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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  December 14, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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next on the news at nine... rain, rain, go away. a look at historic flooding across the state... and when we'll get a chance
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historic floods.. alot of rain in a little time.. during an unusual time of year.. how much fell across central iowa. .and the impact it's having.. tragic loss... a hit and run accident kills an iowa state student... the name of the victim...and the questions police are trying to answer. making history.. governor branstad makes his mark on the u-s history books.. the celebration marking the milestone.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 first came the rain.. and now
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crews closed fleur drive this afternoon when the raccoon river crept onto the roadway. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us... record rainfall is still impacting the state as river levels continue to rise... closing down streets through out the state... flooding will continue as waters rise through the next several hours... but fortunately, the rain is moving out.. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us now with the latest ... hi ed! the flooding will continue as waters rise through the next several hours,,,but little rain is in the forecast. there is a slight chance for showers late tomorrow night into wednesday. there will be a chance for light snow/rain mix in nw ia. the rest of the week is dry...but much cooler. highs will drop to the 30s and lows in the
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the raccoon river is still rising... and won't crest until noon tomorrow... the raccoon isn't the only problem... a portion of swanson boulevard in clive was closed for several hours today when walnut creek spilled out of its banks. its since reopened... but the nearby greenbelt trail remains shut down because of flooding. while some cities are concerned about nearby rivers and creeks overflowing... the community of luther is facing different challenges. the town's lack of a sewer system combined with non-stop rain is leaving their homes unlivable at this time... crews have been working since seven o'clock this morning to assist homeowners with pumping water from around their homes and basements... early monday afternoon the city park was flooded and water was also threatening luther city hall... kristen hethcot has lived in luther for 11 years and says she's never seen it this bad before and is currently using
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from ruining her home... "what worries me most is my basement wall probably will collapse in if it doesn't keep going. "i wish it would have snowed...haha because then my septic tank wouldn't be full and i could use the toilet and laundry and do dishes." boone county emergency management coordinator dave morlan says... he's been told to expect the des moines river to rise another 10 feet by thursday in the county... which would put the river over it's banks... polk county deputies are asking for the publics help in finding a missing des moines teenager. authorities are looking for 17- told police that her son attended a night, and she has not heard from him since... kemp is described as a black male, six feet tall and 200 pounds with blonde and brown dreads. if you have seen kemp or know where he is, you are urged to contact the polk
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ames police are investigating a deadly hit and run that claimed the life of an iowa state student. it happened just after seven o'clock this morning... i-s-u police found 18 year-old emma-lee jacobs in the cross walk going across ash avenue onto lincoln way. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. ' at this point no ones came forward to say they saw the specific incident, at this point were asking for the publics help, if they were anywhere in that area, campsutown specifically lincoln way and ash between 6:30 and 7;00 if they saw any vehicles or they saw people crossing the road at that time wed like them to give us a phone call. if you have information you can call ames police at 515-239-5133 and fort dodge police are still awaiting autopsy results on a body found lying outside this weekend. they aren't releasing the name of the victim ... but they are calling the death suspicious. a union county man is now facing two counts of first degree murder
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remains of a second body on his property. last week we told you that the body of 37-year old loretta dillinger was found in a farm pond near thayer. during the investigation police found skeletal remains of another person nearby. jerry dillinger ... loretta's ex- brother-in-law ... is now charged with two counts of first degree murder. the state medical examiner says it could take weeks to determine the identity of the other body found. two newton women face child endangerment charges after police say four of the children in their care tested positive for methamphetamine. 29-year old cristy clark and 28-year old somer speer were arrested last wednesday. in october, newton police were notified that a four year old tested positive for drugs. the investigation determined a six and two year old also tested positive. cristy clark cared for all three kids. police also found a nine year old in speer's care also had meth in her system. clark is being held on 75-hundred dollars bond at the jasper county jail. a court hearing is set for wednesday. speer is free on
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expected in court december 29... an anonymous donor wants to help light up downtown ames for the holidays. the main street cultural district is trying to raise 80-thousand-dollars to get the l-e-d lights that line the top of the buildings back in operating order. they haven't worked for two years. the anonymous donor is offering to match any 100-dollar donation... made by a downtown business... up to 10- thousand-dollars. all donations are tax deductible. the lights at jolly holiday lights at water works park have gone dark for the season... the annual light show had to close down 20 days early due to flooding in water works park.... as bad as that news is for jolly holiday lights fans ... it's even worse for the organization that depends on funding from the show... make a wish iowa. 16:25:53 loosing 20 days of this event, and the peak days going through the holidays... even thought jolly holiday light is canceled.
