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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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victory of a lifetime... a local college coach is in the fight for his life...why the des moines fire department is stepping in to help... transition time... iowa is about to make a move that will impact thousands of people... find out if those in charge of privatizing medicaid think the system is ready for it. water rescue... an indianola man's prayers were answered when two men rescued him from an icy lake... how he is doing tonight... and what he has to say to the men who rescued him... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 he's used to battling for wins and losses but a community college's new coach has an even bigger opponent a lung condition that's killing him... good evening. i'm lynning. thank you for joining us tonight... this spring, current ankeny centennial
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will also suit up for marshaltown community college... but it's his career in another uniform that's slowly killing him... justin surrency explains how he's battling to live longer and the help he is getting from the des moines fire department... marshalltown community college softball coach garland shirley is used to defeating opponents... "my softball players are like family, they've helped my focus and get through alot of things."becoming a des moines firefighter in 2004 was a passion fulfilled... "the camaraderie , having the ability to help people when they are on their worst day, that was something i really enjoyed."and it showed... "you could see that from day one when he arrived at the fire station." "nobody had a bad word to say about garland shirley."while he often helped save the lives of gray's lake in 2007 is now slowly killing him... "at some point in the time i was the ice water into my lungs and it call anestacial
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"typically from diagnosis to death of pulminary fibrosis is 3 to 6 years and i was diagnosed in 2007."doctors say a potential lung transplant will only hold off the inevitable... "after a lung transplant, life expectancy is 3-7 years..."but a recent trip to california has offered an alternative for stem cell harvesting treatment.... "they say it has positive effects, a lot of people have seen improvement...i get a long really good now and possiblilty of increasing my lung capacity is something i'm looking forward to..."the alternative will lengthen his life before needing a lung transplant but it's not covered by his firefighters insurance... "whatever the cost it's going to be, i'm going to try to get in typical fashion his des moines firefighting buddies are first to respond... "anything we can do to help garland."with a fundraiser... "he gave everything he had to the city of des moines and we are trying to give back to garland now."garland doesn't shy away from reality... " i suffered an injury on the fire department that will
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reason why i die."but there's another victory the coach hopes to fulfill, one without regrets " i have a grandson on the way, i'd like to be active in his life" "if i could go back and do it again, i'd do it agin. to have the opportunity to help somebody else is the best thing a person can do." garland's daughter created the page just 12 days ago and it's raised over 4,000 dollars...garland hopes to reach his 25,000 goal by april, just before the high school softball season begins so he can coach... tonight the iowa supreme court heard oral arguments from both sides of the wrongful death case brought by the estate of the late slipknot bassist paul gray. gray died in may of 2010 of a drug overdose in an urbandale motel. at that time his wife was three months pregnant with their daughter. four
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2014, mr. gray's estate, his wife, and child filed a lawsuit against gray's doctor -- daniel baldi. that lawsuit sought to recover money damages for what they claim is the wrongful death of mrs. gray's husband and her child's father. but a district judge dismissed the case because he said it was past the statute of limitations. this appeal is about whether that was the right call... 23:45:50--23:46:14 what happened in this case was that mr. gray had various drug addiction problems. he was seeking medical help and had sought medical help for some period of time. he ended up dying, and the question in this case is whether or not the medical personnel doctors and hospitals treating him had created any medical malpractice relating to it.' 00:18:23--39 'we believe that the statute of limitations, its not ambigious, the courts been down this road before with shultz, its an analysis that holds true. death
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this case raises important questions about when a person in iowa may bring a lawssit stemming from a claim of medical malpractice and about the rights of an unborn child to recover for the death of her father. the state is scheduled to transition to a privately managed medicaid system two weeks from today. ...and today lawmakers wanted to know if the state is ready for the transition. iowa's medicaid program serves 560-thousand iowans. it was supposed to be managed by private companies, beginning at the start of the year... but the feds stepped in and delayed that switch... saying the system wasn't ready at that point. the new transition date is now march first. today, lawmakers questioned the medicaid director about what still needs to be done. mikki stier addressed 16 action items the federal government identified as necessary, in order to be able to make the switch. 'we do believe we have met the 16 items and they are completed two of them are being monitored right now with cms and that is our network
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implementation of the training and support that we providing to the case management organizations and with our mcos to ensure the smooth transition with case management as we go live march 1st.' the director of the state department of human services agrees the systems are in place for a switch to privatization, but some of the members at today's senate committee hearing were still skeptical. the sac county sheriff's office is looking for a man wanted for attempted murder. 36-year-old jeremy werneburg of ida grove is accused of intentionally hitting a glidden man with his car on sunday night. the victim is hospitalized with serious injuries. authorities say werneberg has ties to the humbolt... carroll and wall lake communities. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the sac county sheriff's office at 712-662-7127. university of iowa police are looking for a man who they say videotaped a student showering...
