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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  January 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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fiery debate.. president obama gets emotional... as he announces a push for more gun control.. what he's proposing.. and the backlash.. from critics here in iowa.. pedestrian safety... last month an iowa state student was killed while walking to class.... how the city of ames is working to make the intersection where she died safer.... reopening... a fire closed down a popular des moines restaurant this summer... when a-dong plans to reopen... and a look at the fresh new interior from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 taking aim at what he's called the biggest frustration of his time in office, president obama unveiled a series of executive actions on gun control today. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight
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executive actions... nearly all gun sellers must conduct background checks... or risk prosecution... the plan calls for new f-b-i and a-t-f agents... 500 million dollars for mental health care... and a new push to develop smart gun technology. during an emotional speech today... the president fired back against critics who say it will infringe on their right to bear arms. obama says: "our right to peaceful assembly, that right was robbed from moviegoers in aurora and lafayette. our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was stripped from college kids in blacksburg and santa barbara, and from high schoolers at columbine and from first graders at newtown. first graders. and from every family who never imagined their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. everytime i think about those kids
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according to the a-t-f, the executive action that the president announced today is less about changing rules and regulations on guns...and more about reminding the public what those rules and regulations currently are. mike dasilva has more. 1:59:50 our definition of those that need a license really hasnt changed and it didnt change today, president obama reminding people today people that if you're engaged in the business of dealing firearms,
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11:05:10--18"anybody in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecutions." 2:41:00 'so thats not an occasional sale to enhance your own collection, and thats not an occasional sale to a family member or a friend, those are all perfectly legal, without a federal firearms license, so what meets the definition of being engaged in the business of dealing firearms? 2:57:49 if this is something you do on a routine basis, something you devote time to and energy towards with the objective of making a profit or deriving a livelihood from that activity then youre required under federal regulation to have a federal firearms license 3:14: atf saying it doesnt matter whether that activity is taking place in a brick and mortar shop or online or at a gunshow or in any other capacity...that license is required if you sell guns on a regular basis. tom hudson is the general manager of a brick and mortar gun shop....crossroads shooting sports in johnston. 07:46:28 'theres evil in the
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themselves or others, history has proved that theres not a rule or a law or a situation that will really truly prevent their intent from being fulfilled.' while hudson doesn't believe changing rules or laws can stop gun violence...he does support modernizing the criminal background check system for those buying guns. 07:49:21 'the national instant criminal check system, nic, is what its called, the fbi administers that system, its antiquated. its been going through an update for many many years now, and its far from being a good system.' the iowa firearms coalition also supports increasing the efficiency of the background check system, but calls the president's announcement today...political theater. 08:09:42 'i think this is an attempt to sort of intimidate people into not
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both of the gun rights supporters that i interviewed today say they do also support the idea of improving access to medical and mental health records for people buying guns and integrating those into the criminal background check system. a des moines teenager accused of beating his grandmother to death is now being held in the polk county jail. yesterday noah laprei turned 18 ... making him an adult. he was transferred on his birthday to polk county from webster county where he had been held. laprei is charged with first degree murder for the october beating death of his 79-year old grandmother, rachel pray. after that attack ... police say.. laprei went on a rampage through a nearby gas station, overturning shelves and throwing things.
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in may. its been three weeks now since iowa state student emmalee jacobs was killed in a hit and run crash and police are still without a suspect... justin surrency fills us in on the investigation and new measures police plan to take to increase campus safety... recent improvements last construction season were put in place to prevent such losses like the death of emmalee jacobs... 'we tried to make improvements to that intersection at lincoln way and ash and make that as safe as possible but we will have to analyze the situation.'almost a month later, ames police and city officials are left with little information... 'it makes it difficult when we dont have an eyewitness, we dont have a vehicle description'police say numerous leads have lead nowhere... 'i would say well over 50-60 tips have come in but most have been insignificant.'but they arent without a plan for future safety 'its more about awareness and education and in the end we ant responsible behavior from everyone involved so thatll be our goal. we will hand out fliers
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concern.'commander tuttle says the program has been the works for a while but implementation was sped up after jacobs was killed... 'we have more and more students constantly crossing those intersections. we thought this was a great time as students come back to remind them that we want pedestrians to be safe, bicyclists to be safe and drivers to be responsible.'and the city of ames plans to work with the university on a safety study at the intersection. 'well likely do a pedestrian count, traffic counts, potentially a speed study but the elements havent been defined yet.' 'there might be some improvements we can still make at that intersection.' -the intersection is equipped with audio and visual cues for drivers and pedestrians but city engineers say even the slightest piece of information from the study can prove valuable going forward. 'something we take very seriously, the safety of our pedestrians and iowa state students as well as how they use that intersection in the
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corridor.' both the safety program and intersection study will begin when students arrive back on campus for the spring semester on monday... the des moines public school district announced it wants to hire more than 200 new teachers for the 20-16 - 20-17 school year. the district will host the 2016 educator career fair to fill a variety of vacant positions created by retiring, promoted or departing teachers. the career fair will be held at the iowa events center at 8 a-m on saturday, january 9th. you can register for the career fair at jobs-dot-d-m-schools-dot-org. walk-ins will be interviewed as time allows... a popular des moines restaurant is getting closer to reopening after it was gutted by a fire this summer. workers are putting the finishing touches on the remodeled seating area and installing a new state of the art exhaust hood in the kitchen.