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crews have spent the last two days dismantling the light displays and trying to salvage as much as they can... if you would like to help the make a wish foundation, you can go to their website, iowa-dot-wish-dot-org... all of the flooding makes it feel more like spring than winter... but when the weather finally does turn seasonable, a des moines couple will be .. ken and lisa barlow received a gift that will keep on giving. they won a brand new furnace... thanks to their unique circumstance. 22451-22519 we we're worried way before this contest ... i'm a disabled veteran ... i'm disabled from my diabetes ... how long our old clunker was
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those worries are over... thanks to the folks from best heating and cooling and amana heating and cooling. they chose the barlows as the winners of their annual free furnace giveaway. tonight.. the barlows are nice and toasty. the installers say they don't usually install furnaces in the rain. 21938-21945 "it's not going to effect us. it's a little bit inconvenient to get wet but it's worth it." the barlows say the new furnace will keep on giving because it's energy efficient. there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next.. making history.. governor branstad makes his mark on the u-s history books.. the celebration marking the milestone.. and later.. at 9-30.. fighting isis.. the president gets an update on the war against isis from his top generals. a progress report on the continuing fight against the militant group. from who h-d iowa's high
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watching the
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anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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day in office, making him the longest serving governor in american history... and that's reason to celebrate... today, branstad beat a man named george clinton...who governed new york starting in the late 1700s. governor branstad is the guest of honor at a special dinner at the state fairgrounds tonight ... and that is where we find our own dave price...
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roll to sot: is never lose there was a gentleman in leland, iowa... people appreciate being
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ed ad lib weather tease on set the flooding will continue as waters rise through the next several hours,,,but little rain is in the forecast. there is a slight chance for showers late tomorrow night into wednesday. there will be a chance for light snow/rain mix in nw ia. the rest of the week is dry...but much cooler. highs
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the teens. next week looks dry
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the flooding will continue as waters rise through the next several hours,,,but little rain is in the forecast. there is a slight chance for into wednesday. there will be a in nw ia. the rest of the week is dry...but much cooler. highs will drop to the 30s and lows in the warmer.
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coming up -- you won't see a woman's face on the 10-dollar bill until at least 20-16. why it's taking so long to choose who will be on the bill.. but first -- the deadline to ship christmas gifts is coming fast. when you'll want to get those gifts sent
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the dow added 103 points. and the nasdaq rose 18 points. from black friday to christmas eve this year -- fedex plans to ship 317 million to stretch around the world two times. if you are still shopping -- there's time to get your gifts delivered by christmas. but as mary moloney explains in today's consumer watch -- the deadline to ship is coming fast. this holiday season -- the united states postal service expects to deliver roughly 15.5 billion cards and letters and 600 million packages. that's a lot of gifts. in order to help santa get those presents under the tree-- there are some deadlines you need to know. get your packages to fedex by wednesday. that's if you want the standard ground delivery.
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days with a friday deadline. and the u-s-p-s guarantees first class mail by saturday. if you still need time to shop will deliver the week of more. get to the post office -- fedex-- or ups by december 23rd to beat santa. in some cases -- fedex may even offer same day service on christmas day. but the week of christmas -- be prepared to wait in long lines with others trying to beat the clock. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. you won't see a woman's face on the 10-dollar bill until at least 2016. the treasury department apparently received more than expected public feedback about the proposed currency redesign. treasury secretary jack lew had announced plans to choose a new face for the 10-dollar bill by the end of the year. among the popular contenders are abolitionist harriet tubman, first lady eleanor roosevelt, civil rights pioneer rosa parks, girl scouts founder juliette gordon low and humanitarian helen keller.
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in the next half-hour... just ahead -- fighting isis.. the president gets an update on the war against isis from his top generals. a progress report on the continuing fight against the militant group. th murphy, coming up... former hawkeye mike daniels on why he
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militant group. three years later... an elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut shocked the nation... what the city's police chief is doing now to try to make guns safer... drone regulations... if you're getting a drone for the holidays... you'll have a few extra rules you'll have to to follow... the new regulations the f-a-a announced today... and how much extra you'll have to pay... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the
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president obama says the battle against isis is moving forward with a great sense of urgency. he visited the pentagon to get an update on anti-terrorism efforts in syria and iraq. melisa raney has the details. "the point is, isil leaders cannot hide, and our next message is simple: you are next."with his entire team in tow... president obama met with the military's top brass at the efforts to crush isis. he admitted progress needs to be happening faster. ""this continues to be a difficult fight, as i said before, isil is dug in in, including in urban areas, and they hide behind civilians, and using defenseless men, women and children as human shields. so even as we are relentless, we have to be smart and target isil with precision."while he did not announce any major strategy changes, he did announce he was sending defense secretary ash carter to the middle east to secure more military contributions from u-s partners.
