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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere. medical cannabis... a bill to
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is advancing in the statehouse... how it'll help some iowans gain access to it... glib-c... it's a computer bug that could impact millions of users across the country. how you can find out if one of your devices is affected... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. the making of cannabis oils in iowa is now one step closer to a reality... but the version of the bill currently being considered by lawmakers is a bit different than in year's past... justin surrency explains who will benefit and why some hope the bill is rejected again... "if the iowa legislature, this building had any shred of decency, any compassion whatsoever, this bill would have been passed year's ago."a new look, scaled back cannabis oil bill unveiled wednesday
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the key... "to be able to focus it in a way that it can be both meaningful, impactful and face a reality of moving it forward in both chambers."house study bill 607... would allow the manufacturing and dispensing of cannibus oil to individuals with m-s, epilepsy and terminal cancer for the first time in iowa...providing a glimmer of hope some have felt... "today my son is 234 days seizure free...i think these faces say a lot it shows his progression on how the drugs were treating him to now he's walking, talking, playing."but those against the bill say it's not that simple... "when we look at marijuana use and actions of youth in other states with medical marijuana programs, we will see an increase in youth marijuana use."emotional supporters say they don't know what negative effects it may have in iowa, but they are certain what it can do.. "now is the time to make treatment available to iowans to help all those suffering from epilepsy as well as other debilitating e medical conditions."sally gaer's daughter margaret is 26 and has
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the year's they've been prescribed 16 non successful medications such as lamictal, zonegran, diamox and trileptal which come with side effects such as vomiting, rapid heart rate, back pain, blurred vision tremors and increased seizures.. "since starting the oil, her seizures have reduced. she's been sleeping thorough the night for the first time in her life...naysayers urge iowa to be cautious... "i don't think this is the venue or the way to achieve the success we want that's credible and scientifically reasonable and the most healthy application of medicine for iowans."but others are running out of time for a better life ... " look these suffering patients in the eye and tell them that you know better than they do." there were a number of people in favor of the bill but also urging for expanding the uses for people with crohn's disease, ptsd and als...lawmakers say the scaled
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initially before they can open it up to others... a des moines restaurant is cleaning up after it went up in flames this afternoon... crews were called to "china one" on ingersoll around four p-m. restaurant employees told fire fighters that the fire started in the kitchen, which they say is common... a lot of times kitchen fires are caused by someone not being present, unattended kitchen fires seem to be the leading cause of kitchen fires so anytime you are cooking make sure you stay in the area and be very vigilant. firefighters were able to put out the fire within an hour... we still don't know when the restaurant plans to reopen. nearly six months after a deadly
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the driver responsible for killing a tennessee man. 37-year old ronald hauser of van meter turned himself into police yesterday. he is charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and o-w-i. west des moines police found 21- year-old daulton holly dead in the 6- thousand block of raccoon river drive last august. police were able to track down a vehicle from pieces left at the scene. investigators say it belonged to hauser. sergeant jason bryan says it was a long investigation... 30:58 we are happy to bring some closure to the family. because that gentlemen is no longer with us unfortunately so we are pleased we are able to have a conclusion to this case and be able to charge the person responsible, who we believe to be responsible. 31:14 hauser is free on bond. university of iowa police say they caught the suspect that recorded women showering at a residence hall there. 23-year-old robert hightower is charged with burglary, assault, trespassing, harassment,
