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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 10, 2016 9:00pm-9:59pm CST

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way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back. [ echoing ] just sayin'. white house hopefuls.. how many
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those hopes dashed last night in the new hampshire primary.. who's out of the race.. and who's still in.. shots fired.... des moines police say an officer was forced to open fire overnight. what lead to the shooting... and the chget uset faces... sit back and relax... a new movie theater in altoona is giving guests theroaltrae.. a high tech features the theater offers.. and the drink menu that goes beyond the soda fountain.... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 fluffy snow flakes started falling early this morning... but the pretty snow, soon started causing problems on the road. good evening.... i'm lynn melling thank you for joining us tonight... that snow slowed down the morning commute.. cintbacked up traffic along the interstate... the iowa state patrol says it responded to about 20 accidents before 10 a-m. no one was ht..
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but it won't last too long.. meteorologist brett mcintyre
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des moines police say one of their officers shot at a suspect who was trying to run him down with a car. it happened overnight. jannay towne has details. at 2:21 am.. a des moines police officer spots a car driven by this man, 25 year old austin allen. parizek 12:02:20 the car didn't have any
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was somewhat suspicious in a residential neighborhood . it almost seemed like he was trying to avoid the police officer just as the officer flipped on his lights, the driver took off and the chase was on... with speeds reaching almost 80 miles an hour down southwest 14th. as the suspect veered off onto casady drive..he lost control came to a stop. parizek 12:02:48 the officer got out of his car to begin the arrest process, the suspect suddenly put the car back in gear, drove directly at the officer. the officer was concerned that his life was in danger and he fired three rounds 00 officer christopher brockerts three rounds hit the stolen car allen was driving. but he wasn't hurt and neither was the officer. jerri 13:44:41 i don't know what time in the morning that was and i did not wake up 44 but the gunfire did wake up jerri faulkner's husband. jerri 13:44:45 he just said either a boom or gunshot or something police say allen still wasnt done running. the chase continued until he eventually ditched the car and took off on foot. officers finally caught up with him
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up without a fight.. but the six minute chase leading up to his arrest included some scary moments for one des moines police officer. parizek 12:04:52 it was definitely a scary situation for him. he very easily could have died. the fact that he discharged his weapon... on the surface, it certainly looks like it meets the standards of the law and our policy. his life was in danger and that's pretty clear cut 06 allen was booked into the polk county jail on multiple charges, including "assault with a weapon on a peace officer". he was wanted on a felony warrant out of west des moines.... accused of shoplifting, assaulting a guard at valley west mall.. then stealing a car to getaway. a mother and her two children escaped a burning home in rural madison county this morning. 13:36 the lady come over to my and i called right in to winterset and i said you might as well send then, because she said there was a fire around the refrigerator. we came back over and by then it was kicking out of the kitchen windows and the front porch.
