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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 23, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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online. h st kitts was in it for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much either or situation. stocks good news. i did. donor of
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pressure to ban the seer i had just been freed. she was found guilty of hooliganism after a performance critical of president she says her release is just a pr the capital of one of the key oil producing states in south sudan falls to the rebels. the un says the situation there after one week of fighting is heading into chaos with hundreds of thousands of civilians at risk. african union troops in central african republic have fired on demonstrators there reportedly killing at least one. this is thousands of muslims take to the streets to protest france's military presence saying french troops are there just to protect christians. this posting at
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the first to rush up or one of the two remaining jailed members of punk bands could see ryan has been freed. she was released four days after the russian president letter to announce the new ad is deeper prisoners convicted of nonviolent crimes. it was thought that could lead to the release of the two right numbers along with thirty greenpeace protesters at the russian business type in the calcutta cup ski for credit cards. he was released at the end of last week and now react and empty net has also been freed. she was quick to dismiss them as a pr stunt. the idea. yes i was glued to the objectives and city. chris and proceed to order and that's why i was brought here. now i like to be human rights activists. i would like to tilt the issue of prison. i'd like to meet eugene like activities. no i'm not afraid of any lawyers believe me. one outlets renamed john augustine encore any maths got you not to
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react he had just been released but she is already in full fighting. she's been doing since her release from jail the mother. it also ruined. oh say the least. he didn't believe them today it is that people in the senate to withdraw his support. it must've been lost. eventually she isn't this was going to be open and uses a kiss in the sense in which she was in common. radiohead. that meant
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though that it was hard said to be busy. took a nap and wouldn't it be a good student and welcome to go. so we didn't know it's stupid. it was the one in russia. i imagine a stop at that other pressing tried to distill jet could be freed later today what do we know about that actually happening and what about the other protesters us and rebates. what it is that those that are sold out. it all i will be on the right of way. the star of stage and then be based on the toes of the senate in dc so close to it. one of the thousands of other uses. my goal was to the best use of these luckily a lot of what the locals. as it's a little. he saw he was sent to prison for three years. on tuesday morning a friend who wants to say though is that the upcoming
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days and i'm pleased with him on the duties of the reason we think the result. this is the status and who she was the oh i know it is still in service to other people albeit expensive and investigated as a must thanks for that gianni encore and reporting from moscow the xt south sudan where fighting is on the rise between government troops and soldiers loyal to the former vice president. those rebel troops have now taken control of the town of bantu that's a capital of the keel boat racing state there. ninety nine percent of the government budget of south sudan comes from miles that is indeed a major victory for the opposition but frightening continues around the country. civilian helicopters have now evacuated us in the sands from the city of four. as the site of the un compound some three thousand citizens from other countries like canada britain and kenya are still trapped inside that place that's been hit with
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heavy finding was the sole next buttons. she includes her to fold when civil war the humans non essential staff and injured civilians have been evacuated from the un compound in whole or in the capital and jump in the states. it's been the scene of some of the fiercest clashes speaking government troops and rebels and the violence is escalating. which side does that date back to a secluded evacuating citizens of various countries lot of gunshots lot of dead bodies and to. very very out of control views. have any alms and time. that needs to be a force on the controls sixteen thousand civilians are seeking refuge inside the un compound temple. many more desperate to get in meanwhile the capital of the oil rich unit east he is now in the hands of apples five thousand civilians have
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lost the un compound in canteen resources are stretched. very very likely but we are continuing to stand by the people of unity state of the dish and has a clutch of results that were made in south sudan. that will not be intimidated the un sent its brushing with peacekeeping forces to the country. this is foreign and regional powers are a team of scientists to stop fighting. fearing for the stability of the world's knew this nation. meantime the central african republic the african union troops have fired on demonstrators protesting against the president. one person is reported to have been killed so far as eu troops fired on several hundred christian demonstrators at the airport in the capital bank he has been shown to tidy it became the first muslim leader of the mainly christian nation in a cruel. last march
