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tv   RT News  PBS  December 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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as is the belief that this must be stepped up and sustained in order to reach out to the millions affected the sangh the high level corruption scott lead to a key trigger street bond says police break up protests demanding the government resignation. she can a federal judge ruled it illegal for the nsa to collect the telephone records of millions of americans as it helps to counter terrorism on american and british media were slammed for failing to challenge their governments all is not to be out this
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character role is to be worn all spokespeople jealous but in great moods go of his colleagues from questioning the serving those in power as he presses the national track is called grace. the wines that we the back of some of the most significant stories of twenty fifty. among them the hunger striking detainees at guantanamo force fed in response to that protest against indefinite detention what we ought to be just up to me nauseated most of are too boring for me than kevin know it's good to be with this. our top story this morning a massive anti government demonstration in istanbul central square has been violently dispersed by police last twenty four hours the right to spot by a high level corruption investigations led to a major cabinet reshuffle in the rest
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of several top officials the mistake is denied them on the country's prime minister cut the two and step dad. the true selves the snake down. security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets could not contest the contest. multi crew was there but caught up with cats that look the defence he said the paper they think that that's the reason was that the things that made me think it's a bit like that the bad guy. you think that's the guy the defense. it died
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the league. the iba. i mean that the state the maintenance that the government than sour the key to the gabba. i have to be. many. that said the cancer has said. as part of these promises an address to crowds of supporters in the country's western city of many to many he vowed to put up a fight with ease and you need to protest to mom's for lunch it was a blow to us to give but it was to use symbols to swim last night told me a deep divide the month with the intent of society time does that doesn't reference data. it's just one of the applebee's
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and explosives that that kind of came up on that island and its leadership. mia has had a big breakfast. the fallout for ayah against the ruling party and against the nl i'm crazy but then there's still a considerable amount of people today still considered as an asthmatic later in the sun believe in everything that he says so whenever he goes on on camera as in many centers everywhere else and he's been in the past week ever since the corruption case. i wrapped it is insane that in this conspiracy and this is a land of israel in the last hour and the limits itself. people don't believe them. had the mount a twisting to the window of the russian man assassinated in the wake of a comfort to the coke with a cough peaceful world oil company so the sushi thing. the mind of his mother and a bit late in the program. but not the sole umno bn is tasteless and tours surveillance techniques its sweeping phone tapping program has been ruled illegal. a federal judge said it's crucial for security
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because it collects everything. the circles despite another federal judge concluded quote the ball phone records collection was likely unconstitutional appeasement eyes of the story. a federal judge in new york and william r pa lead role friday that protections under the fourth amendment. do not apply to records held by third parties like phone companies. thus the nsa is indiscriminate and systematic collection and storage of phone records belonging to all americans well that's lawful and the aclu has expressed disappointment and said it plans to appeal that decision two weeks ago a federal judge in washington d c said the anc's medicaid program i'll most likely violated the fourth amendment as part of that ruling by judge richard leon ordered that the government to stop collecting data on two plaintiffs who brought the case against the us government a u s officials have filed for many years ask americans to sacrifice
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by some of their privacy in the name of security but so far i've known top us official to mention any danger in any danger that skateboarding through the collection of everyone's personal information the judges agree with the timing of elation from nsa was supposed to snow drops down to the mainstream media to turning a blind eye to government violations. it would take jared his address to the hike is conference in germany all the brothers incumbent is well for the international un team captain. perhaps the most anticipated speech in this year's scales communication conference was the keynote address like journalist and political commentator glenn greenwald he delivers his keynote speech by video phone to dial told the tory initiated the conduct of which he craves it was snowed in for the work he's done that and also called on those governments that have shown indignation that the revelations of how much their citizens and spied on by america and its allies to
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hold him to show that indignation that they should be able to help the mom who was sacrificed much in order to bring them the truth. now we also address the us and british governments accusing them of being likened to the citizens. and speaking about the cracks in the country said that they were complicit in allowing the governments to deal about life. to understand just how the american and british media function or ball is not to be adversary a role is to be loyal spokespeople to those awful backs as they pertain to exercise oversight the wall of the us media and their british counterparts is to be voices for those with the greatest power and to protect their interests and serve them but this cold for this isn't just about the speeches it's also about workshops in greece but some of the open eye says he was telling us just how with a lethal pics of the lake you can help try and protect yourself online with things like encrypted e mails out to the likes of need love for
