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early tomorrow...and it's bringing a blizzard warning along with it good evening thanks for joining us. i'm dave price. the snow is not expected to amount to a lot. but the winds that come with it...could make it very difficult to see outside. meteorologist amber alexander has a first look at our forecast. the iowa democratic party has
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iowa caucus night results... those errors turned the closest candidate finish ever... even closer... the party said today - they found errors in the final results in five of over 1600 total caucus precincts... but
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the democratic party still doesn't change which candidate won. but you can see how close it is... the new results show hillary clinton on top with 49 point 84 percent of the state delegate equivalents.. bernie sanders had 49 point 59 percent. some are calling for changes to how democrats caucus because of the problems and confusion from caucus night... new hampshire holds the next major contest...with its primary on tuesday. clinton has been trailing badly to sanders in new hampshire - but she left that state to visit flint, michigan today. flint's water supply is contaminated with lead...which has made families sick. s/ hillary clinton / presidential candidate :18"this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both. what
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the children of flint are just as precious as the children in any other part of america." clinton has argued the crisis in because the city is poor and its residents are largely african-american. meanwhile...sanders is pushing back against allegations that he doesn't have enough foreign policy credentials to become president of the united states. it is not just experience that matters. it is judgment and i think that we have the judgment, in terms of what we should do with isis right now, that we should learn the lesson of the iraq war, which i vigorously opposed, which means that we cannot, chuck, do it alone. " and sanders and clinton will debate in flint, michigan next month. the democratic national committee debate will air on c-n-n. it takes place two
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michigan and mississippi primaries.. and it's part of a broader deal reached by clinton and sanders to add more dnc-sanctioned presidential primary debates to the schedule. the dnc chair had blocked previous requests to add more debates. new hampshire's primary is big for both democrats. but it's also a chance for republicans to slow ted cruz's momentum after winning in iowa... jeremy roth explains how candidates are preparing for the big day... less than 24 hours from being on the debate stage, candidates are back to canvassing the granite state for more supporters. in a recent poll of likely republican primary voters ...the winner of the republican iowa caucuses, ted cruz placed third.. marco rubio bumped up to second place. and donald trump came in first.. presidential candidate "i picked up a lot of delegates in iowa and in new hampshire i think i'm
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relationship between the vets and all of the people in new hampshire. they just seem to be very positive for me. rubio says he plans to stick with the same approach he used in iowa. presidential candidate "same strategy in new hampshire. we want to get as many people to vote for me as possible. and we'll keep moving forward."the same cnn/ wmur poll for likely democratic primary voters ..shows senator bernie sanders leading with 58 percent... compared to 35 percent for hillary clinton. presidential candidate "when we began this campaign here in new hampshire, we were 30 points down in the polls..."despite sanders' significant lead, clinton remains optimistic about tuesday's turnout. presidential candidate "i love the nh primaries. i love it because the interactions you have with voters in every setting is so rewarding... butt sot "i don't know what's going to happen. i know i'm behind but i'm in very good spirits about that because i love the process"i'm jeremy roth reporting. des moines police have ruled out any criminal wrong doing in the death of a well known metro business leader...who fell from a downtown
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former principal financial ceo david hurd died yesterday afternoon. hurd was 86 and died after falling from the plaza condominiums complex at 300 walnut street... he lived there with his wife. in a statement sent to us today, the police department said...quote... "with respect to his close friends and family, we will reserve further comment until the investigation joins the rest of the community with mourning the loss of a respected community leader." katy-did's general store is a mainstay in the small town of bussey.. coming up after the break... why the state says the store may have to close... and what customers are doing to make sure it doesn't for nearly two decades a corner
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with the future of that store now in question...jodi whitworth shows
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supporters have set up a go fund me page to raise money for the store. they're also holding a fundraising concert at gym's bar on february 19 - th
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super bowl sunday is the 2nd largest day of food consumption in the u-s, only behind thanksgiving. 28-million pounds of chips and over 1- billion chicken wings are consumed.
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holiday. oh, and there's a game too. super bowl 50. broncos and panthers. this game about to go final. denver leading right now . bronco defense dominant all night long, shutting down the high powered carolina offense. peyton manning on his way to winning his 2nd super bowl, and possibly riding off in to the sunset ala john elway. denver broncos, super bowl champs the last time the hawkeyes won 10 of their first 11 games in big 10 play...i was 3 months old. don't quite remember that. 1982. iowa continues to prove they're a legit national title contender on the road today at illinois. 1st half. peter jok, cant leave him open. buries the 3. hawks lead 7-6. more from deep. its a bear sighting,. nicholas baer. . iowa up 9, 21-12
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clemmons, stepback from downtown. 10 points for a-c, hawks lead 30-19. another solid game inside from adam woodbury. 10 points, 14 rebounds. iowa up 38-29 at the half. more in the 2nd. jok starts to heat up. another trey. lead is 10. then its defense leading to offense. jok the steal, and jok can jump. 23 points for pete iowa rolling up 12. hawks outhustled and out-rebounded illinois...jok, kicks it to jarrod uthoff. money. lead up to 18. double double for 'the u'...18 points 12 boards . iowa wins 77-65 latest big 10 standings, iowa
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maryland right behind with 2 back after losing at penn state. michigan state and purdue are both 3 games back the hawkeyes will likely be moving up in the rankings when a new poll is released tomorrow. number 1 oklahoma and number 2 north carolina both lost on saturday. there will be a new top ranked team, iowa may jump back in the top 3. hawkeyes are on the road thursday at indiana hawkeye women home against #14 michigan state...bluders bunch loses 74-69. iowa now just 5-7 in the big 10. halfway through the missouri valley season the drake women find themselves tied at the top at 8 and 2. a win today over missouri state and the bulldogs take sole possession of first place. jennie baranczyk firing up the
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from the kids. end of the 1st q. caitlin ingle, slicing, nifty layup. 16 for ingle. drake up 5 after 1. 2nd q. lizzy wendell, bottoms up. dogs up 6, 27-21. and they keep it rolling from behind the arc. paige greiner dials up the rainbow. 9 for greiner, lead still 6. lets have another. wendell again from the corner. lizzy drops 23. drake alone atop the mvc, 95-72 over missouri state iowa state didn't need jameel mckay against oklahoma state, but they will eventually. cyclones picked up a big road win on saturday 64-59 over the cowboys. georges niang and monte morris combined for 34 points and made
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yeah, i wish the bride and groom
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