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joseph stalin the building which disappeared. together with the local artistic traditions. it's a beautiful they could see that being in the freezer. the answer to is that a likely common means of penal colony. yes this time a presidential mistake just hours after phantom punch him in that area until he was also a mascot. he freed me how you order cos he steps into the media's fault line to the gym to find for the release of his associates with some indie cases and whine best of nine. sydney israeli officials contend america the spine on
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the country's four when he does it while the government ignores the elephant in the room to present its relationship with the us. oh and if as soon as he worries over for some of the bands that knocked twenty fifth st and design on the pc confidence trick to roll it around with a full scale of the remembered as one of dating chat and chat. lol. it has seemed to constantly feel like the most. i welcomed a problem. i sometimes find that it is the likely killer has been freed just now is to find the un demand that every angle in a puzzles are released from jail the defiance and is setting time for carrying out a protestant in moscow's main
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cathedral. the one that as part of president pete is amnesty. these arenas has been funding to start on. but that isn't a very happy to be out of prison but they have expressed that their desire to continue along the lines of working in acting like that. what concerns human rights in the country. you can check their seats. it was a real treat since i knew him and asked my advice and support human rights and legal issues and it's my best not to protect the contents respected human rights activist and as much as we can read into that stuff that will protect their rights to the eu. go as well said that she intends to keep a close watch on those who have either made in the penal colony where she was too dull for intending to do. i can in theory and human rights work in connection with those who are in prison in a rush of blood present from us our bowls with the right members intended to meet together we know that they have spoken on the phone already. in fact many anakin is said to be
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back to the outgoing still probably are scared siberian city where does it look like the tide is now free long time the media with her husband now speaking to media eye before nine years ago according to his release has been said that neither he nor his wife intend to leave the country. both of my generation and the desire to uncover every given a two year prison sentence of falling of the so called punk prayer and in the country's main text. a mage from prison straight into the limelight to insist he won and attend to on the politics of business. but the nanoparticles case as he doesn't need to paint on his desk to god is still reeling cars and twelve point for his imprisoned comrades. peace peace when it's not one of the people switkowski has vowed to defend. the celtic else he and sit in to the press conference in a whirlwind of media hype into a room packed to the rafters with journalists many of whom
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were congratulating him on these releases a political prisoner. however there is a novice i need to be you cole saga want that so often that three of the detainees years this is that some of the capital calls his comments after his release and re selling brown's new book the asian human. some of my comrades remain in jail they are my fellow sufferers for example my friend plaque on whether the alleged secret asian history. there are still other political prisoners in russia not only build related to the yukos case mccain i am free now and i'm asking you to think of it as something which symbolizes the efforts of civil society to lead to the release of some people who no one thought would be able to walk free. that you did was the head of security for this double the ports heat the oil company yukos. he's currently serving a life sentence will finally come to know that if you have a court finding a person kill to move to. i think it's very difficult for
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anyone could then say well he's guilty but he's not there to be guilty because he's a political prisoner i find the quiet older. in two thousand and seven acre couldn't take it to good if ordering the shooting of the teeny a picture called the manner of a town in sunny periods and his widow believes that this was a crying that went to the top there was no investigation of the cookies in a moment in my husband's death. he wasn't even interrogated for both myself and other people for analyzing this. plenty of facts proving difficult. he was directly involved in the healing of my husband the colts post the link between being good isn't it because he was guilty of two thousand and three the role of the settlements. he refuses to accept guilt for the crimes he picked the bill the tall above all seen the lid. trying to walk across the israelis there
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were reports prosecutors were considering the charges again can carry another seven year sentence on the costa nice to be an unpleasant to the form of lygon and some. after she fl out of favor with abbas. just as it's not surprising as clinking sound and his associates and its co presidents. he was just call speak and act differently now if he ever recognizes what the security forces were doing he won't magically become responsible and not to make this case could potentially be at ease after an investigation into those matters and assaults which the company's security forces carried out. he has no other toys he will continue to insist people from the security department of political prisoners and he will pretend to be pushing for it to its release costa's complains that his case was that too much bacon was rejected by the european court of human rights. there is no evidence that the preschool activities of the sinful or renovated as many one night the opposition
