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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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and it works in the middle of anywhere. [ ding ] the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular lets you stay connected where other networks don't. [ chuckles ] the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular. together you can do more. coming together... after facing racial chants from an opposing team... the two schools
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how the two schools are now working together to make a difference. grain bin safety... iowa leads the nation in deadly grain bin accidents... how the state is making changes to prevent deaths during an entrapment... godmother of tattoos since 1981 she's been honing her craft here in des moines... meet the woman that has had a creative touch on thousands of central iowans... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. they last won a boys state basketball title in 1988... but for many in perry, tonight's sub-state game against boone may have even more significance... after facing racially degrading chants on monday from dallas center grimes fans the two schools were found cheering together as one... justin surrency explains how a group of brave students is hoping to make up for anothers
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"something like that you really don't get over. it's something that sticks with you for life..."but instead of making excuses... "we were definitely in the wrong, our student body.:"students from d-c-g met with perry students early thursday and used the evening's boone vs perry boys sub-state game to make amends and teach their fellow classmates a lesson in return. "maybe educate them more because we don't have a very diverse school at all." "i think perry is 48 percent so i think it's understanding their side." and perry learned from d-c-g "the few that did those chants and said those things were not
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representation of that a neutral site in johnston, perry also welcomed students from ankeny, des moines lincoln, johnston and green county... "it shows how united we can be not just with our own school but with diversity and here to have fun." students say it was a select few tarnished the mustangs name three days of d-c-g teenagers with courage and honor put that burden on their backs to show perry the respect they deserve... hoping that other schools can take from this and realize whatever they are saying can have an effect on players and on the community and such." proving that no matter whos in office...through acceptance not exclusion...these two schools understand what can make america great again... "how everyone is accepted, everyone is united, it doesn't matter your race, your color, or anything. you are just going to be accepted... the dallas center grimes
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government group has brain-stormed the idea of a mutual program with perry that could help introduce their students to more diversity... a bill advancing in the statehouse could help iowa schools better combat bullying... the bill would allow bullied students to enroll in another school and immediately be eligible to participate in varsity sports. currently, the law calls for students who transfer to wait 90 days before taking part in sports. the bill was approved by the house yesterday and is now awaiting senate approval. another bill is aimed at helping make iowa's roadways safer for cyclists.. 'its an easy bill to enforce and already aligns with the laws we have for cars so it just makes sense.' lawmakers in the senate passed a bill this week that would
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motorists to change lanes... to pass a cyclist and wait until they have safely cleared the rider before moving back over. the law would not require motorists to change lanes if there is an established bike lane. current iowa law does not define just how close a motorist can be to a cyclist and riders say this law would help put their mind at ease on the roads. 'its not going to change everybodys behavior but its just something that will be on peoples minds and if it makes an improvement its all for the better.' advocates say 50-percent of fatal bicycle vs. car crashes have been caused by a vehicle overtaking a rider. they say this bill would help create more space and keep everyone safer. the bill now heads over to the house for debate the trial of a boone man accused of killing his wife continued today... the victim's sister gave emotional testimony... alex fazzino faces first degree murder charges...prosecutors say he killed his
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the state called emily's sister ammie dighton to the stand. she testified about the night of emily's death... as paramedics took her body out of the house. "i kissed her. where was alex fazzino whenever you saw emily's body? he was running downstairs." an investigator who worked on the case also testified this morning. that included an hour and a half long interview with alex fazziino. police say one person was killed in an accident on i-80 in davenport, after debris went through a windshield. the crash happened just before five yesterday evening. police say 65-year old richard miedma of walcott was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. police have not said what exactly broke the windshield just yet. a passenger was also hurt, but her injuries are not life threatening. more people became trapped in grain bins in iowa last year... than in any other state. thats according to a new study from purdue university. in the summer of 20-13... a man was rescued after being trapped
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bin near iowa falls. a fire that rescue says using "grain bin rescue tubes" made saving the man's life possible. 06:58:05--21 'that was the only the fastest. yes, we still, for the pure size of the still cut holes inside the grain bin to drain was initially how we got to him.' while the study shows iowa led the nation with seven incidents, the true number could be even higher. that's because the study says many cases go unreported... the study reports there has been reluctance by some victims and employers to report nonfatal incidents since doing so could result in work delays or higher insurance costs. university of iowa president bruce harreld says he won't let this week's contentious meeting with iowa his job. on tuesday harreld held a town hall meeting on the university
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campus. he was met by groups of protestors calling for him to resign. today at the board of regents meeting harreld shrugged off those protestors and said he will continue to speak openly with everyone in hopes of creating a stronger university. "while it was contentious at tiemes it was and will continue to be an important way of engaging our campus and how we can continue to improve and i look forward to continuing that conversation not olnly with the campus but with you, our board, iowans and quite frankly the nation." harreld says he'll continue to hold town halls every few months. he says the next one will be focused on the university's challenges with diversity and inclusion. a chilly, gloomy day today will be replaced with sunshine tomorrow.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details..
