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you will . the new gi. abc's missing in south sudan has it that you wait to get civilians and non essential staff from its compound in or sign of the worsening security situation in the troubled eastern africa nation. the staff were flown to the capital juba sudan was the keystone a week after a dispute between the members of the presidential guard triggered violent clashes between military factions fighting kids he says the central government tries to assert authority in the states of john blake and the removal of un staff comes
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on it's heels of an attack by rebel forces againsthree u s military helicopters which were attempting to eventuate american citizens from the ccp. as you. hundreds of thousands of homes across the us east coast midwest and parts of ontario canada have gone without power at sites in the wind storms swept through much of the region the first official day of winter bright storms that for a holiday travel plans for millions of americans with flight delays reported that some airports the national weather service issued a tornado warning for the states of tennessee arkansas and louisiana might see roads are expected in upstate new york more than eighty five million americans hit the highway between december twenty first in the years each with nearly six million fly . i knew
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the routine. she and more it'll be cute. with these new guys. they didn't know what to do. who knew it. eu
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the regional oil tycoon li ka deal with the cops he has urged world leaders to push for the release of all political prisoners in russian jails. following his parting after a decade in prison under kosky said however he had no interest in taking a political role in direction and that's the struggle for power was not for him. speaking at berlin's wa museum kosky said he was grateful so many had pressure is released during his ten years in a prison
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camp near the arctic circle but then many more were still imprisoned. the former tycoon said he would do his utmost to help political prisoners in russia and abroad. he russian president vladimir putin said unexpectedly last week that he would pardon the cops kyi who has been in jail on fraud and tax evasion charges since he was arrested two thousand and three when the cops keep formally russia's richest man who had funded some of russia's opposition was seen by many as a political prisoner. meek ideal for the crops he said there were no conditions attached to his release and that he had made no admission of guilt in asking to do for a pardon but sad that he would not return to russia for fear of not being able to leave again. egyptian court has sentenced three leading secular activists to three years in prison each for staging and sanctioned rally in cairo an act which is now forbidden under a new law passed last month but he gets
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into them. the military backed government. the three men could muster up a dollar and muhammad i doubt we're also finding some seven thousand two hundred us dollars. the three men have become symbols of the protest movement that ignited the historic two thousand and eleven uprising against president hosni mubarak a defense lawyer for the activists denounced the judgments against them as political and warned thousands were ready to take their place. activists say the army backed authorities are repressing a fierce crackdown on the muslim brotherhood movement of former president muhammad morrissey have in recent weeks started to target members of the secular activists movement sparking fears of a return to mubarak era repression. the army depots morrissey on july's third after mass protests against his rule since then the security forces have killed hundreds of his supporters and arrested thousands more but he just military backed government has also sent out a roadmap for political transition back
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to democracy that includes a referendum on a new constitution in mid january following revelations that nsa intercepted emails of israel's top former leaders senior israeli officials have demanded an end to us by the scandal has also spurred renewed calls for the release of jonathan pollard a former american intelligence analysts who has been imprisoned in the us for nearly three decades of spying in the house of israel kohler admitted to spying for israel. he was arrested in nineteen eighty five years later sentence for providing tens of thousands of piccies of classified information to israel. israel's prime minister and the berry colored as daunting as i read it. we can all need a special occasion to discuss the release of dover pa last week deal with this issue the idea was that the matters discussed with it for us presidents and has been with
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the pa was during this period in time. we hope that the circumstances arise which will allow us to return to often about you. israeli intelligence minister has expressed his expectations of relations between allies. we all know fully. tools of his books the united states over the defence minister and a things that we should expect it is the same. relations was the one that sticks. stan olson said. the necessary precautions and secret information to staff are transmitted over regular phones email systems revelations about the nsa spy programs were first published in the uk guardian and the washington post newspaper in june the system of thousands of documents handed over by snowed in