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the visible officials told the charges were not related to school i had healthy cool disco on this from the voice of russia dmitry bondage but the staff says he is the protocol ski on it and its co presidents. is it nice to be shown again and are thought of that bottle for the postage was doing a deal. apocalyptic if they met with the detainees human rights will put the ticket was teaching. they never criticized the state. well what they did was just the four hundred year war of all people walking into the oil russian company of the ninety s picture again and that rove was involved in a predicament to beat the kid never made a good critical statements. he never enrolled in the articles in the us because he never told to vote for the pics in . he was just that of a sad old lamp. i would say was it needed to open a season. that's helped russia's biggest oil company said the league sports. and
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sometimes sold his victory was its opponents. i'm more than i open it on skis as the commons after his release and to get the union and the nine assists in his case and surprise on an entire web page. capital. the latest in a state of relations among the country's america's biggest lying on his renault its closest ally. unlike some other targets such as germany which has been explicit in this outrage is radical contests with the scandal under the round of peacefulness and purple the blindness is on thursday defense ministry and the foreign ministry has yet to officially comment however one scene is brady a government source has said that israel will not allow this announcement to cost the company kind of comment and add an understanding custody weeks to pack these things one doesn't and among friends. having said that though there is no visible
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athletes from the is maybe side in this of course is because is all pissy with me is one of. on the kind pieces so the assumption is that these ladies know that they too are being watched. israel is quiet because of one's its relationship with the united states to continue to kill it he intends on intelligence sharing and intents of the very large amounts of money that is will the scenes from the united states if you remember a few months ago there were reports that israel has sometimes joined the united states team mates and tonics find on this at the same time is always on the receiving end of huge volumes of the controversial be connected. american intentions. we have had it on the is played the intelligence and strategic affairs minister at your house payments and he has saved and admitted as much that is both his or its content is just what the united states the uk and germany. he says and to close him. these conditions it is unacceptable to behave this way of course that's a
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reference to the united states. having said that is no way that is wealth is in a position to severely criticized the united states because it doesn't seem to want to jeopardize its relationship with washington and that is my sinus sources state that we are extremely careful and take into account that not many arab countries that was the superpower was on listening to us. i've been on this issue and i joined the line by line to cut eleven on foley's read ambassador to egypt and the yuan in cheney back at least at eleven o thank you welcome to auntie nice to see it as that's not it has revealed that afternoon. one develop a sense that an action shot of the wild that practically everyone is lying on everyone else in the history of wine to buy lunch. the thing that's not on the cusp of italy five percent of latino still looking for says we still
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have to see what the darn unite the fight for them probably there would be an earthquake. before leaving this information up. will always do when all we know very well how the countries are behaving because we to understand that information is a strength. and that nobody is looking after the strain by seeking the information. but the miserable believe that this you should do it in front off your enemies probably you should not do anything for a few friends and more than that. with our lives. this is why i din is ryan. we have been rarely heard. but we did not express a fish in the widening reason behind the scenes because they believe that such terrible things should not occur between friends and allies who live in the meantime you have a baby go to a strong call for action on intelligence activities. not a self trust will the minister has said system on six finding is no
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way for friends that read each on that. i said to have found is that tasteful friendship in politics when it comes to national security well look i think that they have been with me would you rather than doing any kind of endearing is the country is entitled to understand to reach to attend due to have information concerning what they are what disney's agenda our block is this intentions what is prepared to do in order to protect yourself and sometimes also you is this information. when the united states. we have for over a few years mom hears it and that we have very good corporation on the field of intelligence. i mean by that meant no will only share with the americans the provisions that would have. and they say that we share the day sure also with us the information they receive. so we don't see any reason like to know these
