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tv   RT News  PBS  February 24, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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winning morning with the usual . the russia called on all involved in ukraine's political crisis to avoid further escalation is a manhunt launched for the country's ousted leader and members of the former ruling party. it's outrageous beautiful goes to push those consultants from the us the eu says that western politicians that the pilgrimage to ukraine with the new offering a financial lifeline to win over new leadership the giant dairy sheds a tear or farewells the curtain falls on sochi twenty fourteen winter games of all
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go down in history for remarkable record breaking performances. president obama attempts to tame the nsa have apparently failed to report the agency spite of hundreds of german officials after the president gave them to become the country's chancellor . call. not so much for good to be with us for top story this hour the ongoing ukraine's hosted leader viktor yanukovich his once powerful party of regions prompted some strong statements from russia issued by the foreign ministry the statements as moscow's quote alarmed by the dictatorial sometimes methods. chosen by ukraine's interim leadership to suppress discontent. the text posted on their website also urges all connected with the crisis to show deep responsibility to prevent further escalation of tension
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restore law and order and restrained extremists striving for power the zipper is going off as more funky. the situation here in kyiv is referred to by me know as a witch hunt because now former officials searched for was a nice man i hadn't seen stopping cars and taking the eighties off of drivers and passengers inside with melissa the party of regions wishes to his ego was. the no one has to be while president. a teasing him off. he writes the deaths of civilians. referring to the violence that classes in street fights between the rioters and police in whereabouts of fun. don't use leads to the somewhat unique piece of the crunchy where there's a completely different picture the eastern ukraine is the country's
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industrial powerhouse. so we probably let the russians and not only the quick political off what's been happening here in kyiv for instance tens of thousands of people took to the street selflessly must cope with it. changes in the currency sauce but what is he going second largest seaport and also upgraded to gold rushes and ukraine's black sea and eight meanwhile here in the opinion of courtiers have taken to the next stage in the fight against their political rivals. around five hundred offices of the now ex ruling party had been burnt down deals with the different political stance or physically attacked inside the parliament. developers continue to do the right knows more about emotions rather than political rivalry the most important thing right now is to fernando parties from being banned completely used and the situation with his own legitimacy. the president has fled the capital saying in coolers been carried out whether parliament passes new laws as fast as the printing
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press. don't officials and appointing their bold political royals including putting the right wing hardliners even government polls to decide what keeps you from the nationalist bubble the party taking charge of the prosecutor general's office the new regime is speaking she really quickly and with the use of strong measures. it has nothing to do with democracy because those coming to power. local one with pursuing tough policies and they will conduct a massive expansion of the eastern territories. among the first was adopted to the banning of russian is the second official state language. he's quite nearly fifty percent of those living in the east of ukraine and being ethnic russians. the is told from now on the right wing is going to be heavily present in ukraine's going for students at the moment the situation in kiev is basically controlled body of the radical people with with aunts who i was singing very very minutes and agenda was
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the yanukovich is a political corpse on the season on to the dismay the team and he cut deals with all positioned the who what why elvis in the since the nineteenth of january no longer in control all the crowds and kids there are reports that foreign journalists have been promoting different values from the rebels have now been put onto a wanted list as well as trying to temporarily banned the russian tv channels. mimi are now raising the question if this isn't a democracy so many ukrainians with two lines on the line for. so far tea keel. meanwhile eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton is again in kiev where she discussed crisis management in many matters of the ukraine ukraine's new interim leadership filed in europe's pledge to provide the embattled state with twenty billion euro as western governments formed the imf has also confirmed its commitment to support its economy. former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev thinks the west does cross the line though when it comes to getting involved in a
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transparent. you'll float regional diversity. have you seen what's going on. it's outrageous. you need a bulldozer to put all the consultants from the us and eu says that they should let the people decide for themselves. it soon recommendations. the nation's is unacceptable the students and found that in mind that all sides need to head to the negotiating table and talk. one month ago six months if needed. what it'll come to an agreement eventually. christine's donor right around the former soviet union says prom for a compromise in ever been a priority for brussels or washington when it came to ukraine last week and the mouth the words will put up with anything. for regime change in the ukraine. is it a few cynical approach on the one hand. we still laugh when mccallum. papa had to
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erect ninety dollars zero concentration camp out on the other hand they get the cost of the people in the in groups like profit sector and non profits like to offer the least given that we're in the argument tomorrow. that was enough to think that was the government will help the patient will be told that the bb house. so far the last few days in the rather it will be in the house unanimously they even had a session of the one show they will want to see some. are some opposition coffee with a lemon. mom will not be allowed for i wanted to use the trick you the intention to produce the blog and say you love the opposition and i will be one of the primal therapy. we then had to come the frustration comes in you don't eat sweets for my coffee habit can be both
