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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 9, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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white house hopefuls. the democrat and republican who walked away the winners.. fatal fire.... a des moines man dies in a house fire that police say he set himself... their failed attempts to get him out of the house to safety. school funding.. as lawmakers continue to debate education spending.. how one central iowa school district is taking matters into its own hands.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 last week it was the iowa caucuses.. today.. primary day in new hampshire.. and lines of voters stretched out the doors at many polling places.. with folks still waiting in line when the polls were supposed to close at eight o'clock eastern time. good evening. i'm lynn melling.
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white house hopefuls.. the second contest in this election cycle.. and just moments after the polls closed.. the winners were announced: bernie sanders and donald trump. sanders is hoping his strong showings in the early states will give his campaign momentum as the race moves to the south and west... areas that have supported clinton in the past. with 39% of precincts reporting... bernie sanders is at 59- percent and hillary clinton with 38- percent... but much of the attention on the republican side... is the fight for third place... john kasich coming in second - with voters also showing strong support for marco rubio, jeb bush and ted cruz... with 40% of precincts reporting... donald trump is at 34- percent, kasich is at 16-percent, and cruz has a slight lead over bush and rubio with 12-percent, the new hampshire primary process is less complicated than the iowa caucuses... but does it mean it's less accurate when picking presidents? dave price takes a look...
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hampshire these two small states get oversized attention...since they're the first two states that hold contests in the presidential primary process. but which state's better at picking presidents. let's check the history books. new hampshire's better at choosing republicans. five republicans won the new hampshire primary and later became their party's nominee for president. two...ronald reagan and george hw bush later became president. only three eventual nominees won the iowa caucuses. and just one later became w bush. it's a different story with the democrats...iowa's better five democrats won the new hampshire primary and later became the nominee. just one won the primary and actually became president...jimmy carter but check out iowa's record. six democrats who won the caucuses became the nominee...including the last three caucus winners in a row two caucus winners became president....carter and barack obama. so add them all up in
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showdown and here's what we found. new hampshire's primaries nailed ten nominees and three eventual presidents. iowa's caucuses had nine nominees and three presidents. so when it comes to picking presidents...we call it a far. tomorrow, candidates will shift their focus to south carolina... the state's republican primary is february 20th, and the democratic primary is a week later. a 48-year-old des moines man died in an overnight house fire, that police say he set himself. 22:13:48 the fire department responded and was advised that they would need to stimminent threat other than the fire to the firefighters that were responding to that call today firefighters were called to the 2500 block of 59th street around one o'clock this morning. police were
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trying to get neil johnston to come out of his house. officers say... he wouldn't budge and even threatened them with a gun. police broke out windows and tased johnston, but that didn't work either. once the fire began to burn out of control, they had to back out of the house. 22:13:01 it was a very dangerous situation. those officers were very brave. they did the best they could and unfortunately it just wasn't enough to convince him to come out of the home 10 the initial calls to police were for a disturbance.. the cause of the fire and the circumstances surrounding johnston's death are still under investigation. one person was hurt in a fire at the ames power plant this morning.. officials say... the fire started in a unit holding garbage that was scheduled to be burned... one worker was treated at mary greeley medical center but officials say the injuries were not serious. after 24 hours, interstate-35 between ames and clear lake is back open but road conditions are still far from ideal. dozens of vehicles and semis litter the road way... and high winds are still
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near the boondocks exit, at mile marker 144.... in the last day and a half, the iowa state patrol responded to 141 calls for service along the 80-mile stretch. that includes, 29 accidents.. seven with injuries.. even though the interstate is back open, travel is still not advised. the roads are clearing up... but the blustery weather conditions persisted today.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. hi brett.. the winds have settled down a bit but boy is it cold! temperatures will hold in the teens with wind chills in the single digits. clouds build back in tomorrow with light snow through mid day. only about one inch of snow is
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while lawmakers continue to fight about school funding... an iowa school district has taken matters into its own hands...
