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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 28, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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i enjoyed the us versions available to secure the marketplace today to search makes the network. new and new guru. the us. hehe offering. governments that were different things i would quibble with papa went to pointedly with it. portuguese section of the national people's congress and
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the banking code or more of it not been given approval the one book on strike china's my speed right away the kids running of a new schedule. drastically increased capital crime the eye the kids around that's one of new york federal judge for free and it's not a massive bag of program. but being with them everywhere. wear warm welcome to the stoplight on cctv new sign in when mom baking the south sudanese government has all been on the bronze two rebels saying is is ready for an immediate ceasefire. the government also promised to release ice opposition figure is partially meeting rebels the bonds offering eleven people arrested for an alleged coup plot. betty of this month. meanwhile the country's information minister of my clothes my acquaintance has plans to suspend a planned offensive
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to recapture the rebel controlled city all didn't you. but the rebels' leader andrea much on says that there must be profit oaks before they can agree to a truce. my child also says he has a negotiating team ready and is called for a mechanism that can mama said the proposed cease fire the violence broke out on december the fifteen between troops loyal to munch on and the government over a thousand people are believed to have been killed in the two weeks of fighting south sudan's government says it has the defeated rebels in alcohol the capital of the major oil producing states often a while and is in control of the major oil fields there. but it says fighting shut down oil fields in the area. though i did so for the moment i don't want an eye doctor says. dude voice the sofa. going to use all the communities did a
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flash of the most because of the because of the presence of their dear ones and those idiots. and the kingdom of the threat of the personnel in the late fees. now so that has affected the wheel of the awe that this small boy in the unit tuesday the government says it is ready for a ceasefire with rebel fighters but not if it is exported via the rebels to continue killing civilians violence erupted in juba on december the fifteenth and quickly spread with presidents of the key as saying it was stop it from an attempted coup by forces loyal to his former deputy react much out. and we mentioned earlier that the number of people killed is now estimated at more than one thousand and over a hundred and twenty thousand people have fled their homes with about sixty forty thousand seeking refuge at the un compound this. this group of un peacekeeping
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reinforcements has a mind in june of the south sudanese capital. the seventy two the davinci peacekeepers that come from the democratic republic of congo. when a was stationed near the festive in nearly six thousand additional peacekeeper as the un security council approved on tuesday. i will eat awesome with helping the un mission in south sudan manage refugees. the mission reported that are the sixty thousand civilians are now sheltering the new and bases in the region. tensions in the eye world's youngest country developed into type and color plates off to the government blamed soldiers loyal to react much awful launching the attempted coup earlier this month meanwhile the us special envoy to sudan and south sudan bell booth and says the south sudanese president of the key us has confirmed his commitment to ending the fighting. we had a very constructive discussion. he
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briefed us on the discussion see ahead yesterday with an ethiopian prime minister and president of kenya. and indeed confirmed two of that he is moving forward. to arrange a cessation of hostilities. throughout the country. in conjunction with the increasing the ability to move humanitarian relief to the people of south sudan who have been trapped by the fighting. kim met her during a meeting with a delegation of us and european diplomats with express the hope that maybe isotopes between the government and the rebels would get underway in the next few days you will save confirmed the government will release the ice of the eleven senior politicians that are rested over the alleged coup attempt the former finance minister the former cabinet affairs minister and the former secretary general of the ruling sudan people's liberation front. coffee would remain to tying about this may not be enough to satisfy the rebel forces
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the dumas that boldly eleven politicians be released as a condition for negotiations and to give me very nice vista in south sudan where joined by not postponed until a customer in chief is on the fun from juba. welcome to come from what can you tell us the first group of the un reinforcements have a reliant we mentioned that earlier what's that what's next for these peacekeeping peacekeepers. he did at the top third of people to keep it alive. yes i'm tired and lifted it up but that we stop him from office opened the full court by. i've found of that on the non white president. and if they knew to be learned. it didn't mean that the fifty five and if you can open yet. look at
