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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 20, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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outside today... the warm relief was welcomed after the weeks of below freezing temperatures good evening and thanks for joining us, im jodi whitworth. this type of weather had people thinking spring.... but it won't stick around for long ... meteorologist amber alexander joins us now for a first look at the forecast .
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the weather isn't the only thing heating up... today -- republicans and
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the county cast their ballot for the candidate they think should be the next president. victor blackwell has more on the country's two primaries taking place donald trump trying to turn a lead in the south carolina polls into a win... and he tells supporters he expects he can run the table if he can start with a win here. and, this morning, he has a message for black voters across the state... presidential candidate: "i will do more for the african-american people in one year than barack obama has done in seven years, soon to be eight years, and then, by the way, he's out, and thank goodness."south carolina may be the site of jeb bush's last stand... as he's not pulling any punches. presidential candidate: "donald trump has never shown any interest in any one other than himself. and the two candidates that are gifted speakers, marco rubio and ted cruz, have shown nothing in their past that suggests they could make a tough decision."with the state's governor, nikki haley, by his side... senator marco rubio is confident he can
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showing in new hampshire.... and win the gop nomination. presidential candidate: "i can't wait to be the nominee of this party because we're going to take conservatism to people who have not voted for us in a long time."ted cruz says he can relate to the people of the palmetto state better than anyone else in the race. presidential candidate: "south carolina and texas... we got a whole lot in common."meanwhile, across the country... : "there's a caucus here in nevada!"the curtain rises on the democratic contest. hillary clinton comes in with endorsements from south carolina congressman jim clyburn... and the voice of morgan freeman. : "she understands our country can't reach its potential... unless we all do."but bernie sanders says it's not about the endorsements... it's about voter turnout: presidential candidate: "show the world that democracy is alive and well here in nevada." at the time this show was taped - not all precincts have reported final numbers... but republican donald trump has likely won south carolina and he is followed closely by senators marco rubio and ted cruz who are
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results still come in... republican jeb bush has also officially suspended his campaign for president... for the democrats... hillary clinton secured the win over bernie sanders in nevada now think back to the recent controversial coin tosses during the iowa caucuses... they were used at democratic voting locations where candidates were locked in a tie to figure out which candidate should win.. well nevada has a similar process. there -- in order to break a tie -- it will come down to the luck of the draw. precinct chairs will draw playing cards if there is a tie... the highest card drawn wins and that vote goes to the respective candidate the next time you get a call from the i-r-s -- you may need to be extra cautious. both the pleasant hill and clive police departments say residents should be aware of a phone scam in those areas... they say a man claiming to be an i- r-s agent is threatening people they will be thrown in jail... if they don't give him money. anyone who receives a call like
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the 9th annual blue ribbon bacon festival took place at the iowa events center today in des moines... every year, the bacon festival adopts a new theme for guests... this year's theme was centered around promoting a healthy bacon lifestyle through aerobic fitness and yoga... at the event - bacon lovers could try all sorts of bacon, and they could attend bacon lectures, bacon competitions, and the annual bacon queen contest. the event's organizer say the event just keeps getting more and more popular the state wrestling tournament was in full throttle all week long in des moines... coming up after the break... why the tournament was special for one wrestler and his family from clarion as they look back on a special anniversary... the state wrestling tournament
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are born... but for one iowa family that meaning became literal -- 16 years ago.... ever since -- wrestling has been in the family's blood. reid
