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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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next on the news at nine... blizzard like conditions across the state today.. when the weather will calm down.. and when it will warm up..
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program at a central iowa college has come under fire.. of funds.. and how the school is responding.. gun debate.. lawmakers at the statehouse are once silencers.. the arguments from both supporters and opponents... cashing in... an investment that's clearly paid off for this young millionaire. why his days of raking in the dough numbered. from who h-d iowa's high channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 multiple car crashes and poor visibility shut down interstate 35 north
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good evening... i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. wind gusts of up to 50 miles-per-hour have been reported across the state, greatly impacting driving conditions. and while the snow is tapering off tonight.. the temperatures are staying put-- let's go straight to meteorologist brett mcintyre with a first look at the forecast...hi brett! strong winds and blowing snow led to whiteout conditions and bad driving weather across northern iowa today. tonight the winds are slightly lighter, but blowing snow will still be an issue tonight at times. temperatures get very cold with single digit temperatures and wind chills below zero. tomorrow will still be breezy, but we should see more sunshine.
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a woman was killed in a house
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'when the call came into 911 one of my lieutenants and one of my deputies were first on the scene they went up and tried to enter the residence but much that they couldnt get in.' firefighters say 79-year old ronald henning made it out of the house... but his 77-year old wife patricia was trapped inside. firefighters focused on putting time they got inside it was too late. patricia henning died of her injuries at the hospital. ronald henning is hospitalized in the burn unit in iowa city. officials say the fire was difficult to fight because of its rural location and water tankers had to be brought in. the cause is still under investigation. a decision to boost a growing program has caused outrage from alumni at simpson college... opponents say it not only promotes guns on campus but its against the same religious beliefs that the college was founded on... justin surrency explains why the school is moving forward anyway...
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simpson college president jay simmons says the shooting sports program is gaining popularity... 'were hopefull this might be one factor that makes simpson a more attractive option in the future.'but a proposal aiming to hire a full time coach for the program with over 30 members has sparked frustration from alumni who believe school funds should go towar and not the shooting sports program ... 'we have a great group of alums and friends of the college who are concerned that the college always make the right decision.'the online petition began january 27th and has nearly 200 signatures .... including former iowa u-s-senator john culver for whom the colleges public policy center is named after... a statement from petition co-creater rebecca bentzinger said the petition urged the college to not 'sanction a program that proposes to add shooting to the curriculum with the hiring of a coach.' they also questioned a recent 10,000 donation to the club from a gun lobbying group called the national shooting sports foundation...
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this would place simpson outside of the beliefs of the united methodist church.' 'we reviewed the relevant parts of the book of discipline and the resolutions of the united methodist church.' 'we felt as though those resolutions were in keeping with what some of our fellow colleges are doing with similar programs.'on friday the board of trustees voted to go forward... 'given the fact the same program is available at 150 colleges and universities including harvard, yale, middlebury and dozen other united methodist affiliated colleges we decided there was no real conflict...president simmons also believes the program will not put students or staff in harms way.... 'what we are talking about is a very controlled environment where the equipment is stored off any of the academic areas of the campus and any of the residential areas of the campus...'while the move to go forward may anger some, president simmons says it just shows that people
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'we have a group of alums that are very passionate about simpson college and we are greatful for that passion and that interest.' simpson college expects to hire a full time coach soon... a petition in favor of the "simpson college shooting sports club" began last monday february first and has already received more than 2200 signatures iowa gun owners are pushing to legalize suppressors... also known as silencers. 01:39:28 they're valuable hearing protection. there are a lot of misnomers about the way that they work hollywood perception is that it literally silences a firearm when in reality they knock down the noise signature by approximately 25 percent 43 it's legal for hunters and sports shooters to use suppressors in 41 coalition is working with lawmakers on a bill that would allow that here. the measure cleared the house judiciary committee. but critics say this is a bad move... especially at a time
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is on the rise. 01:36:23 i oppose the bill because it is very broadly written and certainly encompasses more than sports shooting and i have grave concerns about the breadth of the bill 34 supporters hope the bill will go to a full house vote in the next few weeks. last year, a similar measure to legalize suppressors passed the house, but stalled in the senate. state lawmakers have started branstad over his plan to overhaul the state's medicaid system. the governor wants to privatize the four billion dollar system....which he claims could save taxpayers millions of dollars a year. a bipartisan senate sub-committee met this afternoon and agreed to approve a bill that would repeal the governor's plan. the full senate plans to take up the bill later this week. senators say they're concerned with what private, managed care would do to the nearly 560-thousand iowans who rely on medicaid. david johnson...5050 people with disabilities. that's really important to me and in my
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culture of recognizing in northwest iowa that these people especially have dignity and they have privacy." governor branstad declined to say whether he'd veto the bill. the federal government has already delayed the implementation of the governor's changes...saying iowa's replacement system was not ready. there's much more to come tonight.. coming up next.. cashing in on fantasy sports... a safe bet.. or a high risk venture? how one man turned it into his life's work... and why some argue these fantasy sites should be shut down entirely. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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22:24-28 'i had a touchdown overturned in week 4. 32-34 'it ended up costing me 1.5 million dollars. is it a game of chance or game of skill? weekly fantasy football leagues are more popular than ever. but now they could be in jeopardy as the debate grows about the legality of the game. no doubt you've seen the commercials for fantasy leagues like
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colorado man has become a millionaire at 26 years old by playing on these sites. but now legal challenges surrounding fantasy sports are piling up. keagan harsha breaks down both sides of the growing debate. at first glance -- it looks like any other office....
