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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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hey. something new has arrived. and it works in the middle of anywhere. [ ding ] the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular lets you stay connected where other networks don't. [ chuckles ] the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular. together you can do more. keeping jobs in iowa...a recent merger by dow-dupont has created uncertainty with jobs in johnston but could good news be
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social standards.. iowa teachers say... they're not high enough for students.. when it comes to social studies.. what they're doing about it.. knoxville woman stole from someone she was supposed to be helping... what she's accused of doing, and how she was caught in the act... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the nine on fox 17 a merger between "dow chemical" and "dupont pioneer" created the world's largest chemical company... but it also cost dozens of iowans their jobs. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. two meetings could put fears of additional layoffs to rest for employees at johnston's dupont- pioneer plant. justin surrency joins us now with details on what those meetings are about. duponts headquarters are in delaware...dows are in michigan and
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of uncertainty for central iowas dupont-pioneer plant...fridays meetings from both the iowa economic development authority and the johnston city council to discuss a tax incentive program which requires job creation may not only keep jobs in iowa but grow them... 'we are hopeful that over time if the decision is to stay in johnston and thats what we are very hopeful it will be, that even with that shake out over time we will see the employment base grow again and see them continue to invest in the community' johnstons dupont-pioneer plant is applying for a high quality jobs program through the states economic development authority is a tax incentive program that requires eligible businesses to meet certain job creation requirements and a matching city contribution from the local community... in 20-10 john deere applied for the same program and received a maximum benefit of nearly 15 million dollars and created 138 jobs in the process... in 20-11 hewlit packard received over 400,000 dollars in sales tax refunds and over 16 million in capital
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create 212 jobs... mayor paula dierenfeld the city and state are working hard to make sure pioneer stays deeply rooted in johnston... 'we do appreciate the fact that governor branstad, senator grassley and debbie durham with the ieda have taken this so seriously and have worked so hard with us in order to make the best pitch that we can to keep pioneer as a very integral part in this new merged company.' the iowa economic development authority board will discuss pioneers financial assistance application friday morning at 8:30 and authority board will discuss pioneers financial assistance application friday morning at 8:30 and johnstons city council will meet later at 1 pm to take action on
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a decision on the controversial bakken oil pipeline may be right around the corner... the pipeline would carry oil from north dakota to illinois through 18 iowa counties. iowa is the only state that hasn't authorized permits for the project. the utilities board weighed the decision last week, but couldn't come to a conclusion. so, it scheduled another meeting for tomorrow afternoon. there is no deadline for a decision. lawmakers are weeding out the bills they don't want to pursue this legislative session... i'm absolutely confident the chairs are bringing forward a really good group of bills. i'm looking forward to when they complete their work, going through and figuring out exactly what each of those bills is. tomorrow is the session's first funnel deadline. that means bills need to be approved by a committee in the house or senate to stay alive. both sides say there are some tough decisions ahead, but democrats
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the bill expanding the use of medical cannabis oil... the good thing that it is coming out of committee but it has been stripped down so that it only allows for two growers in the state and it only allows for three conditions to be addressed with that. it a much smaller bill than what we hoped to come forward bills that do not make it out of committee could be added later as amendments to other bills that survive. iowa social studies teachers are not satisfied with the state's academic standards and now they are doing something about it. according to a recent survey... a third of iowa's middle and high school teachers said they were dissatisfied with iowa's social studies standards. educators feel that the academic standards...which lay out the ideas and concepts students are taught... are overly broad. to solve that problem teachers are meeting once a month to draft new... more focused... standards. for third grade teacher kim heckart... making sure students
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vital. we want all students to become citizens of our communities, our state, our country; and if we want students to be able to understand their communities and be productive citizens the social studies is the key to that. the team responsible for writing these new standards is made up of 35 teachers from across the state. these meetings are open to the public. the next one will be on march 10th at the iowa state bar association the owner of an iowa boarding school is involved in a sex abuse investigation.. that's according to court records obtained today by the "des moines register." records show 37 year old ben trane is suspected of abusing a 17 year old student at "midwest academy." it comes on the heels of a raid by federal authorities of the academy's keokuk and montrose locations... they're investigating several claims of abuse by current and former students. the academy is temporarily