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inspection, the owners plan to reopen for business. they're shooting for next weekend... january 16th... which would be exactly five months after the fire. hot soup is going to be a popular menu item in the coming days... when the temperature takes a nosedive.. meteorologist ed wilson has weather details.. ed.. it was nice to see the sun today.. the sunshine was a nice change for us today. now say goodbye! more clouds build in tonight and clouds and drizzle take over the forecast. the temperatures will stay mild tonight in the mid to upper 20s. there will start to be patchy drizzle and freezing drizzle beginning at times wednesday
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there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next.. caucus countdown.. the weeks are dwindling down to caucus night in iowa.. the candidates making stops in our sta.. in a push to win over voters.. and later.. at 9-30.. international tension.. the growing rift in the middle east.. between saudi arabia,
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countries caught in between.. where the u-s stands tonight on the evolving situation.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox
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al candidates are making their final swings through the state to try to win over voters.... republican marco rubio had plenty to say during his campaign stop in mason city immediately following the president's announcement today on gun control.... 'just today issuing an executive order that undermines the 2nd amendment, by the way outrage of outrage, theyve assigned over 400 agents now to enforce this executive order. thats more people that theyve put in that special force thats designed to go after isis. they are dedicating more people to undermine the second amendment, than they are to undermine the most powerful and dangerous terrorist group in the history of the world. rubio told a crowd that president obama does not see america as a great global power, but rather a
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he also accused the president of cutting deals with the nation's enemies and gutting the military. meanwhile.. democrat hillary clinton was on her second day of campaigning in iowa this week. today, she talked about her autism initiative... her plan would direct money into screening and research... as well as expand employment opportunities for individuals with autism... and require insurers to cover autism services... she also said voters need to elect a democrat to the white house... to keep the economy on the right path... clinton says: "now i know my republican friends don't like it when i say this but our economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house and we can look and remember go back 35 years... we had 5 presidents, 3 republicans and 2 democrats... i know both of the democrats and i know they both inherited economic problems from their predecessors."
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
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clouds move back in tonight. temperatures will hold steady in the mid 20s through the night. wednesday will be cloudy and gray with drizzle at times and temperatures in the upper 30s. northern iowa may see a touch of freezing drizzle as well. all should remain light. more rain is forecast for thursday and friday. through friday morning, some parts of southern iowa may see three-quarters of an inch of rain. cold air pushes in
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night through saturday. this will lead to snow fall across the state with 1 to 3" possible through early saturday morning. temperatures will be much colder for the weekend with highs in the teens and overnight lows in the single digits.
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coming up -- you still have time to hit the jackpot.. how big tomorrow's powerball drawing is worth. but first -- toasting 2015 it was a good year for car salesman.. just how good... the findings of a report
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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stocks on wall street closed modestly higher on tuesday snapping a three-day slump. the s&p 500 closed 4 points higher. the dow added 9 points. the nasdaq ended down 11 points. car salesmen may be sad to see 2015 come to an end... it was a good year for them! automakers set a new u-s sales record for 20-15 even as december sales fell short of expectations... u-s sales hit a record of 17-point- 4-7 million vehicles in 20-15, breaking the previous record set back in 2000.
