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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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that is brought up at many athletic games.... but when the fans are being disrespectful... what's supposed to happen? and who's in charge? what the iowa high school athletic association is saying tonight.. tolerance.. that's the message from a man who used to preach hate.. what turned his life around.. and how he's trying to make amends.. back to school... a new school start date rule means some students won't take their semester finals until after winter break... how the statehouse is impacting schools here in central iowa... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 controversy surrounding taunting chants at a boys basketball game on monday night continues to.. tonight we hear what should be done in situations like that. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight last night... we told you about how fans of dallas center grimes were
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trump"... playing off of the presidential candidate's hard line stance against undocumented immigrants... it was seen as a way to demean, insult and offend the diversity of their opponent.. the perry high school team. tonight we're learning about the code of conduct that regulates such behavior. mike dasilva has details. when the fans in the stands are being disrespectful to the players on the court or to anyone at the event...what is supposed to happen? and who's in charge? well according to the executive director of the iowa high school athletic association, there are guidelines and policies in place that govern such a scenario. alan beste says it's up to the school administrators of both teams to take action. theyre the ones who are probably visiting amongst themselves to and the policy, which is called 'conduct counts' that addresses chanting and cheering directed at several different ways that they can handle it. they can simply give an informal warning to the students or the spectators and say this is inappropriate, stop.
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warning and say if it continues were going to eject you and then if it gets to that point where the fans are being belligerent, then there is a possibility of those fans being ejected from the contest. dallas center grimes activities director steve watson was at the top of dcg's student section when he heard the chants.... 03:44--54 'as i came down the stairs, i heard the chant, it was probably chanted three, four, five times at the most and as soon as our kids saw that i was there, they knew it was wrong and they stopped it.' 04:40 'im not even sure i had to say anything. i think it was just my presence, that they knew i was there. we also had two other administrators there too.' watson considers anything that's not a positive cheer inappropriate. 07:03 'its inappropriate i mean you know but kids are creative and you never know what theyre gonna do next. so when something is inappropriate you have to squelch it at the time and you deal with it later. 07:24 in this case the game was over its pretty hard to throw anybody out
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district should be defined by this incident. 08:28 it cast a bad light on our school., but you know what were still a good school and we have good kids here and you know well educate our kids and move on.' watson says it was not a large group of students who were chanting...he estimates that it was about 10-15 percent of the kids that were there at the most. he also says that dallas center grimes student and adult spectators have above average sportsmanship ratings. by the way the young man, nate lutterman, who shot that video of the chanting wanted to point out that he didn't record it because of the chanting...he just happen to capture that moment while recording the game. school districts across iowa are finding that an action by state lawmakers last spring.. that dictates when school districts can start the school year.. is effecting more than just the first day of class. justin surrency explains why it's changing study habits for some students... for years the ames community school district had to hold
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finals after winter break... 'iowa state is a large presence and a lot of our families are associated with the university. so we must align our schedule as much as we can.'finally it was straightened out... 'two years ago we were able to arrange a calendar to start the year early enough and end for the first time, the first semester before winter break.' students and parents rejoiced 'as far as my children are concerned they would rather have their finals before break. then they get a proper break.'but with the stroke of a pen last legislative session governor terry branstad changed all of that 'we finally got it to work and then things changed.' the governor enforced a new mandatory start date no earlier than august 23rd directly after the iowa state fair... 'sorry but we tried.'it also took away a school districts option to receive a voucher application for an early start date causing many in urban school districts to question the decision... 'i wish that the governor had
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districts. the rural districts they do have participation in the state fair but those are concerns we just dont have...on monday the ames school district reluctantly approved calendars for the next two school years, forcing students back to taking finals after winter break... 'it does give students time to study so i guess we can look at the positive there.'opponents arent saying its a bad deal for everyone, educators just wish the governor could have been listened a little closer... 'listen and think about the things local districts are contending with and the job they are trying to do in their community and their family and students the mandatory start date has impacted both the southeast polk school district and the des moines public school
