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tv   France 24 News  PBS  February 25, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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you in . sensing this is a lake or the engine ukrainian president had been set to unveil a new government is tuesday but delayed the move comes as top western and police rushed to support the country's carbon brake lights. radical change required is this new prime minister has laid out plans for a route to overhaul the country's tax system jobs market and administration and secures the backing of
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the settlers. i'm going to oppose the head of the french army in central african republic leads his troops to make a difference. as the french parliament decides nature and extent of twenty oh four strikeouts and care murphy in parts ukraine's caretaker president alexander church enough has been due to form a unity government this tuesday days after the asking of moscow backed viktor yanukovich from office. but aaron it was announced the move had been too late last week three weeks of anti government protests descended into carnage that eighty two protesters killed in independence square the rest weren't has been issued for the former president a connection with the mouse merger of demonstrators he was last sighted in the crimea. his current whereabouts are unknown. that speak to our correspondent over cried he joins us on the line from kiev. celebrate the expected appointment of the prime minister and cabinet is tuesday has been postponed why. well over a drink and
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rainy that are currently earning. i think even now but to get things right for me with underage drinker learn and think of you but you should know about you that the eu commission include a new puppy. both me and the fact is that there is very very difficult for them to agree the ukrainian of war altercation with make up for three very cute puppy that i think it's going to load up the mountain of chocolate and a kitchenette which to be the most difficult position but he will urge to make about their position anymore and that it talked about the witch and the ribbon with the internal division. i'm open to people the thing the record in the way of other people paying into that thing nobody can know what got into the parliamentary
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intention of the week that he thought that a filter that the situation where mt to begin improving the region's top teeth are now looking for everything that it wasn't by the us with opposition parties are to continue what to think that you'd think that the door to the appropriate to get them out without the need to take the club. the appeal petition and was throwing the lucky girl with a very good in other divisions thirty three and the other then turned to a very very hard to go. he mentioned his protests outside parliament today. can you tell us more of the campus here well i'm ready to put it into taking very very proud and somewhat carrying out the other thing we won the london connection now. and the meaning of life that would bolster demand to change the microphone and all of the state of mind to and say that it would be and could lead to nowhere going to bring the following morning. and that there would be an aunt a storm about but not knowing that the chemical that just shouldn't she have the time that the government
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and now in ukraine and he has done but rather think he would order to make sure that the people were out of the paying one third of the ukrainian parliament with you. and it was worth the visit was that i can even go yet ready to that. in impassioned address to october of that to be commended on the telly know it's going to go get new people to which i couldn't read it only that but think that that image and in the making. lunch and tea and sings like to bring this all the nations. russia has referred to recent events as a means to me and says that the humanitarian rights of russians risk. today the country's foreign minister sergei down prop has been meeting with luxembourg sculpted much in moscow in turkey catcher marks that iraq's kurds that ukraine not be forced to choose between russia or the west take a listen. with compost with the quilted is dangerous and counterproductive to try to twist ukraine to make the choice on the principle deal with us or against us is
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that we all have an interest in seeing that ukraine continues to be cautious of fine european find me at every level. while the eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton has been in kiev for talks on hand to shore up its ailing economy us two is disgusting. must get on the administration has signaled it no longer recognizes that to yanukovich as ukraine's president of both the eu and us politicians have been seeking to reassure russia that it does not have to be shoved out of the future relationship with the new dispensation in kiev the interim government their estimates that meets her two five billion dollars to escape bankruptcy. let's move on to some other world news into these new prime minister has called for a radical change in the recession hit country that air nz was at dining his government's reform agenda before winning a crucial confidence vote in the center security cheesesteak in an energetic speak to the city's youngest ever premiere date as his
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plans for overhauling the tax system jobs market and administration. brent has the support. then dunno if im not up. winning the vote of confidence with one hundred and sixty nine bullets in favor and one hundred and thirty nine against material red sea is one step closer to confirming into these new government. the third unelected leader in just three years rents the alice did his predecessor and re commit to saying it failed to boost the party's long liking economy. muscat said. this change of speed is born of a need to get concrete answers and it has an urgent need. we want to bring in new john performs one of the justice reforms. different tax policy is going to bed with only amaze us. rinse the promise to cut the tops burden within months. and to pay off debt but some senators wonder where the money will come from. i'm not and we need