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it? jennings says turning what happens on the field... into fantasy gold on his computer screen - isn't as easy as you might think. he compares it to picking stocks. half of standup shot on fb other field... other half me appearing on computer screen 2:01-08 theyre very similar. im a risk reward guy and instead of investing in the stock market d certain mpanies, im investing in hletes.'nn sits behind this computer 10 to 15 hours a day ring football ason. tweang formulas - and alyzing stats. 50-53 'im doing research ally. iave models and programs cover this with shots of screen a skill he said he's had to learn.
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to the contrary, wed like to be involved in providing this product as well. six states - including nevada -- have now blocked the games. nats casinos and just last week colorado filed suit against several fantasy sites. the state alleges some employees used insider information to gain an advantage over unsuspecting paying customers. sports bar nats draft kings and fan duel also sponsor some of their biggest winners - winners like peter jennings. peter jennings:10:57-11 'youre sponsored by draft kings. do you think thats a conflict of interest?' 'ive certainly been asked that before but the big thing is im just a content creator. cut out middle 'i do stuff on espn and i do videos and i have no access to any operational data. and then there are questions about the cozy relationships professional sports teams themselves have with fantasy sites. 28 of the nfls 32 teams have investments or partnerships with fan duel or draft kings. that includes the broncos. 15:17-19 theres just a lot of money to be made cover this with shots of draft king signs in stadium even though many of the players hate fantasy sports. broncos running back cj anderson is one of many players who have been criticized online - for coming up short on the 'vitual' playing field. 01-16 whats real is what we do every day on that fb field and i just try and
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trying to help your team win but for players like jennings - this is very real. a few fantasy points - can mean a huge difference - when it comes to a paycheck. 22:24-28 'i had a touchdown overturned in week 4. 32-34 'it ended up costing me 1.5 million dollars. its pretty crazy. the smallest things.' just another sunday at the office -- nats 26:44-47 "gurley, gurley, gurley, gurley, oh you idiot." for one of colorado's fantasy sports millionaires... ...never work a day in your life jennings admits it's a scary time for guys like him who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a week playing fantasy sports... he says if they are outlawed in colorado, he would have to move... and that is something he does not
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ed ad lib weather tease on set scattered snow showers with blowing snow will continue through the evening. the wind will still be gusty, but not as strong as it was earlier today. wind gusts will be in the 30 to 35 mph range. temperatures will drop to the single digits with wind chills staying below zero. tomorrow it will stay cold with highs only in the teens. we will see the clouds break up a bit with some sunshine. there snow again early in the day on wednesday. that could bring a quick 1 to 2" of snow across the state. temperatures return to the 20s and 30s by the weekend.
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coming up -- big pay day.. how much is the c-e-o of google worth.. and what's the bottom line of some
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welcome back... it's no secret that it takes a lot of moolah to run for president... but just how much? greg jarrett tells us how much candidates are worth... stocks rocking...again. the dow plunging more than 400 points before clawing back late in the trading day. but all the major markets still ending down more than one percent on new worries of a possible global recession. inthe meantime - we now know how much all the presidential candidates are worth? a new report saying the average candidate running for the white house has nearly 230-million dollars in total assets.... donald trump as you probably can guess tops the list with bernie sanders at the very bottom. and if you google... "big pay day for a ceo"... google's chief executive will likely pop up.... because the company is awarding
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200 million bucks in stock. but he needs to stay with google for at least three years to collect it all. i'd stay for that. and if you're planning to celebrate valentine's day... listen to this.. with americans planning to dish out an average of 147 smackers on their sweethearts... san francisco just getting named the number one place to spend it. the survey looking at things like the number of valentine activities in the area, along with the cost and weather. that's a look at business. i'm gregg jarrett there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- chipotle re-opens its doors after holding food safety seminars for employees in restaurants across the nation... how the company is trying to bounce back... and what food safety experts have to say... fighting zika.. how much money
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to spend on combating the zika virus.. it's strategy.. to stop the spread super bowl.. how the 50th super bowl stacked up to years past.. and how high the price climbed for those highly anticipate ads.. round two.. the iowa caucuses are in the rearview mirror.. what the run-up to the new hampshire primary looks like.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 health officials are answering questions on zika from the white house as the obama administration requests more than 1.8 billion dollars in emergency funding to combat the virus... the administration is ramping up the fight against zika, asking congress for money to combat the virus spreading throughout the americas...with people on the mainland becoming ill and u-s territories part of active transmission zones.
