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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  February 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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latest.. coming up. apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish.
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and every other truck is history coin toss... the razor thin victory for the winner of the democratic caucuses.. plus.. a rundown of where all the white house hopefuls stand after last night's first in the nation contest.. caucus controversy.... ben carson accuses ted cruz of playing dirty tricks on caucus night... what one carson supporter says happened at his precinct last night... making history.. a big first last night.. how one caucus goer.. who remembers a time when women couldn't even vote... feels about the historic moment.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 presidential candidate"so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa!" today.. the democratic party
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winner of the iowa caucuses.. defeating her opponent, bernie sanders by a razor thin margin.. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll get to caucus results and updates in just a moment.. but first.. a blizzard warning is in effect tonight for folks north and west of the metro.. that's on top of the snow that shut down schools across the state today. let's go straight to meteorologist brett mcintyre
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the snow meant the morning commute in the metro was slow going... between six o'clock this morning, and 2- 30 this afternoon, the iowa state patrol says they responded to 26 weather related accidents. they took 44 other service calls in the metro... and over at the airport.. flights were cancelled this morning.. as the snow began to fly.. the des moines international airport saw a few canceled flights.. which created a headache for journalists and campaign staffers headed out of town after the iowa caucuses.. kevin foley says the airport will keep the runways clear, but cold temperatures could still affect flights... "ice, would be the worst possible situation for an aircraft. but snow decreases visibility and it
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" after months of listening to stump speeches and meeting the white house hopefuls.. last night.. iowans turned out in droves to make their decisions about who they think should be their parties' presidential nominee.. democrats chose hillary clinton.. and republicans... chose ted cruz.. presidential candidate when the media said a conservative cannot win, nationwide over 800,000 contributions poured in as courageous conservatives said, 'yes we can!''' cruz was declared the winner early last night. donald trump finished three points behind him in second place ... marco rubio was one point behind trump in third. ben carson ... rand paul and jeb bush rounded out the next tier ... followed by carly fiorina ... john kasich ... and mike huckabee, who dropped out of the race last night. chris christie, rick santorum and jim gilmore were at the bottom of the pack. more than 180-thousand
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... smashing the previous record high by 50-percent. and on the democratic side.. hillary clinton was the leading vote getter ... but by the narrowest of margins. the final tally from the democratic party gives clinton 49-point-eight- percent of the vote ... and bernie sanders 49-point-six-percent. that's the closest vote in iowa democratic party history. their only other opponent.. martin o'malley... also dropped out of the race last night.. the party says 171-thousand democrats turned out to caucus. to secure her victory hillary clinton had to revert to the luck of a coin toss ... six times! clinton reportedly won coin tosses at six caucus sites to break ers. the sanders camp says it doesn't have a problem with the coin toss tiebreaker. those are the rules and they knew them going in. but since the race was so close, the campaign is asking the democratic party to double check its numbers. the sanders folks are asking to look at the hard copy of the results from each precinct. the iowa democratic party says
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because it isn't a straw poll or primary. in fact, most precincts didn't use paper forms... the results came in on says members of all three campaigns were there in person to be part of the verification process... 18:15:43 most of what was going on last night is we were flagging results that either our app caught that didn't quite seem right or the campaigns were hearing things that maybe we should check into this. so we would get together with them and we'd look into it an come to a resolution. so we wanted our recording process ot be as inclusive as possible to them and this morning, we were able to get to 100% reporting. our results are verified and they are final 03 doctor ben carson says his campaign was sabotaged as the caucus was getting underway... congressman steve king sent out this tweet... "carson looks like he is out. iowans need to know before they vote. most will go to cruz, i hope." king says the tweet was in reference to a c-n-n report saying carson would take a break following the caucuses.