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raymond kooker was renting the home near patterson to jennifer mcdonald. she woke up to feed her baby when she noticed the fire. five departments responded to the fire. the home was destroyed and the family lost everything inside... investigators are trying to determine how a deadly fire started in des moines last night... firefighters were called to the 27 hundred block of 61st street around seven. they say flames were already shooting through the roof. after knocking down the fire... they found the body of brian houston, who lived at the home. it may seem like we've had a lot of fires lately, but the red cross of greater iowa says the year to year statistics are even. so far this year, the organization was called out in 75 cases, helping 248 people recover from fires. last year, that number was 84 cases, assisting 231 people... the american red cross says it's a good reminder that everyone needs to check smoke alarms and
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drills... the funeral for a prominent community leader has been set... former principal financial c-e-o david hurd will be laid to rest next week the funeral will be held at the first unitarian church, in des moines at 10:30 wednesday morning. a community visitation will be held from 5 to 8 p-m on tuesday at the capital square atrium. hurd was c-e-o of principal from 19-89 to 19-94. he died on saturday after falling from the 22nd floor of the plaza condominiums in downtown des moines. he was 86 years old. a bill introduced in the iowa house today faces an up-hill battle as it tries to make it easier for medical patients to get cannabis oil.... lawmakers made medical cannabis oil legal for iowans with chronic epilepsy in 20-14... but the law doesn't allow for the oil to be produced or sold in the state... leaving many iowans without the drug... . house republican peter cownie is breaking from some members of his
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"we have a law on the books that allows you to possess it, but you can't get it. so, we have a conflict. and my hope is that this can solve that. and yeah, it's a bipartisan matter; this issue - whether it's epilepsy, or any other number of ailments - it's a bipartisan issue. this affects democrats and republicans, and my hope is to have bipartisan support for the bill." :01-:27 representative cownie notes that his bill does not allow for marijuana to be smoked or for recreational use of the oil. movie fans will have a new place to see the latest flicks on the big screen. the cinemark altoona and x-d opens tomorrow. the theater offers twelve auditoriums with wall to wall screens. every seat is a lounging recliner. concessions are self-serve, so you can get to your seat quicker. the facility also offers a starbucks, ice cream and a bar. a
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open in a growing community. "we're just excited to be a part of the growth. they have a lot of things going on in this community. it's a hot spot. it's becoming a hot spot, and we're excited to be in on the front end of that." the grand opening is tomorrow. the theater is reserve seating, so you must pick your seat online or at a kiosk or box office when you get to the theater. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- race for the white house.. who's up.. who's down.. and who's out of the race altogether.. following yesterday's new hampshire primary.. but first... a bedtime book is boasting about its ability to put kids to sleep... a peak between the pages... and how well it worked for one family... from who h-dhigh definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox
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do you struggle getting your kids to bed? there's a book that's gaining national attention for its methods on getting kids to fall asleep... its not a how-to... or a list of tips on what not to do... instead its a story written in a style to make your child ready for a night's
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look... and puts the promise to the test. nats "do you think a book could cure all your night time troubles? no, i'm doubtful" danielle and kertis weatherby say for their two kids...5 year old josh and 4 year old jillian..bed time isn't always easy... nats "jillian has never been a sound sleeper, she's up a couple times a night, usually comes into our room once or twice and it's incredibly disruptive, we wake up we've got to get her back to sleep, it's a whole production, and we would be delighted if she just stayed asleep all night long and we could all get a good nights sleep" we decided to set up hidden cameras..and follow josh and jillian through their night time routine of brushing teeth and story time...this time...with the sleepy book...nats for over 20 minutes...danielle and kertis read -the rabbit who wants to fall asleep to josh and jillian
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the author says the book focuses on repetition and saying phrases a certain way to achieve relaxation and sleepiness... nats once the book ends...the kids are put to the bed...and the lights are turned off... "we thought it worked with one of our children and did not work our second child" danielle says the repetition of the book... as well as how long it took to read worked for the kids...but saying their names throughout the story, as the book instructed, was not productive... "our kids ended up competing as to whose name was said more times and so they turned that into a competitive game which didn't help them fall asleep" but danielle says...the rhythm of the book was definitely working on her... "i was reading the book start to finish and i think about 4 or 5 pages in and i literally thought i was going to fall asleep i had to regain my composure so i could finish the
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the author warns in the instructions to use the book with caution...and never read it aloud to someone who is driving. the weatherby's say the biggest problem the book didn't address is staying asleep...jillian woke up several times throughout the night... but they say they're willing to try to read the book again, with a few minor having the kids lay down while the book is being read... the rabbit who wants to fall asleep - was first published in sweden in 20-10... it was printed in english and distributed in the states in 20-14... you can find the book for purchase online or in stores like barnes and
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light snow should be wrapped up by the evening commute. we'll top out around 3" of light fluffy snow in the des moines metro. clouds will begin to break up, we'll see lows in the single digits tonight. thursday will remain dry, with highs in the lower 20s. we'll see an increase in cloud cover during the day, with a weak clipper moving in late thursday, early friday. this will bring a light dusting of snow for the metro, with more possible throughout the north and northeast counties. high pressure will move in for saturday, and although skies will be sunny, highs are only expected to be in the middle teens...brr! more snow will move in early sunday, lasting throughout the day, which could bring us a couple inches of snow at least. thankfully, a warm up will come our way early next week. we
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by tuesday.