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meanwhile thousands of muslim back of the country's former rebel sell a group are protesting french troops in the country they say they are only there to protect the christians the older french criminal than in the french troops leave their country. hundreds of muslim demonstrators in bondi the french are partial according to the end of the soldiers mainly this on former muslim sell it to rebels. the muslims a risk he thinks the same diary operations turned into bloodshed. why is it because well that disarming the members are taking the population on with them together to the christian anti taliban militants. and he's going into attack and steal from the muslim community the woman didn't even want to. sixteen hundred french soldiers have been operating in the central african republic since december fifth term goal is arming militias to end months of security and violets. but
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after report the deadly incident in which three former silicon members are said to have been killed many muslims turned hostile. salad to supporters accused the french of favoring the christian the friend says its soldiers are impartial amino groups including christian onto the road condition. the descent and the french open final when gunmen which went into work things towards them. back in france boswell has got itself in some more hot water french president's approval ratings are all pretty well and now he's irritated at syria. after all around me but he said was a joke suggest algeria was a mistake the controversial comments can be for president or don't even began his speech citing his ministers present events so don't said. well it certainly has to be tortured
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you know. he's got remote area. the secret sound. well that's already left. not funny. purple and algerian authorities and citizens to them in the french president implied their country is in safe route the week the controversy grew the fact that joke was needed an event celebrating the jewish umbrella group seventieth anniversary made things much worse. consuming a show that is triggered controversy and talking about him is to back him in our country and put the assembly that represents jesus. and friends to the opposition lashed out at the president basically i believe the president that we stop making jokes about foreign states. it would allow us to have less conflicted relations with everyone from the pc to the mall. on sundays. also don't ride to and the controversy in a statement he said that his comments were the subject of an unfounded staff. he expressed sincere regrets for their interpretation. syria's foreign minister would criticize the auntie said he was satisfied with
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the apology. she got to impact your life your house and pack them away. i know not too salty and europe welcome back to the european parliament in brussels playing a trump card in just a two mile to call to split the west of the ukraine president medina putin announced on wednesday rochelle was called to the rescue of its financially troubled labour. russia will provide eleven billion euros in loans and a sharp discount all natural gas lines the move has angered
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ukraine's pro eu protests is a cnn that president has sealed a secret deal to join a russian led the customs union. glad to be joined by russia's ambassador to the european union. with new shoes off. welcome to talk you think of. with so called by ukraine of course because as you know the situation in ukraine has polarized many people. brussels most nokia's in the middle. first of all we would like to see and we like to hear. will russia received from ukraine in exchange for its assistance lopez who lived in a completely agree with your assumption that. the events in ukraine have four eyes. of moscow and brussels. i don't have that impression. they have indeed always keep praying. that's it. on this occasion he spends the other
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ukrainian society is divided and we all are witnesses to that the book. russia is interested in and told the eu is equally interested. it's to see stability in ukraine see the canteen. overcoming the current crisis minimizing its economic effect. and home meets commission on human epo the use of the population you've mentioned that no role in group b in ukraine has rained a bit stale. while thurston there went to do that. these should be more angry with the european union for having failed to provide adequate assistance. but it's a talk about this in a moment but what i want to understand he knew was nobody would like ukraine to join a customs union. customs new customs union led by moscow
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as you go any guarantees that ukraine will indeed join such a union. no and we can never say listen to the mall. mikey it is not the intention of russia and its partners of the customs union. belarus and kazakhstan been logical costs. and as you will see it for example. the prof was launched. without meaning junie the customs union and if he can heal racial economic union. it will be up this baby. the process that will require some time and effort now think a piano covers the presence of ukraine had admitted to himself that's his decision to freeze talks with the european unit and the non protein influenced by heavy pressure from russia. why is it that using ukraine remains a night in the pending. well i wouldn't. only god the ukraine then there was no