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bondurant-farrar is making progress without the help of state funding... the constant battle over education funding is wearing on school districts across the state... 'we are optimistic and hopefull they can come to an equitable and quick solution...but right now... senate democrats and house republicans are over 80 million dollars apart so the bondurant-farrar school district cut lawmakers out of the picture... 'the bonding funds are one thing the community has control over....'on february 2nd district residents passed a 21 million dollar bond referrendum with 80 percent voting in favor... 'for them to recognize our need and support us that really meant a lot.'the bond will increase property taxes on a 200,000 dollar home by 84 dollars but provide support where its needed most 'things are definitely tight at the high school, we are at capacity there.'15 to 20 classrooms will be built onto the high schools northwest side and additonal space will also be added to morris elementary school built a year ago but near capacity... 'it has 3 main academic wings,
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additional spacing and potentially a gymnasium for programming.'the need is vital, the district is one of the fastest growing in the state and has increased by 72 percent since the fall of 2006... 'for them to be assured they have a spot, a desk and correct science labs, instructional space, and correct fine arts space...' 'the high school will no longer have to use the middle schools auditorium...instead theyll just come down the hall to here on the southeast side where there will be a 720 seat auditorium...' 'we take a lot of pride in our facilities and this is just the next step in the process.'steps that wont require waiting for bipartisan support at the capitol...just bulldozers and construction teams... 'to know our community is behind us, to know that things that are happening, although we have our
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positive about the impact we are having with our students.' lynn groundbreaking on the high school's addition is expected to begin next fall...the district plans to wait until 20-17 to begin construction at morris elementary school... bill nye "the science guy" will speak at drake university in april. the university announced today the scientist and tv show host will speak as part of the bucksbaum lecture series. the lecture is scheduled for 7 p-m on thursday, april 14th at the knapp center... it is free and open to the public. drake said nye will hold a book signing for his most recent book "unstoppable: harnessing science to change the world." nye will give the 36th installment of the bucksbaum lecture series. past speakers have included poet maya angelou and president jimmy carter. unlocking your full potential with a simple pill. that's what happens on the hit show limitless. but there's actually a drug some claim is a real-life "limitless" pill...
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doctors are saying about the pills side effects.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer.
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paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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call it the perfect pill. a drug that could make you smarter, never sleepy and able to do the things you only dream of doing. that premise plays out every week on the cbs show "limitless".. but tonight...we've got the story of a real drug that, some say, really can unlock your potential. just imagine it...a pill that you could take to make you smarter, more focused...never sleepy...a drug that could unlock your limitless potential with no side effects. its a seductive idea. "i don't think there's a person who want to spend more time with their family, more time at home and get the same amount of work done and have no consequences from it." the idea of a brain enhancing drug is at the center of the cbs show limitless. the fictional drug called...nzt produces genius level intelligence...and super human remembering every book and every event in your life. but how far is the tv show from reality? "it really is like a miracle, you do feel
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than you did prior to it." becky radford is taking the drug that some call the closest thing to the real life "limitless pill" it's called modafinil. it's approved by the fda to treat sleep disorders...which is why becky takes it. but new research shows other benefits that sound incredible....becky says it changed her life. "it was amazing, it was like a miracle drug because i was awake, i was alert." "i'm able to be with my family, i'm able to go out with my friends, i'm able to continue working and driving." a research study by oxford university produces results that started the science buzzing about the cognitive benefits of modafinil. they found quote "24 studies dealing with different benefits associated with taking modafinil, including planning and decision making, flexibility, learning and memory, and creativity." "it's very appealing to the population to take a drug that helps you focus, helps your memory." dr. cindy bodkin is a neurologist who prescribes
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patients at the iu methodist sleep disorders clinic. she admits her patients see dramatic least initially. "they feel like when they first take the drug, it's like wow! i can't believe how good i feel." but dr. bodkin says that effect wears off with time....and modafinil does have side effects for those with mental health or heart issues. she also warns research on the drug was done on sleep disorder patients... not healthy subjects who had no reason to take the drug. "what i don't just getting a bette night's sleep may improve our memory and focusing just as much or may more than modafinil." as much as she loves modafinil, becky radford admits she hasn't seen any of the benefits made famous in the tv show. "i definitely don't remember every image i come across or remember every book i've read, those things haven't happened to me." its not just modafinil that promises limitless effects. supplements sold on the internet with names like addium and optimind claim they enhance your brain power too.....but doctors say believe the hype. "if we can accomplish more with
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taking a simple pill, that's a lot easier than going to to the gym and getting eight hours sleep." doctors say even if its not a real-life limitless drug...modafinil represents that real desire to find some short-cut to a smarter, better more limitless you. "we all want that magical drug" modafinil isn't cheap...most insurance doesn't cover it...and modafinil isn't cheap...most insurance doesn't cover it...and it costs about 30 dollars a pill. but there's also a black market that
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it without a prescription.