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house with more. the white house takes aim at the zika virus, asking congress for more than 1-point-8 billion in emergency funding to fight it. puerto rico, the u-s virgin islands, and american samoa are among the thirty countries and territories where the c-d-c says active transmissions are taking place. mosquito bites have not caused any of the cases in the u-s, but, that could change. the specific type of mosquito which carries virus is common in florida and in states bordering mexico. schuchat says: "..the mosquito that spreads zika virus is an aggressive daytime biter. it lives outside and inside the home and it can be pretty hard to control it." while many people don't experience any symptoms, there's evidence that the virus is tied to birth defects in brazil. zika can also be sexually transmitted, so the c-d-c is urging pregnant women to stay away from affected areas, and advising their male partners who've visited trouble spots to use extra caution. schuchat says: "..people returning from zika affected areas whether they've had symptoms or not should take precautions in
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vaccine development is already underway, with a phase-one trial expected to start by the end of summer. but it will likely take a years for a widely available vaccine to be ready. fauci says: "..people say a vaccine won't be ready for 3-5 years, that's true if you're talking about dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's and getting an fda absolutely approved safe and effective vaccine, but when you're in an emergency situation i think we can move much more quickly than that." now this 1-point-8 billion dollar request is separate from the fiscal year budget that president obama will submit to congress, tomorrow. at the white house, kristin fisher, fox news. dozens of people hurt--- several critically injured--- after a bus overturns in madison, connecticut. investigators say the bus was on riding on the northbound lanes of i-95 near exit 61--- when it lost control and overturned. investigators say about sixty people were on the bus at the time of the crash.
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walk off the bus on their own--- but dozens more had to be pulled out of the bus by rescuers several of the passengers pulled out are in critical condition. officials say it was snowing in the area at the time of the crash-- and the roads were slick. as of right now investigators don't know if weather played a role in the accident. chipotle re-opened its doors after closing all its restaurants today for a food safety inservice... the mexican food chain's headquarters in denver showed an educational video at 100 locations around the country so its thousands of employees could watch and learn. this following several outbreaks of food borne illnesses of norovirus, salmonella, and e coli, which sickened more than 500 people from boston to seattle. gastroenterologist and food pathogen expert doctor carl crawford, says that organic foods, such as those used by chipotle, lack some chemicals that can help protect food from contagion. but with 48 million illnesses resulting from tainted food each year, crawford says it's wrong to place the blame primarily on fast food. crawford says: "although we are very quick to blame a fast food chain,
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lots of restaurants that exist that you don't have access to what is going on, you know, behind the counter." dr. crawford says when we eat out we should make sure all surfaces are clean, workers are wearing gloves and headgear, and that no one is sick behind the counter. the biggest game night of the year just celebrated its 50th year. over the last half century, super bowl sunday has grown into america's consistently most-watched sporting event... ...gaining more and more viewers, and fetching higher and higher ad prices for host networks. and last night, the n-f-l delivered once again. reid binion reports. nats "denver wins!" super bowl 50 was a close game... until nearly the end.... ...serving up a euphoric victory for the broncos... nats fans ... an excruciating - and bitter defeat the panthers... "it's just really sad... i hope you're happy, goodell, that's what i have to say."and for denver's peyton manning - now the oldest starting super bowl quarterback in history... the big game may have delivered a perfect ending... "thank you very much. go
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his future... "not making an emotional decision one way or the other." "like i said i'm going to kind of enjoy tonight, take it one step at a time." ...but if this was his last game, he couldn't have scripted it better. as always, the game was about much more than just tackles and touch downs half-time was a star-powered musical blow-out... coldplay plus ..beyonce... "ok ladies now let's get in formation."...and another super bowl half-time veteran - bruno mars... "fellas, let's get this stadium high lights from fifty years worth of half-time shows. and of course, there were the high-concept, high dollar commercials.... one commercial in particular raised eyebrows... "he's eating doritos, at my ultrasound." ...."ultrasound" -- by australian filmmaker peter carstairs - was the winner of the doritos ad contest... another big winner sunday night - c-b- s.... charging the highest amount for commercial time in super bowl history... 5 million dollars for 30 seconds.