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coming up -- burger king isn't just focusing on burgers anymore.. but first -- hitting the road.. the step the federal government took today.. to speed up the process of putting dcars on
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stocks on wall street ended mixed on wednesday. the s&p closed down less than a point. the dow closed down 99 points. the nasdaq climbed 15 points. tonight, the united states is one step closer to a true driverless car. regulators have long insisted "driverless" cars still need a driver -- someone who can take control by grabbing the steering wheel and slamming on the brakes. this week, regulators gave google the go-ahead to build a car without any of that. no steering wheel. no accelerator. no brakes. states can still pass laws that require vehicles to have those things, but federal regulators have opened the way for -- perhaps -- faster development of truly driverless cars. google, for years, has been telling safety regulators that its
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humans. of course, those cars are still years away from actually going on sale. you might want to start calling it hot dog king. burger king's newest menu item takes a bit of a left turn. the fast food franchise will start serving hot dogs later this month. one executive called it the biggest launch since the 1970s, when the company introduced its first chicken sandwich. burger king will serve two versions: a classic grilled dog and a chili- cheese dog. the franchise started experimenting with hot dogs in five cities last year and has decided to take the menu item nationwide. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- gloom and doom.. the chair of the federal reserve paints a dismal picture for the global economy.. her assessment.
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who's down.. and who's out of the race altogether.. following yesterday's new hampshire primary.. fighting isis.. a top official in the fight against the terror group testifies before members of congress today... the action the white house plans to take to suppress the spread.. water crisis.. how much the governor of michigan is willing to give flint to fix its tainted water pipes.. and how much more the mayor of flint says is necessary to do the job. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 the field of republican presidential hopefuls is dwindling.... two more candidates dropping out today... at the same time some candidates are getting the shot in the arm their campaigns desperately need. kristin fisher has more from washington. after spending more than seventy days campaigning in new hampshire and only placing sixth in the granite state's primary new
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fiorina is also throwing in the towel after a close to last place finish in new hampshire. meanwhile ohio governor john kasich is enjoying his wave of popularity after coming in second. not wasting any time kasich arrived in south carolina early this morning and spent the day meeting with constituents touting his desire to run a positive campaign. kasich says: "when people go negative it's because they've got something they're not doing right to connect and i'd rather be connecting and being positive." former florida governor jeb bush is still hanging on telling voters they've pushed the pause button. today he unveiled an ad in south carolina featuring his brother. nat of bush ad: "there is no doubt in my mind that jeb bush will be a great commander in chief for our country." taking the blame for his fifth place finish senator marco rubio is admitting his showing at saturday's debate took some wind out of his sail but the freshman senator says he's moving forward. rubio says:"here's the good news, we've got a game coming up, there's a future here for this campaign and for the country, you want to know what this election for me." on the other side of the aisle, after crushing hillary clinton in the
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spent the morning having breakfast with reverend al sharpton. sharpton says: "sanders makes it clear that we will not be ignored. our votes must be earned." fisher says : "sanders and clinton will square off tomorrow night in what's expected to be a pivotal debate in light of sanders win. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news." a day after warnings from the director of national intelligence that islamic terrorists will continue plotting against u-s interests overseas... the president's special envoy to destroy the terrorist group spoke before lawmakers... catherine herridge has more from washington. lawmakers are not pleased with the obama administration's current isis strategy and they are making no secret about it. royce says "still doesn't have strategy to get that job done and tide has not turned in terms of the growing influence of isil." citing the growth of the islamic terrorists not just in number but their spread into other countries such as libya lawmakers want answers. during a hearing on capitol hill today the presidents special envoy to counter isis brett mucgurk