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a nurse's aid in knoxville is out of a job after being accused of stealing from a resident of the nursing home there. that worker was arrested on monday and asked not to come back to work. mike dasilva has the story. police say this woman: 42 year old wanda sue vanwyk of prairie city stole cash and a credit card from a resident at the west ridge nursing and rehabilitation center in knoxville...also known as west ridge specialty care. the nurse's aid is accused of stealing the card and cash from an 80 year-old woman. 15:40:10--19 'the credit card provider called them and said that some strange charges had been charged to her card.' police found out when they were contacted by the family of the alleged victim...who was also missing 300 dollars in cash. police say vanwyke spent or charged a grand total of 1250 dollars. all on the victim's dime...folks in town are shocked by the allegations... 16:39:15--19 'i think thats terrible to take advantage of the elderly, especially when theyre in your care.' 16:45:40--46 thats a
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taking nursing home peoples money, taking credit cards and stuff like that thats horrible 16:52:41 'thats just sad that you know people would do something like that, especially to older people.' vanwyk is facing several charges, including ongoing criminal conduct, dependent adult abuse, and theft. police say she made purchases at walmart and bass pro shops in altoona around christmas time... a spokesperson for the nursing home says he hopes this is an isolated incident... 18:41:45 'i think the process hopefully worked and when you have a criminal matter, which is alleged here, what we hope is that of the processes kicked in from the criminal side, justice side of things.' 18:42:01 police recommend nursing home residents take precautions to protect their possessions including having a lock box to keep their valuables. 15:44:59 'not only do you have nurses or nurses aides, you would have janitors, you would have cooks
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coming into work on a refrigerator or an air conditioner." police say there may be other residents of the nursing home that were targeted, and the investigation remains ongoing. we'll soon learn more about a shooting in eagle grove... it happened outside this apartment building sunday night. police say an argument between two men escalated to gunfire. they describe one of the men as a victim who was injured.. and the other as a suspect. police say they will file charges and will release details later tonight. meanwhile, urbandale police say charges are likely in the case of a rollover crash. it all started when someone sped through a stop sign along 66th street this afternoon... the car slammed into an s-u-v, rolled into a nearby house, then came to a rest on its top. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital and the s-u-v's
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it appears winter weather is in the rear view mirror, at least for now... meteorologist brett mcintyre has more..
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there's still much more to come tonight.. coming up next.. a teen's medical condition ended his football career, but he's not letting it keep him from the mat... see what's he's risking in order to compete for a state title... from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox
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this junior from "a-g-w-s-r"
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him... but it hasn't stopped him from competing at the state wrestling tournament... caleb meinders is choosing not to live in fear, and instead, focusing on a state title.stephanie moore has this story. at 220 pounds caleb meinders is in his element on the mat... 'it feels great honestly, if i couldnt wrestle i would feel useless.' the junior from a-g-w-s-r is wrestling for a state title but he's also wrestling with his health.... 'i have auto immune hepatitis which is an auto-immune disease where your liver is being attacked by the anti-bodies because it thinks its bad.' what doctors originally thought was mono, turned out to be more serious and a condition that ended caleb's football career....but since wrestling is considered a contact sport and not a collision sport, he was able to stay on the mat...but his coach
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what i thought, i wasnt for it.' caleb's parents also had to think long and hard about whether letting caleb wrestle was the best move...if caleb is hit just right, it could lacerate his liver leaving him just minutes to get help... 'we had to have an emergency plan in place, we have to start an iv right away, get him to the hospital and he would have to have an blood transfusion right away.' but caleb isn't letting his condition rule his life... 'theres nothing to be scared youll live in constant fear and i dont want to have that stopping me.' -'thats the way weve raised him and thats the way theyve always been, fear cant control your life and couple bible passages that lead him.' and his coach says his positive outlook and skills on the mat have made him a great job, hes a great off the mat and in the
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the kind of kid you want great character.' for caleb the risk is worth the reward and although his parents are nervous it's a passion they couldn't hold their son back from.... 'hes a good kid, hes been very inspirational to us, so were proud of him.' meinders won his match today and is set to wrestle again tomorrow morning. he eventually wants to go into the medical field after learning so much
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ed ad lib weatherb weather tease on set it will continue to be windy through the overnight hours with gusts up to 30 mph from the southwest. temperatures however will be very mild. we'll be nearly 20 above normal with lows in the lower 40s. we'll be under partly cloudy skies tonight, but we should stay mostly sunny through the day on friday and following into saturday. breezy
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temperatures boost into the upper 50s and lower 60s throughout central iowa, just be sure to hold onto your hat as gusts are expected to peak around 40 mph. normal highs are around 37 in mid-february, but we'll be in the 50s and 60s to finish out the weekend.
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coming up -- walmart says its raising wages... how many workers will benefit... and what they'll now be paid. but first -- another recall.. the flaw that's forcing toyota to issue a massive recall..
