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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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solve your destiny for you you knew me and moving with them. woo hoo. the us the city's embattled prime minister of places offer these ministerial cabinet has eased up and continues to be rocked by corruption. he is fighting in south sudan continues its african leaders seek to end the bitter conflict between the country's president south of here. his former vice president of the messiah number of unemployed people hearing from its rises in november despite claims by
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the couple at the opening two rounds. welcome to phone bank at an atm and says to our top story in turkish prime minister. i see ty and that one has announced a major cabinet reshuffle. this after three mr resignation is either a corruption inquiry that smoked his scotland the prime minister has maintained the ministers omens top of his cabinet after talks with president abdullah gul becomes says police are investigating allegations of illicit money transfers team from improper eighth construction projects williams has mall. he's really sick of people dominated newspaper headlines instead state. three minutes to step down of diamonds at the wonder place me how his cabinet on wednesday. some teachers and a sample appeared unimpressed with the prime minister's makes his move. their boss shroud of democracy in that sentence covering certain right now. i just wished that it's all those than the massacre there i do wish there is more
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international support for pressure for that matter calling for the world's governments to make drastic changes or to completely resign. he was the one who made the police and judiciary into what is today so he really shouldn't be complaining. there's a power struggle going on. we know about but we don't want to be a part of it the resignations in the shuffle come off the back of a corruption scandal which has seen officials and policemen investigated for bribery and smuggling called rwanda at the twenty p in every state in training this out into the eu ministers who resigned as a mom whose long promised a fine collection is caught in a scandal a conspiracy buffs that binds national palace to destabilize techie. most of the blog. then we are facing an attack against the turkish people and the turkish republic which is being presented as a corruption probe. everybody is aware that this is not a corruption probe that this is an obvious
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conspiracy to set up against turkish politics and people but to be. his job. on wednesday protests is to be made to see ty's accused the prime minister of covering up corruption within his government. with no common national elections due next gate scandal. china said it was an opinion hold on power. the latest to south sudan's neighbors kenya and ethiopia have been the capital g back in the tent i hope to find it interesting that it is just round the tolls least one thousand people if they did in bonds that began on that and as a guide. this phrase she is the simple goal. he has just been a briefing on the situation in south sudan from un official says take a listen up ahead. these thoughts. eleven days. being a very trying time. fuller subsidize unfold citizens of this new mall in the nation what's happened this last
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week i sold many of them the nine minutes of the pots the nation and its painstakingly built over decades of conflict and strife is etsy. one of the most important things is to have those nightmares and i will pull on the link to the beaches of south sudan to order their forces to a dominatrix and the tpc chunks on to do so efficiently. and i knew in her spot in the north to scotland as i have small. she was unsure what to do. we'll talk to a connection to the shrinking today and i intend to. i woke
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up a minute. look what makes the government. you have to control the ship that she needed correction. who can she help to people who care so we can print out there and she said. it will help you through the fountain a collection that i actually think that the number of cool the cake. our new home parent to see that. now that we don't do that continue to hang. appeal for money the un the correlation. when i used to think and keep it on to the childcare room. beyond that. to do the group wanted to do. the crew duties. she
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directed me to get the power struggle. i couldn't shoot do i love the way. my life in africa and sixteen stevens from hats including passes in the central african republic. officials say the circumstances it is the capital of the aso in korean. charlie and his kidneys have been accused of siding with the mostly muslim form of rebel group in the mainly christian nation and its cameras bounty has been experiencing having them on a delay of respect i crossed under the cushion the modem yesterday on a whim that would trigger hike to the bottom. they work in poetic bump up to take hwy two hundred and seventy and being that i'm swamped again the women and children the women what a cat when she came to the man had to rush into places like church hall to get to the bottom three were potential of this lamentable how can i be built
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into a pickup that had been done on one despicable the wheel to school. three men left an eighteen inch and then have to be protected from an angry crowd by french soldiers and that all the information that could date which was confirmed to us by a source within the time and scrape out the most coveted in the capital of donkey with about twenty four the finance for them and we couldn't love that they can dive into the cage will be carried out queensland's government has rejected calls to delay paper is election. the announcement was made in the increasingly violent protests in which the results has been chopped undeterred protesters trying to force their way into visiting ca stadium. signed during political leaders registered for the next elections to parliament in an attempt to block the process demonstrators confronted police who fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. dozens wounded on both sides. i don't know yet