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police were called to burge hall monday night after someone spotting a man videotaping a woman in the shower. police say they found hightower hiding in a restroom, and he fought with officers and ran away. he was arrested last night. police say hightower is not a student at iowa. police says.. a young man being transported to a juvenile detention facility made a run for it today near ames... and the escapee got help from some folks who happened to be driving down the road... they say they were just picking up a hitchhiker who looked like he was cold. mike dasilva has this story. it was around two o'clock this afternoon when the young man got away...a transport service was taking the juvenile to a correctional facility...when they stopped at this southbound rest area on i-35 north of ames... 101324 they pulled in to use the facilities at the rest area and i believe upon exiting out of the facilities the juvenile male took off running and hopped into a car and that car left with that male.' the escapee ended up some 3 or 4 miles down the road...near mile marker 116... 10:14:39-53 'he ran from this interstate area, from the
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see the foot tracks in the snow, back here he ran into the field and im not sure how far into the field he was but he certainly was out of sight from the interstate.' we caught up with the people that say they gave the juvenile a ride... 102320 yeah right there you know he was hitchhiking for a ride and he was like yeah man im just looking for a ride man and he said its cold out here so we grabbed him and we put him in the car 10:25:18 he wasnt wearing like an orange jumpsuit or anything like that? no sir. did he say that he was on the run? no sir. he didnt tell us anything, you just like i need a ride. 10:27:21 'i was talking to him in the back he was like yeah, im just on my way out of town man, he was like im just trying to get to safe spot, im like alright shortly after picking up the escapee...these folks ran into some car trouble... and once we got right here the car started shutting down and 102338 he just looked around and he was looking like his eyes got big like, and then he was just like oh no b i gotta bail and we was like whats wrong with you man and he was like we gotta
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who is we? i said you gotta run and then he got out the car and he took off running 102352 10:26:55-- 'that man was fast like lightning man, when dude took off dude got out the jam 101353 were still trying to determine whether or not there was a relationship, whether he knew these people or if it was just came in the way of hitchhiking or asking for a ride.' the story county sheriff's office says the incident remains under investigation. iowa state basketball star monte morris's push to get clean water to the people of flint is paying off. morris grew up in flint.. where the city's water supply, making it unusable for residents. hy-vee saw our interview with wanted to help people in his home town... and they got an idea. tomorrow hy-vee is loading up eleven semi-trailers with drinking water to send to flint. the hy-vee trucks will leave ames tomorrow morning and arrive in
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spring is in the air here in central iowa.. by friday.. we'll have a full-blown case of spring fever. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. hi brett.. skies will stay cloudy and gray tonight with temperatures in the mid 30s. we won't drop much more... holding steady in the 30s. tomorrow will be windy and a lot warmer as air rushes in from the
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it's a computer bug that could impact millions of users across the country. researchers have discovered what they are calling a flaw in a code widely used by developers. the code.. which is called gee-lib-c is used to build apps, servers and wireless smart home technology. the flaw would allow a hacker to place a piece of code into a system....which allows him or her to take remote control of the device when it connects to the
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a linux server, they're used all over the internet and by hosting companies, by companies internally. it could have patient health information, it could have tax records, social security numbers, could have account numbers, you name it that data could be out there on those systems and at risk. i-t companies like integrity are alerting their clients to this issue. i-t companies like integrity are alerting their clients to this issue. software engineers are busy building patches to protect your devices against the hack. google has said that android devices are not affected... and major operating systems like windows and mac o- s-x are safe. to check if you have a device affected you can look up the national database at n-v-d dot n-i-s-t dot gov there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next.. many women are now wearing waist trainers. but doctors have a warning about these dangerous curves. the side effects and risks associated with altering your body through waist training.