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the bullock creek. they were to start international war were closely following developments around ukraine you can find a timeline of the crisis and up to the many reports online and are tidied up. right from the sea the nitrogen picture the reporters later the animal. on top. but welcoming its olympic heroes leeds who made it to the sochi podiums of arrived in moscow to a deafening ovation with good reason prior to the game's most optimistic forecasts but the hosts no higher than thirty overall standings the champions here seeing exceeded expectations and score the top spot for russian winning thirteen goals allowed in this overs and nine bronze. sunday they were cheered on by
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the biggest crowds out so she's stadium during a dazzling closing ceremony. it is an isa now it has been this app and its overwhelming we've seen so many big race and heartfelt wall says cheers and tears here in sochi over the past weeks. a lot of nail biting competitions nerve wrecking races in great performances all of those are going to go down in olympic history in this great celebration of sport certainly was sealed with the finale to viewers were taken further on a journey through russian culture picking up on the opening ceremony. it was a tribute to the restroom breaks in the arts music and literature and the organizers to miss the opportunity to tell the little fiat themselves over the instrumental in bringing that one open up the start of the games of course the biggest excitement came from russian fans after the host nation's thirst of the top of the medal count with a total of thirteen golds and a spectacular moment of course to the farewell show was the magnificent fireworks
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display. dazzling sarah body buried twenty olympic moments to remember to put together our top five sensations of sochi. it began with the doc say that it's that bad. eight goals in all that in speedskating actually twenty three out of the twenty four medals they won in such a word in speedskating. for by the star of figure skating seventeen year old had been in this macabre she became the first rested at her to take individual gold in women's figure skating and carried on to have one and don't plan to lead the age of seventeen in such a great feeling. it's in the school and everything in the team and myself. grayson number three of the new russians korean born speed skater victor on he won three golds for his new homeland. an american snowboarder that while tonight a siberian and joined last olympic team to become one of the gold
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medalist. how to get funding that states that there was a gutter. it's the coolest one of the book shows the opportunity to get the post. i sense a set number two is norwegian by athlete all acting are born god and he became the most decorated winter thinking of all time great performance for his sixth and final winter games. and of course the top stop goes to team got set for their overall performance of the host nation making a victorious come back from the vancouver games and making it the top of the medal table at home with thirteen gold medals thirty three overall. how sad she has also welcomed some unusual competitors to them it was about taking the podium but about enjoying the games and making everyone else happy and inspired her to call scott has more than those athletes with a difference. some athletes sochi twenty fourteen was
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simply about taking office take some cooking dinner is actually the cake that his commitment his sports highlights by his training regime winding his way down to stoop down tracks for tossing going to minorities along the way the white sox yes he may become thirty seven to thirty nine with a hint use more space following accusations of corruption. indian the committee was suspended by the irc in two thousand and twelve. was it did during these games into shape and could finally compete and installations. what you get a lot of rome was expanded with the flag of india which to me and mom to many people but one of the road. but to know that so far. let's listen in on everybody. and the one thing to do it colorful characters that these games was preaching the stats that i would go and get into the fifty five year old is a
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descendant of the former chairman real estate. he's also like to talk the talk on the pop star who goes by the name of oil to sell stuff these are the sick and it takes too much knowledge abt skis the mexican right. he's never won a medal. maybe deserved gold. the pl. fry the rice. they've hired a pr person like me to make good of the art of war. i mean you know it's a great way to get on with all of the cool bananas. it's pretty cool it's just because it's like over to europe and to my bed listening to. to make his debut in these games would have been on the wings in the luge. his real name minds as part of a sponsorship deal the changes name to not have an underwear company. he told me he was three nine for the sporting prowess. if i
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didn't quite confident in their wooden candle what name is lance a thing as the most important thing than a typewriter train rides again does any winter olympics complete without the jamaican bobsled team. the main attraction for prayer sometimes crazy in there and funds to compete receive a connecting flight losing their luggage on coming second last. still didn't dump and the hearts and spirits. proving that in amongst all the sporting excellence. there are still reading the sports to be fun stokes did not see such a thing the other side to one picks up broke and lots of records and it's not just sports were talking about a lot of fun watching these games at some point but at least three million viewers and talked about plans they said the surprising sound record with their vocal chords during one of victor and speed skating races to tears reading tom's hundred and ten decibels. here's another record quite an unexpected one thirty four babies were born in sochi on that day the opening ceremony the city's highest single daily total of newborns after such a gift also go down in history for the weather