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most were hurt by teargas and rubber bullets on the stomach arms and back and i. the nt government and to this had been protesting for weeks demanding prime minister and latino wants resignation. according to them in like that in her brother's hands forward deposed prime minister can't seem to know once the demonstrators won the vote to be held in eighteen months after a series of reforms. till then that the city an unelected people's council should rule the country. on thursday he looked world commission called on the government to postpone the pool. while detention. the government refused did a very sick in two thousand thirteen is already mentioned in the car them into submission. there's no law in the constitution that gives power to the government to postpone non human to light up thailand's main opposition democratic party was not want an elected majority over
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twenty years has already declared it would boycott the vote in february. and on and learn a thing as confronts the month of november just in time they sent a bill that unemployment has increased by zero point two five ks and it's disappointing is the fringe festivals mile long. coming after year political setbacks and sinking poll numbers for the french leader says because do not represent the eyes roll train to delhi aspect is the piano for a economics professor at the doe fund in a text. this is only a month the statistics different is not the train. but the big reveal is within the first one is that there is an increase of two. straight from the people and wounded on plate. there is this a very slight decline. on a contract for people who had the contractor to sleep the more fortunate to find a
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job but joe speaking it is not significant but the significant is that we are in a group where i'm at the moment is most things to do this. but nobody told his side. still it's not the son of news that he would want to he rejected because fo. left wing center left wing governments. the court issues of economics and social missions trips off the detective division the government didn't. strong measures. i'm thrilled that i have in mind of the most significant to all. the tax cut of twenty billion euros to a greek geek reasonable cost. she even to the fortune five and five the upcoming sales. i don't believe this is a cost to another one is dead bull market top. which is a good point. as the dollar has more flexibility and ezra security and the swamp pretty quickly he is the government says
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the contracts will be owned so sam and his chops to think that a government funded schemes for wilson's accompany it to me. the mayor is from is due to the market look at the ripe age of twelve is a christian. some scandinavian countries. he has no new knowledge. but they have a window wells for fifty eight. nowhere else it's so funny demand task is not doing so the government says it has contracted getting more money to companies like the tax cut for the billion euro is shedding jobs in the private sector is expected from me he's come through seperation of the minimum wage. like in this community of countries the money that you don't get to the company's you get into these new wilco that accept these new jobs. and as christmas day cells have already been done in many pets allowed to monitor the show has begun lining up as early as four in
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the morning to correct that its audience than the tools i couldn't. the flagship department store harrods even opened lots of hot chocolate and blankets to face breaking out to restaurants here in france we cant have to wait until the second week. janet before the snow. that's it from us. jamie's room keys to change something. welcome to special edition of the false and dad's today here we very often or even the pros and cons of globalization of the world it's gotten smaller one of the common denominator is is the music we make buy and listen to the evolution of the industry in the digital age. we're talking about it with french artist who started out in rock and has since gone global with music that makes the most of new technology
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blackstone. thanks for joining us. thanks as well to do an outstanding vocalist who comes to us from canada it's random. you do. you know. through. through. its latest album i remember when i failed one universe. thanks to peanuts. thanks as well too. a woman who grew up in the suburbs of tunis pushy for the protest songs of
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the sixties. oh oh. was he in. the you all. youths. he and katie. walking home. he urged. he had seen it somewhere in the front and center since the start of the arab uprising images with isa song dedicated to a substitution. opposition leader should be the day thank you for being with us and so last but not least the instruments may be old but to the founder of the music agency makes his living promoting and producing classical music
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artists with a modern twist i do. yay. do you. in his tokens allison. welcome to the show. we visited. has he been on sale again this year and her partner on the squad and cornice. they are all beach manson. ok so the association is from what the sixteenth century seventeen seventies country to two thousand thirteen and when the dust settles on two thousand thirteen. what songs and stories will stay in our heads. leaders of mark thompson insists he's kinda came up with. the us. it was
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ch the move. the man. sure
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it's an award for tuna into the oxford dictionary me know that but when you look back at the your work still a wee thing musically will stand up to mom's. rebuilding to london soon. most of the people we think only know how good is a culture where will people remember about to silence the team yet probably you you you mean we've seen eye to their own clique and daft punk. maybe that would not be my choice is the gospel readings for me to share on a number of other tunes for peace the forceful maybe i'm just a little there is a very nice album them a lot of things that most of mine i can usually means the most popular for its part is he not the most part there was no masterpiece will do later on. it's interesting when you carry the heavens look at the artists of course
