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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  FOX  February 7, 2016 10:30am-11:00am CST

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am your host armstrong williams. >> armstrong: i am on a mission, i want to tell you i am. and the mission is not impossible. so much of the media when they are terrorist attacks, whether it is in san bernardino or anywhere in the world, first argument they go to, especially our president of united states and candidate hilary clinton, we need to ban guns. what planet did these people just get off of? are you kidding me. people who are responsible with their weapons and hunters. they go through fire range to get the proper training to understand how to operate a weapon. i realize we had a show here a few weeks ago. it caused panic when people saw
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people don't understand about guns. media has done a good job dumbing down guns. terrorists are going to find a way to get weapons in an illegal way. their job is to wreak havoc on american soil and any place around the world. larry prat is president of gun owners of america. demetria roberts is former police officer. i want to have a frank conversation about guns. somebody wants a firearm, there is something wrong with that, it is because they don't understand what guns are about. we are having this conversation
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audience, guns are your best sfrendz friends, more so than the german shepherd? >> i don't have feed my gun. >> armstrong: i like that line. talk about guns. >> you mention some of those advocating fewer guns, no guns, when the president, secretary of state call for the australian example to be our guide, that means getting rid of half the guns we have or more in private hands in the united states. i really wonder if they are willing to show us what it is like for example.
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idea for the rest of us? we are not going to be blessed with a 24/7 secret service protection if evil strikes. we have to be able to respond appropriately without help getting on the scene. generally in a very good situation may take four or five minutes for the police to get there. they are not our private security. it could take longer depending on a lot of different circumstances. question that people like sheriff clark of milwaukee asked, what are you going to do? we want to work with you? when are you going to do while you are waiting for us to get there? >> armstrong: demetri, you are a law enforcement analyst.
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you served the city of chicago. the more they face reality, and the world we live in vs. the world we want to live in, they begin to understand, guns, the armed. i don't think that is a good scenario. >> it is not a good scenario, armstrong. that is why i appreciate you attempted to educate the americans. people kill people. people will use whatever methods they feel necessary to get to that instinct. what i want to be continue to do is help people understand, when danger comes knocking at your front door, better be armed,
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manner you can take on the threat. it is coming knocking. >> armstrong: it is unseen threats, invisible. the thing it is. let's go back to this issue. if there was something, better then that, what are the compromises that the nra and others have made on this gun issue over the years often overlooked and recognized. i am sure there are more screenings, more loopholes to make sure guns don't get in the happens of the wrong people. >> we at gun owners of america haven't being willing to play ball. >> armstrong: you guys fight it
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>> background check if it had been appropriate, somebody had been buying a gun at a store, they would have passed. one of the main things, we need more then that and need them to be universal wouldn't have made any difference. what would have made a difference to get rid of gun-free zones. all of the public massacres we have suffered in america since 1950 with two exceptions have occurred in what were legally gun-free zones. >> armstrong: i know we are a few seconds before we have to go to break. we should come back and talk about what that means, gun-free zones and why it is so exploited and why so many people die.
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>> armstrong: demeet ri >> armstrong: abandoning guns in a world an idea that came from adolph hitler in germany. a quote "to conquer a nation first, disarm its citizens." this is what this tyrant said. it resonates today. if you want to terrorize a
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isis and people who realize guns can stop the diabolical -- they would love for us to not have guns in the homes. it is not even a brain teaser. >> some people are a hard tease. >> armstrong: chicago was a gun-free zone. >> highest murder rates per capita over many years and decades. what that goes to show us, the guns were in the wrong hands. they weren't in the hands of folks trained. weren't in the hands of people that wanted to make a difference in their communities. >> armstrong: gun-free zones mean legal and law abiding
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>> that is what he meant by the right hands. that was use of a favorite phrase. we don't want guns getting into the wrong hands. invariably, legislation is designed to do that, it keeps guns out of the hands of the good guys and bad guys are saying yes! >> armstrong: i want to read this to you. this is from adolph hitler. let me take my glasses off, most foolish mistake we could make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. history shows all conquerers who have allowed subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. in deed, this is hitler, i would go so far as to say, that the supply of arms to the underdogs for the overthrow of any
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let's not have any native militia ornative police. german troops alone will bear the sole responsibility of maintenance of law and order and system of military strong points must cover the entire occupied country. >> one handgun bought two weeks of extra life for the people in the warsaw ghetto. nazis were deathly surprised somebody had shot at them as they were invading the ghetto. they didn't go in full force for another two weeks. one handgun. >> showed you they were cowards and fearful. >> and how many more there might
