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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 3, 2016 9:00pm-9:59pm CST

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he should be wealthier... find out where he says the rest of his lottery winnings went. scary situation... some waukee residents woke up to the sound of gunshots... hear how a morning fight lead to school lock downs, and several arrests. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 a lawsuit filed today claims that eddie tipton's rigged hot lotto ticket from 2010 deprived a legitimate winner of his rightful jackpot... and the attorneys say their client is entitled to more money. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. you may remember eddie tipton was found guilty of fraud last july. tipton, a former security executive with the multi-state lottery association rigged the hot lotto game by installing software that spit out a pre- determined set of numbers. that money was never paid out, but it was set aside... and
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to lotteries across the country. now a local lawfirm says ten million should go to their client... who is a legitimate hot lotto winner. mike dasilva has the details. 1:18 its the right amount of money that was then...this is now... 16:32:56--16:33:00 'anybody who knows our clients know that theyre the last thing from greedy larry dawson won the nine million, ninety thousand dollar hot lotto jackpot on may 7, 2011. the cash value of six million dollars was paid to him at the time. and he was thrilled. 1:01 the ticket was purchased at and i jumped up and i said thats me but now his attorneys are saying he's entitled to more money.... 16:32:15 'the odds arent exactly what we call great to win the lottery, and if you actually win the lottery then you should get your prize the crawford mauro law firm saying dawson should have been paid 16 million dollars cash instead of the six he received...and that he would have if it wasn't for former lotto security executive eddie tipton... in november 2010, tipton, rigged the hot lotto game. on december 23, 2010, tipton
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12-29-2010 rigged drawing. when the rigged lotto numbers were drawn, tipton won a cash value jackpot of ten million dollars. the jackpot then wrongfully reset to one million dollars. in may of 2011, larry dawson won a six million dollar cash value jackpot. in december, 2011, ten million dollars was wrongfully returned to state lotteries around the country. 16:34:14--32 'what were asking the court to do is to award larry the amount of the jackpot immediately prior to that drawing, because frankly everybody who played in the december 29th game, played in a rigged contributed to the jackpot for that particular game shouldnt be those people.' his attorney say dawson is interest... 16:35:02 they haven't run that calculation yet but it's obviously from may 7, 2011 till whenever a judgment would be entered. we don't
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it's impossible to calculate. 16:32:22--28 'and he hopes, they hope that this will send a very clear message. that this kind of conduct isnt going to be tolerated.' iowa lottery ceo terry rich released a statement today following the announcement of the lawsuit, which reads in part: "it is impossible to rewrite history. no one can know what would have occurred in this case had any event in it been changed. we believe that mr. dawson rightfully was paid the jackpot to which he was entitled." thanks, mike... no problem people woke up to the sound of gunshots at a waukee apartment complex this morning. 491527 - i throw on a pair of pants and run to the door and see my neighbor bleeding from the head at around 8 a-m, conny myles says he heard a group of men fighting, and then several gun shots at the autumn ridge apartments. three men ran away and hid at another apartment complex, nearby. police forced the building into lock- down, as well as three schools in the area. they eventually arrested a 19 year old je - juan
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junior, 18 - year - old william walls and a 17 year old boy.all three are charged with second degree robbery, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, attempted murder and going armed with intent. the man who was injured is expected to be okay. he was never struck by a bullet. road conditions across the state are improving tonight.. but this morning.. it was a tough drive in some areas.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. hi brett.. temperatures will be chilly tonight as we drop to the low teens with wind chills in the single digits
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the zg spread not just by mosquitoes, but also through sexual contact. right now.. an ames company is developing what could be an answer to this rapidly growing problem. justin surrency has more. it's not necessarily a new virus... "it was discovered in 1947 in uganda." but the zika virus, which is related to west nile and the yellow fever virus has now triggered an international emergency after reaching north and south america and putting lives at risk "we started seeing these cases of microcephaly which are brain deformations on babies." the virus is discretely carried... "the predominant mosquito species is called aedes aegypti that one is present along the gulf coast of u.s. already for a while. the other, which is aedis albopictus that's present all the way into iowa."but
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successful breakthroughs in the past... "our work on the ebola virus vaccine in 20-14."all eyes are on new link genetics corporation in ames for a vaccine... "tom monath the chief scientific officer in the infectious disease division, he's developed these types of vaccines for other viruses, related viruses in the past so he really knows the pathway."until one is discovered the world health organization is advising pregnant women to avoid travel to 14 countries in latin america and the caribbean, including puerto rico mexico and haiti... "this outbreak has been recognized as something serious so now it's all hands on deck."symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes, but it is believed that 75 percent of people infected are unaware... "there have been cases of sexual transmission, a couple of different cases."confirmed cases in the u-s have popped up in illinois, florida and texas... "theres not been a lot of research into this virus so we don't know a lot of things."but doctor martin says there's hope for a cure in the heartland...