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that are commercially popular they're not as silly the ones that leave a mark. i think of me doing my pre meeting. commercially bought the land is for me and i was left to my volleys. we talked or levy for this show though when you see a man and down i mean i won't comment on the popular culture have always enjoyed pop music and my kids are growing up that commitment in the same link and the dead you know just so many of those artists i know i didn't know most of them because i do i spend so much time in pop culture so relieved. it's really interesting although i live in this world of jazz and i prefer music that is like non commercial commercially popular. i still do. he can't seem to pop music and it does leave a mark on me in many different ways whether it's just that i want to move next i wanna forget. i think of music more as something known best thing that's amazing to me this year after concert a couple of weeks ago as thanks for
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helping me forget the last throughout my life the last two hours duty and down. that is i think you know it's not brain surgery that were doing it but receding lives in different ways and i think it's better to just enjoy music for what it is the greatest keeping its popular music or using classical music on high daddy's at work work work or go down easy to steve who cares and are not stupid nicosia. near the junior member of the scam. a thirty one. do you feel. sometimes when you win you when you look it's just does it get moments now we knew right away don't know that artist it's for you to all my goggles. i guess they know most of them. miranda is like soo nice as that movie. maybe mike tice is the stand down i decided to be more connected this last two years because sam i realize that it was stuck in the nineties and now i'm in that. it was
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the inspiration of my album let us down. maybe was a critic so i decided ok i am in the connected and sweet you force yourself to do business stuff you don't necessarily if history for seconds don't work and i don't continue that it's quite interesting to look at what's happening and that's going on sometimes it's funny make them any servicing the bnp and sometimes to see this because i get angry because musician acts. yet it is time some some music. east coast allowed to keep those years. and sometimes people come out and that fear is constantly on tv to sentence him to snow man sometimes i get angry because they have to be very careful. i suppose candidate you're surrounded by artists who all day long stated. isn't it odd if this group think this is what we
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ought to listen. mm no we did and seemed to dance and dance they are today sweet internet to collect a lot of things he noted his color on the pizza it's our own tony snow to tunis and to what you like. basically a few calls from people and goes forth to lead the end. and of course when you've played the ride you i love to play the righty also too to know what ppl lah i only spend it on. which is moving in and so sleepy that do you feel as though on we're all having the same conversation as you say it's no longer. as a kid it was one review station that he would listen to it for pop music. by doing every station to play as sammy davis jr song followed by something via the beatles followed by something via. the group that was plain yet something that was more on the hard rock and the intensity that have all these different things but one ria stations you feel as
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though we're all having the same conversation i can spot the music or more and more. we're talking at cross purposes i don't know if he'd gone to a lot of kind of haiti as you go to the special us navy has just made use of radios. theres a lot of tunnels also like an unseen can both eat for example when you thought of all the wire remixing you know welcome to the scalp and tomato heartthrob is amazing you know because i don't know and i'm always asking myself took the time to transition to know between a rock. he's not so classic and wanted to close enough. and it makes people i intend to start listening to the regular when you produce music. due to pressures on you saying will it slip that lets its target the only team to thirty five year old crowd and its target the midst of this demographic. on the team sheet for the sermon on
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the smile looks very nice also like a lot of problems because it's the huge work with a smile it's mega know for sure. that has seen just about what he was saying is just all so that i think right now. see the changing in a way that we go more and more in specialized might get more and more small things it's not only that the mass media and weekends in it i think we can now open doors to a different kind of stuff that needs to be a specialized then on the snow to heal some of the internet things because god is like a lot of people i sing like alt is the domain of interest in or maybe he didn't need us because we didn't semantic into whatever they want but i also sing that we still need the keys. it's like a library we know nobody to have to explain you because the pens where you grew up. hall where you grew up in the whole the season to be found on huntington at the disney needed to go to a sky rocha whatever. to do with sunglasses in which i don't seek it in so much but it's an open door and that's that's an option. i was going ask you because there is this a lot of talk about what they