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a so-called, 'peeping tom' law got an upgrade today at the statehouse.... 'its adding it to the toolbox that law enforcement can use and prosecutors on someone who is leaving a camera to view someone.' current 'invasion of privacy' or 'peeping tom' laws in iowa require the state to prove the victim was nude and/or the peeper was aroused by spying on the victim. this criteria makes it difficult for prosecutors to make their case. today, the senate debated amending the law... to eliminate that criteria and increase the penalty to a serious misdemeanor. it's a step in the right direction for ruth lapointe... who was the victim of a peeping tom when she was living in iowa city back in 2012. 'i defiantly think this bill is going to help future victims by clarifying it and i think its maybe just a baby step in the direction of providing awareness that this is an issue and there are these lack of clarifications.' the bill unanimously passed out
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to the house. last session the bill unanimously passed the house but stalled out in the senate. diversity week at dmacc brings noted speakers to campus...but today...students heard the tale of a speaker with a scarred past... though now those scars are healing. ben oldach reports. it's a tale of hate and healing....of racism and revival....of supremacy and self reflection. "and as he's beating on me he's telling me 'your mother don't love you' the story of frank meeink starts in an abusive south philadelphia household... the product of an alcoholic mother and a step-father who beat him... he used to love saying that bleep to me 'your mom don't love you' know" frank joined the skin heads after spending the summer with his cousin who was a neo-nazi "every guy took turns shaving my head, i'm in...i'm in..." he rose through the ranks to lead his own gang. "we got up to about 25 members out of this school and it was going crazy, they were writing newspaper articles about us" but after a stint in jail for kidnapping a rival...frank found friendship among people he was taught to hate "and i was just like, you know what on
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this...we're all equal" but there was one group he still despised. frank hated jews... until a jewish business owner gave him a job... and frank realized he needed to get rid of the swastika tattoo on his neck that used to define him. "i cant overlook this anymore and i just was like, questioning, i was so like, embarrassed i was just embarrassed." "so that's the day" now, the tattoo is gone... and frank speaks across the country about the one way to combat hatred and racism. "it's empathy...if i have empathy for you in any way, shape, or form...i cant bleep hate you....if you have empathy for me in any way shape or form you cant hate- i'm telling you it's impossible. " but the way he speaks...with humor...raw realism and some...colorful language is what draws his audience in. "i haven't sat in a lecture like that before...but it's like one of those things as a young millennial student you're always like 'ughhhh' great, but then somebody that's kinda of on your level is talking to you and it's cool" "so when people say 'oh people cant change' there's people who used to be crack heads who used to rob people who don't anymore and they become great members of
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change...and everyone has the ability to change.." he admits change is hard... but it's also simple. "you have to change cant expect to hang at a barber shop and not think you're going to get your hair cut all the time...if you hang out in places that are bad you're probably going to start doing bad stuff, you do what is around you." and it starts with that one word... empathy. last year frank won the civil rights hero of the year award... meeink also coaches the des moines explosion youth hockey team and founded "harmony through hockey"...a group that teaches tolerance through one of frank's favorite sports. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- race for president.. the contest for the country's top job continues.. details on what happened in nevada last night for ublicans..
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but first.. synesthesia.. the uncommon trait that can work to an artist's advantage.. and what doctors say may cause the condition. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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stevie wonder is certainly one of the most talented song writers and singers in the world today. being blind, was never an issue for his creativity. but he has a condition few know about, and scientists are thoroughly confused by. he experiences sound either as color or even as taste. it's strange. but it's real and he's not the only one with it. it's called synethesia. when you believe in things you don't understand stevie wonder has an extraordinary sensory condition called synesthesia he can taste and smell sound. i remember thinking when i heard guitars playing, it reminded me of butter. billy joel has it too. the reason i became a musician is because it wasn't visual, it was something you heard. you didn't have to see it. it went into your ears and your head
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synesthesia is when the senses, come together instead of staying apart. for instance... letters in color. the number two for me is red, so would think red. when it normally should be sight. there are times when i touch orange that day. i may get the flavor of oranges in my mouth, so i may not see the color itself. i may experience the orange through the taste. it's all very strange. but it's also a documented neurological phenomenon. richard cytowic, is a neurologist and a synesthete. he created this video about it. synesthesia is a trait like having blue eyes, rather than a disorder, because there's nothing wrong. in fact all the extra hooks endow synesthetes with superior memories. it's estimated one in every 300 people have some variation of synesthesia. it's not a condition. some
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in a different way. and doctors are still trying to figure it out. i think many of these have to do with the wiring in the peripheral nervous system, spinal chord in the brain. there are so many wires, neurons, that are packed so closely together, and they're so delicately linked, it's understandable that wires get crossed. babies are thought to have synesthesia. scientists believe when an infant hears her mother, she may also be smelling and seeing her. most grow out of it. but for those who have it, one expert says go with it. the rest of us are missing out. so i would encourage anybody that has synesthesia to engage in the arts, whether it be vi music, as a way to express their subjective it certainly was a blessing for artists like billy joel and stevie wonder. and we've all