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a very tough fight ahead, and we're gonna continue to back them up with the support they need to ultimately clear isil from iraq."his last visit to the pentagon was in july, but since then the situation has changed. there have been isis-linked attacks in san bernardino, california and paris. however, the president did not announce any major changes. critics say the president's strategy is not working, and that he doesn't understand the severity of the risk. one analyst says clearing isis will not happen overnight. "that progress is coming pretty slowly, and this strategy is going to take years and years to root out the islamic state."i'm melisa raney reporting. the white house also announced today: the president will go to the national counterterrorism center later this week to review efforts across the government to prevent attacks on the homeland. sgt. bowe bergdahl, who was held by the taliban for five years after he left his base in afghanistan in 2009,
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overriding the recommended punishment by an army officer, today the head of army forces command ordered that bergdahl face a court-martial for desertion. bergdahl disappeared june 30, 2009, from a combat outpost in afghanistan, and subsequently was captured. he was freed as part of a controversial swap with taliban operatives. monday marks exactly three years since a heavily armed man entered an elementary school in newtown, connecticut, and opened fire on children and teachers. 20 children and six adults were killed. since the sandy hook shooting... newtown's police chief has pushed for changes to gun manufacturing in the united states. i think if we can have that message sent to those who have a voice, like police chiefs, i think that we could start that conversation and shift that needle in a positive direction. he wants to leveraged tax dollars used for law enforcement & military purchases -- to force gun makers to make safer guns, through things like smart technology. in october, kehoe
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others to join him, traveling to the largest police chief's conference in the nation -- where gun makers show-off their latest products. of thousands attending, kehoe says, only a handful of chiefs seemed interested in the idea of leveraging their gun buying power. why do you think there is push back? because there is a fear. maybe it is unfounded. that we are going to take away guns as opposed to just, listen, being smarter about what we are doing and how we manufacture guns. today.. across connecticut... flags flew at half staff, in honor of the victims of the sandy hook shooting. bill cosby is hitting back at some of his accusers, by countersuing them. the comedian's attorneys have filed defamation suits against seven of the nearly 50 women accusing cosby of sexual assault. they say the women's allegations tarnished cosby's reputation and caused him to lose deals he had already signed with nbc and netflix. cosby has not been charged and
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just in time for the holidays... the federal aviation administration announcing monday that they'll require drones and other unmanned aircraft be registered with the federal government. rick leventhal has more from new york. drones and other unmanned aircraft are some of the hottest gifts this holiday season... now the f-a-a is making sure - they're used safely. new rules announced monday will require users to pay a 5-dollar fee to register their devices with the government... following hundreds of reports of drones flying near jets and airports. michel says: "they come quite aircraft. very few of these incidents are actually happening with drone use that comply with faa regulations." some industry groups say the new on hobbyists... arguing the built-in safety large-scale disasters unlikely. morris says: "there's a preflight inspection, you have to check rules and regulations, you have to check airspace, so there's a lot of em up and fly." anthony foxx insists -
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opportunity to connect users with the safety resources they need... saying in a statement that he's quote "excited to welcome these new aviators into the culture of safety and responsibility that defines american innovation." in 2012 congress passed a law stopping the f-a-a from regulating model aircraft but didn't prohibit registration... and it's unclear what impact the new rules will have on the industry. michel says: "you're still seeing regulators and people in the aviation safety community getting more anxious, and that's really going to hurt growth of the industry." the registration program starts on december 21st... if you bought a drone before 19th to register it. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news while drones are popular this holiday season... the other hot item is the hoverboard... but they might be just a little too hot. the u-s consumer product safety commission is investigating at
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the investigation includes testing new hoverboards, as well as those involved in an incident. news of the federal probe comes as amazon halted the sale of almost every model and brand of hoverboard listed on its website. there have been reports that certain models can burst into flames, as result of malfunctioning batteries and plugs. many major airlines have also been concerned about the safety of the gadgets, and banned them from flights last week. if you're still looking to buy one of the self-balancing scooters... e-bay, walmart and toys- r-us still sell certain models. december has been much too warm for some people in minnesota. temperatures in minneapolis have been as high as 10 degrees above average. and weather watchers say the city is nearly 8 inches below average for snowfall so far this season. so how are winter sports lovers coping? molly rosenblatt found out. "it's a big bummer." "well it's certainly been a bummer." "it's already pretty bad. this is probably some of the worst we've ever had
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minneapolis, green grass is where the snow should be. the snow cat is camped out in the parking lot and the rope tow sits idle. "we just need cooperation from a has to be in the mid to low twenties order to accumulate to the standard for the cross-country skiing, the tubing and the snow shoeing."but mother nature isn't cooperating. "snow would be wonderful, a nice base to start with."at finn sisu in st. paul, business is a bit slower than usual. and for high school ski teams, practice is nearly impossible. "we can't practice the ski movements, the ski motions that are really critical to being good once we do get already canceled, coach paavo taipale is just hoping for the best... "best case scenario -- if we get snow, skiable snow in the immediate future." while the hoverboard may be popular on many christmas wish
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be getting one from mrs. obama... first lady michelle obama reviled today what she is getting the president this year... alright press don't tell him. he's going to get some workout stuff. it's not going to be very interesting this year honey. sorry. the flooding will continue as waters rise through the next several hours,,,but little rain is in the forecast. there is a slight chance for showers late tomorrow night into wednesday. there will be a chance for light snow/rain mix in nw ia. the rest of the week is dry...but much cooler. highs will drop to the 30s and lows in the
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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forecast. there is a slight chance for showers late tomorrow night into wednesday. there will be a
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in nw ia. the rest of the week is dry...but much cooler. highs will drop to the 30s and lows in the
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