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call these in their electronic media and electronic dance music where people into the same thing is you the states to yourself kits you and you don't do that. and i mean it's the road again and the dc none of the field this is close to the feel of limits for ati and i don't know exactly what it means nowadays that a time to do it yourself is like a dove again it comes to the needs to be explaining details because it depends a lot like this little mishap when we get to them on tv nowadays ikea in independent adults you get a very very own knowledge throw off all three of the finale team goes from there the opal production from very small is doing everything to. novels that are supposed to be deep and ended up writing a new major companies are people who say france is that anyone with a smartphone. it is a potential photographers at the same as anyone with a laptop is a potential musician. you are saying the opposite that no
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arsenal. i don't seem so but it's not a bit to do the interesting thing is just that a deep into tasting of all the tools that are above the creative team because you need to use any kind of stuff but of the creative team missed the first in the ict will still be the same. did the same for years because of some people that's the view from outside the code nowadays with the tools he can do whatever but if you can only be done from consideration to the music i think you feel when people got the guts and creativity are not. some of his awesome years to question our wax too which is that when you when you see for instance there he performed with the symphony auxerre is kinda doing it again in may in the coming year. when you see the way his music is assembled. would you say he here is a songwriter or composer of classical music's. he comes from from rock music so i can keep up to my dear ripper before but i think is of an excellent dj and his accomplice before that because he knows too. to take
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something here or to put something there. on a range of global theme. i think i had never listened to the practically for the orchestra. but it might be a little bit but the snow but the same team that he does may be incurred in his home studio the scary unknown but ice skate which is really sticky nkunda. that's really keen to race to his music and how many insurgents were living when you win you when you do this and on forty musicians and twenty seniors to use it like any old base hit to right the score for four. actually at the sale will be to someone for the orchestration is outside with some kind of an arrangement that it's a very different scene from the honey sometimes say i want this kind of know the peace candle arrangement and knowing the exact he was supposed to meet the providing us with light to ruin all that soul to get out. i got an old classical experience and no classical i mean i'm able to do do do will singer known for
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the orchestra thing today. i want to be part of the cross is a monument in such a sentiment and it's more of that discussion i can comfort them the chariot is what when you're recording. how much it how much you own the conversation about calm the view produce the album how are you you you can put together this music and in fact it's a different first cup on the first job was in a day were entirely written by me and tommy for some it as a producer. and he was just really makes me wanna give and i was able to compete with say this is the line in case this is the baseline this is what i want to get our family has been wanting to sound like a second album with some last night when i used either i spent to build the basic tracks and then had the musicians play what i had kind of last outing trust them and done with this album that we were here. this was on my part to the team to
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produce income. mimi and sebastien be done and erika knight caught in the studio and ruth would listen to beings and. and bill the songs together and then waiting to see him cross resistance and excellence in every single centuries has been different. i've got to learn how to kind of hoping not to any of the people participate. that's what i was like just listen to talk about working with tangerine trees and loved having retreats or something enrichment markets trader i'm just. that ip is. that's against the difference when you get to do outside of working in an auto and thinking self produced you learn how to bring the people in other places and get people into the mix and to be part of the team and that's what working with new persona major label has been for me is while clinging to say ok yes i'd been there i've made the posters i put up the posters i know i've done all that stuff now. how do i let the people coming to this my business my friend. entry is from the internet that cedric with the disease to go
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to break in second grade. you the pressures on you. you are your music is based on the lyrics so yes it is so awesome a musical and income during almost a tie in some countries where people don't understand a single word. so many music is sam house lyrics and a half easy to use yourself when they're doing a project like this. musicians and well and we shared as to their name in lights in it stands because recently i had attracted to the quest for a chance. restraints to know too many it's an open ice and i do and for me since reading. when dion listen to down to the recordings i really wish to make it bigger and bigger and bigger. when we come back with a full strength yet to be with me asking our panel. if the meeting the money does he stay with us them i might
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regret it isn't it. look at me to nominate can take a look at what's making news in zara and shrinkage my deadline has announced a major reshuffle. three mr resignations of the corruption inquiry that he dropped his government nine canyon is the salt was tough and he's nuts. after talks with president abdullah al qaeda placement is getting allegations of illicit money transfers to confront and brought treats and construction projects readers of this ousted as