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dropping out.... mike dasilva has more.. carson's campaign manager tried to knock down the rumors last voting was underway.... 20:36:30--40 so we're hearing rumblings that dr. carson is actually going to sit out new hampsire? can you address that? this started with a cnn report, which is just an abject lie after the results were in...carson addressed his supporters. 21:19:50--21:20:11 i was reasonably happy today until i you know discovered the dirty tricks that were going on and people spreading rumors that i had dropped out and that people should caucus for somebody else. i mean do you think that thats something thats acceptable? today congressman steve king, national co-chair for the cruz campaign, tweeted 'i respect ben carson & regret any miscommunications.' ted cruz himself issuing a statement saying that his campaign updated
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c-n-n post saying carson wasn't going to new hampshire or south carolina...cruz adding that what his political team should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race. carson supporter jason wisneski was at clay elementary school in altoona last night and says he witnessed the falsehoods that were being spread. 16:47:39--16:47:55 i made the case for ben carson and then i sat down and then the cruz speaker went up and ended his speech with saying that ben carson was dropping out of the race and that they shouldnt waste their vote on him, they should vote for cruz instead.' fortunately, ben carson's wife saved the day at that caucus location... 16:47:57 it was like divine intervention candy carson just walked in the room immediately after he was done and said basically what i said because i had gotten up and said that that was a lie, and candy came in and corroborated
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perpetuated by them. but wisneski says the problem is that not everyone at every caucus site got the memo and many were misinformed. today carson said the person on the cruz campaign who is responsible for that kind of blatant lying should be fired. last night's caucuses brought out record crowds... and it was also an historic night for women coming up... breaking barriers... how women were among the big winners on caucus night... then at 9-30... moving on... the iowa caucuses are over... and candidates are now hard at work in new hampshire... how last night's results could impact the outcome there... from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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it was one of the closest races in iowa caucus history. hillary clinton claimed the democratic victory by less than one percentage point... justin surrency explains why her opponent is bigger than bernie sanders or the republican party... born seven year's before women
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vote...she's seen just about everything... but monday night for pleasant hill's ruline steininger was a first... "i know what we are capable of doing."the iowa caucus victory was more than just a slim edge over bernie sanders... "it will go down in the record books as the 1st woman to win the iowa caucus." dianne bystrom,iowa state director of the carrie chapman catt center for women and politics says it will have a lasting effect... "research shows that when women run for higher office including when hilary clinton ran in 2008, that it inspires other women to run for levels of office, kind of a role model effect." an impact that cannot be ignored in iowa "she's empowering other 2015 the state elected their first female u-s-senator in republican joni ernst and this year republican representative linda upmeyer was named the first female house speaker... "i think that hillary clinton along with a lot of other congresswomen and representatives set the tone as
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to get out there and say what you believe in." "there are over 3600 bricks at iowa state university's plaza of heroines that honors women who have made an impact...the history of two women in the iowa caucuses could lead to many more bricks and a strong foundation of women in politics... "i'm proud that she's in there, whether my opinion matters or not, whether i'm a democrat or republican."pride that clinton hopes to capture... and maybe another historic moment to bookend steininger's life of women in politics... "where the promise is that dream and grandchirldren never fades, but inspires generations to nomination." lynn bystrom says the united states world compared to other democracies when looking at women elected to national assemblies...