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jake and karianne johnson of clarion are the proud parents of three... and their trip to des moines this week for state wrestling has them reflecting on the day they went from a "couple" to a full family. 15:06:14 "he went to the state wrestling finals and i went into labor." - jake & karianne johnson - clarion karianne gave birth to triplets - meleah, conner, and kayleen - the day jake made his annual trip to watch state wrestling in des moines. 15:07:16 "tradition. our families, we've been down here for years. here with brothers, cousins, matter of fact, we're all between sessions and got the call that she was going into labor and it was pretty crazy." - jake & karianne johnson - clarion the johnson's are a wrestling family...and meleah, conner, and kayleen have embraced the mat since day one. 15:21:53 "it's our lifestyle, and it's just a part of us, and that's who we are. the state tournament and wrestling, it's what we do, and it's what we were born to do." - connor, kayleen & meleah johnson - triplets from clarion conner reached a big milestone as a sophomore this year when he finally qualified for state. though he lost in a match friday, he's
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cheerleaders, but they've had to resist hitting the mat themselves this whole week. 15:23:10 "i think we do more yelling than cheering. we can't sit down sometimes...we're like 'god!'" - connor, kayleen & meleah johnson - triplets from clarion for the johnsons, this year's family trip brings their lives full-circle... triplets born during state wrestling 16 years ago as of next, all taking part in the sport their family loves. 15:07:49 "it's something you dream about, or you think about, but to have our triplets here, two cheerleaders and a wrestler, who would have thunk?" - jake & karianne johnson - clarion it's a family affair - extended family members even flying in from out of state to be a part of it. the johnsons say they'll be back next year...and the year after...and when the kids are grown up, they'll be bringing their own into the fold. 15:25:54 "whether it's coaching, or my kids wrestling down here, i fully expect to be here." - connor, kayleen & meleah johnson - triplets from clarion for the second year in a row... the special olympic basketball team from moline will head to state some of the players have made the trip to state before... but for most players - this is their first year on the team. the team hosted a bake sale today and raised close to 3 - hundred dollars to help fund their trip. for the
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together for the love of the game and each other. this gives them other opportunities to compete to learn how to be on a team and to gain confidence and also learn athletic skills beyond just the special olympics competition. the state competition takes place on march 11 - th and 12 - th in bloomington, illinois
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these final 5 games are all about tournament seeding and gaining momentum. 13th ranked cyclones hosting tcu. jameel mckay did not play the entire game tonight, coaches decision. isu comes running out of the gates. matt thomas in transition,
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media timeout. sometimes you just have to get the ball to deonte burton and get out of the way. whoa! thats just vicious. cyclones up 12. after tcu cut it to 3. burton again, taking out frustration on the rim. another big dunk. burton scores 23...isu leads 39-34. big game for abdel nader, 24 points...3 just before the half. cyclones lead 44-36 at the break. 2nd half on the run. monte morris to george niang, out to thomas. money. lead up to 17. 14 for the iceman. tcu hung around, but georges niang always had an snswer. 27 for big georges. iowa state win 92-83 with 12 losses its unlikely uni will receive an at large bid to the ncaa ed towin the valley tourney/ first, a strong finish to the season. home against illinois state. this is how you start a game.
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wes washpun. panthers up 2 early. later, outside. paul jesperson. nba rnge for 3. 12 for jesperson uni up 14 at the break. 2nd half. washpun, driving. 2 at the rim. 18 points for wes. lead would balloon to 19. then more above the rim. jeremy morgan on the alley oop. he finishes with 13. panthers win 75-66 the struggle continues for the iowa state women. cyclones bowled over in waco...78-41 by number 4 baylor. the most popular state tournament reaches championship saturday. 84 wrestlers, 3 classes all vying for a state title. we already crowned a team champ before the night started. southeast polk, rams win their 3rd championship in the last 4 years. packed house at wells fargo arena. lets start with 106. waukee's kyle biscoglia defeats valley's nick oldham 9-1. biscoglia is the
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waukee history 113. a win for the dodgers of fort dodge. brody teske finishes his season 47-0, 9-2 championship decision. and another win for the dodgers at 126. triston lara, 9-3 decision over southeast polk's nathan lendt. lets hear from the winners.
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bond film sold for millions of dollars in the uk... the aston martin db10 car sold for 3.48 million dollars at christie's auction usinoo, gan n monday... the aston martin make is long linked to the bond series, and this car
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for "spectre" - the 24th bond film the auction reportedly lasted
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