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bad as kenya and ethiopia in the case to juvenile attempts to hold onto. just completed if this round of talks at least a thousand people if he didn't fire that began at eleven cents and has raised is this. meantime u n officials said that more than one hundred sixty million dollars in aid is needed in order to appoint an impending humanitarian just stopped and i didn't want it to his parents aunts and mom to let them have just been released but the bill that unemployment has increased by cedric point five seconds the disappointing news that french president ford's problems. this after your political setbacks and sinking in memphis with a translator. it's the speakers did not represent the hive this christmas tie cells have already begun in pots that won't among the shoppers began lining up affiliates for the morning to read that this type of incentive toasty the store has even offered lots of hot chocolate and
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playing the guy is right and wrong. those of us danced on stage and have to wait the second link generator for the silence again. and that's it from us and israel to stitch and stink eye welcome back. we are watching the false to get to beat especially year end edition asking the question where is musical and were talking about it. with our international um. i need to categorize after the sketch we had our one but it is electronic music to stew degree hobo are you working now with a project for the symphony orchestra wax to welcome back to itself. dusty rainbow from the dark. also with us. kelly lee evans the honest all i remember when a new victorian in france during the month of january and february thank you for her for being this in the mac that she is also with us and you're working on its back to the studio for you it's back to see of her new
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album to be coming out soon and semi open solace of music music which ip from promotes and produces from different points of artists in concerts and to achieve the january th so it's good to be true with the discounts and free so i'm on tv. the netherlands none of them so many caucus was time to copy and on the news eclipse that will fire will we will find it there. now in the digital age and retirement one it's never been easier or cheaper to access the songs and since the symphonies in love instantly. one result is clear. on the store doing charlie can show you these courtesy of david byrne's book or how music works. this is sales of cds over twenty years. you can see that charges is busy heading south the right terry evans were saying before the break and before when a man out when you recorded your first album sort of caught the tail end of that. that gagne was
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always fit me was the least see sales were always the strongest on stage you not to the concerts and back then. then he thousand and six seven. there weren't a lot as a century in the electronic nine season and remember what the name of that. the downloading things were i didn't think he still had not stare it is. can something. the orissa me differently sachs is an easy since it began in the end and the idea. i sensed it was the beginning of something we now read and down i held on for a long while i still bought cds to let you know couple years ago and then. and books notebooks. we'll talk about that in a moment. what is little wonder though that two thousand thirteen the year that here in parents the virgin mega store closed its giant shop and this is sean's easy. in your chains like tower records already long gone. on this day with the accelerated demise of
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the cd. well music week magazine found that the first time since the early nineteen eighties. there will be no million selling album in the uk this year and every sunday's chart topper barely breaking six hundred thousand and of course the reason and kerry was mentioned a moment ago. live streaming sites that already have artists shaking their fists in anger stunned sale of two thousand deaths. mark thompson jolla mark. they are um i mean you're telling us that the former radiohead frontman has been seen on this yes homeopathy is that to say that stomach when the sunday and christmas cards boss fights by this christmas the codes and streaming websites of the last of the proponents of that dying colts as percy strong he told the mexican websites of us. i feel like as musicians we need to find this post if i think i feel less in some ways what's happening in the mainstream is the last gospel of the old industry
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was that the spy who died which you will something else will happen to somebody else will happen some nielsen is chilly and there are also in many different ways texas music nowadays most of them involve any money you can watch on youtube and dissonant sound caught in those famous boss fight. he's a great shot. there are a number of ways to practice music to discover that the odds are that desperate thoughts is that um you that i'm overlooking a hair on the ten most strained office lately. all the spots fight allison was twenty ounces at a cheap census boss fights audience of july th thirty five pounds and is about twenty four million active users playfully of oversea on most of that is in the west and while frank. nothing like it is up this title so that is what causes college gongs pop music. not to mourn via maris for example they have seen that the three in the mainstream songs that she had on with card holders and wake me up and i threw it on
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youtube and other freeways to listen to music. there have always hoffman million hits on youtube. and so inspiring that and the reason that is that it's very easy and straight on the foliage is very cheesy and clanking same time. michael moore just think it's a monument on the right time. but the making of money that has captured the cats taking the console and mike and i have album sales are going to rain made money this year of the guys who make up of a million and anthony says he hates or an arms for the kiddies. we are beyond say for example. and so as not just that morning as well it's all say of them have commercial interest of sponsorship deals say i don't see the cna that the fifteen million dollars. the more banal husband jay z. this breed on the back of beyond to having you're off to visit them on to increase elton john says if we look for in this list it's lonesome i could find by an age group