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thus the nt as the below must gall and sephardic singer has been pioneering the way for the first aborigine sound archive to be housed in morocco. do you listen to and it's typical of laying casa blanca about his start preservation projects the knesset below mine has dedicated most of her career to be stitching sephardic jewish music in hakka tea and a sinister self in collecting oral histories and field recordings would cost the outcome. only explains how her research and work expanded to collect the materials to the adl starting the jewish sound archive in rough conduct he aims to open to the in the next year. so i think the first time that i started really thinking about the archive was in two thousand eight. i actually weigh in i had the idea. i loved talking with the people at my various contests and bringing the collection of paul bowles that she had
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recorded all over morocco to morocco only creepy treating they use materials to morocco and then started thinking about all the other materials that exist outside of morocco that record is the archetypal sound materials. um it actually turned into not just an idea helping to bring the materials and then put them. like satellite radio stunt like that they actually really a crystallized is an idea. creating an archive and having that in casablanca available for moroccan students moroccan be strictures. one of the many demons that the sound archive is to not only introduced to make available hard to access the start but documents that most are underweight stance could also help boston in the six and i am on sat the current communities that still exists in rocket today so one of the fairest of them. collections. today i
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five. was really important actually have available and morocco. it was a means of recording medicine in nineteen twenty nine in new york by a woman from ten cheater love sonnets intricate cia in cheek in spanish morocco. and don this is only available at the archives of traditional music at indiana university hardly anybody ever listens to it. and here it is it's like. almost forty minutes of that. sound is from nineteen twenty nine. umm can't hear you know the way that they speak of these women speak exactly the same way as people in the jewish community intent here speak today. exactly. as for the book of revelation because i thought that the mediation team star. i absolutely know it's here we have briefly that there are still seeing similarities it's almost a hundred years ago. in addition to oral
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histories of music recordings and other types of materials of interest include photographs videos and letters like this that music produced every cent that is working to record and is currently working with musical legends team photo money so that is helping to archive and digitized and photographs of football that are not online and in some cases taking years to enact it looks as if affordable with the thought that the limits of this one is a photo we see him playing the guitar. a semi hollow beads are sad to see a photo that was to maintain during nineteen eighty five. these are photos that are to be anyone know this. so we have forty such pictures that we worked with. we retrieved from the archives newly restored. we are putting captions and putting them in the context of the time here thanks to the debate critical as in this column explains presenting these materials for the future is both important to jewish and muslim iraq. these are really important historical documents to people that have lived the history of morocco
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and that's on a jewish and that has no experience of the history of morocco through a jewish lands also meet some really really important for it. this memory to remain accessible to me my four young moroccans for young jewish moroccans and for young muslim moroccans mature sound archive in morocco is currently working on a physical location but is open to submissions in the to contact the knesset on the friday you can find and debbie debuted at the mama duck on the jn one this is miss emma dean of reporting from casablanca loom whilst watching a dental floss to kenya might not warrant a second look infamously sexy rio de janeiro sunbathing topless could land you in prison over
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the weekend topless demonstrators and supporters rallied against brazil's current law which forbids women from stripping off their tops. if you win and actually went through with baring their breasts in the face of potential criminal charges despite the thousands on facebook saying they would attend the event the first to do so however filmmaker an island where said she felt that brazil's current laws and top business or old fashioned another one of the few participating women brave enough to deal with the spoiling mob of photographers said that she was genuinely afraid she might get arrested. getting back to the nineteen forties brazil's penal code exclusively considers female helplessness a juvenile offense. earlier this month a real city government to begin discussing the proposed change to the law which would allow female topless this as long as it stays between the sidewalk and deceit but so far no changes to the law had been made. operation
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the eight th is the one million here the kids to see you as trips to islam and began sucking it into more than ten years ago. hundreds of people gathered at the los angeles only to take part in celebration as assembling the care packages are stopping them. more than one hundred dollars worth of items. getting back to the u s troops has been killing plastic screen. she began operation gratitude in two thousand and three. just before the iraq war began using the mindset of wanting to serve something much greater than myself. daddy wants to send the text people the contents that were on throughout the years plastic blur and beasts care packages to save soldiers' lives in a