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the local health and on but he will face. it doesn't prevent wouldn't want to be awakened for the death each of the few but not quite yet as to phase out to the two fall out over the front of multiple people could go to the people that got him into the city of winter can be up to people. and really pumping up the bookshelf and pulled on to the people of the time i think. in terms of the south sudanese government says it is ready for a ceasefire and is prepared to release several of the opposition leaders. do you think this could eventually lead to a peace deal the pull outs. all but the government just like i'd mentioned that the bike present form. i want to conform market opened. you'd think it would be unfortunate among the fifty and above he was looking through all the crap we've been working on what the achievement in
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keeping the government of the queen who i will be on the show which i was thinking good god didn't go but up from all the corny. he paid for with the use of the bulk of using it to come to think about the cafe. and i've become a bit different than popup and even though the couple that the city and that it is about when he got in trouble. for icon for many thanks to the upside down. we will keep in touch there of course that story. i get into some interesting developments of which are likely to transpire in the next twenty four hours the sky former ag in the south sudanese capital juba. now a top russian diplomats as the deadline to transport deadly toxins used to make serious chemical weapons out of the country will take them out of the country rather will likely be missed. russian diplomats make how to let you down off told russia's power i a news agency that the chemicals had to get the delivered to force to be placed on ships that would
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then be taken out to sea for destruction. as per my mind decided with the ipc w the toxins have to be taken out of syria by december the thirty first. as one of the major proposes amid the destruction process applied damascus with cargo trucks and armored vehicles for transportation and disposal of chemicals russian military analyst hobby of telling god says some of syria's extreme opposition groups they plan to interfere with the mission so the other two were re scheme in operation because there's an ongoing civil war and send them. and the opposition did not promise that they will not do anything to russian soldiers will be at some risk because of course russia is a staunch ally of the ss regime need be salam syrian opposition
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rebels who want to see the fresh pot my place in turkey have lost an opposition protest is with water cannon and tear gas and plastic bullets been assembled. friday's scenes were reminiscent of the summons mass anti government demonstrations demonstrate is erected barricades to push back the police. similar protests were held in the city of izmir. dean and corrupt police fired water cannon to disperse the crowds at least thirty one people including three lawyers were detained in assemble cars has been spent several hours into the evening. demonstrators are demanding prime minister rakyat i've ever won and his government step down. this past week three ministers resigned in a corruption scandal which has two welling fan. the two to twenty to
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eighteen will never forget the species' history. change the world. and walked me back in. i'm based in huntington the stories. and if you're special. world twenty first december twenty nine ten pm no up the us. succession of the standing committee of the national people's congress ended early as today level one hundred and sixty you'll make his attended the meetings straight out of the six guys to this gospel
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war amendments and reviewing reports have it in via the state council on the last eight or more amendments were approved. earlier we spoke to report the long chain year and she explained the light is from a grateful that the people here in banking the sun the stunning coming to tilt the twelfth night people's congress concluded that bi monthly nice change gina pots week it's on the spin fill the pots with her mother who won the men's open fours. these five matches placemats. chinese media have given it to the attention on the village including the amount of adminstration procedural old focusing on ensuring that the film rights of plain text in most cases people die people out and they file lawsuits against companies in the lincoln schools that receive all the stunts longstanding re education through the system which has always been criticized for keeping people imprisoned without trial. my dislike is often discussed a town that the u of china's current
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economic among the class that from two thousand and two two thousand fifteen priests monks in that environment action remains to be one of the country's biggest challenge. on site seo hundred and sixty one that's latest offer proof of oil spills into china's threats like some progress. once back at that. chinese coulthard his trial was still serving time in labor camps on being released today. but they added that the penalties handed out the for the abolition of the camps will still be considered legitimate by said director of the criminal war office on the npcs that legislative affairs commission plague and didn't explain more of the legal these titles. and no junk show that the last few years have seen fewer and fewer people that should have been sent to labor camps and a certain time of ancient times has this to be crossing the t's march in derry new labour's had been sent to the neighbor comes across the country and i even those who haven't finished the two time in the liver counts will