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easy credit and strong job growth are some of the reasons for the boost in sales. three of the largest u-s airlines have increased their fares. on monday delta air lines increased prices on flights by up to four dollars one-way. southwest airlines followed suit raising its cost for a one-way domestic flight by three dollars. and american airlines also raised domestic fares by three dollars to match its rivals. u-s airlines regularly adjust their fares. but hiking prices for nearly all domestic flights is less common and an industry-wide match even less so. you're twitter message may be getting a little longer. the company is exploring extending the length permitted in a tweet. saying the character limit for tweets could grow to ten thousand. that's the same limit on direct messages on its service. and the new character limit could take effect early this year. the social media website
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there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- shutting down.. the progress... or lack thereof... on the president's promise to close the prison at guantanamo bay.. coming up in sports... the 19th
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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in between.. where the u-s stands tonight on the evolving situation.. one year later.. how people in france marked the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on charlie hebdo.. and the continued efforts to thwart terror threats there.. wild weather.. el nino causing problems across the country.. what folks are dealing with on the west coast.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 the u-n's envoy for syria says tensions between saudi arabia and iran will not have a negative impact on
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officials here in the us and elsewhere are not so sure. john huddy has the latest tonight from the middle east. the fallout from the attack on saudi arabia's embassy in iran continues. today, kuwait said it is recalling its ambassador from tehran. bahrain and the united arab emirates have also severed or downgraded diplomatic relations with iran -- a growing list of sunni controlled countries siding with saudi arabia. others are trying to intervene. al-moullimi says: "we are not
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behavior of the iranian government that continues to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries." iranian president hassan rouhani said today that saudi arabia cannot cover up its crime executing nimr al- nimr - the shiite cleric executed along with 46 others saturday in saudi arabia. shiite protesters attacked the saudi embassy in tehran because of al-nimr's execution. the protests continue. thousands of people marched in tehran, carrying posters of nimr al- nimr, some reading in arabic "my blood is the beginning of your end". the anger wasn't only directed at saudi arabia. state department officials say that the united states should not act as a mediator between iran and saudi arabia, but secretary of state john kerry says that both countries should work to de-escalate the tensions. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news.
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in afghanistan. cook says: "..earlier today a u-s service member was killed and two u-s service members were injured when they came under fire while conducting a train, advise, and assist mission with their afghan special operations counterparts in marjah, that's in helmand province. it's my understanding that a number of afghan forces were injured as well." u-s special operations forces are helping afghan troops in helmand as the taliban makes a push to re-take parts of the area, the militant group was behind a suicide bombing which killed six american service members near bagram air base late last month. 98-hundred u-s troops are set to remain in afghanistan through most of this year. that number is supposed to drop to 55-hundred by next january. while the president moves to tighten the gun laws here in the u-s-- his administration is also planning to release more terror suspects from guantanamo bay. catherine herridge has more... fox news is told the 17 detainees who are scheduled for release from u-s custody at guantanamo bay...
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well as al-qaeda followers... and under the bush administration, the men were assessed to be significant terror risks. today the defense department said secretary carter... who personally signs off on the transfers, is comfortable with his decision. cook says: "he carefully reviews each and every one of these cases to determine if they pose any risk to u.s. national security 10:20:22 a source who has seen the list of 17 detainees told fox the administration will not publicly identify the men before the transfers are complete because it could delay or even derail the process. speaking to greta van susteren last night ... republican congressman trey gowdy questioned the administration's assurances. gowdy says: "so i assume that they were detained for a reason and further assume that there is no way the secretary of defense can certify that they are not a threat. look at the folks who have been released in the past." today , the state department has nothing to offer on the men. kirby says: "i don't have any transfers, any pending transfers to speak too. i just don't." the obama white house prides itself on having a better track record than the bush administration enit comes to vetting detainees... but this 20-12 transfer of ibrahim al qosi is said to be a source of considerable heartburn for the obama administration. the former detainee is now a senior deputy within al qaeda... and
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propaganda video, a leader of its most dangerous affiliate in yemen that was behind the charlie hebdo massacre in paris last year . in january 20-09, during his first week as president... mister obama signed an executive order to close the detention camps... but bi-partisan legislation has blocked the transfer of detainees to us prisons. now, the president is threatening, to once again, by pass congress. a leading analyst says guantanamo's future may oddly rest on how lawmakers respond to today's executive action on guns.stimson says: "...if they do nothing, make a bunch of speeches, and beat their chest, then they know that there is no 'there there' and they can do what they want in terms of closing gitmo." the 17 detainees are expected to be transferred as early as this week... because the 30-day notification to congress has expired. the transfer will bring the number of detainees left at guantanamo to less than 100... with analysts suggesting the administration believes moving a few dozen to the u-s will be easier logistically and politically. in washington, catherine