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now that doctors have accepted synesthesia, researchers believe it may yield valuable clues
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skies will remain mostly cloudy through the evening and overnight hours tonight. it won't be until thursday afternoon when we start to see some sunshine breaking through. winds will remain out of the northwest between 15 and 25 mph on thursday, this will help keep temperatures on the cool side, making it the coolest day of the week. if you have been longing for the warmth to return, you'll just have to wait until friday. this
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warm up over the few following days. friday's high will mover around average in the lower 40s, but saturday afternoon looks to be the warmest day over the next week with highs reaching the upper 50s and lower 60s. coming up -- a look at the
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coming up -- a look at the damage left behind by storms in the south and east.. but first -- wall street.. who's up and who's down on the new york stock exchange today.. and a look at the current health
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new-home sales hit their slowest pace since october. the commerce department says purchases of new single-family homes decreased by nine point two percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 494- thousand in january. 238,000 new homes were for sale at the end of the month. that was the largest inventory since october 2009. the median sales price of new homes was 278,800 thousand dollars last month, down from 292,000 a year earlier. stocks on wall street reversed earlier losses to finish modestly higher on wednesday. adam shapiro has more from the new york stock exchange. the trading session followed oil down and then oil prices rebounded but stocks remained in the red because of some disappointing
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and then in the last hour of trading, stocks moved higher. the dow closed up 53 points. the s&p ended the day up 8 and a half points, and the nasdaq was up 39 points. the latest new home sales data may indicate weakness in the u-s economy. the commerce department reports sales of newly built homes fell nine point two percent in january and that took a toll on some of the home builders. toll brothers closed down today but hovnanian, kb home, lennar, and dr horton, they ended the session higher. financial stocks also took a tumble. financials were the worst performing s and p sector with big names like jp morgan chase, citi, wells fargo and bank of america trading down almost two percent during the session. but most ended the day flat. some of the stocks which closed higher today included apple, up two percent, intel, up one point three percent, and target, up four percent. investors will pay attention thursday to new economic data on durable goods orders and weekly claims for unemployment insurance. on the floor of the new york stock exchange, adam shapiro, fox
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there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- court debate.. republicans and democrats remain deadlocked over how and when to fill the vacant seat on the u-s supreme court.. the possibilities of a
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reporter: "so when you hear, say, one side, saying that they'd like to wait 'til "the next president is in office to appoint a justice, what do you think about that?" justice o'connor: "i don't agree. i think we need somebody there, now,"
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race for president.. the contest for the country's top job continues.. details on what happened in nevada last night for republicans.. and what's next for democrats.. deadly storms.. severe weather strikes the south and east.. which regions suffered the most damage.. and a look at the recovery efforts underway. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 a third consecutive win in the nevada caucuses -- keeps donald trump the
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for the republican nomination. and unless there's a major shakeup in the republican race in the next 7 days ... it looks donald trump could steam roll his way to victory on super tuesday -- and be sitting on more than a third of the 1,237 delegates needed to pick up the nomination. but the other candidates are not going to go quietly -- carl cameron has more. buoyed by his third win in a row, donald trump with televangelist pat robertson by his side was magnanimous today - albeit briefly - when asked about his rivals' attacks. trump says: "i can forgive. i mean, i am pretty good at know, things were said that were lies frankly. there were real lies. i can't mention - i can't mention it in pat's presence. i've got to be a good person today. at least for the next hour, i'm sorry." out of the record 75 thousand votes cast in nevada last night, trump got 45.9% - 34.54 thousand votes. that's more than rubio at 17.94 thousand and cruz at 16.07 combined. trump says: "we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly education. we
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with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated... 46 percent with the hispanics. 46 percent! number one with hispanics. i'm really happy about that." with the first in the nation states in their rear view mirror and super tuesday straight ahead, trump leads the delegate count with 81. cruz and rubio are tied at 17 apiece. trump has not won a majority of the votes in any state so rubio is voicing the establishment hope that others will drop out so one candidate can unite the rest of the gop. rubio says: "the majority of the republican electorate, the majority of republican voters in this country do not want donald trump to be the nominee. i think that is pretty clear now. the problem is that they're divided up among four people. at some point in south carolina, it was five people and before that seven people. so until there is some consolidation here, you aren't going to have a clear alternative to donald trump. and the argument we have made: i'm as conservative as everyone in this race, but i am the conservative that can unify the republican party." rubio, cruz, and kasich all have to face off against trump on their home turfs in the next three weeks.