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that's the time frame" doctor martin says it's unknown how the virus crossed into the western hemisphere, but one belief points a finger at the 20-14 world cup in brazil.... the story county board of supervisors is calling for swifter action on a leaking underground gasoline tank in nevada... the ames tribune reports that the leak has contaminated soil and groundwater at the former dairy queen building and neighboring properties. while this issue is under the authority of the iowa d-n-r, the supervisors agreed they need to step in and address the issue as quickly as possible. a d-n-r report shows that levels of benzene in the soil are more than five times the maximum concentration allowed... and nearly 70 points over the maximum allowed concentration of ethyl-benzene. the c-d-c has linked both of these chemicals to causing cancer following long-term exposure. water quality was the focus of a heated hearing in washington today.. coming up at 9-30 -- water crisis.. who knew what and when in flint, michigan.. and the demands of residents who
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lead. but first.. town hall.. the iowa caucuses are done.. tonight.. the two remaining democratic white house hopefuls are trying to win over voters in new hampshire.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're wa
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hillary clinton won the first round against bernie sanders -- even though the results in the iowa caucuses don't get much closer to an even draw. now just a two-person race after martin o'malley suspended his campaign... clinton and sanders' week- long sprint to the new hampshire primary goes before a national audience.... both are taking to the stage for a cnn town hall event moderated by anderson cooper tonight.... senator bernie sanders took the stage first... he talked about his plan for a single- payer health insurance program. sanders claims his plan would immediately produce trillions of dollars in savings through lower health-care costs... when he was questioned on how it all adds up this is what he had to say... bernie sanders has over double the voter support of hillary clinton in
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the voter support of hillary clinton in bernie sanders has over double the voter support of hillary clinton in new hampshire, according to a new poll. sanders leads by 33 points among registered democrats in the latest ununversity of massachusetts poll. and then there were nine. today two more republican presidential candidates ended their runs for the white house. this afternoon 2012 iowa caucus winner rick santorum suspended his campaign. he was hoping on a repeat performance from four years ago here ... but on monday he only received about one-percent of the vote. after dropping out of the race, santorum endorsed marco rubio... santorum was the second candidate to quit the race today ... we're going to continue to fight ... we fight on that was kentucky senator rand
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on monday night. however this morning his fight came to an end. paul made the surprise announcement that he was ending his campaign before the new hampshire primary. paul finished in fifth place in the caucuses on monday. ed ad lib weather tease on set what's america's best-selling brand of trucks? you're in for a big surprise, pal. actually, you're not. it's ford f-series, again. and, it wasn't even close. same trucks that have been leading the industry for 39 straight years. why? game changin' innovation.
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which helps make it stronger, more capable and more efficient than ever. innovation. it's why f-series is making
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skies will be partly cloudy tonight with chilly temperatures dipping into the teens and wind chills in the single digits. thursday will be a nice february days with some sunshine and highs back in the low 30s. clouds will increase thursday night into friday as a clipper system moves across minnesota. northern iowa may see a few light snow showers on friday morning. temperatures will continue their warming trend to the low 40s by sunday. colder air returns to the state early next week.