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toyota is recalling millions of s-u-v's due to problems with the seat belts. the company says a flaw could cause some of the rear seat belts to fail. the affected vehicles are toyota's "rav-4," "rav-4 e-v," and the "vanguard." most were built between 2005 and 20-14. more than one million of them were sold in north america. dealers will fix the problem at no cost to the consumer. more than one million walmart employees will get a raise on saturday... the company says it will boost the minimum wage to 10 dollars
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it's currently at nine dollars an hour. the change applies to all hourly employees, including some supervisors. those effected are the majority of walmart's staff of more than a million. the raises will cost it an additional one and a half billion dollars this year. hy-vee is helping the hometown of one of iowa's biggest basketball stars... last week, cyclone monte morris called on iowans to assist flint, michigan. the town is struggling with lead in it's water supply. so today, the grocery chain loaded up eleven trucks with water, as a gift. the trucks arrive tomorrow, and morris says his family will be glad to see them... my mom trying to be so tough, she wants me to stay focused on basketball so she really doesn't tell me if she's really struggling or not, but i know it's rough back home, the water's coming out like orange or something. you can't really put words behind that. morris says he hopes to visit flint sometime after the basketball season
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there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead... the republican frontrunner finds himself in a new war of words... hear why he's butting heads with
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politics and religion.. today.. they mixed.. in a big way.. what the pope had to say about donald trump.. and what trump had to say in return.. historic trip.. the president announces a trip to cuba.. when he'll go... and the last time a u-s president traveled to the island country.. hacked.. a california hospital held hostage by hackers.. the increasingly common problem in an increasingly digital world.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 tonight g-o-p frontrunner donald trump says he's not worried
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this, despite comments from pope francis today questioning trump's christianity...over the business man's plan to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. mike emanuel has more. flying home from his visit to mexico... pope francis was asked about donald trump. pope francis says: "a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not christian." trump got the news on the campaign trail. trump says: "for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president." in the air - the pope was told about trump's pledge to build a wall at the mexican border... and his criticism of the pontiff for standing with migrants at the u.s.-mexico border... trump says: "the pope is a very political person." trump says: "they are using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves - that's the mexican government.." pope francis says: "thank god he said i was a politician because
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defined the human person as 'animal politicus.' so at least i am a human person. and that i am a pawn? well, maybe, i will leave that up to your judgment. " the pope said having not heard trump's border plans independently, he would give the businessman the benefit of the doubt. pope francis says: " what would i advise - to vote or not to vote - i would not get mixed up in that." trump says: "if and when the vatican is attacked by isis." trump says: "i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president." nationally, catholics make up about twenty percent of the electorate... and, catholic majorities have picked the winner in the last four presidential elections. in washington, mike emanuel, fox news. we're just two days away from the south carolina republican primary.. and the nevada democratic caucuses.. tonight.. hillary clinton and bernie sanders met in a town hall event there.. polls show it is a dead heat. as
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nomination.. the latest fox news poll shows trump maintaining his wide lead over the pack with 32 percent. ted cruz is second with 19 percent. marco rubio, who was just endorsed by south carolina's governor, is a close third. it was 1928, the last time an american president set foot in cuba... the next visit will come next month. in a major milestone for cuban-american relations, president obama will travel to the island nation - despite critics who say the cuban government is still as repressive as ever. scott mclean has more. president obama is headed to havana... the first time a sitting american president has visited cuba in 88 years. : "the opening to cuba holds out real promise to improve the lives of the cuban people. this is really at the core of our policy."the march visit is a major step in normalizing relations -- and will include a meeting with cuban president raul castro. : "today, the united states of america is changing its relationship with
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announcement comes 14 months after washington re-established ties with havana...10 months after that historic handshake... and six months after the american embassy in cuba opened its doors... diplomatic relations with cuba are progressing quickly. the white house had stressed the need for headway on human rights before the president would visit... but that progress has been slow. critics point to the communist castro regime that jails dissidents and severely restricts freedom of speech. republicans running for president don't think obama should go at all. presidential candidate: "i think it's a real mistake. i think the president ought to instead be pushing for a free cuba." presidential candidate: "the cuban government remains as repressive as ever. but now, they have access to millions to not billions of dollars in resources that they didn't have access to before this opening." that flow of cash has been aided by deals like the one signed last week on air travel -- triggering bidding wars between u-s airlines to fly commercial routes between the two nations. travel to cuba is easier, but tourism is still banned... it will be up to congress to allow it. in
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u-s and turkish officials are investigating a terrorist attack in the turkish capital... 28 people were killed and more than 60 were injured in the ankara bombing yesterday. officials believe the attackers were targeting military vehicles. they're blaming the "kurdistan workers' party," which is considered a terror group by both turkey and the u-s. john kirby/ state dept. spokesperson clearly it was an act of terrorism and clearly innocent people died and that's unacceptable and we have been very clear about that. turkey is responding to the attack with airstrikes against kurdish militants in northern iraq. federal agents are searching a home connected to last year's mass shooting in california. this afternoon, agents carried out several items from the home of sayed farook's relative. farook and his wife, tashfeen malik killed 14 people when they opened fire at the "inland regional center" in san bernardino. the f-b-i wouldn't say why it