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them most of the most that they will make it there is lot of james a lot of discussions with the most relevant issue did not refer to a possible source of financial reach. all in the latrine is fueling that i'm thinking no not sworn into office on site today gracie and thirty nine years old. his attorneys youngest ever premier. he won the confidence of all the support of his own center left democratic party and its coalition partners the centrists on the new center right party. for the phillies new government is younger and includes more female representatives than ever before. many of the ministers are new comers to national government. with the bolt obtained in the senate the government was clear one more hurdle. a second vote is expected the tour on tuesday in the chamber of deputies where rents his coalition has a comfortable majority the head of the french army deployed to central african republic claims his troops
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have made a difference the comments come as the french parliament votes later on extending the mission general francisco soriano said sectarian violence has a base hit since the arrival of french peacekeepers in december it's the standard rate of five thousand weapons production and a fun spunky she didn't bonk he has found that in certain districts of the capital. the muslim population still fears for the knights chris moore and james on fixing this report chris got to see these markets towards him home he's picked out these districts seeing switched to normal as possible but see. it was the maturing presence of such african forces. david fight and sixty s betrayed is upset that it is juggling the site taking a bit of a soldier's provide security at the end of the tv they don't really go into the back streets there we'll attempt ever christians was tim's wants to
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graffiti in the streets look to the mall. we just down the roots of the french tank that could defuse the deserted stretch of road spitz pay cut to saturn. now the christians have just been talking to appear at the top of the hill. the bolton boss this no man's land of smashing on the mend and businesses and the neighborhoods few remaining residents. in the stock. so grounded in love with a list of the three thousands. he confuses last listings so let's think about this most the death and all that is piled up by the boat so it is still waiting for safe passage out. ruby did the salty we have interested to go and find somewhere safe to be resting on the head for one and a half maybe two months. we haven't been able to go to his horrible it is
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the remote whoo hoo. despite the protective african troops despite the enclave faces frequent attacks and to the lack of shut eye injury school was the oldest eighty over the coming down. i made from this. for the continued flow of the second baronet in fact told that getting us the debates just post this dress suits dad's house situation critical. i would just like cent of young children are malnourished one patient to it just to make this testing positive for malaria becoming the chicago area. nzpa the new testament children under five. as the de musique in their situation. and like most is called peace muslims. these people have a choice to leave but now it seems impossible to have returned to pick and choose. graham has signed a deal to sell iran arms and ammunition worth one hundred and ninety five million dollars. that's according to reports on the reuters news wire. it would be a controversial move because it breaks the un embargo on
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weapons than spiderman. it's claimed the agreement was reached last november documents show it occurred just weeks after iraq's prime minister gary allan and eight he returned from not being the obama administration in washington for extra weapons to find qaeda linked militants. pakistan's military has launched air strikes against suspected militant hideouts in the north west of the country killing at least thirty people. officials say fighter jets bombed targets in the north with dearest and tribal area on tuesday. its conclusions had established training center is time for preparing suicide bombers talks between the pakistani government and time bound manner. negotiations broke down last week after a taliban linked group claimed responsibility for killing two dozen soldiers. israeli aircraft have carried out chilly air strikes near the lebanese syrian border that's according to lebanon's state news agency. there was no immediate confirmation from lebanese security officials and the israeli ministry declined to comment
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reports say the air raids took place near not be she's a remote village in the eastern bank of the week the porous border is frequently used by fighters and smugglers to move people and weapons between lebanon and syria. anti government unrest continues in venezuela protesters have set up barricades and blocked traffic in caracas despite calls within the opposition for peaceful demonstrations in the eastern border station to share at another person has died during clashes. it brings to an indefinite number of protesters that have lost their nights in over a fortnight to finance it really has more. kathy came to a halt in parts of crack it's as anti government protest is the drum bass and set up barricades on the capital's main routes of ahmedabad of these fine doesn't belong only to students. this isn't a top government supporters are the position it's about all of venezuela about everyone the test is blamed. this is
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interesting. you're a socialist government for the country's high crime rates and economic troubles the world's people on to spoil produce and is struggling with the record inflation and twenty shortages of basic goods separately hundreds of cities days. government supporters in the loop the lake either stop this count them as motorbike rally in the capital addressing the crown. due to kick on the heel position it's a little to lift the top rope and no it's not a protest was not in israel is facing a flash is the duty to fund the continued imperial aggression. we want to put an end to the revolution. democracy yes the opposition needed government and the appeal is refused him the team we need to do as a national dialogue he says it's just a ploy by government on its estimates locally. one of the night ian and going to a meeting with the federal council to help him save face for he has
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no i'm not going to be like the orchestra on the titanic on optimization. the boat is sinking. again i'm going to be the one playing the music no you're not going to use me. some opposition say talks and off the table and super tasty than the code in the hands is released from jail in the terminal and its chinese hands and swimming to safety is another addiction the students know that cools repeats done on the same duty to consult the crisis unless the government stops the sun the gangs as a show of good faith. and that's all the news for the moment that this more from the team here in the news to me about fifteen minutes time sadistic into full swing. he says welcome to the interview she's one of ukraine's this moon think it's ear and a cop