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democrats and republicans are hitting the trail in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's primary... making last-minute pleas for support ahead of what is expected and bernie sanders. fox news correspondent joel waldman has more from manchester, new hampshire. republicans attacking marco rubio...and the two democrats ...attacking each other... as voters here in new hampshire prepare to hit the polls. donald trump stepping up his campaign schedule in the granite state, hoping to solidify his lead among republicans... but the focus is turning to who will come in second... jeb bush, john kasich, and chris christie - all governors or former governors - now stepping up their attacks on marco rubio... hoping to stop his momentum as the "establishment" candidate: christie says: "i'm the person most ready to take on hillary clinton, i'm the person most ready to be president of the united states. senator rubio proved - he's not ready." rubio - staying off the attack for the most part... trying to keep his message positive in the home stretch. rubio says: "we're blessed to have a very talented field, it's just made for a messy and competitive process in the short term, but in the
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well." meanwhile on the democratic side... bernie sanders still holds a strong lead in most polls... but hillary clinton isn't backing down... attacking sanders' credibility as he tries to solidify his populist image. sanders says: "our job is not to accept what the establishment told us is the way it is supposed to be!" clinton says: "i was kind of day...senator sanders took about 200-thousand dollars from wall street firms." most polls open tomorrow morning at six-a-m but a handful of small towns - including dixville notch - will hold their votes at midnight. in manchester, joel waldman, fox news. there's no crying in politics... unless you are a first-time voter and get a hug from your favorite candidate. republican presidential candidate senator marco rubio held a rally in hudson, new hampshire yesterday. afterwards, he met with his taking pictures, and bringing them to tears... literally. eighteen-year-old courtney kaufman from westchester, new york was at the rally campaigning for
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classmates. so when the florida senator comes over to the group and gives kaufman a hug, you can hear her scream and break down into tears of joy. when asked about her shared moment with her favorite candidate, kaufman said the senator's "good looks" were just an "added bonus." .""it's like how i felt about one direction three years ago." kaufman was one of 115 students from her high school in new hampshire campaigning for the florida senator. strong winds and blowing snow led to whiteout conditions and bad driving weather across northern iowa today. tonight the winds are slightly lighter, but blowing snow will still be an issue tonight at times. temperatures get very cold with single digit temperatures and wind chills below zero. tomorrow will still be sunshine. temperatures will continue to stay in the teens.
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scattered snow showers with blowing snow will continue through the evening. the wind will still be gusty, but not as strong as it was earlier today. wind gusts will be in the 30 to 35 mph range.
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drop to the single digits with wind chills staying below zero. tomorrow it will stay cold with highs only in the teens. we will see the clouds break up a bit with some sunshine. there snow again early in the day on wednesday. that could bring a quick 1 to 2" of snow across the state. temperatures return to the 20s and 30s by the weekend. anyone who leaves the comfort of
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anyone who leaves the comfort of their he n et ih
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is a real fan. feels like zero, until you step inside the heated rivlr o dsone nol at des moines roosevelt. 1st q. riders running. gatdor kueth, layup good on the break. 1 point game early. more from the riders. inside to e tn nte 2 inside. riders back up 1. lincoln fires back. zach edwards, open in the corner. buries the 3. 1. more from downtown. jacob perk helpin lincol heat up on a cold night. but roosevelwth bi 4huarter wins 54-44 isu basketball coach steve prohm met with starting etrjmel mcay today. prohm suspended mckay indefinitely last week, but mckay tweeted, "one game". prohm welcomed mckay back to cyclone practice, but says he won't play wednesday at texas
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mckay won big 12 defensive player of the year last year, but he's been, at tim, isb upt over his role this year. and on more than one occasion, the emotional mckay has complained on social media.sdy,he apologized. quote: "we all make mistakes will never define who i am as a person. can't promise to be perfect but always to give my all. apologies to all fans, supporters, coaching staff, family, and most importantly my teammates. love you all. good apology. cyclones will play texas tech without mckay wednesday night. that remains a winnable road game for isu. sports illustrated has a new
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the iowa hawkeyes. a-p ranks iowa fourth. the hawkeyes have lost just once in nearly two months, and that was at #2 maryland. iowa had no problem at illinois sunday. the hawks won by 12, and the outcome was never in doubt. this is a steady team with four senior starters. iowa at indiana thursday night. big game for the hawkeyes. here's why: check the big ten standings, iowa alone at the top at 10-1. maryland right behind with 2 losses. indiana falls a game back after losing at
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before we g o tonight... the votes are in. the columbus zoo's baby polar bear officially has a name: it's nora! the name was chosen in a public online vote, which attracted participants from 115 counties. nora is a combination of her parents' names... nanuq and
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thanks for joining us. have
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