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restroom at the burge residence hall in iowa officer responded to the scene and found the man hiding in a stall... that's when police say a fight broke out between the two, ending with the suspect getting away. this is the fifth report of sexual misconduct reported by the university in recent weeks. an update to a story we first brought to you last night... an indianola man had a brush with death...after falling through the ice at lake ahquabi over the weekend. rick rauzi was snowshoeing and taking pictures of geese sunday morning... when the ice gave way. it took 20 minutes for nearby ice fishermen to hear his cries for help. the pair used a canoe to reach rauzi and kept him afloat until indianola firefighters arrived and pulled him to safety. the 58 year old says he's never been more scared in his life.. 03:12:40 couldn't feel my hands anymore. i was starting to get drousy. my core temperature went down to i thought i was going to die. not be melodramatic , but i said goodbye to my wife,
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rauzi was released from the hospital today.he says the doctors were amazed at how well he was doing after being in the water for so long. the ice on lakes and ponds across central iowa will get thinner as the days go by.. by friday.. it is going to really feel like spring.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. hi brett.. it's been an overcast cloudy day after our morning mix move through the state. more than three- tenths of an inch of rain fell in des moines this morning. it will be dry tonight, but patchy fog may develop. temperatures will drop from the mid 30s this evening to the upper 20s later
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there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next.... fake doctor's notes are becoming a
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one could put you behind bars for years. and later.. at 9-30.. days after supreme court justice antonin scalia was found dead at a texas ranch .. the debate over when his vacant seat on the court will be filled is heating up and what senator charles grassley has to say about it.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox
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you ever called in sick to work when you weren't exactly sick? lets face it, everyone has had one of those days when you didn't feel like going to work. what if you knew that a website offering fake doctors notes, guaranteed to work, was only a few clicks away? melanie orlins introduces us to a website offering just that and investigates how using it could put you behind bars, for years. a simple search is all you need. the website best fake doctors notes - dot - net pops right up. the site offers more than 30 fake doctors notes - ranging from your typical primary care and dentist notes to pregnancy and even oncology notes. theyre yours to alter and choose from for less than 20 dollars.
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we asked the owner of gurreri motors in york if he could tell the difference between two real doctors notes from doctors in central pennsylvania and a fake one from the website. joe gurreri/gurreri motors: 'i think both of these are fake. wow!' joe gurreri usually takes his employees word if theyre sick. hes shocked someone would go to these lengths, but hes even more surprised at how real these notes appear. gurreri: 'that has the name of the company, it has the patients name, the patients signature, the doctors signature.' a survey conducted by circadian - a workforce solutions company - found that excessive absenteeism costs employers 26-hundred dollars a year for a salaried employee, and 36- hundred dollars a year for an hourly employee. dianna shafer with staffing agency, robert half, says calling out sick creates tension. dianna shafer/robert half branch manager: 'it's tough you know, and those other employees
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kind of pick up where those employees calling off, make sure tasks and deadlines are being met as well.' we asked dianna the same question as joe. could she decipher between the real doctors notes and the fake one? dianna: 'there's definitely differences, i mean, you see all kinds of sick notes for sure so there's none that jump out at me. you don't typically see one on letterhead.' she also chose one of the real doctors notes. she told us the fake note was actually the most believable. dianna: 'i think this one would probably be the one that would look..' workers compensation attorney, david pollick was outraged when we showed him the websites notes. david pollick/attorney: 'what they're doing is pure fraud, fraud not only against their employers but fraud against society.' pollick says handing in a fake sick note as an excuse can not only get you fired, but prevent you from collecting unemployment. and if you fake a signature, you could end up paying restitution and behind bars for up to 7 years. pollick: 'whatever you think you're gaining, i've got news for you, you're losing, big time.'