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appeal that nobody dance the god who created and is known as indulgent. no it's a sovereign country such as rain ended with the family and friends you all. all because of the united states over the decision. when the audience has to say that something decisions would it take to get by with dictated by heavy pressure from russia this is the oldest of indecision as well the old wouldn't want to come and go in the statement you will feel the love for the beautiful beach what it meant he remained with the number will fall and different. statements on the beach and the relevant issues. so ideal of that. oh it's not that the war between moscow and brussels the england coaching ukraine or indeed in the attic. up in oh the relevant date. it is
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not a zero sum game. oh what's the kennel cough which pbably had in mind is that as we all know russia back and imports of ukraine and chocolates at the sum of russia imposed trade sanctions on the number of companies. i want to own skin it's nice actually the best publicity the european union could hopeful because if you are. ukrainian business or and then go all the civil society and when you see this sort of. it can only intimidation the many that could affect it has nothing to do with a heap. it's the on call veterinarian feet the senate did it but that necklace. oh we'll be hitting complaints from some from other european countries ukrainian buckeyes. that in their most recent in from the netherlands a mile. she's dead. he's so on the restrictions by
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the russian incompetent the thought of it. oh we have problems with. on certain types of meat. up exported by eu member states to russia it's in the show a bit healthy doesn't mean anything it only pressure from russia the us would you telling us no i would say that if we won the ukrainian businessman i will be they wanted. with the prospect. old association with the european union which would have undermined ukrainian industries slipped into europeans there that will give up oh servant of all the way lol established economic ties with the era of russian pop ups or in deep thought most economic way of telling us that it was on either beautiful or brush because you telling me that if ukraine had decided it's to answer a free trade agreements with your opinion it would have damaged its
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ties with russia. here's next ten years because of you know of the agreement of that. oh was so unprepared for singing in the senate between ukraine and the european union. it was much more than just the pain. but isn't there a democratic form of the one you see that sixty percent of ukrainians who wants its peace deal with the european because for them it's more than an economic agreement it's been bracing will make all european leaders shrugging off the post soviet legacy. as you claim you call me go against the will of these ukrainians who are protesting today in kyiv we're not going against the will of ukrainians would think to explain the pain both the government and the what it really means what i do know that many in the last month said we will be when scientists tail. i promise we
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will end and suddenly this unit and oswalt we trying to understand. for school. many of those demonstrating up on independence square in kiev have a baby gate he awoke the assessment of the association agreement is about. actually many of those interviewed. oh well are convinced that the nags the aft of the human side and they will have a visa free vision with the european union which has nothing to do with the band. should they and to include an association with the european union. we have a free trade regime with the opening we will have to introduce certain man shows that are will know they are included in the relevant provision all the serious fta agreement. so the window when they should understand all the possible consequences
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referring to the wave of pro eu protests in kiev. see here the filth we see a russian foreign minister who visited brussels this week was the way the clash russia has no doubts that robot that was when they don't prepare a script line behind the mosque protests. who on the scope of this. well the oven will be visible if you see the real picture what was happening on the independent living here. with people. armed with sticks stones and extreme metal chains. they were always clean and so far no one has died. and it's been a very large and varied massive protests single nobody has the month of the number of injured and hospitalized mother runs and two dozens because of his brutality testing the soil into more than a couple of those old
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posts that belies the policeman. oh well. annie you need to have the full picture. not the one sided the wind when you have hundreds of thousands of people and we we seem to think he is elderly and the dp bowling don't people waving europeans likes to call call this location. this is something calming thrown from the highs from the minds of many ukraine as we know it's a divided country that uconn deny that there is a strong movement in ukraine and that's what we've seen the news of movement. yes but as happens in many countries in similar circumstances indeed for a look at those who mingled with the crown and cool it in they go. make the situation alone get help if the deals the nineties provoke to as we're actually hired by the call from school he's learned to just read in the crafty see their own devotions that going on now