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becoming the warmest winter oven bakes in history are certainly not complaining there's been lots of sunshine and not snow. the olympics of course officially over. left with a lot of things to look back at the bar also looking fo word to the paralympic games starting in less than two weeks. earlier michael agreed a job get a chance to talk but the manner in charge of making sure everything went like clockwork in sochi neither the flames out to be teaching a tango share his thoughts with our tea the biggest achievement probably both for and fed the nation which organizes best games ever and the keys to my country although three of us that we obtained the clump of them said that russia is capable to deliver ambitious project that i am the most important to decide that the flood that we generated to historical legacy for the generations to come. well have a game says he now russia has come under a lot of criticism so how do
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you feel about those reports me happy in any way overshadowed the games in all its imports of both the shadow of the true we were in the brackets of the theory of types from the p a bill called the war and now it supports the broken ever but the crew came and witnesses said the colorway a fiction the hallway a transplant aware of the devolved there really a change from the cricket season with a cover and the real positive thing. looking past the object of infrastructure that have been created in the city on the hat all the games what to tell us about how they're going to be used in the future the future of my innate gifts the kill switch is the very bread that this lamb for the legacy of sicily did very well also olive throw away the money allocated for the two main contenders in this but the most important that they are amateur events. i've played so well post them the g eight pm couple of months of nowhere within
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the formula one race in four months' them. no more to come and the malta cup level championships if so surely it on from the ordinary soviet style though some are stored for the folio around to internationale sport related to convention destination. a heartfelt goodbye to the winter olympics we ask you submit your highlights two loss on a website and let us know what you think were the main happy moments that you'll remember from the games thank you for sharing those moments with us to pay to russian gold ladies figure skating there is also impressed by the national team's parade during the opening ceremonies of this and others selected the performance by russian figure skating ricky olympic darling you'll heal admits kayak. about fifteen minutes time don't miss our in depth around above all the olympic action are sports bulletin with a partridge here on our tuna. but first with stalin's independence referendum
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looming. britain faces the prospect of losing the union jack. the kids. so many things without the chains. yes the brits are they feel about saying goodbye to the treasured national icon this anymore after a short break. to noon i don't see how european countries to a member of the european eu he can solve the problem without leaving the european view. so it's obvious that countries like great britain or france in france especially with an interesting topic in my opinion. they have been difficult. they have it difficult to solve these problems. but i think at least they should rearrange the principal rules of free movement of persons and to improve the system . twenty
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minutes that we are now barack obama the recent ban on monitoring of liverpool's communications force the nsa to turn to other sources of european data port city agencies which to spy on hundreds of german officials including the interior minister. our jesus to cap a novice more from berlin the national security agency was allegedly longer carry three hundred and twenty people here in germany mostly politicians also business leaders. according to a german newspaper care bill dance on top which says if info comes from a higher ranking as a employee here in germany now that source was quoted as saying the agency had got the order not to miss out on any information and that the nsa is no longer able to monitor the councilors that communications directly on the interior minister a close confidant of miss marple was also allegedly watched as well as several firms such as dallas ap a competitor of the us company oracle. this allegation was rejected by
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the us national security council spokeswoman said that the united states did not spike to get american firms competitive advantage as the german interior ministry so far refusing to comment on what it called allegations of bonding to individuals but this is of course gown to make things quite difficult for uncle omar called. i keep in mind revelations last year about maps us surveillance in germany in particular of ms merkel's mobile phone shops this country sparking some of the most serious i'd disappeared so between the two allies in that decade as a result we've seen a tougher stance here the german towns are now pushing for the european communications network of berlin also pushing for so called no spotty deal with washington. the german foreign minister is due to visit the us on thursday but he has said that he has dealt very very much in fact earlier we heard them and i by any means sean who highlighted a report on the nse spies on all germans on a daily basis not only officials in things the country's intelligence services have a duty to
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protect citizens from surveillance. buried under an uncouth who can claim full credit to him when he took only ten eighteen the intent of the final might be a mistake says i'm a day and each time one of the key to the island teams and compete with the kids are in communion united i think it is much deeper. there is no guarantee that the nsa was still fine on anyone in gemini keating and america will be anything they can and can't wait to read it on the situation grown teeth to rely on the us can't eat okra beans onion is time to take my finger and hands technologically teeth teeth on each other. the twenty fifth jan and encourages because he should be protecting. german politician and a general complaint from the loopy day stoning fired on by other governments and other intended to take a peek at what the day today. no one to be complete faith in helping to entertain us from
