk county who rely on these types of mental health and disability services... services that the county will be forced to cut unless lawmakers update an old county funding formula passed in 19-96. 15:35:12 "services! the bottom line is services. if you have a mentally ill individual who has a crisis, and if that crisis isn't taken care of in the time it's happening, that person is ing to escalate, without having someone to de-escalate them. and that has to do with their case manageat has do with hi access to the elter. that has to do with a t of the services out there at can help them." - pat schafer - parent of cliere's how it works: polk untfaces a $7 million dollar p in its budget to continue fering services like the rapid -housing ogram. it gets its moneyomroperty xes...and those taxes have en capped lawmakers at around $30 dollars since 1996.pporters of the county'sntalhealth and disabili servicesare asking lawmakers raise at cap to about $47 dollars...the extra $17 dollars r person would give the county the ndingt needs to keep going. :35:46 "wneed to have the rvices. bottom line, we need the services. if they're gone, especially, i'm thinking in terms of the mobile crisis unit - i know in our family, we've used it a couple of times with our son when he was younger, and once when he was an adult. if that goes, then there goes your liaison for help." - pat schafer - parent of client and losing the help, anna-zeski says, means losing all of the progress made for those with mental health and disabilities in polk county. 15:17:44 "homelessness - it's not a disease. it's not something that you should shun
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serious problem." - frank anuszewski - client, rapid re-housing program there's already a bill in the senate looking to make the changes requested by polk county service providers... but senator matt mc-coy, who represents polk county, says he fully supports increasing the levy, but he doesn't quote "feel optimistic about our chances of increasing the levy this session." he says even if something passes out of the senate, it likely will hit a snag in the republican-controlled house. zombies invaded jordan creek mall today. it's the seventh year that the west des moines campus of des moines area community college held it's zombie walk through the mall. seven zombies shuffled through the mall to promote dmacc's "celebrate innovation" or ci-week... these monsters were inspired by emmy and oscar award winner howard berger - who's work has been seen on television shows "the walking dead" and "breaking bad" berger will be at dmacc next week to talk to students as
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democrat hillary clinton won the south carolina primary tonight - but one fast growing demographic group in america is still up for grabs... coming up after the break... what political strategists say it will take to win the group over... and how much the group has grown since the 2012 election... for the democrats and republicans this campaign
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longer the loneliest number. fox news correspondent shannon bream looks at the impact single women are having on the race for the white house. schaeffer says: "we have seen they are a critical voting bloc in the last several elections and i think we can expect that again in 2016." the number of unmarried women in the u-s is on the rise - and for the first time this fall - the majority of women eligible to vote will be single. it's a demographic group that was strongly in president obama's column back in 2012 - when they favored him over gop nominee mitt romney by 36 percentage points.
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shortage of resources on the left geared toward attracting and appealing toward women." when it comes to what they view as the most important role for the government, unmarried women voters cite: making sure jobs pay enough to live on, followed by helping working families and helping middle-class families. erlich says: "more and more, we're seeing the bottom line really comes down to: how is your pocket book being affected." among democrats, unmarried women have consistently chosen bernie sanders - who's made no secret of his plans to quote "tax the wealthy" in order to pay for things like free college education and health care - over hillary clinton. analysts warn that candidates need to appeal directly to single women voters. ehrlich says: "speaking to them as professional adults, people who are out in the workplace dealing with issues like taxes, paying their bills, their mortgages, having a better future." conservatives acknowledge it'll be a tricky conversation for
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compassion with trying to convince unmarried female voters that the left's policies won't be a good thing for them in the long term. schaeffer says: "are we actually talking to them in terms that resonate with them on a personal, emotional level. if you can do that you can go a long way with women voters." bream says: "you may remember the direct appeal the 2012 obama campaign made to unmarried women voters - in the form of a cartoon named julia - educated - with a career and child - but no discernible spouse. the left said it showed how women could make it on their own - with some help from the government - while the right noted that very dependence was the problem. in washington, shannon bream, fox news." brett ad lib wx tease on set with anchor after breaking a record high
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streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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temperatures will already start to fall come sunday. overnight winds will remain strong which will prevent temperatures from falling very much, meaning we'll start the day with very above normal temperatures in the middle 40s. a cold front will swoop through during the
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bring in a layer of clouds and shift winds toward the northwest. these winds will be very breezy and will keep temperatures from rising as high as they did on saturday, although they will still be in the middle 50s. jennifer ad lib wx main at the matt back to 3 shot at the desk they will still be in the middle 50s. jennifer ad lib wx main at the matt
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with an 8 and 7 record in the big 12 iowa state is not guaranteed a first round bye in the conference tournament. 3 games left in the regular season, cyclones are in 6th, just a half game up on texas tech. georges niang's collegiate career winding down... and big georges gets iowa state off to a solid start...first 5 points to niang, isu up 1. time winding down in the 1st. monte morris beats the buzzer 31-30 cyclones at the break. cyclones heat up from 3 in the
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pulling away up 45-39. hallice cooke, 10 points off the bench...another from the hot corner. lead still 9, 48-39 but thomas isn't done. back to the magic corner. 20 points for the iceman. 53-41 quiet game for deonte burton, but nothing quiet about a burton dunk. lead is 15. then save the best for last... jameel mckay a double-double 14 points and a career high 17 rebounds. iowa state rolls 80-61 over k-state.
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its been a season to forget for the drake men. 6 wins overall, 1 and 16 in the
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regular season finale at home taking on loyola. 2nd half. down 2, not anymore. graham woodward bottoms up from downtown. 12 for woodward, bulldogs up 1. later its ore arogundade. same spot, same result. another 3 and we're tied at 42. 12 seconds left, down 3. reed timmer, ice in his veins. for the tie. good! game tied at 48...but a foul was also called on the ramblers...that sends dominick oleniczak to the line, chance to win...short. loyola now with a chance for the win, 2 shots for milton doyle wont fall and we head to overtime. in ot. timmer, crossover. to the rim. 17 points for timmer. then a little icing on the cake. oleniczak with the monster dunk. he scores 19. drake gets their 2nd mvc win of
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drake plays thursday in the mvc tournament.
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before we go tonight... yes you can teach an old dog new tricks... four shelter dogs rescued from slums and abandoned lots around sao paulo were trained as "ball dogs" for the brazil open tournament. their job? to retrieve balls that went out of bounds and then give them back to the players... the four dogs were frida, mel, isabelle and costela... sunday they are expected to take
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(cheering) d'oh! (tires screeching) (grunts) (clamoring) okay. next question.
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lisa: our lord, buddha, says, "the secret of existence is to pass beyond fear." my brother is about to meet fear... and as usual... he won't pass. wake up, lis! it's the last day of school! (groans) wake up, maggs! it's the last day of school! (singsongy): last day of school! (metal clanging rhythmically) last day of school! found my summer hobby! banging pots together! don't worry, marge. as a favor to you, i'm enrolling that precious little jerk in this fresh air summer camp. that's a prison road crew. i did that last summer. i'm not allowed back. (humming) (whirring) good-bye forever, multiplication! (slurps) uh... needs more numerators. ah, "july 4th..." what the...? no fireworks?!


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