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the lying compute over the tourists can also quite frightening. how was that they still be with just a small amount of knowledge you can make sheila do what you want to stay like that. state politics. the two parties there we invite interested people to learn about photography since i don't want to be noticed. since the summer that this issue huge hoodies and repairs for those two parties. it's a party where we meet for like two or three hours and people who know how to encrypt the man's health and protection and how to browse anonymously in the internet teach this to other people actually ask people in the camp. why do i why i keep hearing people told us i learnt that we are spied on and i want to protect myself the legal principle waste rules they could try out this is the thirty year that it's being run a of a dcf following the revelations from it with snowden it seems that more more people i wanted to find out how the kid who look after their personal information online they've been coming here to try and find out how
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the role of the reporting was told more about the notorious to confront it was neither thinks of changing the world and done whatever the executive director of the wrongful his chief peace and prosperity joining us live of a mind map points difference but autopsy on this hike as congress is on the way blog is seeking is that to raise awareness of the description and privacy cos we used to thinking of pakistan as a cut about people doing something illegal but that status is conduct a due date heroes these days mc. lol and when the government is doing things illegal it takes four million vehicles things like actors to try to protect us up. don't you worry is on are these all legitimate hackers are some infiltrated a so it's no longer can is also somewhat does it concern is well and jonas underpaid of a video of mind that nice cold of hackers to fight back against the spy agency's is the job it easy these days offer all these revelations of the last eighteen months two years well i think there has been an enormous increase in awareness of what the government is doing well
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is interesting is the best drawn by judge up only here on friday. i said that the aclu doesn't have the right to challenge on this collection of data data because that was it was done illegally because of revelations by snow to be surprised by that ruling the glow of the washington post called a kafka esque and i think that's were i to time she pointed out one of their journalists pointed out that because congress meant for section two fifteen in the patriot act to the secret orders under that section to be secrets of the show you have no right to challenge it the implications are incredible to think about it it means that if the government for illegally using two fifteen a m sunday with an objective we say isn't the only way to use it to fifteen. we could never challenge that because we weren't supposed to know that
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they were doing it with a slight cough. it's just absolutely chilling. the mood in america or americans that did some uneasy and the father being spied on on all. i think americans are very irritated the nsa is really become a four letter word in the us not. well it had never thought about before. as a matter of fact select your king whose chairman of homeland security committee said that it was yesterday. he's glad about this ruling because americans meeting will now stop being so mean and so angry with the nsa. how much damage wrong. looking back how much damage she thinks know these revelations is cool if america's image of the last of the two uses. well i don't think a lot of the revelations about foreign spine should've been a surprise to anyone on and on and on the cdos are of some concern but i think americans are more concerned with the nsa getting out of control in its side in its monitoring of american
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citizens. i think that's where the outrage is here in the us when you find out that this whole collection of everything is fine and dandy because as the judge called pointed out this was the government's counter punch against al qaeda although they can't tell us not one single success they've had with all of this monitoring of our communication clearing over the next twelve months from various sources the smugness of eccentric cent of the gym is that of the information of more revelations will be coming out but nonetheless it comes to that effect the dove by this most notably brazil we hear of brazil been spied on by the end effect of that literally turn around and take on america of grenoble while i think it says it's a subtle process that takes place over time i think as the images of america has decreased in the eyes of the world if you look at polling data over the last decade. i think the thing is like the attack on iraq that was obviously based on lies the disastrous invasion of
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afghanistan the us of manipulating elections manipulating governments throughout the world most recently we see in africa and south sudan for yet another one of their adventures gone wrong. i think this is a process and it is showing the rest of the world mourn with the us intervention of some five years is certainly not a force for good reason to stay in. we have to believe that the second directive from one point steve peace and prosperity thanks to take to the thomas f president on this because he was given a seat on the shaded pink. now with the new year the gist of the cornet we continue our look of the big events would be fitting will be remembered for. bill. one of the biggest source the year was the hunger striking inmates of guantanamo bay detention center. but repeated promises from the us to show the infamous facility remains operational and continues despite outrage. the crew
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and behind the buffalo to see what life's really like for the night. transparencies and were repeated by us officials working at guantanamo like a monster by those few more comfortable speaking on camera. see the conditions under which the detainee smith knew i'd get to talk to the people who are responsible for guarding me make it a strange cream as possible. here and thus preferring to remain unidentified. the majority of officials who were permitted to speak to every week we get media. when yourself internationally via local media know what happened and are welcomed me and we tell them what we have any journalist workflow or guantanamo starts with a mandatory introduction to media rules so called operation security briefing of the material that you get the gathering me to that. is it abides by our house the transparencies the word brought up by all the personnel we talked to on the grounds. we as journalists to access to