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that it was part of an ongoing investigation. meanwhile, apple is fighting a court order to help the f-b-i hack into farook's i-phone. the agency isn't able to get data from the phone because it's blocked by a pass code. apple calls the ord by the government," but top police officials say the safety of the public is more important. while so much of the attention has been focused appropriately... on the terrorism aspects of this... the impact on the day to day lives of americans, on their safety and our ability to solve and prevent crime is of even more significance i would argue. apple says it would have to build a "backdoor" to the i-phone to comply with the order, something it says is too dangerous to create. it sounds like something out of a hollywood movie -- only this was real life. a california hospital had its computer system held hostage by hackers -- and as william la jeunesse reports -- it wasn't the police
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held hostage... by hackers. the 400 bed hollywood presbyterian hospital was locked out of every file, record and email for almost 2 weeks. garza says: "i wasn't feeling very well, went in for a checkup and they said their computers were down.. i asked, what's going on here. ..and they said we were hacked!" using a software called ransomware...the hackers kidnapped hospital computers by encrypting all the files. the only way to unlock them was a special code. fairtlough says: "what you get is a little code that says make a payment to an account and the key will be sent to you. there's no email, there's no phone number, there's no way to call up, there's no place to beg or to request." the hospital told police, who couldn't help. the hackers demanded $17,000 in bitcoins as ransom..not $3 million as some misreported. bitcoin is a digital currency and is virtually untraceable. after trying to break the code, the hospital gave up and paid up...issuing a statement saying, quote "the quickest and most
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to restore our systems and administrative functions was to pay the ransom and obtain the decryption the best interest of restoring normal operations, we did this." fairtlough says: "a hospital depends on the computer system, it depends on the diagnostics system, it depends on the exchange of information, and so locking up that data creates a significant risk for the hospital which increases the likelihood that the hospital will pay. experts say hackers also keep the ransom low enough so victims pay, and police move on. this type of attack is becoming more common.... in 2014.. victims paid six million dollars in ransom when
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this is the channel 13 news at
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it will continue to be windy through the overnight hours with gusts up to 30 mph from the southwest. temperatures however will be very mild. we'll be nearly 20 above normal with lows in the lower 40s. we'll be under partly cloudy skies tonight, but we should stay mostly sunny through the day on friday and following into saturday. breezy west winds on friday will help temperatures boost into the upper 50s and lower 60s throughout central iowa, just be sure to hold onto your hat as gusts are expected to peak around 40 mph.
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are around 37 in mid-february, but we'll be in the 50s and 60s
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last night, three schools left with state championship trophies, including west des moines valley. that was duals. today, the individal tournament starts on 8 mats. it's controlled chaos, and high
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joins us. michael, i imagine valley showed up today too? admire 01-06 45-51 54-59 1:17-1:22
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albia's bryce leshen number one at 145. leshen works a 9-2 win. great match at 195... 3rd overtime period... creston orient maxburg's seth maitlen escapes trouble and wins a walk-off 4-2. greene county's tommy bradshaw major decision... bradshaw only has one loss this season and plans to keep it that way.
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warming up for 1a state wrestling, and doing it with a strong mustache. the third ranked wrestler at 160 pounds, i-35 truro's sal arzani with a pin. the number two wrestler at 170, logan schumacher from martensdale st. mary's with a pin. west marshall's cole needham ranked number one at 132. a tough match. 3-2 decision. cole needham/west marshall senior now the big boys. the heavy weights. manson northwest webster's tim with a pin..
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place for the first time at state. he's a senior. pontier wins by major decision, 13-1. austin pontier/i-35 senior the cyclones held an emotional players only meeting today. iowa state remains #13 in the country, but he clones have
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finally tonight, an update on the weekend shooting in eagle grove... police say 21 year old marcos castaneda pulled up in front of this apartment building sunday and shot 26 year old hugo salinas, before shooting himself. both castaneda and salinas were taken to the hospital in unknown conditions. castaneda has since been transferred to a secured facility and charged with attempted murder. thning us. have
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max, i have a surprise, and it's right behind you. before i turn around, is it oprah? 'cause i will die. it's a diploma from pastry school. no, seriously, what's the surprise?
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you would've graduated if the school hadn't closed, and oleg knows a guy who fakes documents, so... you're a pastry school graduate, and i'm a real estate agent and a french citizen. i'll be able to show houses in france. and how are you getting there? i'm also a licensed pilot. look, i am not a pastry school graduate. i'm not even a high school graduate. the only thing i graduated from was a scared straight program, which is why i'm not gay anymore. max, you really didn't graduate? i always thought you were kidding about dropping out of high school, like when you say that howard stern is your dad. 'cause he is. look at our eyes. and i did drop out. i was like, "later, suckas. i'll find a water fountain somewhere else." water fountains? gross. in private school, we never bent down to put our mouths on something unless it had a yacht. i didn't need a piece of paper from high school,


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