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tv   RT News  PBS  December 28, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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it is. what was will turkish police fired teargas and rubber bullets in the istanbul disperse the protesters are angry with a high level corruption scandal and demanded the government's resignation right just by new york giants as it is illegal for the nsa to gather phone data in bulk for that contradicts the whirling in a different case which found that the nsa
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surveillance that the cost of the constitution. plus as the year winds down we look back at some of most significant stories of two thousand and thirteen. among them and the forced feeding of hunger striking detainees in guantanamo protesting against the indefinite detention. no the hunger strike is largely is officially set to be over. we know that at least fifteen people are continually being force fed here today the procedure was described as a form of torture by the un but the notorious detention camp remains open despite outrage and president obama pledges to close it. the whatever to our studios in moscow this is rtm sean thomas. what have you with us. now a massive anti government demonstration in he stumbles the central square sparked by a higher
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level corruption investigation has been violently dispersed by police and demonstrators are now calling for the country's prime minister. bridget i have ever wanted to step down but he refuses to give in to their demands. the star press reports. not that i have said that they have in the past couple of weeks. i miss fifth. i've given them a gift i was better to do that yet the defense and offensive once again coming from a safe bet that well. the fact that the faith. if the director of the restaurant from thinking of that. identify with that addressing the crowd friends
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i'm afraid of the best of the pontiff said that the preference thing the beet red. the principal scott the is also the truth the croats and i were emailing. however the sunset exactly what the i'm so bad that the battle of the fact that you can get it from approaching the end of the house. he is going to do the unexpected death of a government shepherd before anything happens that the plan tuesday to bed but that the women we met suzanne ministers had the ten minutes this includes revenue loss of students should have to conclude that at today's headlines government's move me from the truth. so that the chemistry and very experienced ministers met in the bedroom of bed. we have moved noon shift overseas to work through him and spread it throughout the rest of the extent of the kids the sprint events. let's let the dimensions of inspections will be passed close to seven am the method known as the election that. it's the movie picks would be
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crucial. when that city. read it. please read the bad and the future the good news is that both the book everything bad bad bad is very difficult we can serve. the book for our cheese dessert first is any stumble getting opinion on the ongoing government crisis in turkey. you can find it on her twitter account also there are pictures from the street where protesters are converting their anger over a corruption scandal and demanding the government to resign. prime minister has been addressing crowds of supporters in the country's western city of money so he blamed foreign agents to carry out what he called it a smear campaign. freelance journalist and blogger are who you love. once again he stumbles onto the square he says is the divine has emerged within the turkish
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society the site as it happens. cynics process that that kind of came up on that one insider said. mia has had a big breakfast. the fallout for ayah against the ruling party and against the nl i'm crazy but then there's still a considerable amount of people for the sole concern was an asthmatic later in the sun believe in everything that he sensed up whenever he goes on and on camera as in many saturn everywhere else and he's been in the past week ever since the corruption case. i wrapped it is insane that in this conspiracy theory and this is a land of israel in the last lap in the animal in its self. people don't believe them. no gathering of phone data from millions of americans is legal and it helps to counter al qaeda that's what a federal us judge ruled in the case pitting a major civil rights organization against the national intelligence chief bought nearly two weeks ago in a separate case another judge said that the nsa is falling data collection was unconstitutional. appeasement or not has details. a federal
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judge in new york and william r pa lead role friday that protections under the fourth and then they do not apply to records held by third parties like phone companies. thus the nsa is indiscriminate and systematic collection and storage of phone records belonging to all americans well that's lawful and the aclu has expressed disappointment and said it plans to appeal that decision two weeks ago federal judge in washington d c said the anc's medicaid program i'll most likely violated the fourth amendment as part of that ruling by judge richard leon ordered the government to stop collecting data on two plaintiffs who brought the case against the us government a u s officials have filed for many years ask americans to sacrifice by some of their privacy in the name of security but so far i've known top us official to mention any danger in the danger that skateboarding through
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the collection of everyone's personal information. now the secret status of the documents which exposed the nsa is a surveillance played a key role in this ruling. daniel mcadams is an executive director of the braun hall institute for peace and prosperity. he told rte why he thinks the wording of that verdict could be a cause for major concern. just growing by a judge of all we hear on friday. i said that the aclu doesn't have the right to challenge on this collection of data data because that was it was done illegally because of revelations by snow. because congress meant for section two fifteen of the patriot act to the secret war is under that section to the secrets of the aclu had no right to challenge what the implications are incredible to think about it it means that if the government for illegally using two fifteen. we're an