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they're all different ages but the one thing in common is taking them on a big crowd whenever they told. is the advice you cause them to musicians and hispanics to know that they can fill. one of the venue that playing and especially to compare the stadium. hello boys like mommy or daddy did something be it in other words this gives an advantage might say to the old timers will get with the pre spring sing and he has a new album coming out soon. john reid and its olds on the hill be another one of the top ten on his next hit you too will soon have another non extent that on bonnie's bounce be on the sleds and say you have these authors have established themselves that adults of them have friends and the style and the falsity of a rift between the aging generation. the new generation who are just whining about that of stalin music. the same time you have it is the creations like taylor swift and justin b but he does have the teeny bopper is this coming along on
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the pan sprinkle color of the time since a tinge of irony. thanks for that remark mark thompson and age see me you mentioned that he'd be the issue of how you make the money come to get some numbers which i don't think our panel will like too much for free at ten thousand of the new hits on spot of five artists get to this sixty three bureaus. sixty two euros on teaser of a deal emotion. ten euros. and to youtube of the week for it wait for it. youtube for your rose for every ten thousand lives since um. mike skinner four euros for every ten thousand listeners. and there's a lot of ads on youtube i've noticed now i'm in new buildings would lose to send us into. right now that all is not desist any itself is small it's managed am a christian is more about that it's not about the disgusting if it's in
7:40 pm
pink sandstone base to listen to musics into spinning that regarding to what the whole milk santa as he gets interesting because a real increase position when it when we present i think down spot to write because of this thing is just gonna heal up as mike said. and when you use hindi in the numbers and the numbers above the views in all that and when you and as a musician. it's a bit complex and icing down we need to recall to the zoo will sing azam for me. gg right off the status of current look. and i can make any money. selling this this is for getting on. this is just to promote its cause i don't i don't because i think you get a good pencil out on the pro fine too because i think there is something that is when we talk more and more month and i make to found the concept and i think the only thing that really changes the point is the cd was like the backbone of the industry like you get the scene of racing is around the city and nowadays not be swayed. i think it's just an
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eminent any deep inzamam on this new guy comes in and amy on tuesdays it's just as it is that the specified in the matter concerning the need to build some snow around the office. and i think for years the industry just consider that the yuan like a full list of things in the office was arriving last night to uganda the distribution you get the interesting about about the industry and that deanna like to get five percent daddy's for the office and now i think you need especially fourteen deep in the mountains just to come so that the artist is the backbone is he is in the center of the system then you gotta build everything around him and the diary to find is the interesting way to move consider the future for me. so on. again depending on the whole ton of clothes comes along to some agreeable tonight show selection is getting full and so on some lost in the cbd or whatever eighties the album is going to be like a tool for all of the rockies has been in the steel imports and so some of the students into going and build something about the deal because the veto of any importance some other it's more
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interesting then goes around i don't know i mean it's not like one moto by the deacons of the mondeo than that and become autistic son of gonzales is the future bleak or bright for artists. oh well. my aunt a few hours just to be always and her cough. if you see because it's gone from stores in the heart would always be struggling artists. cause disease is a tall bald soprano close and he keeps it going to spruce up the key the key and its own humanity is the new new new new new deal peak in all i can to make them to be more active on the morning fog and what they do i absolutely agree with what works in a series known as ddt the snow anymore either. or turn off to industry. it's a total light on offer. today what is the fi cult on the total bust my mentor producer to know how to promote the scheme. no because there are so many scenes from an intranet people got so many information and so many
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choices you know that you have to to to to to know to catch you all the attention what is the most efficient way to catch people's attention today. i think is to be three i caved. and i said no it's to be creative and to be involved in a sense that our case that cannot be so relaxed like they might be before you know. waking far as everything from from day to monitor all of the producer behind getting involve a complex inner it's a good example because the team keith because he is he's his glory. also i like to monitor a producer. and i think that producer and monitored cost us to think of stuff to eat more meat in the latino and a and two to bring some solutions. you can do a lot of things you can do performances to kind of happiness. you can try to mix you know some key sequence with others. the icu going to get enuf two two two two. two caps to her to go for
7:44 pm