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continues his tour across mexico.. saying mass on the border with the u-s.. in one of the most violent cities in the world.. the significance of this stop on the tour.. and the people who were there to greet him. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watchi channel 13 news at nine on fox
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the idea of beauty constantly changes as women try hard to keep up with the latest look. but some women are going to risky lengths to get the body that our society says is ideal.. from all sorts of creams, to cosmetic surgery, to endless hours at the gym. it's not easy for some women trying to attain what's perceived to be the perfect shape. tanae howard shows us the latest trend on the market that could pose some lifelong health risk if you aren't careful. in hollywood... celebrities can be defined by their walk down the red carpet... cameras and lights capture images that live forever in the minds of people trying to be like them! curves that turn heads... from the kardashians, to the
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the secret is in how they train nope...not diet or exercise... this latest fad actually goes back in time...more than 4000 years. mat 2178 jessica lovejoy, wears waist trainer 9:58 "i went from a 36 to a 27." the secret lies under what the rest of see every day... once a requirement of 18th century clothing, today the corset is used, not just for sex appeal, but also to try and shrink womens waist size. today, the hottest hip trend is called 'waist training'. jessica lovejoy has been waist training for two years. from work, to the grocery store, to school...she doesn't leave home without her support system. mat 2176 jessica lovejoy, wears waist trainer 1:51 "i would wear it 8 hours a day, every other day and then as time went on maybe 8 hours a day, maybe 4 hours a day, just whatever." however, doctors warn there are health risks in trying to achieve these dangerous curves. mat 2021 dr. michelle jones-singer
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organs. you're intestines, bruising your kidneys." some reports even attributed acid reflux, crushed ribs, blot clots and increased pressure on the heart with waist training. 25:10 i have ladies that when they're wearing them get so short of breath they can't bend because of the restrictiveness. and they're just because they want to train their waist." those harsh facts haven't stopped women from cinching their waist with a corset or trainer. it's a thriving industry online and with local distributors. women are willing to take a gamble to achieve the body of their dreams. mat 2021 dr. michelle jones-singer 23:29 "you're training your body, and your lungs, and your organs to give into that pressure. and once you do anything over a longer period of time your body will be adjusted. the problem is you're not permanently changing that." but then there's training the old fashion way. in the gym. mat 1998 carla white, completely fit 00:58 "the waist is never going to get any smaller unless we reduce the
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fat is through diet and exercise." personal trainer and owner of completely fit, carla white says ladies need to focus on their entire body to achieve this look--not just your core and glutes. she suggests ladies train their shoulders especially to give off that curvy silhouette from top to bottom. and to hit those inner ab muscles go back to traditional exercises like planks. but there is no quick fix that will last. mat 1998 carla white, completely fit 3:12 "they know that in order to do it the safe way and the healthy way, they have to completely change their lifestyle. and they have to change their eating. jessica's doctor says there have since she's started waist training two years women pull the corsets too tight which leads to that internal damage. but she says her 27 inch waist was achieved with no harm done. waist trainer 9:17 "i mean i don't see any harm in it unless you're just not doing what you're supposed to do and you
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the benefits." and for some women those vivacious hollywood curves come at a cost of going for a look that may not be meant for your body type. but in own personal red carpet--doctor and within jones-singer 26:26 "the idea of beauty changes with society. it's up to a woman to what's right for her and what she can
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ed ad lib weather tease on set skies will stay mostly cloudy tonight and temperatures will hold steady in the low 30s. some areas of patchy fog may develop at spots. the winds will increase from the southeast helping to pull in more warm air. winds will be from the southeast at 10-20 mph, gusts up to 25 mph. temperatures will reach the upper 50s in the afternoon. the winds will intensify and some gusts may
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temperatures in southern and central iowa to the 60s. it will stay sunny and dry through the weekend with temps in the 50s. it will be
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coming up -- the city where folks are paying millions for homes... only to tear them down. but first -- water crisis.. how much residents in flint michigan were paying for poisoned water.. the results of a new study.. so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t.
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with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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stocks on wall street finished higher for the third session in a row on wednesday. the s&p 500 finished 31 points higher the dow finished 257 points higher. the nasdaq finished 98 points higher. residents and government officials in flint, michigan know that their water is has been for awhile. a new study shows they paid the highest rates in the nation for that toxic water. a public interest group-- food and water watch-- released the results of a national study tuesday. the survey looked at the 500-largest water systems in the country. it found flint residents paid about 8-hundred-64 dollars a
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water service....the group says that's nearly double the national average. one of the study's authors says the united nations recommends that water and sewer service shouldn't exceed 3-percent of a household income. in flint... the charges totaled about 7-percent. it has become a symbol of vancouver's out-of-reach real estate market. this tiny, tear-down home in a popular area of the city has sold for almost two-and-a-half million dollars. that was 80-thousand dollars more than the asking price. the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was put on the market two weeks ago. it's missing a few shingles, some of the walls are rotting, and it needs a paint job. but none of that really matters since it will likely be torn down, and a new home built in its place. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- privacy or national security? that is the question tonight for one of the world's biggest and most profitable corporations -- as it deals with federal agents -- in the wake of a deadly terror
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historic visit.. the pope continues his tour across mexico.. saying mass on the border with the u-s.. in one of the most violent cities in the world.. the significance of this stop on the tour.. and the people who were there to greet him. mideast crisis.. a terrorist attack in turkey today.. how many were killed.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 at his highly-anticipated mass in the mexican border city of juarez - pope francis decried the quote "forced migration" of immigrants -- calling the sitaution a humanitarian crisis. his presence at the border has also generated plenty of discussion in the united states -- as immigration looms as one of the biggest themes of the 2016 presidential race.