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>> to his point, one handgun moving forward, armstrong will save the lives of many, given it is in the proper hands, properly trained and understand what to do when they are comforted with the situation in real time. as a law enforcement officer, i had to go through 600 hours before we got out of the academy of firearms training. needs to be legislation, reform in the space of how training happens and who those weapons are gifb given to. we'll see a change on how things happen in this country. >> armstrong: larry, talk about the gun-free zones. >> from the data, all but two of our mass murders have been in
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a church, often a school, mall, sometimes happily an armed citizen in spite of the gun-free zone policy of a mall say in oregon, where concealed carry is legal, mall was able to declare itself a gun-free zone. a wannabe mass murder killed one, i think two people, then a guy who had a concealed carry pulled it out and went after the guy, ran to the sound of a shooting. this was not a military or police officer. this was a good samaritan, about 22 years old and got on the scene and the dirt bag saw him. the dirt bag did what they do. >> he may have thought he was law enforcement. he had no idea it was a good guy
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to end of game. >> armstrong: tell me the hand of god is not in the message, don't you realize? there are good people that wants to save good people. how do we get people to train themselves responsibly, go through the proper procedures? they become a third rail for law enforcement. absolutely. >> we are the first responder. >> we have an answer some where, armstrong. it is with our men and women who have served in uniform. we have a cad ray of veterans that have gone through training with our military, returned home, looking for employment, looking for the next thing they can attach themselves to, to
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let's look to our veterans, folks that have stood up and say i want to stand in the gap for those that can't. i want to do something relevant to insure we continue to be the best nation in the world. >> armstrong: i never thought about that. i know some people say some of our veterans are mentally unstable and shouldn't have guns. if you give them appreciation for how they served us, a lot has to do with the fact they feel like they are betrayed. >> look at leave no veteran behind in chicago, stands alongside the police department
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safe passage. organizations, we need to give them money, advocacy and give them a voice. that is what is going to help us
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>> armstrong: and we'll be back. >> armstrong: there are approximately 40,000 vets looking for work in this country, imagine if they were in high schools, colleges, universities, around churches, imagine that would be the last person terrorists would go. when you think about the mexican gangs in california who are just as deadly and lethal as terrorists. obviously, i am not making comparisons here. guns in the hands of any capacity, no matter what the area is, is a dangerous thing.
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country started turning a sour note towards guns as if guns were bad, larry? >> armstrong, i don't think it is a very politically correct answer. as we have turned away from any, mostly belief in god, life has become cheap, we shoot horses, don't we? what does it matter? things are taken in a very cavalier fashion. there is a lack of responsibility, people seem to behave as if there is no norm, no planning. almost a mentality of a criminal. criminals don't plan ahead other than how they are going to steal what they want. if i want it i am going to take it. i don't care what gets in my way. that is the criminal mind in fact, very confident
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in the district of columbia in our criminal nut house. these people think differently from the way we do. we better not think like them, we better understand how they think. you don't disregard how rattlesnakes might behave if you get to close to them. by the same token, we should not ignore warning signs of the criminal world and when we see people behaving in a totally self-centered way, i almost used narcissistic. that is a bad sign. >> armstrong: you know, thing about it, this is a sad commentary. things are not going to get better. whether americans like it or not, they will arm themselves.
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these criminals are not going to change. >> after san bernardino, i saw a picture of a gun store, the line went all the way around the store out of sight in just the sign of san bernardino where it probably wasn't politically correct to have a gun, it is now. >> armstrong: it is common sense. they see the writing on the wall, as much as i respect law enforcement and will do everything to protect me if they are there, they are not going to be there. they can't. >> this is why i appreciate this platform, armstrong. the terrorist agendas have been the same. criminals agenda's have been the same. publically made, marketed and have the same line every time.
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going to change, we are. >> armstrong: we better start arming ourselves, getting licensed that passed the mustard. if not, you could be the -- you
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patsy bernard is up nex >> there are discoveries of natural resources in the nation of israel that will propel israel to the forefront of the region of the middle east as an economic power. it is going to leaead to even greater conflict in the region which will eventually lead to the emergence of one particular middle eastern leader who is respected by -- whether or not will broker a peace agreement.
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the rich resources that were found in the nation of israel. >> armstrong: thank you, pastor. what does the bible tell us about lethal force, larry? of america. we looked at it from the point of view. they had lethal force and used it in defense of innocent life. governing scriptural passage, proverbs 25:26, for the righteous to give way to the wicked is the same as a murky spring or polluted well. god thinks it stingks to surrender innocent life.
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good night, everybody, thank you for joining us. [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company] announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. thank y'all for coming. good, good. all right now.
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