the audience an audience do not come anymore and on you no sense. the main difference a minute or two years says telling us you make the decision. here in tunisian you make the decision. is it i want to be a recording artist and the move to paris with you is that it was two thousand and eight two thousand a struggle for four years. i knew without a doubt. in the record videos. you think of the moment i've done the hard part. every day in saying that any town. instead i say ok guys couldn't be easier everything's getting more and more. it's getting harder. in the omni down the client is being changed and changing or not. and am i seeing what's helping me. and what can you not are two scenes because i was unsigned i had. i didn't have a broker for many years the internet's
7:45 pm
read the play it's very important role. two cars down at us. the companies making them back in business. when dom. using music artist that scheme and theme promotional things. that sounds really happened was that hussein had something to say and you're able to get the message on the internet. and i never imagined that said interment in the social media is kinda cute and rates that much people and them when you lie to the two to make a down to my concerts and shows. many in the first years it was in front of me and teach those other around the grounds that even i have another and i are having a great company and them. instead i said this is not helping me. recording my house. the sound and just sat had to zoom out from the audio was recorded. after the other was recorded. jesse
7:46 pm
did you cheat and mouth suddenly realize lol. ok now on known but that's not enough anymore. it's never is never enough because there's so much things happening around. as he intended to assist you can grow it out that every day something is happening everyday is some artists that keeps appearing so you have. yet you have to keep down attention. we found the fourteen warranty or an indian as much sound region as possible. carrie lee evans you're the only one run is to lose with a major label universal and what this all the day you sign with a major label a vineyard near new and upcoming artists. you just you just go when you sign the medical records you read the fine print that was a scary game. that was a really scary the beaches etc any hesitation the hesitation to sign with them i just had. i felt sick. i felt a little bit like i was reading
7:47 pm
the fold. you know i'm being the artists i mean some people for a long while because i kind of doubt that i was selling out but more just that. i was just reading one group to go to another and me mean knowing how much work we've put in as in the odyssey be seen not having the kenya since not having insurance and just doing everything yourself the kind of late. you wonder what's going in the lake on the other side. and amen again awesome sky and giving away a lot of. autonomy that i had to decide things and then to decide and realize how and how it is to work on a team and be okay with that so actually i love it. i let it now on i don't really know how long i hope they keep me on at the dome. i have just learned to like getting the artist again you know it's that it's always different. it's different that you don't mention it in like nothing is nothing is set in stone. i listened to this conversation about what to worry about what's happening what's coming next and changing. i mean it's
7:48 pm
like. so many things are different diet of fear we're in this country than the major labels latest rise to him. a crackdown on people who illegally download. umm me for saying well. those are crocodile tears on the part of the majors because they're already ahead aware of the next step of the live streaming teixeira do you have the sense that. people know where it's going to the movie they have a plan and they know where this is all going in terms of how you gonna make your money in the air. i mean no one stopped him you better plan but i think i think they know i think they have to know because lived there for testing so far in advance and summer. some people think we're really in the sense in terms of corners but i think if you read here. i like is sensibly calling on by to see peter pan because you don't know where you're going next to some executives and other people that really do realize that it is. it is a sense of i'm learning to not to put all your eggs in one basket and learning how to con lives
7:49 pm
and how to take advantage of the different economies whose income streams that are out there and done. all of the people that you miss it on that list are people and i have. you know be on c span of curfew went to scott on the clothing linking to this quoting lines this means i'm happy with their mimi to my knee from from wind stream of income and even that mean we'll let me say oh my god she's making a million dollars this show yet but hundred cc breaking stuff and we don't want it back out in how much money it takes to put on all of these massive production is it that these are displayed on every new trailers and trucks of people there's the homie sixty seventy hundred people. i didn't sell. so just because there's a hundred dollar ticket and they're making a million dollars to two million dollars thomas is the artist actually taken at the end of the day after the pd booking agent after the peta everybody. down down the line to the technique applies to everybody so we are weak and just relax as artists but where businesses are many businesses and that there are lot of people that
7:50 pm
make money when we work and it's recognizing that we can't just rely in one small aspect and then being able to diversify and look at the hearing and create many different ways to reduce which were constantly. all human and i on our teams were all creatures is not just as making the music it's like looking into mine and today creating opportunities for all creative people but we also have to have the business had a smile it's a beautiful it's a beautiful thing and we are because we're so creative certain practical because they're so creative. will definitely find a way to make mining continued in essex and we just all we know probably what it is an end and we'd use a few minutes to record your you live to the more i like to give up like a peek at the studio is unbelievably exciting and what it's like a mouse or cancel it since it's putting the musical collins down for people to listen to its treaty with the ndp finance knowing that the teen retreat is in you care for her but then the live show is like it's it's something onto itself because now the saying it's not just the energy the people and a cd with us
7:51 pm