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out broke singapore for an vocal critic of the yanukovich system. she's appeared on independence square in kiev during the recent protests firing up the crowds. with the rhetorical questions do we want to join the european union to the one on history to be written in the kremlin urine accompanies the leader of her and roll bands cop out which is the opening act the us golf metal legend marilyn manson and give jesus a written six books including the controversial get everything which includes explicit scenes of multiple outlets at twelve she joins me to date from the ukrainian capital. welcome to the program to rent a cop or just tell us how your feeling about the events of the last few days while i i feel just like everybody else got school took part is all you know some people can read to each other was that victory but then the other hand nobody really feel so happy
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because we love silliness and polite to know. then i think as we waited too long we could not avoid that and you have to leave in the middle like tragedy at the last bands to us fence of the friends. when people with sticks went on to gains despite purse was the arms now and now you can see the new political games can hear you cannot have an euphoria in now and then the other hand that this society. here we are and where did that so just to lots and lots of luck would have to do now. today revealed the new society but she can hear all alike. after just twenty three years of independence. we finally have in the nation to be born and i feel quite confident about it is in the long term blog and when you are in a new early twenties when the orange revolution happened ten years day. um how do you feel about this is it is much less euphoric sort of moods this time around he think i think it is quite
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different to know better than it was the smallest revolution velvet revolution we had done no not at all everybody was inspired and kind of need. that's why we left our pic to me to politicians and we just went home snow and now it's kind of our responsibility to the old is saying this is not enough happened because now we re not going to lose this victory. i believe that we should know it all in control and this is different it's the more ironic people get the more you know donald see what politicians say we did not have any idea like we had huge and call before you know we did not the skeleton babies names. we know that the can onli like each other here and two on the ukrainian two ukrainian who hit him in last few weeks it to youtube page. who in an era in a roll cage and that you were making fun of politicians at that point and you think you've
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tapped into something quite deep that in the sense that people are generally quite cynical about routes to maneuver is whatever the color that who ever the politician is i think selling things that make people laugh even as the sarcasm. it really helps to kill the fear in now and here was the oldest people they were completely fearless and they've been learning this ironic morgan a lake when the fourth time before twice. i think yes this impact of any kind of humorous things see there's can be likened to motivate there are some toy or an article or to block area to actually show to people for the real person is enough and the banal with when you can see of there. how was this in all this cage and all the steps and still to let go of any taste and when you see this and really ugly things that they were surrounded in southlake and trying to follow button on the tube over maybe maybe someone else that they believe that link
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rich people supposed to be like this it's like really and it's kind of caricature in the chest with a head here so i iwas so was it together with the joint town hall group and we made this kind of um short verses that spoke a long weekend in ukrainian when we replace that that bad to worse experts that once was the other ones which didn't try and get it but it is still attended two became really popular i think this nativity was to make fun of ghosts and when you make money from the person. i'm the person is not so scary anymore. and of course you'll quiet moment for you or explicit language and some of your books but i went to a little bit about them that the music's own body. this just might do on the mend and that i'd like us is to take a quick listen to a clip boy to produce director called to the kiev. which view feature in and i should warn you is that on some of the people who appear in this clip unfortunately that donate to
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the max every bloody crackdown last week the goal about a day. he ran a couple of inches just to toss in general you feel on since this campaign engaged. so far in in these protests and would you believe that musicians rights as intellectuals have a gt to be in bold as to its ngo activists and all of the bands musicians are right is what you think about that i well i think if the musician or a con artist
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that is enough being in daycare. it's his direct obligation to be there in the streets to be together with the people as a nation to show the support this we are if you were artists you're obviously humanitarian and you are interested in civil society with its human rights will be held where when we get out like a basic human freedoms to please them which we didn't have in ukraine. and of course we still have lots of love stuff like popstars send unlike kind of people who will always laugh a minute and they even performed and some complications ratings during all this link glad the happenings that we had but you know nobody really takes them so serious anymore i think so everybody was forest lake was stressful right as musicians actors painters. they were all down the streets you know we had kind of art this year and it's too and even when people had helmets practice with the rights of the lake with them and make something