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in texas on super tuesday and both kasich and rubio have do or die contests in their home states on march 15 when each state's delegate prize is winner take all. endorsed by texas governor greg abbott, cruz called texas the crown jewel of the most important day of the entire election. uz says: "we can get this wrong.we can't be fooledyt barnum.the time for the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears has passed." trump's controlled the dialogue and made much of it about personality and political tactics instead of policy for all of them. trump says: "they keep forgetting that when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. ." south carolina democratic voters head to the polls saturday for their state's presidential primary. and today hillary clinton scored a key congressional endorsement from senate minority leader harry reid. minority leader"she is a person who is a very quick learner, all you need to do is look at what happened after 9/1ood job.
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fought for new york like i've never seen anyone fight." reid's announcement comes after clinton's victory in saturday's nevada caucuses. and could give the democratic frontrunner a boost heading into next week's "super tuesday" -- when democrats will vote in 11 states. looking to blunt clinton's momentum, bernie sanders is hitting the road, rallying supporters today in oklahoma and missouri. last night.. south carolina played host to c-n-n's town hall -- providing both candidates an opportunity to make their cases to african american voters -- who account for over half the democratic electorate there. tonight the white house is reportedly considering nevada's republican governor - brian sandoval - among potential u.s. supreme court nominees. meantime, the president is now weighing in on a threat from senate block a vote on any obama pick for the high court. rich edson has more. potus says: "i'm going to do my job." president obama says he will nominate a justice to the supreme court. potus says: "the constitution says that i nominate candidates for the supreme court when there is a
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exercises its constitutional role." to vote on or hold a confirmation hearing on an obama nominee. mcconnell says: "this decision ought to be made by the next president - whoever is elected." conservative justice antonin scalia died earlier this split between justices. very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes that this person is very well qualified that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons." mcconnell says: "you'd have to go back to 1888, when grover cleveland was in the white house, to find the last time a senate of a different party from the president confirmed a nominee for the supreme court in an election year." president obama says the gop position is unprecedented. potus says: "the one thing i think is important to dispel is." potus says: "that a president in his last year of office cannot fill the
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the white house says the president is calling members of congress... and says some senate republicans believe the senate should consider an obama nominee. in washington, rich edson, fox news. attorney general loretta lynch is apparently supporting the federal government's demand that apple unlock the phone of a san bernardino terrorist. she did not mention apple by name in testimony before a house committee today. but she did say judges have authority to tell "third parties" to help the government in its evidence search in criminal cases. and that is what we have been asking and we owe it to the victims and to the public whose safety we must protect to ensure that we have done everything under the law to fully investigate terrorist attacks on american soil. authorities are hoping information on syed farook's phone will clarify the motive in the attack. they also hope it will help them determine if any other people were involved that authorities don't
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investigators have not been able to crack into the phone's information on their own. apple is resisting a judge's order to unlock the phone, saying it would be an unprecedented breach of customer privacy. and it fears it could potentially give the government back-door access to information on millions of its customers. at least two people are dead and dozens injured after a deadly storm rolled through southern louisiana. officials say a tornado ripped through a trailer park in convent, killing those two people. authorities are still calling this a recovery situation as many of the residents remain unaccounted for. gerron jordan reports. as daylight breaks in st. james parish, so does the reality of what happened here. severe storms through south louisiana. one confirmed tornado ripping through the sugar hill rv park in convent. "scariest thing i've ever had to go through in my life."josh keith was in his rv tuesday when the storms ripped through. "just like a tumbling car and a tree smashed into it and i was pinned in. it happened so fast. i don't know.
