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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 14, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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iowa had between three and five inches good evening and thanks for joining us, im dave price the snow made for a slick day of driving. but melting's on the way we'll first head to meteorologist amber alexander for a look at the forecast... after a series of weather related crashes around 1 this
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interstate 80 shut down a ten mile stretch near west branch. the iowa state patrol said 30 vehicles were involved in the pileup and there were several injuries...including some serious. we've yet to hear further
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a grand junction man was seriously injured this afternoon while snowmobiling west of boone along u.s. highway 30. 35-year-old damion louk was travelling eastbound in the median of the highway when the left front ski caught deep snow and sent him and the snowmobile air born... louk was transported to boone county hospital where he was later transferred by helicopter to mercy medical center in des moines. the incident remains under investigation. we now know the name of the crashing with her young son in the vehicle. police say 30 year old samantha on friday. officials say she struck a tree near northeast 29th street her four year old son was hospitalized but is expected to survive and the cyride bus driver accused of striking and killing an iowa state
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23 year old benjamin clague is accused of killing emmalee jacobs near campus last december. his arraignment will be at 1-30 in nevada. ames police say jacobs was crossing lincoln way when clague hit drove off and jacobs later died in the hospital... video from the bus helped police figure out what happened. police arrested clague about a month later and he faces five years in prison if convicted. . the sudden death of longtime supreme court justice antonin scalia changed the tone of the republican debate in south carolina last night... candidates donald trump and john kasich both said they do not want president obama to nominate a replacement for scalia... trump: i think he's going to do it whether i'm okay or not. i think it's up to mitch mcconnel and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay.
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president should not move forward and i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run that supreme court with a vote by the people of the united states of america. a metro constitutional law expert says it would not be wise to delay the nomination process. he says waiting to find a replacement until a new president takes office next january will waste time the government can't afford to lose. 431824 - - if its an 18 month gap in terms of everything happening what may occur is that some of these hot button issues just kind of get put off for 18 months so the court can come up with some institutional mechanisms - mark kende several major cases involving affirmative action, abortion and labor issues are pending in the supreme court. without an immediate justice replacement...that leaves the court to just eight members. drake constitutional law professor -- mark kende -- says an eight member court will lead to
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court to resolve issues. kende says it would be wise for president obama to nominate a justice who has both democratic and republican support... but feels the opposing party will still shut down the idea we are a year away from a new president. if were three months i would maybe say something different but if were a year away there is plenty of time and normally that would be plenty of time to go through a process but the polarization is so bad that might not happen - mark kende the only recent case comparable to scalia's vacancy was in 19-68 under president lyndon johnson. however, johnson nominated someone the year before. the senate didn't turn down that choice until the election year of 1968 gifts like flowers and chocolates are popular on this valentines day... but one des moines man took his
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001819 i was just asking him what he was planning for valentines day and he was like, we are gonna go see a movie then go to the ice rink. i was like oh okay this is gonna be fun but im gonna totally fall on my face but ice skating was not all the pair did today... edgar camacho proposed to his girlfriend while they were skating outside at the brenton ice skating plaza in des moines today... camacho said he went through a lot of scenarios in his mind to come up with the perfect proposal... he's just glad the weather didn't keep them snowed in a cold, snowy day has some thinking of warmer days on the beach coming up after the break... the effort to make sure some iowa teens can no longer get ready for the beach later by going to a tanning bed supporters are trying once again
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using tanning beds . reid chandler shows why they think this year could be the
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for years, traci noll says she was addicted to the tanning bed. 12:49:07 "once i got into college, i actually worked at a tanning salon for a long time. and that's kind of what kind of gave me that wake-up call, you see lots of clients who are tanning every single day, and what it's doing to their skin." - traci noll - owner, tanique spray tan but three years ago, she traded in her tanning bed for a spray bottle. wanting to offer a healthier alternative to tanning beds, noll runs a small spray tan salon in west des moines. 12:49:23 "once i came to des moines, i just wanted to find a healthy alternative for people who are looking to be tan but not have all those risks." - traci noll - owner, tanique spray tan salon those risks include melanoma - skin cancer. and as the research continues to show the danger behind tanning beds, state lawmakers are feeling the pressure to step in. 2:03:36 "so basically, there's going to be around 100 of us going, and what we're trying to do is get a law passed to where no minors under the age of 18 can tan." - andrea ard -