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an emotional day in france... where seventeen people killed in terror attacks one year ago this week. islamic extremists targeted the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo, a kosher market and police in france. today... victims' families joined dignitaries in ceremonies to remember the victims. france remains under a state of emergency after the november 13 attacks in paris that killed 130 people. the terror threat is a major concern across europe... british prime minister david cameron saying his nation will not be cowed by the latest isis video threatening the u-k... cameron says: "we also agreed to do more across europe to counter the extremist propaganda and the poisonous ideology of islamic extremism that is the root cause of the terrorism we face. the daesh threat is a threat to us all, and we must stand together to defeat it." 20-15 was the deadliest year of militant attacks in europe since 2004. the west coast getting hit tonight...with the start of days of
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surf...and snow. the storms - part of the el nino effect - a warming pattern in the pacific ocean that alters global weather. william la jeunesse is in malibu, california. an el nino-powered storm system moving through the west coast tuesday... bringing heavy rain...and high surf...from san francisco... it is all triggering flooding, as traffic backs up...and concerns... that the rushing water will loosen rocks...and could trigger rock, mud, and land slides. garcetti says: "we've cleaned out 40,000 storm drains from our public works department, we've gone out there and made sure that we had sand bags for the people of los angeles and our fire department." in the bay high tide tuesday morning...people found this parked car... simmons says: "we confirmed that they were ok, that everything was fine, and we decided to let them stay there until the tide sufficiently receded that they could drive out of there." eventually they were driven away... towed or pushed out of the water. forecasters say there is more of this storm system still to come
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it has dropped less rain than expected. yet they warn rainfall could be strong enough to trigger flash flooding and landslides... garcetti says: "there are extremely high tides and surf so we're encouraging people of course to stay away from our beaches the temptation to surf 15 foot waves i know may be pretty intense for some surfers but we do not think that it is safe." here in malibu...falling rocks in the santa monica mountains damaged four vehicles and caused delays in heavily traveled canyons. also - the -101 freeway was partially closed west of l-a due to a mud slide. in malibu, california, william la jeunesse, fox news. another big powerball prize is up for grabs. wednesday night's drawing will be for an estimated 450-million dollar jackpot. it was initially set for 4-hundred- million dollars... but lottery officials say the surge in ticket sales caused an increase. the jackpot's cash value is now 275- point-4 million dollars. this is
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any u.s. lottery game on record and the fourth largest powerball jackpot. the sunshine was a nice change for us today. now say goodbye! more clouds build in tonight and clouds and drizzle take over the forecast. the temperatures will stay mild tonight in the mid to upper 20s. there will start to be patchy drizzle and freezing drizzle beginning at times wednesday morning.
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clouds move back in tonight. temperatures will hold steady in the mid 20s through the night. wednesday will be cloudy and gray with drizzle at times and temperatures in the upper 30s. northern iowa may see a touch of freezing drizzle as well. all should remain light. more rain is forecast for thursday and friday. through friday morning, some parts of southern iowa may see three-quarters of an inch of rain. cold air pushes in friday night through saturday. this will lead to snow fall across the state with 1 to 3" possible through early saturday morning. temperatures will be much colder for the weekend with highs in the teens and overnight lows in the single digits. ad lib weather toss back and
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l.trying to make it 5 straight wins tonight back home taking on border rival nebraska. adam woodbury bobblehead night. huskers start the game on a on 10-0 run, tai webster drives for two. back comes jarrod uthoff answers huskers start the game on a on 10-0 run, tai webster drives for two. back comes jarrod uthoff answers with a 7-0 run of his own. big
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wakes the crowd up. peter jok's specialty is the 3. 19-17 hawkeyes take their first lead. woodbury then showing off the foot-work. basket and one 23-22 hawks. more uthoff, turn around jumper 31-22 at the half. right now girls basketball. top ranked waukee, and number 5 valley. tigers trailed by 12 at the half, but rally in the 3rd. hannah fuller, future drake bulldog 3 from the corner. then on the break lexi merritt, easy layup. lead down to 7. waukee answers. andie mataloni, buries the 3. warriors still up 7. but the tigers keep the pressure on. fuller drives, fakes 1 way, spins back the
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tigers upset top ranked waukee 62-59 yvette powell leaked the news on monday about her son desmond king returning to iowa for his senior season. today king confirms that report via social media. posting a message on instagram king says quote. "feels good to finish my education and to be with my brothers my senior year. there will be those that say my decision is wrong but it's what's best for me. lets make it a good one fellas." king was a consensus all- american and the jim thorpe award winner as the best defensive back in the country. matt campbell's staff at iowa state is almost complete. campbell names jon heacock as the new cyclone defensive coordinator. heacock spent the last 2 seasons at toledo with campbell. heacock has 32 years of coaching experience including a head coaching stop for 9 years at
9:42 pm
former valley running back tyus mason will be a cyclone. mason spent the last 2 years at iowa western, and will join iowa state as a preferred walk-on. in 2013 mason rushed for over 2-thousand yards at valley. a third of the way through the high school basketball season the biggest turnaround is ankeny. the hawks went just 10 and 13 last year, but so far, undefeated this season, 8-0. ranked 6th in class 4a, the hawks have a senior dominated team that has dreams of making a run to the state tournament. ankeny on the road tonight at
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