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a simple gesture -- with complicated symbolism... right before his open air mass in juarez, mexico -- pope francis prays and give blessings at the american border. partaking in the moment from the other side of the fence -- hundreds of so-called francis v-i-p's -- migrants now living in the u-s. here's some of the pontiff's message later at the mass: let us say together in response to the suffering on so many faces, in your compassion and mercy, lord have pity on us. immigration has been a major race -- with hardliners calling for saying he'll build a huge wall along america's southern border. the argentine pope meanwhile has even calling them a quote "form of suicide." juarez is a sprawling northern mexican city -- plagued by corruption and violence for years
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the mass -- just one part of a busy day for the pontiff -- he also spent wednesday offering blessings and hope to inmates at an area prison. fight from inside here to reverse those situations that generate more excursion after the mass finishes up -- francis will then make his way back to the vatican -- another memorable journey behind him. twenty-eight people were killed and 61 others were injured in a terror attack in turkey today. an explosion hit three military vehicles at an intersection in the capital of ankara, near turkish parliament buildings. the military is calling it a terror attack. the vehicles were stopped at a traffic light, the military said. authorities believe a bomb-laden
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so far, no one group has taken responsibility for the attack. a good sign in syria, as aid makes its way to 'besieged' cities'...but is it enough to push the peace process? state department spokesman mark toner says syria's regime is finally allowing aid to seven besieged areas of syria, although it's late in coming, and needs to be permanent. human aid convoys are en route with food and medicine... several have already arrived in syria, including a damascus suburb and more should arrive soon. toner says it's a positive step forward, but was cautious that this would be enough to further push the peace initiatives and end the conflicts between syria's regime and rebel forces. toner says: " the assad regime should have allowed this access long ago, and we're still very concerned that the syrian regime has thus far only agreed to what they call 'temporary' access, which is these besieged communities, we obviously want to see permanent access." more talks to end the civil war in syria are expected to take place next
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the civil war between present basar al-assad's forces and rebels has been going on since 2011. apple is challenging a judge's order to help the f-b-i unlock an i-phone. that phone belonged to one of the people behind last year's terror attack in san bernardino, california. so why is apple reluctant to follow the order? brian todd explains ... a devastating terror attack in san bernardino... and a key question, still un-answered. did shooter syed farook communicate with terrorists overseas? the f-b-i's been frustrated- that it hasn't been able to find out. "we still have one of those killer's phones that we have not been able to open. it's been over two months now. we're still working on it." tonight- the f-b-i could be closer to unlocking farook's i-phone. a federal judge has ordered apple to help the bureau break into his phone. try to find out what that terrorist was doing? "well certainly! if you want to know. you can't - the old saying of connect
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dots if you can't collect em. and that's the problem here." apple doesn't hold the key to unlock farook's i-phone. the only way to do that is with his passcode-- which isn't stored on apple's servers. the f-b-i could've tried to guess his passcode, but there are 10-thousand possible four-digit pin-numbers... and if agents guessed wrong 10 times, all the data- all the content- could be permanently erased from farook's phone.. potential evidence, lost. so tonight- the f-b-i wants apple to design software-- that would allow investigators to guess a passcode as many times as they need to, to break in. apple is angry with the judge's order- and is trying to prevent the f-b-i from accessing phones like farook's-- but also phones like yours. in a letter, apple c-e-o tim cook says, quote, "the government is asking apple to hack our own users and undermine decades of security advancements that protect our customers." a top privacy advocate says there are all kinds of vulnerabilities--
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encrypted phones. "once you build in this back door, it's not necessarily the fbi agent acting pursuant to the warrant that gets access. it could be a criminal actor. it could be the chinese government. it could be your industrial adversaries. you really don't know." apple's dispute with the f-b-i is garnering the attention of republican presidential candidates. donald trump said wednesday that the tech giant should comply with the court and open up the phone. skies will stay cloudy and gray tonight with temperatures in the mid 30s. we won't drop much more... holding steady in the 30s. tomorrow will be windy and a lot warmer as air rushes in from the southeast.