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apart for himself. 10 pollick: 'id say probably that one. impressive, very impressive. fooled me, and after 35 years i thought i'd been able to see it.' pollick says legal action against the website is nearly impossible - with the world wide web, you or even the police may never track them down. but, he has a message for folks whove thought about playing hookey. pollick: 'there are no real shortcuts in the world. you get up and you work hard everyday because that's the only thing that has ever worked and if you want to take a short cut, my guess is you're not going to do so well.' the website "fake doctors notes dot net" did not respond back for comment on what was uncovered.
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overcast skies will hold tight over central central iowa tonight. some patchy fog will develop by early morning. temperatures will drop to the mid-20s. wednesday may begin with a few flurries along a cold front moving in. expect to see a little more sunshine by wednesday
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again in the upper 30s. there will be a significant warm up for the end of the week with highs in the mid to upper 50s. plan on slushy roads and lots of mud with all of the melting this week.
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coming up -- highlights from last night's grammy's... but first -- bond.. james
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latest aston martin built for the movie spectre..
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streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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stocks on wall street closed higher tuesday despite a decline in oil prices. the s&p finished 30 points higher the dow finished 222 points
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you can ride lie double-oh seven... if you're willing to pay for it. james bond's most recent ride is set to go up for auction this week. the aston martin d-b-ten super-car was created solely for the latest bond film "spectre." it's expected to sell for as much as two-point-one million dollars. aston martin says the car could hit a top speed around 190 miles per hour. but you can't actually drive the car on the road. it doesn't have any necessary road certifications since it was built for the movie. seriously?? a kid-friendly tesla? radio flyer, which makes the famous little red wagons and tricycles, announced on its website that it will begin shipping mini tesla model s cars for kids for whopping five hundred dollars each! the one-seater cars were created for kids between the ages of three to eight. they include working headlights,
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front of the car. it can also reach a top speed of six miles per hour. pre-orders are now open and the cars will ship in may. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- days after supreme court justice antonin scalia was found dead at a texas ranch .. the debate over when his vacant seat on the court will be filled is heating up and what senator charles grassley has to say about it.. but first.. here's tonight's
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no end in sight to continued violence in syria.. despite talks of a ceasefire.. the increasingly complex crisis.. international loss.. world leaders are mourning the loss of a man who ran the united nations at a critical time for the organization.. how ban ki-moon remembered boutros boutros gali today. grammy awards... it was a night of energetic performances... and powerful tributes... a recap of the 58th annual grammy awards. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 tensions between russia and nato allies are heating up. turkey is asking the u-s to participate in a ground operation in syria, where moscow and washington are carrying out separate missions
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both the u-s and turkey say that moscow is using its airstrikes to also prop up the assad regime in the five- year-old syrian civil war. more. turkey taking a tough stance on the syrian regime and russia's military action in the country. russian airstrikes helping syrian forces make a push to control rebel strongholds in aleppo province, bringing them within 15-miles of the turkish border. turkey, meantime, firing at a kurdish militia in syrian territory. the country's president says syrian army is meant to open a corridor for the group, considered hostile by the turks, another turkish official says ankara is now calling for washington to take part in a ground mission in syria, while the prime minister is urging russian actions. davutoglu says: "'s our right to expect from the united nations, our european friends and our ally the united states of america to stand clearly against this inhumane slaughtering." pentagon press secretary peter take military action against the