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i couldn't move. i eventually wedged my way out and started helping who i could."this afternoon he's back with his brother to collect what's left. he leaves empty handed except for his mothers ashes... and a bible. "people trying to get in here. law enforcement wouldn't let nobody in here with their families that were hurt. i literally snuck through the woods to the back to get to my brother."for the second time in the last 12 hours, governor john bel edwards visited the area to assess the damage both by air and land. louisiana "clearly, until we have everybody accounted for, there's going to be a search operation going on. and so we would ask your patience." "all morning heavy equipment has been rolled into the rv park to help with clean up efforts and, with daylight, you can see just how unforgiving and unapologetic mother nature can be. in some areas, still rvs upright, and in other areas, those rvs completely leveled.
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the amount of damage that was done in a short period of time, it's pretty extensive."the road to recovery will be long and hard. but it's times like these, where we're reminded of the resiliency of louisiana.... the people, even our four legged fiends. a resiliency strong enough to overcome mother nature's wrath. louisiana "louisiana has people who have been through a lot. and they persevere and they're resilient people and that's going to continue here." the governor of louisiana has declared a state of emergency in at least seven parishes as a result of the deadly storms.
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sksi mi o e e
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the hawkeyes take the court tonight after a week off. hawks ready to show their recent supbar stretch was just a lull,
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uthoff first 3. 5-0 hawks. dunk by wisconsin. fran mccaffery all upset about foul calls. peter jok goes nuts 25-25. jok again from three 28-25. jok had jok again from three 28-25. jok had 17 first half point. iowa wisconsin another valley loss for drake, bulldogs 52 missouri state bears 61 cyclone star seanna johnson did not make it back to ames for tonight's game. johnson's with her family in minnesota. her father recently suffered a stroke. cyclones sure missed their leading scorer.
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could. 12 points for the kid. but k-state runs away from isu at hilton coliseum, 68-53. isu falls below 500 on the season. iowa women also having a disappointing season. tonight, the hawks lose at penn state, 81-68. northern iowa finds its new athletic director in ames. iowa state associated a-d david harris takes the top job at uni. the 44 year old harris faces several challenges at uni, almost all them dealing with finding the funds to keep panther sports programs thriving. senior night at uni, it's a final home game for wes washpun. and paul jesperson. and wouldn't you know it, we have highlights from both. jesperson drops three on indiana state. then washpun steps back, sinks three. he had 16. uni cruises, 66-44. 8 of
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panthers. paul rhoads won't stay on the sidelines this season. well, actually he will, but he'll still be a coach. arkansas' bret bieleman hires rhoads as razorbacks deffensive backs coach. rhoads coached iowa state for 7 november after the cyclones sixth straight losing season. in his career, rhoads has worked with six defensive backs selected in the nfl draft, highlighted by darrelle revis. iowa state still owes rhoads 4 and a half million dollars. rhoads released the following statement, quote: 'im thrilled to be joining the arkansas program and cant wait to help build on the success coach bielema and the staff have already experienced." state bowling from plaza lanes. and these gals from johnston can roll. the dragons win the class 3-a state championship. morgan wolfe had a two game total of 457, while chantelle foster had the dragons best single game, 257. des moines lincoln fifth,
9:52 pm
cedar falls won boys 3a, marshalltown, southeast polk, johnston, and waukee finishes
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before we go tonight... google may have its self-driving cars -- but students at fresno state have a self-driving shuttle. the shuttle was invented by varden labs -- a start-up company from silicon valley. engineering students at the university tested the state-of-the-art vehicle tuesday
9:56 pm
shuttle can hold up to four people... and has sensors that stop the vehicle when pedestrians are nearby. the demonstration is part of a series of events to commemorate national engineers week from february twenty-first to the twenty-seventh. thanks for joining us. have
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earl, can i borrow your paper?
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to see if i'll still be a whore in the future. all right, who wants to go first? ooh, do me. do me. do me. can we have one night at the diner that doesn't end with you yelling that at a woman? all right, i'll go. "gemini, the twins," and they're both doing fine, so let's move on. han, what sign are you? i'm guessing the 40-year-old virgo. max, you don't need that paper. i'll tell you what's in your future-- using my name as a reference at chipotle. you guys really believe in that crap? they just tell you what you want to hear. "you will be rich. you will be famous." you'd think i'd buy a newspaper if it said, "you will be a 75-year-old cashier"? (peter bjorn and john) ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh [cash register bell dings]


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