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mcgurk says "at one point with more than 30000 foreign fighters from 120 countries across the world so we acted and we acted aggressively and we are now beginning to see results." but isis isn't the only terrorist group the u-s is focused on. the taliban is making a comeback in afghanistan, specifically in the helmand province where the afghan army and police are on the brink of collapse. in response the u-s is sending an infantry battalion, roughly 500 soldiers to the area. it will be the largest deployment of american troops outside major bases in afghanistan since the end of the nato combat mission in 20-14. the pentagon maintains the soldiers will be retraining, re- equipping and advising while afghan soldiers lead combat missions. herridge says : "the number of american troops in afghanistan was supposed to fall to this year." that drawdown now appears to be in doubt advocate for a larger u-s presence. in washington, catherine herridge,
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the supreme court handed president obama a setback on friday night.... delaying implementation of the e.p.a.'s plan to regulate emissions from power plants.... but the white house says america can still meet its obligations under the paris climate change agreement. shannon bream has more from washington. it's an unprecedented ruling that could have a big impact on the president's environmental legacy... the e-p-a issued new rules for the amount of carbon coal-fired plants can emit. a number of utilities and 29 states sued to keep the regulation from going into effect. a lower court refused that request - but late tuesday - the supreme court voted 5-4 to issue a temporary stay. napolitano says: "the epa is supposed to be filled with experts, scientists, people who know what they're doing, and therefore there's a presumption that what they're court effectively reversed that presumption." until all appeals are exhausted... meaning the case could very well drag into the next presidency.
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industry has been reeling from new regulations in recent years. morrisey says: "this administration time after time has extended executive actions in a manner that violate the statutes and the constitution." but the obama administration says it's going ahead with its plans to curb emissions... and says it can still meet its commitments under the recently-signed paris climate change agreement... pointing to increased support among democrats on capitol hill. johnson says: "the notion that federal regulations are not necessary because private industry would never harm the health or financial interest of the public is simply false." a federal appeals court is expected to hear oral arguments in the underlying case on june second... a ruling isn't expected until weeks - possibly months later. in washington, shannon bream, fox news after the ferguson city council voted to amend an agreement with the justice department.... attorney general loretta lynch announced today that the
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against the city - lynch says: "we made clear that our goal was to reach an agreement to avoid litigation. but we also made it clear that if there was no agreement we would be forced to go to court." the police department in ferguson, missouri has been under federal scrutiny since the death of unarmed teen michael brown 18 months ago... the city later signed an agreement with the feds, aimed at reforming their criminal justice system... but last night the city council voted to amend that agreement... city leaders say they don't have the money to make the settlement work... pointing to a budget shortfall this year of nearly three million dollars. it's likely a judge will eventually decide the outcome. michigan's governor wants to spend 195- million dollars to help the city of flint deal with the water crisis. for water and water infrastructure it's essentially 37 million dollars. for food and nutrition, it's 15 million dollars. for health and well-being, it's 63 million dollars. for water
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governor rick snyder laid out his budget proposal to the state legislature today... snyder says he wants 37-million dollars to be used for water and water infrastructure. but flint mayor karen weaver says the city needs 55-million dollars to replace the lead pipes contaminating the water. today.. she took her case to congress. "i implore you on behalf of the citizens of flint to help us restore our city and rebuild trust and confidence in our government. i submit to you that we are not disposable people." the ongoing water crisis in flint was the subject of a hearing on capitol hill today. michigan governor rick snyder was notably absent.. declining an invitation to testify. his spokesman said snyder had to deliver that budget speech to state legislators. snyder has yet to deliver public testimony on the flint crisis. congress is trying to figure out why