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on isis. cook says: "..they have also said their fight is with isil. we'd like to see them change course, change direction, and refocus their efforts. right now they continue to prop up the assad regime. meantime, moscow is denying involvement in the deadly bombing of a syrian hospital monday, calling it another example of unfounded accusations. russian and u-s officials blaming each other for attacks on syrian medical facilities, last week. the u-s and russia agreed to a temporary cessation of fighting in the syrian civil war, but, syrian president bashar al-assad said no cease-fire can be reached with quote "terrorists." in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. the world is in mourning following the passing of former united nations secretary-general boutros boutros-ghali. he passed away earlier today at
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he was 93 years old. boutros-ghali served as the u-n chief from 19-92 until 19-96 -- dealing with war in the former yugoslavia, famine and genocide in africa. u-n secretary general ban ki-moon remembered his predecessor today. as secretary-general, he presided over a dramatic rise in un peacekeeping. he also presided over a time when the world increasingly turned to the united nations for solutions to its problems, in the immediate aftermath of the cold war. boutros boutros- ghali did much to shape the organization's response to this new era, in particular through his landmark report ''an agenda for peace. following his term as u-n secretary general -- boutros-ghali became director of the egyptian national council for human rights. with senate republicans digging in their heels on a vote for any
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nominee... president obama addressed the growing controversy as he ends the asean summit in southern california. doug mckelway has more from washington. it's a tradition that dates back to the 19th century... the supreme court paying respect to the late justice antonin scalia by draping his chair in black. scalia will lie in repose on friday at the court... followed by a funeral on saturday in washington. but as tributes to one of the nation's most influential jurists continue pouring in... questions are being asked about what will happen to cases he helped decide - and others that are still pending: o'brien says: "some will be affirmed by a 4-4 vote and some will be scheduled for argument next term, and you don't know which." meanwhile both parties are still fighting over who will replace scalia... and when it will happen. cruz says: "we are one justice away from a radical five-justice left wing majority the likes of which this country has never seen." obama says: "there's no unwritten law that says it can only be done in off years. that's not in the constitutional test."
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saying a vote on scalia's replacement won't even be considered until after the presidential election. but president obama is standing firm - saying it's his responsibility to nominate a new justice.... to keep the court functioning smoothly. obama says: "there is more than enough time for the senate to consider in a thoughtful way the record of a nominee that i present, and make a decision." iowa senator chuck grassley - the head of the judiciary committee - says he'll wait to see who the president nominates... before deciding when to hold confirmation hearings. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news tensions have remained high throughout the south china sea... where the chinese military has been building up its presence on a disputed island chain claimed by six nations. president obama discussing the tensions today.. with the association of southeast asian nations. obama says: "we will continue to
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strengthen their maritime capabilities and we discussed how any disputes between claimants in the region must be resolved peacefully." at the summit today.. the president pushed for increased economic ties to help counter china's economic reach... including the recently-signed trans-pacific partnership, a regional free trade agreement that doesn't include china. creasingly opposed at home by labor groups and some republicans... dale says: "another unfair trade agreement. so we've got to kill these trade agreements, it's destroying our country." this is the first time the summit has been held on u-s soil... the 58th annual grammy awards honors the best of the best in music... plus -- there's one more reason the full house reboot is giving us the feels. and star wars is back in action. kim hutcherson has the celebrity news in today's hollywood minute. it was a night of energetic
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as l-l cool j hosted the 58th annual grammy awards. kendrick lamar kicked off the night... winning the grammy for best rap album for "to pimp a butterfly." meghan trainor won best new artist, and ed sheeran won song of the year for "thinking out loud". a number of artists paid tribute to those legendary musicians we've lost eagles honored the late glenn frey... stevie wonder and pentatonix honored maurice white of earth, wind and fire... and lady gaga paid homage to david bowie... performing some of bowie's greatest hits like "changes," "let's dance" and "heroes." "i'd talk forever" can you believe it's been 25 years since uncle jesse married aunt becky on full house? to celebrate -- lori loughlin happy -- way to go kids. fuller house hits netflix later this month. "welcome to episode 8."production started on the new star wars movie. and there will be two new characters played by benicio del toro and laura dern. but you'll have to wait to see them in action -- star wars episode eight hits theaters next year. for hollywood minute -- i'm kim