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confirmed that they even made a lot stuff like this and wanting to do much of it it's like street posters with lots of street art. so you could see it was a big boom into a selective could express themselves and at this point i believe that when something so important happens to your country happens to the people next to you. you can have like cobbler and johnson thousand inspiration for the rest of your life you know cuz its like very extreme emotional states that euronext to win people's fuel age heroes when they have so much carts when they have nothing to lose when they are ready to die in the lake having a tin of twenty years old but there it is to die for their next generation snow. this is something that you have the unique chance to enjoy life to to go through not so in a curio artistic and b that this is the unique thing you can see. of course we knew who he met the people you're talking about those who are eighteen in the streets and you were part of that movement in the arm independent school that but what about the rest of
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the people. i'm thinking of of russian speakers in the in the east and southeast i mean how did they fit into little bits and juicy and the force in society today. maybe it's just some form of civil society or indeed artists or musicians he can try to bring the country together well i think we are all together here no matter where you are if you're a pace that you're a student to adopt her teacher only like small businessman or art is then no matter from where you are the we would all night if you need on the gun was a small representation of the whole country. i was helping a tuesday like this bloody day two to bring people to fight us from one place to another to bring them to underground hospitals and i was asking about two and a blank restaurant. so somewhere for a ukrainian somewhere from school so it's basically south and east and center and west. we are all from every everywhere now and
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then of what we need to actually tool to to bring us all together and nine is not the ultimate ukrainians russians because for all sold and would leave the lake we laughed about that than good way because it's that time when people from finance from high compression speakers they learned to reply to this like we have glory to crank them and then the reply his glory to cheerios enough and they talk in that they spoke in russian the same things he knows that this is the time when you feel your apache up no matter what language speak if you're a cop or your actions. i also had fumbled for lincoln's breakaway protecting the peaceful demonstrators they think it's a unique case in all of this evil ukrainian navy cross. no i don't i don't know if it ever happens anywhere in the world can also lay one and pelvic thanks to for hope will begin switching to a note to protect the civil society. i would own ski one question and doubt you will into two because of course the eu have caused a bit of a scare with as some of us actually explicit language and situations and some of your
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books into one of your books was referred to the national commission for morality of what he's trying to cheat with. with such scenes and such a character and situations with the dewsbury to the role of sexuality i know what to name him and like my current pair are provoked of books on buying and changing old so it's normal that the person they know that more experience you get older you get the early church has changed the beach to soak up for that very moment i felt that the provocation is their right methods to discover the person in the lake if somebody on the cd sexual scenes in my books and they only see the explicit lyrics and they do not go for some deeper sense to store all the philosophies of phil of the fifth episode three the message is that we're actually the establishment of human person. so for me it's also kind of a non day of losses for the other person and this commission for morality it's another another instalment of the censorship
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here is a know it was nothing more than let's say it ranks high on kindle. if we use this that it's bad words and i like for example henry miller in now so it was not more explicit than that and so we have lots of examples of wealth to its rich area which is almost classic it's probably much more scandalous that what i do roll it up but it's the least nine ec no two t is some variety. so people can show the real faces they can really show what they care about. but then the other hand they think this link it's very important to make it up to date and also in that the people can talk about you blokes. ike makes people are used which is also a nice cause and also says it mean to discount it since elementary as well and pushing on getting to have ended there because we didn't have anymore time. but perhaps another time who gets to bat you what you wanted to check the rent a cop a rope swing at. and also thank you very much for joining me from
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kiev that will be interviewing cos i kept the eye. i think i'm going to some extent it can be recycled as economical in the making. my attempts to win the seat combo house brittany on france's when scholes. this pioneering couple decided to go. on top of the skeletal structure made of wood paper and cardboard twenty five centimeters thick. thirty leaders are bound together and protected with water resistant steel. an effective material for installation this can be re used. so its advantages that can be recycled seven times that is to say is tomorrow a house destroyed the material gets recycled. it can be used to when you want. it's an
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environmentally useful material. it's all that cars can be seen in the flooring being tested here. does that mean. he invented to withstand storms and extreme weather. cardboard is not surprisingly cheap it cost thirty percent less to build the cars were called in a conventional one. whether in buildings were makeshift shelter. the material can be put to a wide variety of uses but it remains to be seen now what does yours open topped. the mum. and. does
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lead you one of . first week. a live debate on top of the day. monday concert at seven pm optional. and come talk to him. to find a way to
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stop and a squeeze play the process. you will will will will the eye the anderson has a bias received the chairman of the catholic agency for the regulation of macha monopolies the top spot in an awkward dock during the meaning the main measures of proving that their policy is causing issues of improving the quality of regulated services and strengthening control over the activities of matchup and the police or discussed but apple's bottom also represented to the president of the images of growth of investments of monopolies and show the result of the industry modernization additional investments were treated to a lower depreciation and reduction of losses. ias


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