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it will be a quiet and cold evening across central iowa. skies will remain partly cloudy with winds still breezy from the northwest at 5 to 15 mph. temperatures will drop to the single digits with wind chills as low as -10 by morning. clouds return on wednesday, as does a chance for light snow. the snow will start mid-morning and will continue through mid- afternoon. approximately an inch will fall across central iowa. there will be another lull in the action on thursday, but a couple more quick shots of snow are possible through the end of the week and weekend. early friday morning , some flurries are possible and then a heavier snow with a few inches is possible saturday night into sunday. temperatures return the the 30s
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coming up -- the sweet treat you can find in wisconsin on this fat tuesday.. but first -- fill 'er up.. where gas prices stand tonight.. and what experts are predicting for
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we don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's. we serve wild-caught, north atlantic cod. this cod grows in water that is cold, clean and pristine, full of flavorful nutrients, and that comes through in the fish. this is the way we ship it to your restaurants.
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so not only do we use the highest quality cod, but we still hand-batter it the old-fashioned way. that's remarkable. and we think we get the best fish filet sandwich because of that. this is the best fish sandwich in america. "welcome to delicious!" stocks on wall street closed little changed on tuesday. the s&p 500 closed off by a point, the dow closed off 12 points. and the nasdaq ended the day down 16 points the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is down to a dollar-74. that's the cheapest it's been since january of 2009. for the cheapest gas in the nation you have to head to oklahoma city. a 7-eleven there is selling it for one dollar and 11-cents a gallon. triple-a says crude oil inventories are at their highest level for this time of year in almost eight decades. and gas prices are likely to
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the near term - unless there's a major disruption in supply. toyota's scion brand is recalling about twenty eight thousand f-r-s sports cars in the u-s. this because drivers can take the keys out of the ignition without the car being in park. the recall covers cars with automatic transmissions from the 2013 through 2016 model years. toyota says in some cases, the mechanism that holds the key may not have been connected before delivery. that makes it possible to remove keys while the cars are in gear, which could increase the risk of cars rolling away unexpectedly. toyota dealers will check the key lock and make repairs as needed. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- budget battle.. why critics are pronouncing president obama's newly-released budget plan dead on arrival in congress. i'm keith murphy... coming up,
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huge turn-out.. voters came out e out in droves across new hampshire today.. another look at the second presidential contest of this election season.. cold war.. sobering words from top defense and intelligence officials today... on the state of global affairs.. the threat assessment facing the united states.. and how it stacks up to the last 50 years.. fat tuesday.. it's the big party before the big fast.. from the traditional celebration in new orleans.. to a famous pastry in wisconsin.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 no major surprises on election day... bernie sanders and donald trump winning the new hampshire presidential primary... now the question is - will the candidates who fell short continue their campaigns? joel waldman has more from
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it was a big night as predicted for bernie sanders and donald trump... but the race for second place crowded republican field. after months of leading in the first in the nation primary tonight.... staying on message following a key victory in the granite state: trump says: "it's very simple, it's a theme we have - it's make america great again. and we're gonna make america great again." the second slot... john kasich coming in second - with voters also showing strong support for marco rubio and ted cruz... chris christie and jeb bush not finding the bump they were hoping for.... it's likely they'll now face renewed pressure from the republican establishment to drop out of the race - and throw their support to either rubio or kasich. rubio says: "we're gonna leave here with more delegates then we came in, then move on to south carolina and continue to build as we get into the other states." and in the two-person democratic race - bernie sanders with a win over hillary clinton... he's hoping his strong showings in the early states will give his campaign