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to our leaders and in that country. remember that twenty nine years ago. the americans were for years. when somebody did this town the story of the united states and they mean by jennifer mm format. i would chant worried that it said batchelor said tuesday that israel's fines and america. well after the e of the it would have to deal with jenna from what i think that there were a nutrition commitment coming from israel and who stick to that commitment. the site is so great. we have such provocative corporation the money that they do things that we should know we can know with whatever it is and what direction she will as it is read this can help them and that so we don't see any need for such conduct activities we do understand that we can call for a week and the viaduct estimate universalist but definitely enough to intervene in a friendly countries. and and
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and the tortoise and often spotty on its leadership. i think the key here. they had heard a certain degree of fab does that say the means to head between both countries but i don't think that it will go beyond that. because in israel and is then very aware that such other things happened it happened in the press that in the country is not necessarily with reserved. in the head of a wet wet wet and you don't discuss this with the americans behind the scenes. in order that this would not continue or to limit such kind off that state intervention in a friendly country alright so i said can abandon the line from teddy that missed eleven and thank you very much indeed. twenty twenty is a one recount the next day was not seem to not stop the eye
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a the science and technology innovations all new developments around russia the future. if any of these when asked how long i've forgotten that we all sang night and the traffic light thingy. free coffee. guru. i
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know. i was. am i. she now seems not to like most welcome. and today was starting out in the back of the bands change twenty thirty. the people of the non bbc it was the deadliest since two thousand and eight mumbai and deepening sectarian to belly dance more innocent lives being milked as a result the very naked sneezed on and on the second series of the time. in the background sound that killed at least four police officers handful of soldiers and in more than nine thousand people have been killed this yet. in total isaac's hair and finance has claimed up to one hundred and twenty seven thousand lines
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in the decade says the us invaded while seeking to undermine the sharon government singing sections have a ton of cement on its indifferent costs of the country bring the total number of suicide bombings to four thousand the northern seat of your career is often called in because fine dining place to honor qaeda strongholds and being claimed by both the iraqi government and the look on the sky this time on skis this account no fun to tell people that call that the detention in finance i did the hero who he's supposed to be over. tourists come. during the announcement confusing. the answer given that it didn't last year into two. we see that the school
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is offering a symbol for the country's most intractable woes. escalating violence and conflict among ethnic and the difference in the fight over the last resort. there was our first challenge. kurdish soldiers agreed to take a stand. hope that dad and the kurds lay claim to cure who are sparring over control. aside from the danger until entering the kurdish side need special permission to get past the iraqi checkpoints we inhabit roadblocks and concrete barriers to foreign to our checkpoints like this when our dominant feature of life and they are everywhere aside from the house on the sofa kentucky that the tax. this isn't an issue of a mind of a country still pretty much everyone. we drove quickly to avoid danger we're told to look out for black bmw has apparently become a favorite for iraq's insurgents. the best day to come to roadside bombs exploded here earlier that morning around the same kind of bad debt as it walks like a series of deadly blasts it's been a flashpoint for years now and in the city
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center. it's clear that life doesn't stop just because the rats that works but the empty streets but people continue to go about their business is not interested in seeing you that you're shopping. beneath the surface there are stars. your goal is to be an incredibly dangerous place. the city without the help of a military escort residents here say the attacks that happen that anytime anyplace. in fact it's not really safe to stay here for too long for the inside. when you come on in this family and their corner to see their happy that saddam is gone but their fear of political repression has been replaced by fear the unknown him out and play and cooking on this lucky we don't know whose unions when the next bomb will walk into the leafy or so we've gotten used to it now do small things to feel safer when driving with all the car windows down in that way if this was last at least a glass has heard such precautions didn't help a sixty year old foe mom used
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this as a decade of war was willing to drop. he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. a bomb blast went off injuring his leg for him daily life has become a painful struggle why didn't you. this was going to do to your brain on what democracy is all the explosions shootings and kidnappings. feel free to go out and come back safely where is that i can leave there's no guarantee of combat though i know it's not a sectarian differences unfortunately it's a book that was cool. oil and behind this oil is the kid in the interests of politicians on the audience in the political game. with the mine who lives in vermont for conflicts in our own making. the rockies the mets did he turn in personal care about who controls the oil just like mom simply want the peace of mind numbing technical analysts and return them up to one's own life