but it's awesome. every single person that's bringing their hopes and dreams for that many of those ninety minutes for those who outweighs the brain and see into the snow. that's a completely different different thing and so and that's yes i do i live for all those aspects i love every part of it. i love. we cannot pinpoint interest to the train station the airport on that the pentagon in love i love all of that. in a rug rats to win when the twentieth century began we made money in the music industry was sheet music. as the radio industry was just beginning haven't begun yet it all in fact in the phonograph records hadn't begun to you to feel like a returning now to an era where performance is everything in composing and performing. so sure i mean it's like a resume of people single is like its global actually deep inside me. nice lexi me on to star on stage i think it's going to be easy to see that you got some very good all things that don't like it
7:52 pm
the islington to this team to resume is just that nowadays foil and fold it in past seasons in the industry was eating in the year in the past like watching backwards and right now i think we just need to consider that a futurist to write them the moon was excited again like justine is if you think like france is the mafia and get it gotta say that nus for example when i meet some people that the situation is the same exist just like with its beak side in the let's try to convince know what was going what's coming next and i see it's not about that just painting tomorrow. that's really often. ms barry said discussions about why the entrepreneurial spirit can really take off is usually in france. as it does in in in in the united states he shoots like this the exact same argument for you. that and it made a bid to amend its not exactly the same situation data again and we knew it talking about the to the front nine but that's a fact coming four years in
7:53 pm
the industry on a woman be like a just social and did indeed get the good guys and bad guys and the like is that the itc on your record label hits as the one hundred percent independent. i am from above and then again the icky icky and again he's on a story but i feel like a pound. they did tried to move to go backward to begin to a mother that doesn't exist anymore and i think for right now when we need to win a period when scenes are changing and it began as he continues to be latched back when i think a lot of people they don't know what's going on what was coming next but it gets today that we need to try to nip in for any kind of all to square one we will win we expect them to please mournful tune in the music will still stay within a couple of notes before we go the first one on the internet can also mean financing of the different source outsourcing we went and donated. to sponsor a prod to quote a time out to small businesses it also works for struggling artist. these websites like my major company. that exist for you can go and donate money and
7:54 pm
to sen dillard are you finding that the fundraising is is this change. because it is in that regards. while it's his penchant for some some snarky so some context know where you can call income funding. anyway he did it. the business model off the addiction of music for the stupid production is changing. when the gates the producers for noah to to invest in st on piano. so i had a really appreciate the scrum findings on and leaving it for some products i think it's good to take the lead actor in the future you know. every art it would be produced by crocs on you know it so. since it is hardly any industry you know also. it's received any notoriety out there thanks to the internet youtube is samuel though that there comes a point where. you may be need to do what i really didn't sign on the dotted line. and yet it's kind of
7:55 pm
relieved that he just licked some innocent video and kept one million. he is on and just like that. it's a good thing to try to get some money from your followers were from your facebook friends it's a movie that thing and move around on it my cheeks nose and feet and sometimes it's still somewhere. nice to have people working on new and trying to fish in it still worked and that the town name but i'm happy that for independent artists students and sil and i am still an independent artist it's nice to have a new power within us and them have power to confront as their ep to the audience with downtown specifically need somebody to an eighteen fifteen minute story goes well maybe this is that every on this issue be aware of this digital age
7:56 pm
mean that we can soon see performances without performers we can show you a recent show at paris is the opposition at bay by sunni me cool. he's a hologram. our artists as she did up an entire hologram are from and we can. we can also tell you that it's a hologram swenson further last year with a dead person the rapper to pack it in nineteen eighty six performing with the alive and well you know that the family lives in the next is nice to see that that's a project assuming that can call not just thinking like i'll stay at home and i'll just be in for my hat is just me concerts all over the world like this you know people go to the list this at the end only. it's not common friend and i was injured and i was suppose to have to make the concert and amanda vanstone on nothing you couldn't go because it has been given duties and a taxi so at that time we decided to
7:57 pm
make a small show at some tv and local ngos and down it was protested when the tv audience is still yet wouldn't love to stare. it could be some kind of down town mm bigger. eve and to instil in them or something we were like sen alive and well and we are looking forward to hearing in about money comes out in two thousand fourteen pinky and the monkeys don't think your thanks waxed taylor can really add in some no gonzales. thank you for joining us for this special year end edition of the foster kids. what do you want a new war news web sites to celebrate our seventh anniversary. we've made the most improved. we've gone back to basics. a few easy access to information for
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each unique experience foresight capital dome the international news web sites the new moon new moon mum. and when. it is. is this. these. it is. and. or
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