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areas that have supported clinton in the past: clinton says; "i'm gonna just keep doing what i've done my entire life - gonna keep showing folks they can count on me, and we're gonna make real progress together. and there's no rest for the weary, most of the republican candidates heading to south carolina tomorrow to campaign there... and sanders heading to new york for a meeting with reverend al sharpton. in manchester, joel waldman, fox news. one of the major issues in new hampshire -- and all across the nation this election year -- is national security. today -- congress received a chilling reality check -- about the threats facing this country -- inside this country. catherine herridge reports. the annual worldwide threat hearings offered a sobering assessment. clapper says: "in my 50-plus years in the intelligence business i cannot recall a more diverse array of challenges and crises that we confront as we do today." clapper told the senate panel that north korea restarted a plutonium reactor as well as is
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capacity. and last weekend fired a rocket. clapper says: "it is also committed to developing a long range nuclear arms missile that is capable of posing a direct threat to the us." with the coordinated assault in paris, and the terrorist attack in san bernardino a month later, lawmakers were told isis leadership is laying the ground work to strike with its own operatives inside the us. mccain says: "isn't it already proven that mr. baghdadi is sending people with this flow of refugees that are terrorists" clapper says: "that's correct." despite the us led bombing campaign, witnesses testified that isis is now the preeminent global terrorist threat, with a presence in 8 countries, and a new base in north africa. brennan says: "we see libya as the most important theater for isil outside of the syria iraq theater." al qaeda affiliates in syria and yemen remain lethal, and poised to make gains. the newly signed nuclear deal, that lifts decades' old economic sanctions, has created openings for iran. stewart says: "in the long term, i fully expect that they will invest
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the rest of their military capabilities." with russia's aggressive posture in the ukraine, and intervention in syria, clapper issued a warning. clapper says: "we could be into another cold war-like spiral here." the republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says the obama administration is on the verge of taking action in libya. in an interview with politico, senator bob corker didn't say what the white frame. the united nations is demanding turkey open its borders to thousands of syrian refugees -- who are escaping the country's civil war. the u-n is warning the refugees that have amassed at turkey's will soon be cut off from humanitarian aid due to russian and syrian welcomed more than two million syrian refugees -- but has kept a key border crossing closed for days. a charity in
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tents on the syrian side -- to provide stranded refugees with temporary shelter. al-shareef says: "we have a bakery which can provide 100-thousand bread daily. it is working now with full capacity. and we have a kitchen can provide 50-thousand hot meals daily. it is working now but we don't provide the full 50-thousand, we are providing almost the half." the charitable group runs about ten shelters along the syrian border. president barack obama released the final budget proposal of his presidency today.. a just over four trillion dollar tax and spending plan that would boost federal government spending by five percent. donovan says: "this budget is not about looking back, it's about looking forward. it's about choosing investments, as josh has said, that not only make us stronger today, but enable us to make the kind of progress toward the kind of
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among the administration's priorities will be increased budgets for the centers for disease control and prevention... as well as substantial investments in infrastructure and transportation and cyber security... white house officials say that while there are some priorities congress doesn't share, there is plenty of bipartisan agreement in the proposal.. some republicans say.. not so fast.. wicker says: "his final budget as president of the united states, has arrived with a resounding thud here in the congress of the united states." also today.. president obama called on congressional lawmakers to fund a sweeping 19 billion dollar cybersecurity initiative... the good times are rolling in new orleans. the city hosted its annual mardi gras festivities tuesday. thousands lined the streets for the parades that are expected to go well into the night. revelers will eat... drink... dance and catch the traditional beads. also on this fat tuesday... folks are filling up on sweet treats before the
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paczki .trig's stores across wisconsin have already sold 17-thousand of the polish pastries. the jelly-filled delicacy is said to have religious origins... it was supposedly eaten by those prepping to partake in lent-- the forty- day catholic fast. one bakery manager has watched paczki fly off the shelves for 18 years. "it's just fun to see every year how many more we can sell and the different things we can do with them and how many people really look forward to them. we hear it as soon as christmas is over, 'when are you going to have the pazckis out?'" paczki is only sold during the two weeks before lent each year. the winds have settled down a bit but boy is it cold! temperatures will hold in the teens with wind chills in the single digits. clouds build back in tomorrow with light snow through mid day. only about one inch of snow is expected on wednesday.