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object of the city isn't the only way to use it to fifteen creek would never challenge that because we weren't supposed to know that they were doing it is absolutely chilling meanwhile some of the world's most well known hackers and five activists are discussing ways to counter the nsa is a digital surveillance of them gathered in homer before the thirtieth annual chaos communication congress journalist glenn greenwald who has been releasing edward snowed in santa fe leaks gave the keynote address via video chat. he criticized the mainstream media for the servants of the government and cited his recent interview as an example. it was on this program called heart talk and i at one point had made what i bought was the very unremarkable in oncology first observation that the reason why we have a free press is because national security officials recently invited the population in order to shield their power and to get their agenda. a glance that was when i said that he interrupted me and he said. i just can topple
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the bq and suggests that senior officials generals in the united states and the british government are actually creating false claims to the how . still ahead in the program we report on america's notorious guantanamo bay detention camp torture hunger strikes and suicides have marked this plea since two thousand and two. didn't obama promises to close at the venue remains operational holding over a hundred detainees the majority of whom had been cleared to return the country walks. britain has become an international online hub for selling into considering the legal equivalent of class a drugs according to experts they could be just as harmful as the originals of the details coming up but i think
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the air. aye. he is. a team of journalists was released which he documents about the united states is trying to read there. i may get the local media more pro american. challenger sheer ignorance and pressure. he looks the way to information freedom. the easiest the lychee. it was jealous of those that have acceptable but this is our planet and that we have the right to run the blood to their very very concerned that they don't think we're good stewards of our bladder would not fit with cutting after cutting of forests were getting our rivers lakes were dumping
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sewage and the oceans at work doing all sorts of things which are not what good stewards of the homes should be doing and they don't like that and that medicare or as a matter of fact they have given this award. i am the walking ard me. now with the new year just around the corner we continue our look at the big events in two thousand thirteen. and what it will be remembered for one of the biggest year's biggest stories was the hunger striking inmates at the guantanamo bay detention center. despite repeated promises from the us to close the infamous facility in remains operational and continues to spark outrage and rt crew went behind the barbed wire to see what life is like for the detainee the guantanamo
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every morning at eight am the us national anthem you've got to cross the state holds america's most analysts present no one likes to be spit on along with a half after the torture of hunger strikes and suicides have marred his plea since two thousand and two near human beings after all there's no reason expected to enjoy the new year. no we don't pretend otherwise prisoners held indefinitely in the name of the never ending war and terror whether they're innocent and that is not what job for him to teach us and we have a consistent determined that in just over a decade a total of seven hundred and seventy nine prisoners. the majority released without charges on the other side of the barbed wire. life is a blast. water in the cis. as of the really bad about him just like any common american town goes off least get to come here but i mean it's absolutely beautiful place to get a round of other stuffs getting
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around the other stuff is not hard. a lot of what goes on here is kept under a thick veil of denial and secrecy and also houses the hospital and a librarian this is also a place where patients are force fed and even though the hunger strike is largely an officially said to me over we know that at least fifteen people are continually being force fed here today. the tube is passed down to a person's nostril and pushed all the way down to their stomach before it passed on the nose wheel over to him we give the patient choice. they want help liking. which is the agent. you will. no my period or if they want. olive oil to lubricated the two most of our patients have been using all well. he seemed like it. in fact some of our patients are so used to this they will. this guy which nostril they want. this well meet your world medical bodies are in agreement that
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force feeding is not ethical and should not be practiced the force feeding them i tell my clients has this long tunnel. they said they described as torture the restraint as they're strapped into the actually call the portrait and that force feeding takes up to forty five minutes and is performed twice a day. this is the civilian world that said it feels strange. i've never produces. i have not heard that. officials are beyond nonchalant about the highly criticized practice. you might feel differently from the way i might feel uncomfortable has been the most that i've heard that they don't even believe it will be sitting in a will as in all it sounds stupid i volunteered that the procedure be demonstrated on me. request a client the prisoners who looked like one another and that i speak of for now we just keep saying the same thing that we were tortured and abused they found tie the hands onto the chair they shuffled on makes to the ground today with a strap across the heads of the forced into a tube into our noses never thirteen