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be released to his relaxed i was humbled by the re education through labor system in the past one of the congo in accordance with the country's criminal penalties for administration of security law and other legislation. procedures will be more strict in their will on satisfied with their judgment require an appeal to government offices or the chorus. well alongside the decision to abolish the countries to re education through labor system. china's top legislature has also decided to ease the one child policy. the resolution adopted early as today is a four to a legal document in china that allows couples to have two children. if either parent is an only child didn't trust provincial congress is and there standing committees to make the call on implementing the new policy easing of the policy was only a proposed as a key meeting of the icing cpc central committee last month. one child policy has been in
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effect in china for three decades. china's railways in our running on a new schedule would come as a lunch cause of the country seventy five pairs of passenger trains have been added bringing the total number to two thousand three hundred and sixty nine. most of the new lines some long distance bullet trains and high speed trains. the new high speed train from northeast china's hobby and to shun high will cut traveling time from thirty two oz to thirteen the trip from northeast china chen yun to east china's main goal will be counts my referred to ten hours. this year china has built in the fifty five hundred kilometers all railway freeing the national total to one hundred thousand kilometers high speed railway track has reached ten thousand kilometers and more than twelve thousand kilometers on the construction. china now leads the world in high speed
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railway track when every year it was indeed going to the railway lines in china will reach one hundred and sold it to me tips the highest zero win at work will cover all provincial councils and the cheese was an article to mention you in china will include austin these are true. if using those kinds of glorious pasta and the cia so i'm his mama look at the network which links the high speed trains linking especially north and south and east to west the planned school for four north to south lions and four east to west lines three north to south winds are already operating. bailey making with shanghai beijing and long joanne shanghai's to shenzhen. the baking to hop in line is still under construction. and among the four east west line is only the shot high into ten gurus has opened the waist
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and two running mates construction difficult trying to sell these lines can only run about one hundred and sixty to two hundred kilometers an hour compared with the standard three hundred kilometers an hour chill. the increasing costs will make more great little car for transport. it is estimated that is nearest to increase offered a one percent of the lens focal press poll. it will stay for each use twenty one point two beating on the nationwide look as to costs. hundreds of photos showing chinese president hu jin ping having a meal at a local restaurant in beijing has gone viral on the way bought china's version of twitter the president was snapped going through this morning chatting with jaundice and without strict security surrounding him the restaurant he was that says traditional banking stocks as well none for it seemed to stop bombs called
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gaza. another group of photos own way below shows president shi jin ping visiting an elderly care center in the city on the same day. he made with the residents there and stressed the importance of living through experiences in maintaining a good attitude towards life. and of the photos show the present case does that to change dollar and electric power company also here in beijing where he applauded the work on carbon emission reduction and since new year wishes the no two japanese prime minister shinzo of eyes called to this job isn't to be warming to yasukuni shrine of a claims it was a personal visit to pay tribute to japanese soldiers who died during world war two. he added that was not designed to hurt the feelings of china and south korea. but victims of japanese wartime
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aggression. china was quick to respond to the daily news briefing on friday the country's foreign ministry denounced the blaze excuse as weak. pointing to cost them nazis night when he questioned the term innovation in relation to japan's wartime expansion china says tiki as recent increase in defense spending has sparked fears about the direction of a witch's to take to pass. the ministry spokesperson concluded by saying the japanese prime minister's view of history with doing nothing to promote peace in the region she just call us into a john fund has applauded the layout and just one place the dough additionally they must face he skied into the communications and other asian countries. our house you'll continue to head in the wrong direction. it was his gaze. the pieces on canning team to national just to say human conscience and twenty races with a history
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that no one will i get to the end. around two hundred members of the civil society groups have protested in front of the japanese embassy in seoul in reaction to sianz of a visit. the protest is counted slogans such as boycott japanese towards the south korean government will to express criticism of on a visit the prime minister of this visit to the yasukuni shrine. this sort of action and attitude from campus not to trust and i'd like to question again how any military exchange between south korea and japan could be possible. all you one of japan's revival of communism these east coast and the pastry campaign message into the big teams sour east asia to united nations and the international community have asked tony condemn machines all of these actions according to japan's gg press the us the government has canceled a planned telephone conversation between its defence secretary