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the seeking of our youth group. the stated her career on a blog account has been collecting based on the casualties and the insightful country for days now and that many don't see arafat is in the scene was such a deficit for the overnight patient and she joins me now live from london that this nation that seattle welcome to our seat at a state he's been researching the victims of terrorism and make iran for a long time how credible is you information and that had basically at that and when she gets it. um mommy said tuesday he um and what we do is we sang many many media sources and any sauce that is made available to us either in english and arabic. and what we do is sit down to collect any information we have a constant presence was not any particular day. and what have the ban on state of
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the usbesides conte whose names ages and places them one attacks have taken place as well as with the rapid changes by the fiji though i tend to find. and that enables us to monitor the vitamins tool that provides some statistics. and to see what is in the same wanted to be seeing and cruised to the killing and with the tide is out the something in the jungle and the big guns at me d and don't know about the strength in iraq. most people don't understand is that the violence in iraq is gaining. what we do is go monday we went out on the tv and if that happened to be a major title. it is recorded in here about six. but it's been a while as we don't hear about to sell at the best of the items in your field to four hundred civilians have lost their lives in amman doesn't this scientist. and this is completely unacceptable within acceptable in the uk or usa
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or anyone else in the way and get me to come to this that god will not be interested in the name inked onto my lap i have come to know. shaw said the stunt it's especially in the last few years had the in colors the scene as agents of the states so it's bad police say the security forces in general. also politicians and. in the car sts and attacks against the cia has tripled. yes ends at a breeze behind them was behind at times. mim is hard to say because i'll also the time that is a cobbled some land and nobody knows with it then nobody acknowledges it. but i'm still on a sunday i can say that it is what they call al qaeda in iraq. cutting aka stake in the context of the act described tennis balls in iraq and syria
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against the government's. and they have directly at times the states. on cnn on. and he says he sends it to him from the point in eating my dissertation in rumpled so much wax base yet. this station is based on the americans left at the end of two thousand and eleven. i'm going to list in iraq who had tried to be cross sectarian of the appellant's started to have access in the postseason and this is no more and more distrustful of the government's hands at the end of two thousand and twelve this up to full text that looks more and more frequent. and on the twenty third of april of this yet that iraqi security forces actually attacked protesters and killed twenty nine people who would dismiss
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this. and that was abandoned mining stocks a tool to use and has not reached the levels of two thousand and eight. in two thousand and eight. that was a decrease. the ten thousand students and alex's increase facilities. this is definitely back on to government incentives. all right and that if there's one main conclusion to be named upon to give up in twenty sixteen but what would it be in your opinion. it's that doesn't seem to be an end soon. the violence said iraq has become so fragmented that has suffered such as ac dc tunnel collapse. with so many interests and being a full on these grounds that he is handling this album will be see as the sudanese the hands of the religious sentiments in this the terrorists insurgents also extend our lead us in this canadian
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interests in memphis you change this. that's a decent ammo to cnn on a state that was already weak in two thousand and three. not that hard. hiddink will receive that has to have a cessation of dancing around. to make the situation better. mullen said i cannot see what a bad and i don't think those conti school of the kind of violence with us this gift bags. that's far too many. a competing insist there is still a struggle for power oh so many sites that i can see into the number of stupid things. listening the mec onto the scene this enchanted it's that that say iraq had both see it come to think you very much and deeply as time went. they scored headlines over the past week and just a couple of minutes of wasting
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i i i i knew you. the i used low. it is. little. it is
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little. it is. chu you you
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you will . the new gi. abc's missing in south sudan has it that you wait to get civilians and non essential staff from its compound in or sign of the worsening security situation in the troubled eastern africa nation. the staff were flown to the capital juba sudan was the keystone a week after a dispute between the members of the presidential guard triggered violent clashes between military factions fighting kids he says the central government tries to assert authority in the states of


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