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there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- shrinking field.. and then there were five.. the remaining candidates for the g-o-p presidential nomination took the stage for another debate tonight.. who came out swinging ahead of super tuesday. godmother of tattoos... for over 30 years sherry sears has used the human body as her canvas... her advice for anyone considering getting a tattoo from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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since 1981 she's been honing her craft...working in des moines the entire we tell you the story of her artistry sherry sears doesn't create her art on canvas or paper....but rather on skin. ben oldach tells us the story of how sherry became des moines' "godmother of tattoos". for 35 sherry sears story has been written in ink but this ink doesnt come from a pen. 'i met a guy who did tattoos and i got tattooed a couple of times and i thought well heck i can do that! and he was nice enough to teach me and here we are. artistic as a child.... 'my parents will be happy to tell you as soon as i could pick up a pencil i did as an adult her excitement for her work flows as freely as the ink in her gun. 'it satisfies my nerdiness ' you get to do get to do greek stuff, you get to do oriental stuff, you get to do iowaegan stuff....its all
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you dont judge a book by its than meets the eye 'i listen to classical music music in the car' watching out for the exploding tattoo scene in des moines..her wealth of young artists know, i like visiting with tattoo artists.' stand up. now they say that if sherry doesnt work on you then shes worked on the person thats giving you your tattoo. 'well ive been tattooing for 16 years all together'mike diamond is the co-owner of sacred diamond tattoo..and to commemorate its opening had sherry work on him 'and i decided to have her do the outline of iowa with a diamond in it. butt to 'shes probably the one person that makes sense to do the know...having the longest running title.'mike says that her reputation is well earned 'its nice to do a really fine line black and grey tattoo and try to shine her, try to be on the level with her, she actually did kind of set the bar for that style of work.' for sherry though, its more than high praise or a career....its
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'its exciting to watch their kids grow up, you know sometimes you tattoo thing on em when babies are born and then babies turn 18 and theyre getting their own tattoos and then they have their own .and its kind of exciting to be part of a really big family like that.' and sherrys story chapters being written every day...not through words on a page....but on a body.... sherrys advice for anyone considering getting a tattoo: be patient...think about your design...and find a tattoo artist whos strengths match
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if you're tired of the colder and dreary weather, you're in luck! clouds will continue to clear out through the night tonight, paving the way for more sunshine on friday. temperatures will be cool but average tonight with lows in the middle 20s. winds will also die down and become more southwesterly for friday. this combined with the sunshine will help warm temperatures into the upper 40s throughout central iowa. by saturday winds will start to pick up from the southwest, but this will help to warm much of central iowa into the upper 50s
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coming up -- the apple watch failed to be the popular stocking stuffer that apple had hoped for. accusing takata of a cover up... what internal documents show
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stocks close higher today.. the dow ended the day up more than 212 points. the s-and-p was up 22 points. and the nasdaq ending the day up 40 points. u-s lawmakers are accusing takata of faking test results to cover up the exploding airbag issue. a report from a senate committee cites internal documents from takata in the past 12 years. they showed company officials argued that data on inflator quality and testing ...was manipulated to hide the problems. the national highway traffic safety administration says the defective airbags could explode sending metal fragments flying....which can cause serious injury or death. one document in the report shows an unidentified takata manager telling the senior vice president of quality assurance... that proposed limitations to the scope of a
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might be "a violation of our moral obligation to protect the public." the recall of defective air bag inflators made by takata now involves 14 vehicle manufacturers and millions of u.s. vehicles. the apple watch failed to be the popular stocking stuffer that apple had hoped for. apple doesn't publicly disclose its watch sales. but according to a new report from market intel firm i-d-c, apple shipped about four-point-one million of its smartwatches during the last three months of 2015. back in july, c-e-o tim cook told analysts they were convinced the watch would be one of the top gifts of the holiday season. the apple watch comes in three models. the cheapest -- the apple watch sport -- costs 349 dollars. apple had no comment on the i-d-c report. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- deadly weather.. the governor of virginia tours
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shrinking field.. and then there were five.. the remaining candidates for the g-o-p presidential nomination took the stage for another debate tonight.. who came out swinging ahead of super tuesday. worldwide threats.. a rare open hearing on threats to the u-s and its assets... what top intelligence officials told members of congress today security vs privacy.. the ongoing debate over whether apple should help the f-b-i crack into a terrorist's phone.. and the looming deadline.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 the pressure is on for senators marco rubio and ted cruz to stop donald trump in the republican race for president.