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coming up -- where are the jobs? and how many started up so far in the new year? but first... don't get 'jobbed' when planning your wedding...plan on letting
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stocks on wall street closed higher on wednesday. the s&p closed 9 points higher. the dow gained 183 points. the nasdaq ended down 12 points. don't let your 'significant other' work you into bad debt, as you 'tie the knot'...what could they be hiding from you? neil cavuto has a look at that and other business stories
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a private firm tracking jobs in the private sector... says 205-thousand of them were added to the economy in january. that's less than the previous month, but more than expected. the focus will shift to friday .... when the government releases its job numbers. and for those of you still seeking work... home depot is hiring 80-thousand temporary employees for its very busy spring season.... the company says more than half of the positions usually become permanent. and if you're planning to get married... you might want to consider doing it near the home of mickey mouse.... because a new study naming orlando, florida the best city in which to tie the knot. wedding costs, the number of churches, planners, flower shops...they're all big reasons why.... but before you say 'i do', you might want to listen to this first....a separate survey on financial infidelity.... revealing 13-million americans admit... they are hiding...or at least once hid, things like a credit card or a bank account from their 'significant other'. for better, or worse... that's
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there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- water crisis.. who knew what and when in flint, michigan.. and the demands of residents who unknewingly drank water tainted by
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historic visit... president obama today called on americans to not be quote-"bystanders to bigotry"... why critics are accusing the president of playing politics... and what made today's speech so historic... derailed.. why talks to bring peace to syria have already fallen apart.. and the mass scale of starvation facing civilians trapped inside the country. wicked weather.. mother nature is taking a toll on regions around the country.. a look at the scope of the damage.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at
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one expert on the muslim experience in america -- calls the president trip to a baltimore mosque today -- better late than never. kevin corke reports from the white house. obama says: "we're one american family, and when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second class or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation" in an impassioned 45-minute speech that relied heavily on themes of unity and religious freedom, president obama today called on americans to not be "bystanders to bigotry"... and while not naming anyone specifically... seemed to accuse republicans of fomenting anti- muslim sentiment in the country... obama says: "and of course recently, we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans that has no place in our country." a veiled reference perhaps... to gop presidential front runner donald
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temporary halt to muslim refugee migration... until quote, "we know for sure who they are." but critics accused the president of playing politics... jasser says: "this isn't a partisan issue, our muslim reform movement is bipartisan and we beg of the president to stop using muslims as a prop for partisan one upsmanship and instead join us in reforming the ideas that are creating the radicals." indeed the president's message has been largely overshadowed by the many acts of self-proclaimed followers of islam... from the sept 11th attacks... & the recent assault on paris... from the murders in san bernardino to isis which has wrought terror the world over... obama says: "you've seen too often people conflating the horrific acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith." the president's remarks- his first at an american mosque... were not without controversy... not because what was said, but where the message was delivered... critics say the islamic society of baltimore center was a poor choice given its checkered that includes a former imam with
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alleged al qaeda recruiter anwar al-awlaki....ties that date back over a decade. gaffney says: "the problem is the muslims he's reaching out to the islamic society of baltimore is a muslim brotherhood front organization. you know that because the islamic societies all across the country have been offshoots of the muslim brotherhood for decades." corke on cam: that is a charge the isb vehemently denies, by the way today's visit was just the latest in a series of outreaches to the faith community that will continue with tomorrow's national prayer breakfast. at the white house, kevin corke, fox news. syrian state t-v says government troops and allied militiamen have broken a long-running rebel siege of two important shiite villages in northern aleppo province. their capture marks a major victory for president bashar assad -- and comes as talks aimed to settling his country's civil war -- appear to be in trouble -- despite the efforts of america's top diplomat. before the peace talks even began this week, negotiators feared russian airstrikes would derail the talks....and today they did. after russia reneged on an agreement to halt the strikes. a prerequisite of the un backed