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it's been an overcast cloudy day after our morning mix move through the state. more than three- tenths of an inch of rain fell in des moines this morning. it will be dry tonight, but patchy fog may develop. temperatures will drop from the mid 30s this evening to the upper 20s later tonight. this is the channel 13 news at
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overcast skies will hold tight over central iowa tonight. some patchy fog will develop by early morning. temperatures will drop to the mid-20s. wednesday may begin with a few flurries along a cold front moving in. expect to see a little more sunshine by wednesday afternoon with temperatures again in the upper 30s. there will be a significant warm up for the end of the week with highs in the mid to upper 50s. plan on slushy roads and lots of
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it's a big night for georges niang. niang passes fred hoiberg on iowa it's a big night for georges niang. niang passes fred hoiberg on iowa state's all time scoring list. niang, seen here saturday against texas, averages 19 points a game. tonight the senior passed hoiberg, and passed two thousand points. here's the cyclones career scoring leader list: jeff grayer with more than 25 hundred points won't be caught by niang, or likely anyone else. niang moves into third place and also joins the exclusvie 2 thousand point club. hoiberg drops to fourth, and though i'm sure he would have something witty to say, as an nba coach, fred's not allowed to comment on college players. iowa state baylor this is why iowa state and baylor both need a win tonight. you can see the two will
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standings. hoover is the new number one team in class 4-a, hosting 5th ranked dowling. huskies douglas wilson, off the glass and in. that cuts dowling's lead to four. maroons big man, ted brown's first shot doesn't fall, but he comes strong with the put-back. huskies fighting up hill.. tough two for aldreias campbell junior. hoover within three. maroon machine rolling, stevie sarcone the basket and he's fouled. hoover 36 dowling 46 f andrew harrison scores a career high 36 for the energy, but iowa loses by ten to the canton charge. state wrestling starts tomorrow. it's true. i looked it up. and michael admire stopped by wells fargo arena with a camera. the mats are down. the team duals start tomorrow
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title. individual state wrestling begins thursday and runs through championship saturday. those mats give you a good idea the iowa wild starts a long road trip. the wild have a new interim head coach, david cunniff. he takes over for john torchetti, since minnesota called torch to run the wild's nhl show. wild return home monday. it's a matchup of top five teams at the national duals monday. #2 iowa takes on north carolina state. yes, north carolina
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and a nice moment in last night's newton-winteset game. winterset's ryan hinsch, a special needs student enters the game. newton's garrett sturtz, a good guy, turns the ball over to hinsch. and hinsch doesn't just play defense, he knows how to score. that's 2 points, and a lifetime
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before we go tonight... the
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school in indiana is made a big splash this weekend... after winning their 30-th straight national championship! the girls team has been un-defeated at the state level since 19-86... they broke their previous record of 29 straight wins... a title they shared with honolulu's punahou high school boys swim team... which won 29 straight state titles from 19-58 until 1986. with this win... the carmel girls swim team has become the most successful high school program in the nation. thanks for joining us. have
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who or what did you do to get this $20 tip? because i wheeled a customer home the other night, and all i got was a 5. and that was after we made out and i gave him a bath. the lady at that table asked me what was special here, and i said, "i used to be," and then i burst into tears. i pull that out whenever i need a manicure. well, it's that time of year again. i'm so jealous. i can't believe you only get your period once a year. it's tax season, and my accountant said i'm getting a refund. he also complimented these moccasins, which are also controversial around here. well, they do have the word "mock..." "ass..." and "sin." this is why i never wear overalls, 'cause you two would be... overall... disgusted? precisely. oh, earl, that reminds me. i forgot. here you go. i finished your taxes. and for the future you cannot claim


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