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detainees inside our house to be very careful about the shots we found all the backdrops meant the end of each. the videos are viewed and any shots deemed unacceptable are deleted this one will be ok because countries are not too controversial for much of any frowned upon see words like censorship isn't a very good program established to become our home. graham accomplishment and the regulations are an old video and audio recordings and even sketches are carefully studied cell phones are banned from camps thus was leaving on facebook or you try that. i even worry about talking about over. you know anything over the phone this the purpose of these ground rules to protect the safety and security of gitmo operations the detainees during a media divisions of the bed but that thing down. we are warned violations and give ground rules neighbors also restricted access denial of future visits and or removal from guantanamo bay. people just don't miss little bit
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and how cool that people forget that it's not the beam giving the true picture. i mean. normally people mortals locals and get all this costs and the deacons and getting the detainee side of what goes on at gitmo. apparently just couldn't be done after an extensive explanation of how exactly we are to film the prisoners the amount of detainee feast time we get a total of one minute and five seconds to a dark glass window. the reason were given at a respect for them in and in not using them is. as you know. you know. making them some kind of curiosity on film thing like dad when we don't want to do that despite every class tonight and film but at least witness more real prisoner like a high ranking guantanamo admiral convinces us that we actually have a lot more access than we think you're seeing what there is good to see. you know given the minute i'm itchy and irritated to see it so we are is transferred as
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possible after one minute glimpse at one tt knew our schedule is in fact all booked up. they were taken to the detention camp kitchen to witness how well things from big losses were not really being allowed to close the detainee is this might be the closest glimpse of their life. we might set up the getting to date puddings will be that these are the meals that they're offered. on a daily basis the also taken to the only local radio stations are made up like zombies in the audience military personnel serving at the base i know it's a long time right now. then we got to the media is. there's enough journalists over there covering that music sports and talk radio your info teammate brains here. in sa we learn that were not the only ones simply being treated to a show and sissy checking out rt guantanamo bay cuba. well we've been
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keeping track of the night and went on though since it began to fade read just a click away. no wimps of the hopeful timeline of events surrounding the tories facility. for more stories to check the air with bringing the author of the reports of wind twenty thirty knots by him or not. i however great the eggs in one exists. us oil giant chevron this comes after a mass hunger strike that aren't the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times. a political battlefield in which the man is just one of the front lines. the route. the air
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the air. this one. covert team of journalists trying to release documents about to read there. i may get the local media who are pro american. challenger sheer ignorance and pressure. he looks the way to information freedom. the lychee. it was jealous of those that have acceptable but this is our planet and that we have the right to run the mod said that there are very concerned that they don't think we're good stewards of our bladder
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would not fit with cutting after cutting of forests were getting our rivers lakes were dumping sewage and the oceans were doing all sorts of things which are not what good stewards of the homes should be doing and they don't like that that medicare or as a matter of fact they have given this award. i am is yes. the it would cost me time and more. next i could make oakland coach he's riding the wave of media hype these days which it was across the globe seeking to interview the former high profile prisoner but important questions about his company's controversial actions back in the nineteen nineties ago and announced such as iowa's yukos connected oh one all to the motor of a man in the city with the old john was reduced to a tunic emotions that the man's widow it was cold i couldn't go
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because despite the fact hundred kosky has escaped responsibility on those counts that i'm convinced he's behind my husband my wall. the fourth was shot dead on his sweet wife. ford reported a fall and he walked to work and he usually did and was shocked it he died from the last shot. in the temple. if you'v got some really cute and clean while he was one of the most victorious legal saga that much. from nineteen eighty five deal and donkeys. it's the guys who think the feast of the city in the region the combined fuel was registered and delinquent tax revenues. he was answering to the mayo in it you've got to break even with the hope to be depended on him and that was the only reason why he even asked it. since her late husband does the mayor of
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the town. it was so hyped up and has become. this he offered to reach an agreement with its sequel the optimization of taxes affect the production reached about seventy million tonnes of oil easy. they said it was too much and seven eight million tonnes to be more than enough. the pope refused to strike a deal. moreover he went on hunger strike demanding an investigation into its amazing vehicle options scheme involved in many regional officials several days later he was only the investigation found his killing was ordered by the co owner of u s but many don't agree with the one leading to a very good because merger wasn't connected to do this and the lady tax fraud scheme that cost himself said if there was the need to avoid taxes. then there were many other ways it could have done the former head of security and competence in life. why sure that the real mastermind on tuesday. alright that's
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the only time will solve the mystery surrounding my husband and i can. i just like other kosky to confess and today his conscience toothpaste labeled. you know school o teacher is awesome the conclusion that in relation to restore economic links on a website said auntie jo comb pangs of conscience false american professor of design the story is these admit to that of evolution the aids vaccine which cost him a multi million dollar ground won't in fact bring me for those suffering real one but not too hot to go cold. i didn't follo the ocean's most for any shoes for that to a place to find out what's alien scientists to come up with to keep swimmers from the frail welcome shopping center. on our website. like so but the russian ship has been caught in the antarctic after christmas for the australian scientific expedition on bold latest is that it went to subway for help. the vessel