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tuesday where more than six-hundred delegates are up for grabs. mary moloney has highlights. ted cruz -- opened the gop debate at ease in his home state. presidential candidate: "welcome to texas."initially the candidates played nice. presidential candidate: "marco, donald, ted, john, we will not decide any of these problems if we destroy each other." presidential candidate: "america is an amazing country where a kid like me can grow up to run for president of the united states."cruz -- john kasich -- ben carson -- and donald trump. presidential candidate: "you are that's ever been fined for hiring illegally. you hired some..." presidential candidate: "i'm the hired people, you haven't hired anybody." lightly. and insists the country would be wins. presidential candidate: "it's going to be a big difference, believe me. it's going to be a big big
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a shooting at a business in kansas has left as many as four people dead - including the alleged gunman. and authorities say as many as twenty people may have been injured in a series of attacks in hesston. police say there are "a number of crime scenes involved." those scenes include the excel industries plant where lawn mower products are manufactured. officials say the suspected gunman was an excel employee. he was shot and killed. a college near excel was locked down as a precaution. sheriff t. walton says right now authorities are trying to identify the victims. walton says: "the people that are so concerned whether their loved ones have been shot or hurt, we want to get everybody identified, and we're working on that to get that information out just as soon as we can." hesston is about 35 miles north of wichita. serious allegations of a cover up inside the pentagon today - with a chairman on capitol hill -- charging key evidence in the isis intelligence scandal -- has been destroyed. the pentagon's inspector general - and congress - have been
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analysts that their reporting on isis was altered on its way up the chain of command - to make president obama's campaign against the terror group look more successful than it really was. catherine herridge reports. it is a serious and credible charge coming from the republican chairman, congressman devin nunes. reading from a prepared statement, he said evidence was destroyed at u.s. central command -- known as centcom - amid allegations that intelligence was exaggerate progress against the islamic state. says: "for example, we have been made aware that both files and e-mails have been deleted by personnel at centcom, and we expect that the department of defense will provide these and all other relevant documents to the committee." during the annual global threats hearing, lawmakers heard that nearly half of the intelligence analysts -- who are responsible for oversee 20 nations including iraq and syria -- say there are serious problems with the integrity of their work. nes says: "it appears like at a there was a process in place to get input from the analysts and to me it ems like that 40% of the analysts that are concerned at centcom that's not just mething that can begnored." ewart says: "we've already had quests where therse a spute at centcom. where we've sent our ombudsmen there to look at thealytic rigor and to look at the different views, so we ntinue to dothis process even as this vestigation gs on." nes says: "would you consider the 40% to be unusual -
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e a number...?" stewart says: : i would consider that unusually high." a source close to the investigation told fox in novemb te last year thatntcom analystswere pressured to ease offgative asses about thelamic state reat. among the complaints that aftethe u.s. airmpaign began in gust 2014the way progress was measured changed. alysts werenstructed to use number of sorties and bounts -- metrics not used since the vietnam war -- to paint a more upbeat cture.tony shaffer is a former intelligence officer who has worked with centcom analysts. shaffer says: "the conflict is between the real truth, the ground truth these analysts stated and what the end results were presented to national leadership. there's a huge gap. and this information that was destroyed would have filled that gap in." on iran, considered the obama administration's most important foreign policy initiative, the nation's intelligence chief, testified that lifting the sanctions in january freed up money for bad actors including the islamic revolutionary guards or irgc and its special forces unit. clapper says: "of the money that was released or freed up by virtue of the jcpoa, that much of it is encumbered either for debt or for demanding or domestic needs of the iranian economy. some money has flowed to uh, you know the organization we worry most about i guess is the irgc, in particular the quds force. 10:06:56 uhm some money has flowed to them but they , not as
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struck last fall by mr. obama with china's president, after more than 20 million security clearance files were stolen from the office of personnel management, clapper said beijing is not living up to the deal. in the wake of more than 20 million security clearance files stolen from the office of personnel management, president obama and chinese president xi jinping struck a cyber security deal last fall. clapper testified beijing is not holding up its end of the bargain... clapper says: "i think uh the jury's out. we have seen some reduction but i don't think we're in a position to say at this point whether they're in strict compliance." the battle between privacy versus security took center stage on capitol hill -- and in court -- today. the f-b-i director tamped down expectations that unlocking the san bernardino shooter's phone would set a precedent -- while apple tells the court doing so would be dangerous. adam housley reports apple fires back, filing a motion to vacate a u.s. judge's order requiring the company to work with the fbi to access an iphone belonging to san bernardino terrorist syed farook. in the legal brief, apple also makes the argument, among others, that the government's request, if