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karate kid waits and once under the existing data. what did that. during the thanksgiving so it sat on christmas day. but recently that acted as a diet. he received my opinion that hurt my ears from people thanking him for what it's doing. it does not. as an offshoot operation gratitude project of mine since it's used scare tactics its steel and plastic sandwich or a purse that in the us regions says she received one of these packages by land sea. so i got the ticket windows in the package. everybody wanted to sit apart of it so totally cool with that little side step and add abroad but she dives into what i was doing it. at the top of that sometimes people don't realize what the one millionth care package for me us. he also represents how long we've been at war. and so the fact that we have had so many soldiers and marines navy and air been rotated through these topics evidence
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i painted it glides is that there are still people fighting. it is important to me during that stricter i are powerful rally for the support of the american needs are in line with the us army base there is constant us and said soldiers on the way to get the idea especially with iraq. there were a lot of kids that would surround the humvees and we had visions of baghdad are not the major cities and doubt. we would like to know give them something to that map the blast said that generosity has awesome sci fi sitcom and tears make sure that your package is two and twenty soldiers and share now given to the skillet and in the communities they serve it's not demonstrative and tell them where the cons outweigh the bad guys that at this celebration volunteers who personally knew to include in each package and the name bracelets out of rope can also be used in emergency. once the one million package was completed the marching band broke out
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in song and volunteers helped t package gets a extra urprise hits including dates i did. which won't be traveling overseas but the keys to be inside the care package. once the mass dance proj in line on santa's lap. up. the i the students from around the world flock to the holy land for the christmas season of the faithful in nazareth hoping to reaffirm the roots of their religion in this city got a boost from israel's tourism minister who gave the green light to a proposal to build a hundred fof jesus in the northern israeli town. the statue is the idea of one man interest in march
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and who liv in answer to a senior demographics of this town shift considerably in recent years from christian to muslim inspired by the christ the redeemer statue in rio de janeiro his plan is to build the statue atop a nearby mt precipice as well as honoring the town's most famous resident. the giants in jesus that you could also boost tourism in the press that this is already starting points to the gospel trio aged thirty sev mile pilgrim routes for christians who made up fifty percent of israel's three point five million tourists last year the thanks for teaching many israeli association. he stands up on the direction discussion on the top eight the united nations relief and works agency for palestinian refugees in that new piece and the exploitation of
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commentary and eight and this conference house of romanov ski the american story and moody's analyst at the middle east forum. philadelphia based think tank. he said the un relief and works agency for palestinian refugees continued. all around. it intensified the problem was with solution emotion cost to facilitate wn it's released in december nineteen forty nine as a temporary organic seeds in the state's six hundred thousand arabs who have been teaching to which it was tuna tuna nineteen forty seven forty four. while all other refugee populations are numbers can do to decrease under its numbers continue to inflate can grow. so what we have today are in the tonof seventy eight million based on referral under under news accounts don't even include arab israelis who are israeli citizens and their descendants the refugee problem is what exacerbates the problem so they have no incentive to raise all that and they have it been that if they don't have to repeat you
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no longer continues to exist the chamber longer exists so why would they even look worked with the notion what they do as they maintain it and they continue on to perpetuated from year to year to year and that's how the numbers to grow. some roman no ski team said on its it systems is harmful to open a shithole. israel is criticize phone number is handling this so cald refugees. the palestinian authority is denied to many times the distance. and on and give billions to another system costs. maybe i should have been used to how real refugees in real distress but over the past sixty five years billions and billions of dollars on us for a leaf on the third of on rhys budget and the tone of two one two and forty million dollars annually. of the eu gives a lot of money over here in germany germany in two thousand and ten given the time of twenty six million this to two thousand and thirteen the un after seven million. ah we continue
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to fund this problem on t reason we do that it has to do with the fact that the west as his cognitive dissonance is perception when you say a refugee other people were starving and fleeing for their lives that's not the case within the palestinian situation however we continue to fuel the vr world ensure the fact that bad of all the rp up with the exception of jordan no arab country ever off for the palestinian citizenship and they kept them in this situation to remind the world you see this is the greatest atrocity the world's ever seen. as such we're never going to resolve this problem during its sixty four years of operation. iraq especially the bureaucracy of some thirty thousand palestinian employees who intend to provide social services to millions of parents. maybe the notion that there are still millions of palestinian refugees. his moves into its