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andrea ard is one of those iowans laying on the pressure. the cedar rapids native discovered she had malignant skin cancer after years of artificial tanning. now in remission, ard wants to keep teenagers out of tanning beds. 7:18:00 "when people think of cancer, they think of it only happening to older people." - andrea ard - melanoma survivor ard will join about a hundred other iowans at the state capitol tuesday. they're pushing for lawmakers to take action on a bill that's been proposed for years, but never seems to gain enough traction. the proposal - to ban tanning for iowans under the age of 18. 12:53:49 "they have categorized tanning beds as a carcinogen, which is the same as tobacco. so you're essentially saying, would you give a kid a pack of cigarettes? no. so why would you let them get into a tanning bed?" - traci noll - owner, tanique spray tan and with the medical community rallying behind the call, advocates for a tanning ban believe this is the year for change. 13:05:30 "i think that 2016 is going to be the year that minors will not be able to tan under the age of 18." - andrea ard - melanoma survivor
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temperatures holding steady in the lower 20s. clouds will continue to decrease throughout the day on monday and temperatures will bump up into the upper 30s which will help start the melting process. because we will still see below freezing temperatures during the overnight hours, slick spots will continue to be possible especially in parking lots and
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the refreeze of melted snow. monday will the be the start of a warm trend throughout the week. we'll be in the middle to upper 30s monday- melting process. because we will still see below freezing temperatures during the overnight hours, slick spots will continue to be possible especial in parking lots and
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the refreeze of melted snow. monday will the be the start of a warm trend throughout the week. we'll be in the middle to upper 30s monday- wednesday, with upper 40s to lower 50s following through the weekend. besides a rain/snow mix on tuesday morning, most of the week will be dry. jennifer ad lib wx main at the matt back to
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despite losing at indiana the hawkeyes still control their own destiny in the big ten. hawks 10 and 2 in conference, alone at the top. home tonight against winless minnesota. 1st half. peter jok, 3 from the wing. jok scores the first 5 points. iowa up 3. the gophersled for much of the first half, but iowa goes on a 12-2 run...jarrod uthoff. that is deep!! hawks up 6 at the break. 2nd half. jok, another from downtown. lead up to 10.
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reverse. iowa only up 7. they cannot shake the gophers. under 3 to play, hawks only up 2...jok, money from 3. game high 27 for pete. lead up to 5. then when the need another big bucket its uthoff who delivers the dunk. 24 points, 15 rebounds, 6 blocks for uthoff. it was not pretty, in fact ugly at times, but its a win. 75-71 the final with the win iowa stays on top of the big 10. 1 game up on indiana and maryland. hawks hot the road on wednesday at penn state the drake women have their 5 game winning streak snapped. bulldogs lose at indiana state 68-53 iowa state needed a bounce back win on saturday and the cyclones delivered. 10 point win over number 24 texas puts isu back on track. iowa state outscored the longhorns when it mattered most, 16-8 in the final 5 minutes. monte morris, georges niang each scored 24 points and each made big shots down the stretch.,
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what he saw. here's a look at the big 12 standings. kansas and west virginia tied at the top. oklahoma 1 game back. iowa state in a 3-way tie for 4th at 7-5. the cyclones play at baylor on
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as reported last night, iowa wild head coach john torchetti is leaving iowa. torch has been promoted to coach the minnesota wild on an interim basis. torchetti was hired by iowa in november of 2014. he's been an interim coach twice in his career but never a full-time nhl coach. he's got another shot to prove himself and he'll be coaching some familiar faces.
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so, howard's really in space, huh? mm-hmm, international space station. 250 miles that way. right now, howard's staring down at our planet like a tiny jewish greek god. zeusowitz. sheldon: i must admit, i can't help but feel a twinge of envy. he can look out the window and see the majesty of the universe unfolding before his eyes. his dim, uncomprehending eyes. it's like a cat in an airport carrying case.
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the water that the astronauts drink is made from each other's recycled urine. must be nice. nobody wants anything that comes out of me. (sighs): i wonder what he's doing right this very second. mm, conducting experiments in zero gravity. peering through his telescope at the birth of the cosmos. whatever it is, we know his life will never be the same. mrs. wolowitz: howard! can you hear me?! i can hear you without the phone! don't be snippy. i'm just excited to talk to my baby! i'm excited to talk to you, too. so, what's this mishegas about you moving out to go live with the little polish girl?! how about calling her my wife? wives don't take boys from their mothers. they do. that's why we marry them!


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