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years had he been allowed to speak directly to a journalist while remaining at gitmo only leaking statements to the way it's built on nothing more than to sit down with journalists in this column. i feel about their daily lives but communicating seems to only occur here that's a holiday to a point where maybe they had been verbalize and a lot of hopelessness. we knew where to immediately intervene and i try to insist that person to make sure that there wasn't any thoughts that maybe i'm wanting to harm themselves over in their lives with charts lead these often used to pinpoint patients to spare you ask them. how'd you feel right now and to be able to point to it we have not had a patient in this area. and cabinets. meanwhile six suicides and dozens of suicide attempts have taken place at the detention facility. we haven't seen the autopsies. the us government hasn't released any formal report her findings when outside to active camps at guantanamo camp five fold single cells
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with the so called less compliant detainees are held camp number six is one filled with communal cells when officials deem the detainee to behave better. there was boarded by being allowed to live in groups. well the teams are kept away from us what we witness a clean empty prison cells with cozy pajamas. colgate toothpaste and a maximum security shampoo was paraded in front of journalists as proof everything is so much better here than any silly horror stories we all have heard is this teacher can a critique guantanamo bay cuba. we've been keeping track of the hunger strike at guantanamo since it began in february just a click away on our website we got the full timeline of events surrounding the notorious facility for more stories that shaped the year will be bringing you up for the words of one two thousand and thirteen others. here are
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the internet however great the eggs in one exists. us oil giant chevron this comes after a mass hunger strike that aren't the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times the head. a political battlefield in which a young man is just one of the front lines. the route pardon to a russian ex tycoon week i opened up because he has been all over the headlines in recent weeks as the media re tells the story a murder case back from the nineteen nineties comes to light that of blood in me and had to call the assassinated mayor of the russian town of cortical
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skis oil company was registered. while the former mobil continues to deny any link to the murder of two calls with own paints a different picture. it was cold at the end of the essays by the fact hundred kosky has escaped responsibility on those counts that i'm convinced he's behind my husband my mouth. the fourth was shot dead on his sweet wife. oh yes reported a fall and he walked to work and he usually did and was shocked it he died from the last round. in the temple. if you've got some really cute and clean while one of the most victorious legal saga that much. from nineteen eighty five the lawyer duncan is the god who think the feast of the city in the region. the combined fuel
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was registered and delinquent tax revenues. he was answering to the mayo in it you've got to break even with the ball through a depended on him and that was the only reason why he even asked it this is her late husband has an ear of the town. it was so hyped up and into the house i miss the opportunity to agreement. it's a cool that the organization of taxes the production reached about seventy million tons of really lazy. they said it was too much of the one sending a chameleon stuns me thinking more than an hour with them he says. he went on hunger strike. it's a scene from watson's involved in many regional officials. he was the loot the investigation found his killing was ordered by the co owner of u s but many don't agree one being a
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very good because merger wasn't connected to this. and the like to tax fraud scheme that cost himself that if there was the one classes there were many other ways it could have done the former head of security and confidence in life. while. we don't. alright that's the only time will solve the mystery surrounding my husband and i know that i dislike of up to keep going fast and he has conscience to support its deceased labels no school today to discuss the important defense will get russia successfully launches and upgraded so use to rock it. it is the latest addition to the saudis family of rockets that have become the world's most frequently used posters sense of their first launched in nineteen sixty six in a dark for the full story. plus a destructive flooding in colorado. a devastating tornado in oklahoma. and
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massive wildfires in california. despite these and other catastrophes of the year two thousand and thirteen was relatively kind to us as it expands its fewest amount of natural disasters in recent history on our website we got all the details on the surprising finding. in the antarctica rescue operation continues for russian research ship with australian scientists on board called the auckland dems are given me to show called ski the vessel has been trapped there by the thick ice since tuesday now an australian icebreaker is on its way there right now after previous attempts by a french and a chinese ship and both failed to reach it despite being stuck in ice since christmas the scientists are said to be in good spirits and continuing to research the worst case scenario will see them evacuated from the vessel by helicopter. not to look at some other world news making headlines around