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chuck hegel and the japanese defense minister. it's the nori on the data report says the cancellation may be a response to the shinzo of a controversy in the colts as scheduled on friday morning with a goal on a dare of what abbas for us co operation to reduce okinawa prefecture is burden of hosting many u s military bases. now while japanese right wing politicians on providing regional tension by paying tribute to the war criminals in the us occur the shrine its allies in world war two gemini has being sincerely reflecting on its clients in the war and living lessons from history. um can i a has more locked in a soft launch in nineteen seventy. during his trip to call aunt janet and feel the need to act now before the monument to victims of the holocaust
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this he has two nice reflection on small items worth more to admire respect and forgiveness. over sixteen years to heal it in our seats during one one two the postmortem leaders have consistently shown a switch back over the genocide. he has missed three ministers and army leaders have paid it could be it began to wax them holocaust memorial. you know that this isn't real including current chancellor angela merkel well it's not remember that history would have known to accede to this is from the seats left in the past book. alcohol concentration camp in french village of all still so cool anime many of the place is where the nazis committed war crimes. we see the footprints of german leaders are selected on the history and apologizing for the big ten
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is a war. then a cctv. new york federal judge has ruled that the national security agency's massive cool tracking program is a wall full of conflicting with an earlier ruling by another federal judge in washington dc just weeks ago. the new year with john jesus is the sweeping program represents the government's counter punch to eliminate al qaeda terror network. by connecting fragmented and facing communications. he says there was no evidence that the government has used any of the information that is collected for any purpose other than investigating and disrupting attacks the american civil liberties union says it plans to appeal the ruling to the second circuit court of appeals the union father will sit on june the eleventh in new york challenging
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the constitutionality of the nsa is mass collection of americans' phone records however in a previous willing to judge for the district of columbia said the program infringes on that degree of privacy that the pound is enshrined in the fourth amendment. he ordered the government to stop collecting data on the plaintiffs. and still in us a final report released on friday gives new insight into the horrific send the whole school shooting. last year thousands of pages of investigative documents. d tell the troubling image behind the shares to seven dollars and does so adele now has more details. the eu after the massacre it's an eco elementary police this afternoon of the least seven thousand pages of documents photos and nine on one costs the report confirms investigators found no written in nineteen ninety nine atlanta home in the cave it may seem and that had been a volunteer it's an eco elementary in the past
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the report goes on to say the fbi interviewed a relative told them when he did his mother in sandy hook because she worked there the release comes on the heels of the state attorney's report for november. it's disturbing details about shooter adam and i were revealed including atlantic and the spreadsheet drinking mass murder works also recovered were photos of lands of holding guns to his head and dramatize video showing children being shot truly we are disadvantaged if the commission criticized the november report. st is like the complete picture of lance is significant mental health issues. frankly i wouldn't know no timeline no articulate end of this person's mind from a developmental perspective thousands of documents released today tomato the commission fill in some of those troubling blanks that's it for this update on cctv news service now for all
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the weather information and offer that will take you places found here in china to come along with the help of the next hour the news comes to us from the view of the time of the mind of god the eye. pa's use. we are. is
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euro. long long long will you choose to use the word dude he is actually more showers some of them. or are very
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defensive. we were just what to do so they were taking someone's force. this is. he said. firstly and some of them are or are these techniques to look in mind that many if any of its components. i see him with it's simple. ite is represented by what you and i know what the western world knows as the us. the change in scope that i'd chase that's the philosophy the art. i teach more beans ag. it's a thai boxing. we have. g the new york we had pt on fox. so it's basically a martial art based on. a philosophy. this dichotomy this nature. i know who who
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who who. you you you. the us the ira. it's saturday night you're in japan are welcome to this summer's islam and james king kong in tokyo. and express sleeper train in southern india caught fire early saturday morning killing least twenty passengers. the fire broke out in one of sixteen passenger cars while traveling through the un on tougher on the street departure pradesh state the indian railway authorities said twenty six people including two children wereil


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