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it will be a quiet and cold evening across central iowa. skies will remain partly cloudy with winds still breezy from the northwest at 5 to 15 mph. temperatures will drop to the single digits with wind chills as low as -10 by morning. clouds return on wednesday, as does a chance for light snow. the snow will start mid-morning and will continue through mid- afternoon. approximately an inch will fall across central iowa. there will be another lull in the
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shots of snow are possible through the end of the week and weekend. early friday morning , some flurries are possible and then a heavier snow with a few inches is possible saturday night into sunday. temperatures return the the 30s and 40s early next week. ad lib weather toss back and
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it's been a rough conference season for drake, and now here comes wichita state. ray giacoletti knows he has his hands full tonight. 2nd half battling uphill. reed
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glass. 20 for timmer. but the dogs are down 20. the shockers are top 25 for a reason. shaq morris inside. lead up to 24. then outside to the all-american fred van vleet. buries the 3. wichita state rolls 74-48. the first place hawkeyes head to indiana thursday night. the hoosiers are unbeaten at home, but iowa did win in bloomington last march. hawkeyes and hoosiers thursday night. here's why it matters. check the big ten standings, iowa alone at the top at 10-1. maryland right behind with 2
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from class 1a, the panorama slamorama. aaron klinge to levi leiferman to gabe richey for a bring the house down dunk. richey is 6 feet in sneakers, so he shows off major hops. great ball movement too.panorama beats ogden. the iowa energy don't play many morning games, but when they do, they need a jolt. and talk about energy... try 7 thousand kids on a field trip. local school kids making noise at the energy's education celebration game. iowa hosting the westchester knicks. terry whisnant gives the crowd something to cheer. three pointer is good. more energy from the stands, and on the court... james ennis, steps, shoots, money from deep. ennis had 25
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energy now takes a few days off for the nba d league all star game. the iowa wild take over wells fargo arena friday night, and it won't be just another game. it's the annual pink in the rink game. the wild help raise awareness of breast cancer, and raise money for the right. $65 thousand dollars the past two years. it's personal for wild head coach john torchetti. torchetti's sister has beaten cancer three times, his father currently has cancer. torch and the wild host the
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friday night at wells fargo arena. fair to say bronco fans are pretty excited about winning the super bowl. hundreds of thousands of bronco fans rallied, most of them wearing orange. denver officials estimated the rally and parade crowd at more than one million people, up several hundred thousand from the previous time
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before we go tonight... if an an elephant represents the republican party... ...and a donkey represents the democratic party... ......we're not sure which party this animal represents:
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polling station in pelham, new hampshire. police say the pig weighed more than six-hundred pounds. it made its way to a high school, where residents of pelham were parking as they went to cast their ballots. police say the pig belongs to a local farmer, who came and retrieved the animal. it's not clear for which candidate the pig was trying to vote. thanks for joining us. have
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