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remained in flint's water supply for months and what can be done to help residents. the u-s economy could face a bumpy road in the future. the federal reserve chair testified before congress today... and said she sees warning signs ahead. according to janet yellen-- there are several risks to economic growth in the u-s. borrowing costs are rising. stock prices have declined a lot so far this year and the dollar continues to strengthen against its global counterparts. yellen was also concerned about rising interest rates for riskier borrowers... and discussed the slowdown in china's economy. but it wasn't all gloom and doom. "economic growth could also exceed our projections for several reasons, including the possibility that low oil prices will boost economic growth more than we expect." she says all these factors will play a role in the fed's decision to raise
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light snow should be wrapped up by the evening commute. we'll top out around 3" of light fluffy snow in the des moines metro. clouds will begin to break up, we'll see lows in the single digits tonight. thursday will remain dry, with highs in
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cover during the day, with a weak clipper moving in late thursday, early friday. this will bring a light dusting of snow for the metro, with more possible throughout the north and northeast counties. high pressure will move in for saturday, and although skies will be sunny, highs are only expected to be in the middle teens...brr! more snow will move in early sunday, lasting throughout the day, which could bring us a couple inches of snow at least. thankfully, a warm up will come our way early next week. we could even see highs in the 40s
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iowa state's jameel mckay did not play at texas tech tonight, and mckay didn't even make the trip. he remains suspended. earlier, steve prohm showed he's thinking "big picture". cyclones red raiders isu women lose at west virginia by ten. cyclones now 4-8 in the big 12. uni panthers don't want to disappoint this young fan. missouri state better d-up jeremy morgan. too late. that's 3. 21 for morgan. then the follow by bennett cook! big bang. panthers win big, 83-69. last night, indianola honored bert hanson for coaching more than one thousand high school basketball games, most of them
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but hanson didn't do it alone. michael admire has more. bert hanson is indianola basketball. 35 years split between the boys... and the girls.. 27:10 'it feels good to know that ive started a profession that i really love and i was able to stay with it this long.' hansons coaching career started 50 years ago... hes coached more than a thousand games. still he gets his message across. john pederson/played for hanson from 1974-75 16:36 'he makes you work. he makes you block out, he makes you set the screens, pass the ball correctly.' maddie glascock/indianola senior 12:12 'he pushes you to be the best player you can possibly be.' hanson has been there through it all. he coached the late chris street, and in 2001 led the boys to its lone state title.. all along the way ken beane had the next best seat.
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always felt like i had a lot of say in what was going on.' 27:45 'all the victories or whatever... i attribute just as much to him as to what ive done myself.' every good relationship has its give it pull... its yin and yang. for more than three decades at indianola... its been hanson and beane. 18:02 'he used to get a lot of technical and he always had a clipboard... a few of them are broken now.' 24:30 'our first years, i had to grab him a few times and sometimes i missed and sometimes i didnt.' 29:00 'i think thats what helped ken and i....' their relationship has rubbed off on the kids theyve coached. its been this way from the beginning and itll stay that way until they call it quits... which wont be anytime soon. 23:39 'theres a rest home across from the middle school... we talked about how theyd probably wheel us over here and coach and they wheel us back... so we got a few more years yet before that happens.' indianola basketball wouldnt be what it is withouth hanson...
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be where hes at... without beane... in indianola michael admire. when a new coach arrives, especially after a fired coach leaves, transition bumps are inevitable. isu football coach matt campbell announces two exits from the cyclone team. campbell cuts receiver' d'vario montgomery for breaking team rules. montgomery had more than nine hundred yards and five touchdowns the past two seasons. running back joshua thomas will transfer. thomas is stuck behind breakout star mike warren. thomas had sieven touchdowns this
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so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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before we go tonight... it's not uncommon for dogs to be used as therapy animals, but at a veterans home in salt lake city, they do things a little differently. meet charlie the red kangaroo. for about a year, charlie has served as a therapy animal at william e. christoffersen veterans home. he has also taken trips to special education classes and hospice care facilities. the red kangaroo is only about a year old, but he'll soon be full grown. charlie could eventually be more than five-feet tall and weigh around 125 pounds, which unfortunately means he won't be able to stay
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y, i'm sleeping at deke's house tonight.
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