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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 21, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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expected. their pensions may soon get slashed. good evening and thanks for joining us, im dave price. the central states pension fund is expected to go bankrupt within the next 10 years... to avoid that...union leaders say they have no choice but to greatly reduce pension payouts by as much as 70 percent a month. tonight...local teamsters members held an emergency meeting to figure out what to do. jodi whitworth has more nat: this is not a bailout .... this is restitution known for their brotherhood - the teamsters local 238 is fighting for what's theirs 093317 - i worked 50 - 60 hours a week and thats what all of us had to do. it was good money but thats how you got what you got and then to see it
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bob vignovich drove semi's for 24 years... he retired nine years ago -- with a stable pension in mind.. but that could change 050717 - my pension is only 1150 a month but now i would be bringing home a little under 500 the cuts will go into effect july 1 -st but union members say the news came out of no where and with no warning... 055025 - we didnt even know about any of that, we werent informed on any of it allegations of corruption and misuse of money by the central states pension fund is said to be to part of blame for the cuts.... earlier this month -- senator chuck grassley asked the government accountability office to review federal oversite of the issue... grassley told the des moines register quote "central states plan beneficiaries deserve to have a better understanding of what led to the
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ultimately put their retirement at risk".... he goes on to say... " congress also needs to have a better understanding of what happened 'so that any corrective actions, if necessary, can be taken" still questions are being raised... and members want to hold those in charge accountable 144404 - im sorry thats what you work for.... you work for that pension. you have plans, its just not fair - bob v. sometime between now and july... union members will have a chance to vote against this proposal.. but until then the group plans to rally at the state house on march 31 - st -- hoping to gain the attention of lawmakers... snow fell on parts of iowa today... we now need to watch out for more snow, along with freezing rain and ice . we'll now go to meteorologist amber alexander for a first look at the weather... jury selection should start
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charged with murdering his wife... alexander fazzino is charged with first degree murder. he's accused of killing his wife, emily in their home in january 2012. authorities found emily's body
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fazzino's trail has been already delayed five times...most recently so he could care for his daughter as she recovered from a bone marrow transplant... he has since been moved to winneshiek county. we still don't know the motive behind a deadly michigan shooting spree saturday night that left 6 dead and two in serious condition... police say 45-year-old jason dalton drove around kalamazoo they think he randomly started shooting at people in three different locations :23 - :32 as far as i know, it was completely random, that mr. dalton had encountered those folks in the parking lot and just began shooting at them. use these shots for vo :32 - :40, 1:00 - 1:09 the company uber confirms that dalton was one of its drivers, but the company is not confirming information that came out on social media -- that he was working the night of the attacks. dalton was taken into custody, and police say they are
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acted alone and that there is no connection to terrorism we're waiting to find out more details from police about a hit and run crash outside principal park today here's what we found when our crew arrived around four this afternoon. the accident happened at southwest second and line drive near the baseball stadium. police say a vehicle hit and pole and then ran off. officers found him at water and market streets. iowa started it and south carolina finished it for one presidential candidate. coming up after the break.. where things stand in the race for president...and why march first is so super donald trump won big in south
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bernie sanders in nevada this weekend...
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carolina shively reports on where the race goes from here. no one could have summed up the presidential race better than donald trumdin is south crina victory speech. hewhelis trump says: "we stredouda by at least pon,o lin fl terr
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nao bene
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moatcloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 20s. a few peeks of sunshine are possible by the afternoon, but highs will hold out in te wr 0, which is still above normal for front will move through during the morning on quick iowa, but accumulation is not expt.wd wlikp during the middle of the week with temperatures dropping back into the middle to upper 30s. jennifer ad lib wx main at the
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first sprint cup race of the
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the year. 500 miles of pure speed. and it all comes down to the final lap. denny hamlin in the number 11, makes a huge move, almost cut off by matt kenseth...kenseth almost wrecks, but its neck and neck to the checkered flag. hamlin and martin truex...who's the winner? another look. hamlin wins in a photo finish, by 1 hundredth of a second. closest finish in daytona 500 history. how about some outdoor hockey? blackhawks and wild playing in tcf bank stadium, where the golden gophers play football. john torchetti 3-0 as minnesota head coach. 1st period. ryan carter, no..stopped again. but matt dumba lights the lamp. 1-0 wild. minnesota puts on a show in
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iowa wild on the road in milwaukee...and the wild lose in a shootout 2-1 to the admirals for the 3rd time in the last 5 games jameel mckay does not play for iowa state. first it was suspension, but last night coaches decision mckay suited up, warmed up with the team, but never took the floor. iowa state officials repeatedly said mckay was not suspended, but when your best rebounder and shot blocker doesnt play, it might as well be a suspension. head coach steve prohm would not elaborate on the reason for the benching. iowa state didn't need mckay last night against tcu, winning 92-83. georges niang led the way with
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deonte burton. the horned frogs made a couple runs, but the offense carried isu in the 2nd half. quick turnaround for iowa state. on the road tomorrow night at 10th ranked west virginia hawkeye women get a much needed win at home over indiana, 76-73. 19 points for ally disterhoft. energy on the road in new york. 4th q. down 2. not anymore. patrick christopher buries the 3, energy up 1. under a minute to play. tied at 78. christopher, rainbow the fade away drops in. iowa with a solid road win 84-80 over westchester. the southeast polk wrestling train rolls on with another
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traditional titles in the last 4 years. championship celebration this afternoon at the high school. students, parents, fans welcomed the rams after another solid tournament. southeast polk didn't have any individual champs, but tons of depth which all added up to another 3a title. how about baseball in february.
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top 7 - nick roscetti rbi ground out scores corbin woods scores. game tied at 1 but its not enough. dallas baptist sweeps the season opening series from iowa, 4-1 the final today.
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before we go tonight... we are getting closer to the age of space tourism... after more than three years of construction - virgin galactic just rolled out a new version of its space-ship-two rocket it's the first time the company is testing a flight since the 20-14 accident that killed one pilot. the spacecraft will undergo an extensive testing period before it can carry passengers... and when it does - tickets will
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hello, i'm dr. sheldon cooper. welcome to sheldon cooper presents: fun with flags. before we get started, i'd like to announce the winner of our design your own flag competition. but i can't. the only entry was from gameygamer75, and i know that was a jpeg of your buttocks. now this week we have a very special episode where we explore the flags of the popular entertainment franchise, star trek. and to help me, i'm pleased to introduce internet personality, former star of star trek: the next generation,
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in 1/16 scale-- set phasers to "fun"... ...for my friend, wil wheaton. hi, sheldon. thanks for having me. i'm happy to be here. cut. what's wrong? sorry, sheldon, you were brilliant as always. wil, that was a little wooden. wooden? don't worry, it wasn't terrible. just, this time, try to say it the way people sound. and action. my friend, wil wheaton. hi, sheldon. thanks for having me. i'm excited to be here. so, wil, what do you have for us first? well, this is an exciting one. this is the flag of the united federation of planets. now what's interesting about this flag... cut. what was wrong with that? it's called "fun with flags." they're not at half-mast, nobody died.


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