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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 6, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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make their decision next week. tonight they heard from the republican candidates in the last presidential debate before that states primary good evening and thanks for joining us, im jodi whitworth... trump, cruz, rubio, carson, kasich, chrisitie and bush all took to the stage tonight... but the only female in the republican race, failed to make the cut carly fiorina received more votes than both governor kasich and christie in iowa... but the network hosting tonight's debate says fiorina did not meet the mandatory polling requirements to take part in the event. however, kasich who came in 7-th place in seeing an increased level of support in new hampshire tonight is a debate.we're making a sprint to tuesday , its where
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ground game takes over, all the work we put in, the positive ads, and all that ...there is no hail mary coming from me.. maybe some from others, we feel great we are gonna do really really well up here ..there is no reason to be doing anything like that, i'm gonna continue to be positive. a new cnn and w-m-u-r new hampshire poll shows kasich has 12 - percent support and is nearly tied for third place with ted cruz. marco rubio is in second place with 18 - percent. and donald trump is leading new hampshire with 29 percent of voter support as for the democrats... hillary clintion says she's sure nothing will come of the f-b-i investigation into her email practices. but some say that might just be wishful thinking... fox news correspondent kristin fisher has more several former senior fbi agents are saying that the way clinton characterized this fbi investigation during thursday night's debate...
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remember -- she didn't even call it an investigation. she called it a - quote - security review. she also said she was 100-percent that nothing would come from it. clinton says: "i have absolutely no concerns about it what so ever." clinton says: "i am 100 percent confident it is a security review that was requested it is being carried out it will be resovled." but former senior fbi agents told fox news... the fbi doesn't do security reviews. they do criminal investigations. they also say there's no way someone at the center of an ongoing investigation could know its outcome. pomerantz says: "calling it a security review my opinion was a deliberate attempt to make it appear, to minimize, to minimize the consequences and seriousness of what is clearly a consequential and serious situation." during the debate... clinton also referenced a state department review... which found that two other former secretary of states -- colin powell and staffers for condoleeza rice -- had also sent and received classified emails on personal accounts. but clinton's republican critics
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powell and rice's staffers only had a handful of classified emails, compared to clinton's 16- hundred. and... neither powell nor rice had set up their own personal server. in washington, kristin fisher. fox news. hillary clinton maintained that nothing would come of the fbi probe into her use of a private email server, saying: "i am 100 percent confident. this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out." a des moines church is on a mission to collect as much water as it can -- to give to the people of flint michigan. the city is dealing with dangerously high levels of lead in it's water. dozens of cases of bottled water have already been donated to the "revival center of god in christ church" in des moines" the church is also collecting baby wipes and money. volunteers will drive to flint next month to deliver the supplies by hand 145313 - weve had people drop they are saying its a great idea and they were looking for a church who was wanting to help us out and they even got their jobs and churches involved volunteers will make the trip to michigan on march fourth
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sunshine helped to melt some of the left over snow in central iowa today... but a blizzard watch is in effect for portions of the state... meteorologist amber alexander joins us now for a look at the forecast the weather will be perct for football fans watching the
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toffa o un e ne ne. a group of drake tudts are it your hrtths valentine's day... what the money raised will go was.
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you might want to consider a singing telegram for your
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members of the drake choir are going door to door singing and delivering roses. students will deliver valentines to any place in the metro on february 12 - th and 13-th. depending on how many roses you want them to deliver or how many songs you want them to sing.... the price ranges from 10 to 65 dollars. the money earned will go towards a funding an overseas concert trip. 16:12:55--16:13:10 'we look at it as not only a fundraiser but also community outreach too. i think it gets ourselves out. we enjoy doing it every time. people cry, people laugh, you know we share stories. our shifts are usually an hour, sometimes they go for two hours just depending on who its for.' about 8 - hundred iowans in the metro have pledged to stay away from sweets this valentine's... 19:22:19-19:22:26 mark felderman, lifetime fitness member "i want to become much more flexible, i would like to get some strength and with that lose weight." today life time fitness in urbandale launched a 90 -day weight loss challenge. the program is
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show "the biggest loser" just like the show, the contestants will get support from personal trainers and nutrition coaches. at the end of the 90 days -- four grand prize winners will be crowned... each earning 10 - thousand dollars. trainers say its not all about the money, its about the journey.
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it will be a mild evening but an approaching front will bring in an increase in cloud cover overnight with temperatures holding steady in the lower 30s. there is a slight chance of a light rain shower overnight, but otherwise skies will stay dry. highs will climb back up into the upper 30s for sunday, but there will a noticeable difference in winds. winds following the cold front will strengthen to 15-25 mph. this will create the potential for blizzard conditions in north central iowa sunday afternoon through monday morning. visibility may be less than a quarter mile at times. light snow is also possible sunday evening, but totals are expected to be minimal. breezy conditions will be here to stay through the first part of the week. high temperatures are expected to hover around the lower 20s for mon and tuesday. jennifer ad lib wx
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its not the news steve prohm wants to deliver the night before a big road
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suspended for violating team rules. with mckay out, that leaves iowa state's roster incredibly thin. on the positive side its a road game against a 2 and 7 cowboy team the cyclones have beaten 5 straight times. as expected deonte burton gets the start for mckay. after trailing by 2 at the half isu turns it on in the 2nd. matt thomas, stepback 3. pure. cyclones lead 29-27. more from the iceman. thats nba deep. 16 for thomas, iowa state up 34-29. burton solid in replace of mckay. 11 points, 4 steals. layup puts isu up 7. back outside. georges niang, ummm you better guard him. splash from 3. lead up to 10. 43-33. cyclones hit 10-threes. monte morris' turn. 16 for monte. iowa state up 11. but the cowboys make a
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shine, 3 to give osu a 1 point lead 55-54. but noang takes over down the stretch, some big buckets inside. big george scores 18. iowa state gets a much needed road win 64-59 over oklahoma state the obvious question cyclone fans want to know is when mckay will be back. steve prohm was asked that after the
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iowa state women lost at home to 6th ranked texas 65-49. jadda buckley leads the way with 19. cyclones fall to 4-7 in the big 12. the first meeting this year complete mismatch. panthers won by 33 in cedar falls. both teams are in the bottom half of the missouri valley, and both need a win. round 2 today from the knapp center. northern iowa gets a big game from paul jesperson, dead eye from beyond the arc, 46-35 uni up 11. drake's reed timmer keeps it it and 8-point
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50-42. dogs hanging around at the other end the panther's 3-point attack continues... matt bohannon, 12 points and a 53-42 lead. u-n-i shoots 55 percent from deep, 62 percent from the field. jeseperson puts the game out of reach. he scores 21. a fist pump and a 4th straight win for the panthers. 82-66 the final drake hosts wichita state on tuesday, panthers take on
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wednesday,. the winter sports season is winding down and that means time for the top swimmers in iowa jockey for a spot at the state meet. districts from summitt middle school in johnston. 200 individual medley. waukee's jackson kuhlers edges out connor neils of ankeny in a time of . 50 free. down and back sprint. waukee's josh waltman out- touches grant fuhr of johnston in . 100 butterfly. another win for waltman of waukee. . newton's isaak webb 2nd. 100 freestyle. johnston's stephen fiolic, future hawkeye,
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his teammate fuhr in . waukee wins districts, johnston 2nd. state meet next week. dave before we go tonight...
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the simpsons... d'oh! (tires screeching) (grunts) (screams) (door slams) (laughs) (whistle blows, crowd cheers on tv)
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