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fleet race the wind and germany. i . no tv is famous as the top spot for gays and lesbians in the middle east with a thriving lesbian gay bisexual transgender community now zoo keepers at the re max guns to you and tell of these are sure they discovered a pair of lesbian penguins after performing a routine blood check on the animals which were assumed to be a traditional couple. after i realize that that that the finance and thought maybe the proportion between the men from the fame and sunday i was in there that's because first of the man said and to get back but realize this is not vanity is and if they wanted to choose them and they could've done it. the keepers realized that this was more than just friendship as the two female penguins displayed every sign of being
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a serious couple not only are the inseparable but the jump on top of one another in what appears to be a mating ritual even going so far is setting up a family home together despite not being able to read. they're selling this on their part in the head of hair. and the cleaning inside her singing to tie their baby and to add their own nests and that we ourselves up for a period of months or so that though xd and i've been nesting. they didn't have an animal that day go out to my parents and homosexuality is a known phenomenon with many types of animals but according to zoo keepers is more common among males than females at least among those in captivity the up. two british men are rested for posting anti semitic tweets
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holding the english football club took them holtz was meant to drive the london club when stan. the two men in the eighty twenty split the comments about kiva and concentration camp gas chambers of the community mental health service six another man in his forties was arrested on the sympathies on suspicion of inciting racial hatred seoul the sixth defenders were warned not to use the words deeds which he said may be investigated as a crime. traditionally told them also commonly refer to as does have a knowledge jewish bowling and have been the targets of abuse from opposition fans although some fans of the club used it on themselves. went to see using oust muffins and tablets on the dough for conceiving
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media a chance of an application while the devices themselves are becoming more and more powerful intensified to not see that it results in just copy paste. that's another problem why the judges like these back to the environment means the most friendly way and for you because they know all that comfortable with new devices. check how much is for a company founded in the most out of vietnam in two thousand and six is now open for friends. alonso while its repetition. our company the screen. we will enable you to be free from the inside. butter mustard the company as part of coffee giant's like starbucks and coffee bean and tea. it's installed wireless charging stations at coffee shops and second signing as well as other us cities like los angeles and boston. when uses place that my friends and people of the sickness is
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automatically start charging you enable your i phone with a wireless charging case that looks like this. so you just slip your i phone into this case. you put on. um to play like that. he dropped it on the match in a wireless the charges the company aims to make wireless charging the norm. the eco system. i'm allowed to go to places we would travel ordinarily fat today. places like starbucks like mcdonald's in madison square garden and delta air lines and what you can do is you can just charge your phone by means of hot spots that are built directly into the infrastructure so this was challenging way. and this is a misnomer. only god can create energy out of nothing which is why you'll see the outlets are still plugged in. um because we do have to take energy from the wall and then what we do is to create a magnetic fields and the magnetic fields is what we used to tally a foul by sixteen says the seven succeeding because of commitment to a concept and strategic alliances. we really believe that our technology our week we stand on the shoulders of giants
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like nikolai tesla who first experimented with while charging. we took it to another level without some proprietary heel six is here and there. um can we partner with a really good partner why was run trains gamble and it yourself enjoying friend spokesman and investa is directed to a scene he's in contention in launceston affecting technology. right now uses can any benefit from the widest audience that this is the fifth arms and eyes and said that's if it is compatible pcs and portable but trees. att is trying to stop building indicated that as of may sixty eight. that will help counter criticism the snap on cases country. i make widest johnson more ubiquitous said that perhaps one day forum on home appliances for one table for you. what's not yet clear is how mine is jotting like any new technology will be spent and i was not months and that he has to buy votes and it is someone with a one of the more apt to become the new vessel. only then can we stop thinking about
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seventy two while its charges for cats. rebecca traveling to and one san francisco. i the rule. do. will. i mean to me. will. or do it will
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the is on. a girl. that is it is. i can. a. since
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changes like the golf and ten. the meal it appears the council mr on its feet and minister of mainland china's taiwan affairs office that something made me yesterday is a very open next year. so for the first time announced that a meeting between two was planned


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