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the globe this hour. he may get a second student has reportedly been killed and another state media reported that the violence was sparked when supporters of the muslim brotherhood set fire to two campus buildings. organizers denied the allegations saying the demonstrators only registered in the use of resisted exclusive use of tear gas against them. at least sixty students were arrested in the disturbance israel is poised to release another twenty six palestinian prisoners. this is the third release out for a total of one hundred and four palestinians will be freed from israeli jails over nine months negotiating period. and when it comes in the wake of us secretary of state john kerry's visit to the region later this week to advance the peace process opponents of the prisoner was staged a rally outside the israeli prime minister's
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home protesting them. more than five hundred municipal lawmakers in one chinese province have resigned after being implicated in an electoral fraud scandal official stepped down after admitting to accepting bribes from members of the provincial assembly to like them to their posts chinese president. he she became king has launched an anti corruption campaign pledging to target both high and low level government officials the addicted man of europe. that's the reputation of the uk has earned itself in recent years according to a leading social policy think tank. now in their report suggests one in every twelve of brits between the ages of fifteen and twenty four has tried so called legal highs that means a total of around six hundred and seventy thousand views that means these drugs will land you in jail but as studies show that
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could be very every bit as dangerous as they are blacklisted the equivalents since two thousand and ten the government has put temporary bans on fifteen such substances. but the substitute drugs are popping up at a faster rate than regulators can handle he's quite what to invest that bubble or the magic dragon. they may sound comments that anything bought these a mind altering substances that can mimic the effects of and trucks not that he will and grace is consuming more authentic than any other country. you know that hunter has a website that saved us all night. because that is maybe that is at least one new photo on the chalk my cake each week. these are the seas on other sites online as the unsafe and connect it to the shots then got fifty two people die from using psycho active substances last year
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seventeen ninety cents from the year before the senate as a team s hip hop is to tell me about the new its substance. the thing you can use a straight play. i didn't see the sites isn't that dangerous men died. when did he say. probably it was this one isn't an economy like smoke it. mom said that in all things human consumption yes that puts people buying it online. they know practically had to use it the government accused as being unacceptable said in its response to design a truck stuck in the country. i can score an a hole to the training three nights with them is shrinking don't think having fun in the nst has brought the more safer since taking on new forms one addiction psychiatry sent up a special government funded clinic to deal with the abusive simple cause it rocks. after the clients we
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have no use. we have no says we have managers and teachers who have a group of people too. we are necessary and that would enable has crocuses. i'm very much remember the very first day we ate it and thinking well with anybody come you will that be to mom this is a lot she concludes his mates are we being followed it with referrals of the moment the uk isn't all only the worst place in europe as far as legal high experimentation is concerned wheels of the biggest problem the thing is complain and cry came over in europe the wheels of one of the western camp opens in europe a few of the westfield group called home to say it is called the middle isolation. the truth is that more people to young people and i are trying to use it to go to now call mighty bleak and ip london. what next mrt international it is the story of the week the weeks to
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assess him to travel across central asia in search of media outlets willing to publish the diplomatic cables to washington. in the uk sport's great orbiting the world with george galloway is coming your way aye aye aye aye. is you. i am the summer break. the time when all students the joys and most importantly relax body washes over break for male students could change dramatically and involve lots of guns currently male russian systems have to put the year into the armed forces but the ministry of defence thinks that they can make things easier by the who spend their summer breaks in the military. this treaty would tie in with your future professions such as engineering students being put into military engineering
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position. now the question is does your summer break belong to you order other words does the government have the right to tell you what to do it make you who serve in the army even if just for three summers during college years i think it's this really depends on your culture in places which haven't invaded countless times or have a strong individual islam streak any form of conscription sounds barbaric and oppressive but you come from a country that is less individualistic has been attacked and beaten by pretty much every country that possibly could. like russia that have a draft makes more sense. i think this program could work as i was in college i'll be pumped spend my summer vacation with some heavy artillery. but this is deftly not a universal idea for all countries. i don't think liberals and libertarians in america would take too kindly to it and rightly so. that's just my thing. i room. it is
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six season. says. the new
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this one. it was warm we will or will. it was a choice it seemed. you the viewer to watch again. to top choice it's clear you are a family farm for free. you voted for this program roads. i liked this episode because it shows people that you don't have to spend money to a farm in the city. thank you and now here it sits


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