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stocks on wall sretcse ary w n tuesday. the s&p dropped 36 points. the dow dropped 295 points. the nasdaq ended the day down 103 points. the energy and tech sectors seeing job losses as oil ices drp giving drivers relief at the pump. haespaewhtefx business network as more in this fox means
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payne on cam: not a good day for people with stocks in their 401 all three major u.s dxe tulngon tuesday. and once again... the big culprit was falling oil prices... the cost of crude now back under 30 bucks a barrel... lonpsiiv ting about those falling oil? drivers are getting a bigger break at the pump. e tin verage for regular is now under a-buck-80 a gallon. but that plunge in fuel costs hitting jobs in the energy sector. b- irertdlpani o eliminate 7-thousand positions by the end of next year. that's almost double the cuts the company announced just a few weeks ago. yahoo announcing layoffs too. the tech giant sayin tsgetigr f ound 17-hundred workers. and with the super bowl just days away... a new report says green bay, wisconsin is the best city for football fans. the study based on things like ticket prices, friendly fans and the team's success..... in case you're wondering-- the san francisco bay area... which is home to sunday's super bowl...was ranked number 21. payne on cam: that's
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there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- new budget... the pentagon hopes to quadruple spending on troops and training in europe... the case defense secretary ash carter is making to the public... i'm keith murphy, coming up, a drake... ...ahead of schedule
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candidates are now hard at work in new hampshire... how last night's results could impact the outcome there... new budget... the pentagon hopes to quadruple spending on troops and training in europe... the case defense secretary ash carter is making to the public... new threat... north korea says it plans to launch a satellite that could advance the country's long-range missile technology. what the state department plans to do... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at
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the iowa caucuses are over -- and now the republican and democratic presidential candidates head to new hampshire ahead of next week's primary in the granite state. steve nannes has a look at the next front in the race for the white house. after months of campaigning in iowa... the candidates have moved on to new hampshire. ted cruz may have bested fellow republican candidates donald trump and marco rubio in monday's caucuses... so what a victory last night.but in new hampshire, trump leads in the polls and rubio is expected to be a formidable challenger. we need to unify the conservative movement and the republican party. i can do that better than anyone that's running. we need to grow it, i can do that better than anyone who's running and we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie
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iowa caucuses over her democratic challenger bernie sanders by a razor thin margin. presidential candidate i am so thrilled that i am coming to new hampshire after winning iowa!and sanders, a senator from nearby vermont is well-positioned to win next tuesday's contest, which could make this a prolonged primary battle. presidential candidate we are going to fight really hard in new hampshire and then we're going to nevada, going to south carolina. we look forward to doing well around the country.with the first contest in the books, the 2016 hopefuls are wasting no time courting voters in the next campaign battleground, as a win in the granite state could swing the momentum once again. i'm steve nannes reporting. last night's iowa caucuses yielding some surprising results... the excitement of the evening was on the democratic side... with the contest between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders coming down to a series of coin tosses... meanwhile texas senator ted cruz topping off the republican races. white house press secretary josh earnest thinks 20-16 is shaping up well
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earnest says: "many people worried about the same thing in 2008 about senator obama and senator clinton getting sucked into a long, bloody, drawn out primary campaign that could hurt the general election candidate or hurt the democrats in a general election. turns out the opposite is true - a drawn out primary in 2008 had the effect of sharpening an d improving the skills of both candidates on the stump and the debate stage. it had the effect of forcing democratic campaigns in almost all 50 states to build up a turnout operation that yielded important benefits in the general election." president obama has not endorsed a candidate yet... but says he will support the democratic nominee... defense secretary ash carter says russia is now a growing challenge for the u-s. and he says the pentagon is taking a "strong" approach to deter moscow. doug mckelway reports from washington, d.c. defense secretary ash carter laying out a case to quadruple
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on troops and training in europe... describing russia as a growing challenge for the u-s. carter says: "we're taking a strong and balanced approach to deter russian aggression - now we haven't had to worry about this for 25 years, and while i wish it were otherwise, now we do." carter wants to spend four times more next year to strengthen eastern europe and counter russian - quote - "aggression." outlining his defense budget for next year... carter calling russia and china more stressing than isis. and, he ranked the top five threats to the u-s in following order: russia, china, north korea, iran, and then isis. carter says: "key to our approach is being able to deter our most advanced competitors." this year the pentagon budgeted nearly eight hundred million dollars to counter russia... next year, carter wants to spend three point four billion. carter saying china and russia are developing advanced military systems that threaten the current u-s advantage. carter says: "we must demonstrate to potential foes that if they