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skies will stay mostly cloudy tonight and temperatures will hold steady in the low 30s. some areas of patchy fog may develop at spots. the winds will increase from the southeast helping to pull in more warm air. winds will be from the southeast at 10-20 mph, gusts up to 25 mph. temperatures will reach the upper 50s in the afternoon. the winds will intensify and some gusts may reach 40 mph on friday. that will take temperatures in southern and central iowa to the 60s. it will stay sunny and dry through the weekend with temps in the 50s. it will be
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we don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's. we serve wild-caught, north atlantic cod. this cod grows in water that is cold, clean and pristine, full of flavorful nutrients, and that comes through in the fish. this is the way we ship it to your restaurants. it's not pre-breaded. so not only do we use the highest quality cod, but we still hand-batter it the old-fashioned way. that's remarkable. and we think we get the best fish filet sandwich because of that. this is the best fish sandwich in america.
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anyone who thinks bigtime ncaa athletics is mostly about football, and men's basketball, is right. the associated press reports iowa
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contract extension. barta will make a guaranteed minimum of $4.6 million through 2021. the iowa basketball team looked sluggish sunday night, but still beat minnesota. tonight, another challenge. the hawkeyes at penn state... where it is not football season. small crowd, especially with the #4 team in the nation visiting. starts well for iowa. peter jok scores 5 points in less than 30 seconds. iowa leads penn state 19-13. but the nittany lions, normally bad shooting threes, they make a season high ten threes. penn state up 8 at the break. second half, jarrod uthoff comes out strong. he had 19 points. and jok led all players with 28, but they had next to no scoring help from anyone else. penn state upsets iowa, 79-75. tens of pen state
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they're storming the court. it's hard to tell because it takes so long to fill up any floor space. anyway, iowa's first bad loss of the regular season. hawks now have a week off, and could use it. state duals begins four days of wrestling at wells fargo arena. it's the country's best high school tournament. valley and sep... 1 vs. 2... rocky lombardi, ethan andersen 1 vs. 2... but that will have to wait until the individual round. valley moves lombardi up to heavy weight... andersen racks up a pin. would it pay off... 285... lombardi vs. 2nd ranked dan ramirez.... huge two point take down for lombardi... he gets the decision. it comes down to the final match at 145... valley's joel shapiro wins it in style...
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admire 00-05 joel shapiro/valley sophomore travis young/valley coach rocky lombardi/valley
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before we go tonight... what happens when you throw more than half a million toy lego bricks into a garden? twenty-seven larger than life lego brick sculptures of animals and plants sprout! new
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behind the life-sized lego designs... which is decorating the palos verdes south coast botanic gardens in california. the exhibit is spread across the garden's eighty-seven acres.. and includes a giant life-sized rose, a hummingbird, a fox and even a bison. the life sized lego sculptures
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thanks for joining us. have
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i've noticed our diner family is drifting apart. good work, everybody. good work. yeah! let's start off this powwow by sharing our highs and lows of the week. my high was getting a particularly interesting snapple fact. and my low was-- your entire body? i'll go. my high was finding a barrette in the bathroom, and my low was imagining my new life without it. max, your high? i certainly am. and my low will be when it wears off. well, my high was catching a glimpse of a customer's lacy g-string, and my low was seeing his junk. my low is this meeting. and my high is when it wraps up. can everybody take this serious-- [high-pitched] i have a new low. i have a new high. me too. everybody, please.


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