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would like to move into our next story. on tuesday the russian parliament unanimously passed an amnesty bill which would pardon women and the end of the sending less than five years than all violent crimes. the space the way for the release of mendoza of the punk bands was he writes that the move is viewed by critics as a way of decades the western criticism of russia's human rights record. these two months before the country holds the winter olympics. up to ten you can imagine penal colony. this is when the meal james and his best night to pretend the price down to town on the way. olmert and foreign minister hans dietrich and said the team at the end poet and went with him to potato with the backing of thompson and kevin mack who can show whether to include a cocky snow is to help secure his release jury in and put into
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a mountain in good condition although the course he is very tired as well as the reason why he does not appear in you can cut the moment my head understand the cost is ten years of increasing home he wants to be in the distance on the seafront in the tunnel for me it says on the island the cops get this continent by russian president has made peeked in on friday. he was in the tt to be released next august to support israel for a two sentence would be extended to the times happened was a full cast any of the last go on i'll only be able to delete this completely when i see my count is unable to keep him in holland and talk to him to his house number on me as one occurred to me has a deep feeling that this is really happening. there is a novice like this feeling that ultimately lead to the ends but the cops he was the boss of the real creepy cute cos when he was invested in t thousand and three on charges of investment and tax evasion charges his support to save up and taking them to take to advocate since. two so far
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none of us your dm us and all of the russian federation to the european union would cut that the french and german presidency won't attend the winter olympics in sochi some believe its response to your country's of violations of human rights and seek the russia's anti gay propaganda lol this is a bit annoying way. oh well i didn't know both the french legislation on the field but the legislation became its hea of state to visit the country which he hadn't visited officially unofficial visit. and president joke has not been on an official visit to russia. what a mother because she had been hidden from human rights. one was a french so had he gone to the olympics he will violate the job lol ok well he won't be violating chemical form of a friend it seems that to be a. one call a general boycott but sweetie and that in some european capitals leaders are a bit hesitant to do know
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whether the game to go see it is this a problem. well it's monday there's only been in pics with all due respect it's the sportsman. it's of course anybody is partial view. but then got knocked it down. i don't see this as much of a program intended. i kinda told what president clinton said. then everybody would be welcome the respectable there religious beliefs. color of their skin. all of their orientation. it will be spoken is produced in partnership with the ashes say as you know it is a france's leading business school. the present all of us this is a thinktank the question for you. let's listen to. case in favor of the european union said the same time it's on top
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the galaxy can indeed international relations fritz. you cannot deny that its human rights records detective dave at the institute. no data to the team. mom c sixty we'd be nice to see right here seniors. and my kid khodorkovsky. yes vote in all a tycoon. we've yet to be announced in the sand and ocean. so here is my christian. did you hurt me that is that human rights great aunt. this creates a good program for your country i did tie with russia not be seeking to beauty and no good player. i don't think so. oh no i believe that what precedents of the international scene should be regarded. his face painted and due to its object their will on the bases are loved it so quickly. we have
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our own human rights and with the european union with harewood with other countries with the european union of which have wanted to of course for my position. we had to go another of good round of discussions. in the end of last month. we discussed of the pieces of the concerns that the eu has on human rights that they would discuss with his own concerns that we russians have. oh regarding the human rights a page from the situation in eu member states which are specifically which are of the rights of non citizens in love with this. the rise of man that season. of the rights of immigrants. and of course of the comptroller says are wrong. such things. it is for example. euthanasia for mine
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in this country that we are currently residing in the village. we think that goes the moment. that goes against. what we know this lula is our common values well that was to view from moscow thank you very much a multitude of soaking talks thank you for washing this edition of tokyo vocals with real all the latest developments from kyiv. all correspondence remained in the ukrainian capital. for now it's time to go back to paris. more news. bronson said yes. join us for the latest political economic cultural and social news from friends. from simply pissed
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off cos i have to confess i have to come. sea. the nba digital kits but not now want one. why is that the dead. three. and. chill
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