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terrorism cases to trial in the premier in country. no wonder that prevent and protect. he lacks integrity national security of the channel country. last night means may claim for acting is safe but as we report online the wall of the year their homes. on this part by a statement from acts on a c e o r t dot com box internet giant google robots will eventually be able to understand us better than we understand ourselves to the bottom about futuristic forecast online of all the many things were in the stands to lose if stalin breaks away in september's independence about giving up the union jack could arguably be the most keenly felt. some of our lady started to re envision a flag that's been a cherished symbol of national identity for two centuries he's laura smith reports the campaigns on if the lights of the stuff listed it as it debates the halting of the facts and have until september but to settle better idea of how
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the indians that lived a full with placements this as an independent scotland would release the hounds. hardly anyone seems to be talking about something even more simple than that the rest of the uk could be installed in it rather depends it's a union jack. scotland's represented on the fact by the name backgrounds and diagonal white cross that it's got to the us the uk might try to get caught. cool and he's the expert become old city. it's kind of place with waltz. the uk tired to get hiking fifty eight as well. thompson suggested that people think. the noises of human testing. but the overall kingdom civic realm. states are reeking like that. no is too thanks to the point. what he's up one place that it's not a cake at dubbo what to think of the ik would take the concept of debt. what would have to trade or what is going to like say dumb brutes tax everything taught that what strange none of us those of its course and some
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in a somewhat dynasty in marriage. the parts of it anymore. like tech people thanks to suit each additional health at the end of the kids go to the people to be trying to get. in the peace act. so many things without the chains. while move. what that says that he died. though. you didn't see the jelly to for such it's the basin is the iconic brad decapitated would think that life was saved to a soft lead to sickness. it was in college the recent disc golf day today d bet on it from time to take seats even installed and dolls declare independence. they become ren and alec salmond might be well except that the flaccid minds as it's more of what faith is golden to get to see him just yet. after break large international k partridge the latest from the world of sports or if you're watching is in the uk going underground. i rmb
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judy cox the utah mother out of spite but an entire line of t shirts popular chain store at her local mall for you that you bought that was because she feels that the images of nearly naked women on them violate her local towns d c code. she wants to make it clear though that she feels the stores were to sell this type of shirt does not display an exterior window. ultimately her plan is to return a shirt on day fifty nine of the store sixty limit. let's hope for her sake they don't have a no return policy. i bring this up because this is a great example of a non violent form of protest that actually works. it caused a scandal in war partly it will make the company lose a few dollars. technically the girls on the shirts are even fully exposed only thing i checked early and i would even call them are raided the local communities have the right to be more conservative than the rest the nation if they want to be
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and is good that you think i actually did something rather than just sitting at home when they are coping about moral decay across the country. i have the housewife was small mormon committee can stand up to them and what's stopping you. but that's just my opinion. room. who knew him the neighboring districts voted to send an encouraging when the city's fashion lovers not to panic. from the bustling crowded shopping spree. due to receive the pay phones the grounds of me teaching contract. with easy access from falling prey to the subway station. the seven hundred thousand swimming to wood is a popular way to
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the citizens of turkey the ruling. i aim to meet eugene who is famous for the huge number of worshippers attract new year on more than any of the shrine the two two million people visit the shrine. more tourists from abroad. reducing the crime was constructed in nineteen twenty. these dense forest respond to treatment by treaty to surround the new rebuilt run. it was a huge project. to create an enduring natural forests over one hundred thousand trees were donated by people or one of the tube. i knew the grounds of the shrine nature shows us a fresh ut with each passing see i
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scream. accompanied by a chorus of the snow i am i rainy season is time to enjoy the shrines. the one thousand five hundred tonnes from one hundred and fifty for a test. it's stoush a we've become. no it does seem to come up with its previous offer will come straight from school two tokens. my new explain them a huge indoor gardening is one of the famous sites of some of them. almost always becomes a slightly grey is legal to leeds to come
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assist with costs and return to forks. just to cool slightly. this shrine grounds to be bolted to a treasure house of each. he calls every year you points for over one hundred species of it. most foreigners to buy something not often seen with the giants to the natural freshwater spring. so what's a boy the trading screens as to what has grown into a natural forest of local one hundred and seventy thousand trees. stopping the dartmouth student with two hundred and forty six different varieties the preserved for its
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grounds of the main teaching no choice it's going to the center of town. eye. i don't i. ay ay ay. sth like committing to the studios here in berlin. this is the journal and four and gone and i'm a good chance that any with us is that coming up ukraine's ousted president viktor yanukovich is the wanted man today is the new government holding him responsible for mass murder in the violence of last week with the waikiki up protesting against putin the shaft is then sent to prison for demonstrating against the russian president and not so far away. a burst of fireworks to mark the end of the winter olympic games in


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