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capability to win, because a force that can deter conflict must show that it can dominate a conflict." specifically, concerned about russian aggression in ukraine, reports say the white house plans to substantially increase deployment of heavy weapons, armored vehicles and other equipment to nato countries in central and eastern europe. moscow is now expected to be watching closely... when the pentagon's proposed 2017 spending plan is officially unveiled next week. in washington, doug mckelway , fox news. north korea has told the u-n that it plans to launch a satellite that could advance the country's long- range missile technology. state department spokesman john kirby spoke about the developments during his daily press conference. kirby says the u-n needs to increase sanctions on north korea, particularly in the wake of last month's nuclear test. kirby says: "this latest announcement further underscores the need for the international community to send the north koreans a swift, firm message that their disregard for u.n. security
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the white house said today that any satellite launch by north korea would be viewed as "another destabilizing provocation." the eighth us army holding a change of command ceremony on tuesday in south korea... lieutenant general bernard champoux, who has led the eight army since june 2013, handing over the right of command to major general thomas vandal... u-s ambassador mark lippert and commander curtis scaparrotti also participating in the ceremony. valdal says: "i am fully committed to our mission, our soldiers and families, the korean people and this great alliance. together we will continue our legacy of freedom and democracy and ensure the stability and security of the korean peninsula. we are ready to fight tonight, and 8th army is strong, and getting stronger." south korea also awarding lieutenant bernard champoux an order of merit for his contributions to national security. if you believe groundhogs can
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to grab your flip-flops, t-shirts and shorts. an early spring is on the way. "there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast." punxsutawney phil made his prediction tuesday morning after the groundhog emerged from a mock pennsylvania. his handlers told a crowd of thousands there will be early spring-like weather this year... and were greeted with cheers. should phil's prediction have clothes? perhaps not. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration pegs phil's
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so of course students lined up for good seats. iowa state with some of the best intro dances. little cass prohm ready to roll. 1st half. matt thomas step back, buries the 3. isu up 7-2. more from thomas, off the dribble. drains another 3. cyclones up georges niang, in rhythm, bottom of the net. iowa state leads 13-6. they stay outside. monte morris gets in on the fun. 3 more from behind the arc. less up to 8. then some highlight reel dunks. deonte burton destroys the rim. crowd
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then final play of the half. morris breaks down the d, lob to jameel mckay. cyclones lead 37-33 at the half. iowa state women at kansas, and it's a ten point win. 63-53. and for the second time this school year, the hawkeyes make a regional cover of sports illustrated. first football. now basketball. there's no doubt drake could use more wins. but the bulldogs aren't losing where it matters most.. john sears has more . nats sot: "its been great, better than expected." kale abrahamson is glad to be back home playing in front of friends and family. sot: "i enjoy it. my family is
9:32 pm
not worried about having people here, been a blessing to have a good game and see my family after" the junior from west des moines is drake's 2nd leading scorer, averaging 13 points 5 rebounds a game. sot: giacoletti "offensively he really stretches the d for us." while kale is known primarily for what he does on the court...its off the court where he excels even more. nats after 2 years at northwestern and 1 at drake abrahamson has already graduated. sot: kale "i got my psych degree, graduated on the knapp center floor. sam place i graduated high school so that was deja vu." now he's working on his mba in business administration. his schedule is a lot different than his teammates. sot: "i get a lot of crap from my teammates cause i only have class 3 nights a week at 6 at night. they're waking up at 8am, im sleeping. its a lot
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played a big role in kale's life. sot: "i credit my mom when i was little for reading me all those harry potter books that helped academics have been important not that basketball hasnt...i know someday basketball will end the ball will stop bouncing and i think i have other things i can bring to the table with my mind and business savvy." a man with a plan... sot: "other than that we need to get this basketball thing rolling and we'll be good to go." john sears channel 13 sports. drake bulldogs lost at indiana state, 63-56 sycamores before we go tonight... police
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