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academic chappelle speak of stock in thick ice on tuesday to ice break is a chinese ship on a french vessel before the bomb failed in the rescue mission that attend but now wants to be in pain gone astray the machine which are musical the best chums of reaching the stranded scientists. this is the passengers and crew party on keeping the spirit of this the kind that got enough supplies in the continuing to research to find a way that time despite the setback. colby's and brief and first albany jubilee a second skin reportedly being killed off the clashes with police to the universe to a higher state media says the violence was sparked when supporters of the muslim brotherhood said five to two campus building. you cannot deny the allegations saying the demonstrators and resistant to use it to get in the early sixties he was arrested said. in southern india. auto express trains killed at least twenty three passengers including two children more than sixty
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people in that carriage at the time in the wind broke out the incompetent his sleep most of the tenth of may the official site thick smoke hampered rescue efforts because of the place is still up. a place for your storyboard you that leaves a report from bahrain i would say that at least some o the prominent leader of the main shear opposition both been released to style itself. he was summoned for questioning. security forces used tear gas to disperse supporters of the cabinet studies of demanding his immediate release. someone was taken without explanation offered anti government speech which according to the sunni led government code contained sectarian language to incite hatred. keep abreast of all in all of these three posts in the course of the so called up next to mount international is the story the wiki links associates to the trouble across central asia institute me to read is willing to publish the diplomatic cables need time to watch hingis in the uk for the beating she is going on to graduate of action were times each of the way. but after this break
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with the world. ch. i am the summer break. the time when all students read joyce and most importantly relax play russia summer break for male students could change dramatically and involve lots of guns currently male russian systems have to put the year into the armed forces but the ministry of defence thinks that they can make things easier by the who spend their summer breaks in the military. this treaty would tie in with your future professions such as engineering students being put into military engineering position. now the question is does your summer break belong to you order other words does the government have the right to tell you what to do it make you who serve in the army even if just for three summers during college years i think at this really depends on your culture in
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places which haven't invaded countless times or have a strong individualism streak any form of conscription sounds barbaric an oppressive but you come from a country that is less individualistic has been attacked and beaten by pretty much every country that possibly could. like russia that have a draft makes more sense. i think this program could work as i w in college i'll be pumped spend my summer vacation was heavy artillery. but this is deftly not the universal ikea for all countries. i don't think liberals and libertarians in america would take too kindly to it and rightly so. i just bought. i room. on. the i have a card you with another episode of destination the sea the majority of the week
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the united states comes from africa but the idea of eating chocolate comes from central and south america as far back as eleven hundred bc the aztecs are widely regarded as the folks that came up drinking chocolate and their beverage is called bitter water. its limitations of a long way since the times of aztecs but we still do love the drink that beer cup of salad. we have the co owner nice chat with us. it was exactly how you make perfect hot chocolate. that's the way that we can get her back on what we like to do it at the size we like to say about hot chocolate as more of a european style watch the plan. so in order to achieve that end result. you really wanna start with a high quality chocolate to begin with because you want the flavor of the topic to shine through. so what we do is we created and actually sat with our solid stuff that we add the cream to it to create animals and which ones they cannot touch now. this is often found it is often what he is on the inside of the truffle essence is like drinking liquid truffle exactly does some pics of
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what our options here today we have white chocolate. so it's just way topic a notch and now we can also add flavors more than just milk chocolate white chili pan mee in hand to pull a child began to fall a top but you can have coffee flavored hot chocolate salted carmel hot chocolate. it's really up to you and by taking your screen when you're making or cannot stand and is free and with whatever ingredients you want in our case forward area starting with actual peppers seeded and feast your cream with bits of affairs and the new strain of peppers out and annie is that rain to pour over your chocolates make it cannot stay here cannot actually has all the spices. i'm hungry and thirsty so let's drink to much of it. it's scientifically proven that chocolate is an effort effect unless it has it that much is at least for a thousand cuts and dating of the famous bitter water. these days you can add cream or having talked till four. i can not decide yet so i will have tapped one of each. i'm setting a bank are doing this
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again next time one destination to see the song he is. i am. just below in a very warm welcoming deeds to the jungle. the deal put on pizza can even go in and these are all top stories this one. turkish prime minister read to tie it to do on the dress is a political rally in the fighting colds for him to step down in the wake of a corruption scandal. this is due to its old un reinforcements arrived insisted on while placing in the country continues rescuing . lights off


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