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geneva. kerry says: "i talked to foreign minister lavrov a couple of days ago and i specifically discussed a ceasefire with him, and he said they are prepared to have a ceasefire." the russians have carried out 270 airstrikes since monday. today the un envoy suspended the talks. meanwhile.. syrians are starving...the un says close to 500,000 syrians are cut off from food assistance. tempers flare in washington after key officials, including michigan governor rick snyder, did not show up for a congressional hearing on the flint water crisis today. sara ganim reports. a bombshell on capitol hill... the flint mother at the heart of the water crisis testifying that the state of michigan tried to silence an e-p-a whistle-blower. lee anne walters told the house oversight committee that an official with the michigan department of environmental quality
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researcher was being "handled" -- telling her "...that his report was flawed and that there would be no final report." that report was written miguel del toral, the e-p-a researcher who tested the water in walter's home in early 2015. the resulting memo was leaked in june, showing the water in her home was more than twice the level of hazardous waste. the epa sat on this memo for months, and now we're learning through walters' testimony that the state tried to suppress it too. "this was the ultimate betrayal for the citizens."c-n-n has reached out to the michigan department of environmental quality for comment... "why would they be paying for water that they can't even use, that's poisoning them. that is not american."today's often heated hearing, was about the people who were not there as much as it was about those who were there... chairman chaffetz kicked off the session with a strong words of
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emergency manager, darnell earley, who declined to testify. "we're calling on the us marshals to hunt him down and give him that subpoena."earley is not the only person the committee wants to hear from. democrats have urged the leadership to invite michigan governor rick snyder to testify too. "can anybody tell me why the governor is michigan isn't here today? because he is hiding, that's what's happening."and those who did show up were chastised for being less than forthcoming. the chairman of the committee pushing to know why the epa waited months to act on that del toral memo. "why wasn't that made public? "i don't know the answer to that question." "you can't come to a hearing before congress and be in charge of water quality for the epa and not know the answer to that question!"as the oversight committee continues persue answers to questions that have plagued
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one glaring truth came out of today's hearing: "we cannot guarantee at this point in time the water is safe to drink." the committee is expecting full, unredacted e-mails from the e-p-a by friday. the e-mails would show the level of involvement of e-p-a officials... in keeping the issue from going public. a major storm system brings a mix of bad weather overnight to much of the central u-s. a band of tornadoes downing trees in alabama and mississippi as heavy snow blankets the northern midwest. jonathan serrie has more from atlanta. a powerful storm system is moving through the country... bringing snow from the rockies to the midwest... and severe thunderstorms to the southeast. late tuesday - a series of tornadoes touching down in mississippi and alabama... causing widespread property damage - but only minor injuries. mos says: "wooooowoooooow ooooooo! just like that. it was
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coming down like this here, boy, and that sucker was see how it cut all them pine trees?"tucker says: "thank god we are all okay, that's a the main thing anytime you have a storm." the storm damage also felt in tennessee and parts of georgia... with flooding and high winds causing widespread power outages. some evacuations remaining in place overnight... anxious residents now waiting to return to their homes - to assess the damage. perryman says: "i get my kids, i get their jackets on, and when they say 'shelter's open,' that's where we go" davis says: "my concerns are being safe and staying out of this mess." meanwhile, the powerful snowstorm that buried the rockies in more than a foot of snow is now crawling into the upper midwest... bringing heavy snowfall from colorado to northern michigan.... prompting schools and businesses to close.... and making travel a nightmare in the skies and on the roads. mos says: "hopefully you get traction and good luck the roads are pretty bad hopefully they'll come sweep through this." the storm system is expected to blow into the northeast by late wednesday...
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as it moves east. news. temperatures will be chilly tonight as we drop to the low teens with wind chills in the single digits through morning.
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skies will be partly cloudy tonight with chilly
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teens and wind chills in the single digits. thursday will be a nice february days with some sunshine and highs back in the low 30s. clouds will increase thursday night into friday as a clipper system moves across minnesota. northern iowa may see a few light snow showers on friday morning. temperatures will continue their warming trend to the low 40s by sunday. colder air returns to the state early next week. ad lib weather toss back and
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ad lib weather toss back and lynn spin and transition to
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before we go tonight... police in the netherlands want to use eagles to take out drones. the dutch national police are testing out eagles that target the unmanned devices that some consider a nuisance. the bald eagles have been trained to swoop in and neatly
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unwanted electronic interlopers. the dutch company that came up with the idea calls them a "low
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