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rights and that the fbi is seeking "dangerous power" through courts. company ceo tim cook, in an interview with abc about apple's fight with the feds, says unlocking the terrorist's iphone will "be bad for america." cook says: "there's a lot of bad guys in the world. and you don't need to look further than what has happened to our own government. millions of people have had their personal information stolen by hackers." apples push back comes on the day f- b-i director james comey testified before the house intelligence committee, saying he understands consumers' desire for encryption technology, but he worries about long-term implications and the harm it could have for law enforcement investigations. comey also stressed that the justice department's battle with apple is the hardest question he's seen in government. comey says: "when i hear corporations saying we're going to take you to a world where no one can look at your stuff, part of me thinks that's great. i don't want anybody looking at my stuff. but then i take a step back and say,
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i'm part of, really does save l's lives." . federal sources tell fox they believe the iphone contains information that connects farook to others, who may have helped the terrorist and his wife tashfeen malik, plan or pay for the attack that killed 14 and injured 22 at a christmas party in december. congress now is also looking to get involved, as there's a growing call for a bi-partisan commission that would include the tech industry and law enforcement. virginia governor terry mcauliffe spent the day touring the devastation caused by a deadly tornado. gov. mcauliffe says: "homes are flat for miles and it's really sad to be there and see families and friends walking have a cement foundation, all your looking for is a memento, it's hard." people died in waverly, virginia -- a 26-year- old man, a 50-year-old man and two- year-old boy...
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injured. the national weather service confirms a strong, e-f-one tornado hit waverly, virginia, wednesday evening. tornadoes also killing 1 person - 78-year-old keith harris in appomattox county, virginia...
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reporter: "so when you hear, say, one side, saying that they'd like to wait 'til "the next president is in office to appoint a justice, what do you think about that?" justice o'connor: "i don't agree. i think we need somebody there, now,"
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if you're tired of the colder and dreary weather, you're in luck! clouds will continue to clear out through the night tonight, paving the way for more sunshine on friday. temperatures will be cool but average tonight with lows in the middle 20s. winds will also die down and become more southwesterly for friday. this combined with the sunshine will help warm temperatures into the upper 40s throughout central iowa. by saturday winds will start to pick up from the southwest, but this will help to warm much of central iowa into the upper 50s
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three weeks ago, usa today projected iowa as the overall #1 seed in the ncaa tournament. the #3 ranked hawks hadn't had a bad loss, or any losses since early december. that has changed. iowa has now lost three of four, and had a complete collapse in the final minutes against wisconsin. the badgers are not ranked, and iowa played in front of a home sellout crowd, but the hawks didn't score a field goal in the final six minutes.
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iowa can still win a big ten title, but the hawks need to turn it around quickly. iowa hosts conference leader indiana tuesday. hawks a game behind the hoosers, tied with maryland. these "what's wrong?" questions are familiar to another top twenty team: the cyclones. kansas state at hilton coliseum saturday night at 5. or is that saturday afternoon?
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northern iowa hired david harris away from iowa state. harris becomes the panthers new athletics director. uni's president says it's easy to see how much isu thinks of harris. play just one home game the first month of the season. the head coach doesn't want you
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blizzard and barnstormers at the well, tomorrow night at
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before we go tonight... there were plenty of pups to go around wednesday in minneapolis! nearly forty chihuahua's were flown from california all the way to minnesota... by the american humane society. that's because of on overpopulation problem in california among the dogs. the a-h-s says the dogs are adopted within days when they are taken to minnesota. wednesday marked the one-thousandth chihuahua to receive a second
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thanks for joining us. have a good night. what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers.
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