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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 23, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the each allegiance the decency to the goal. he will look cool. will the site tv the euro. are you honestly with all the fun thai people i speak to fourteen he meets people. i mean i should stop to me and we can do what he can find cool uncle to come i'm sure was fun to shoot
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the new teacher. in teaching them to coco pops into my own that's fine with that. all forty one she signed to eat she came home. i'm going to be kind of sharpening up to them. she knew the call for sheep. she went into ot eight easily and he uses to get out and teaching. you could come to school by washington who boarded the weekend while working on electric neon. four who took on time. faculty when the bomb. you can keep up on youtube. i need to he got pulled. would she country
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in the city. and. i'm going to be sure to be young for cheeseburgers and the police he hung up on top. i mean you don't simply push a clue what i want to teach the national hockey league. the team. this union. fourthly the book that she cheed to cheer me on the door shaking it and want to call. while thinking of catching up onto the field will try and ninety two until the heat and cool. i treat each of the team needs to be the home team. one scene. i mean. asexual city
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he she pulled it into the tv to nineteen eighteen. tw weeks. onuesday. gee. it seemed like too cold too yes she will call me auntie. it's useful to you you should treat each of the appeal to the tt the only people knew who the. tickets are teaching potential the truth. i will be taking the team. he pulled over you. opal uni. in all
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who could blame should be done. she tried to teach the little one who can come to the full potential. you can teach you. thanks michael for final whom he needed. i saw the couple should keep me going cheap. the heat. she didn't come cheap. come now a. the i was in. he took the team. well we teach me she took a pencil or too
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caught up may we each got two teeth on the chisel and important report on what should be on to the light towards him. typically let you touch it to me too important to the top twenty tv show. i should be. and i need to pee. we like to meet mom at work. bt time to time people should all work with me. we will eat cheese. we are on the course of the actual full cycle. he will mumble sleepy. wolf. she should thank the team. cool cl cool cool puzzle. utep academics and teach each team will be in hong kong
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will compete which i what she teaches. he'll call local chicago awful but it looked like she did when she got. so should you got that ball go back up i can the ankle. the global energy doe i'm going to beat until light and should be teaing jt on to the weekday i will machine under the local cop again. don't you. i mean. ivy cut each week the clock on the tt cheap the isa should get that kind cattle and chi chi town. the she went simple
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call to compete for team meeting and cheerful young teacher you need me she should be less. it was all for just the people who would teach them that i actually beat them to look back seat i don't. you should come to people. send me into the key to kenya. and she thanked me to teach the vehicle. local he she feel if you heat. he tackled the local local. to which a fee of fourteen to quit beyond the dogs are treated to two wetsuits was i was out of the twenty oh two and on down to one opens as a shock. we know we didn't win because of the castle is it a
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little time cent among attendees away. peanut got to stick to the fact that one of the street is a tool. what shall we start to heat up when i got in touch upon some time to buy a different engine. judges are two more in taxes so he can to free up gigi trade which is that we so to get some ballpark in twenty twenty vision that itchy. it will all set to close the paper was due to the hospital to chill suggestion to bring kinda subject as you wish and ten she stood in the winters are hard to choose high which is the addition of secure when you can get. go with concussion. o pudding and she told me to keep people in whom she should according to local court to two thirds of the ideal entry the country soon to be shown to people. i see on the beach don't foresee the eu should keep it a listen you'll be the key vehicle for cheap not going to come. we are looking not
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just emotional fleet political science watch with me people tend to eat. i was told he took up the street if you forgot. he wanted to get into a cult hero to all twenty two. you might open the routine. hopefully the cheek. econ teacher what he can achieve. he said the photo two local team concede to work on the political war to the beach. in going. did he
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the day. oh yes you can change yours the location it was. and causation. i want oft times its own. in the city. it's due. i would win the war. he is. yes she teaches. i just want to leave the site i want to look. she squeaked by. reduce pollution i am deeply soulful iraqi people want to let you go
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you meet people like teachers can call the tricks he will keep it. i need fourteen she looked awful. do you know what you show me how old you. you should look to god. yes it is useful. i am treated to tea the gentle cool aqua should teach the people who were team might tell you i'm shorting gold or teachers. he will be cool the jackal catch up so keep your chin you like to be looking to the need to be changed beyond all really you will all compete for the one who typically to meet a chilled glass. me i'm sure were easily over for tea. we usually do i'm sure cranky. i will call on the beach. i'm
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achieving. all good for gm global. i'm cheap. she had what should be. they all work all that. what can be difficult. she also did a clique ish don't. thank you the course the cup should be teachable. we are. all at the local level the key. eta the jungle life. i cheated on me masha and unocal shadowy al ghoul could you tell the truth on either the bill
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would look up what we eat it it appeared the vehicle. to which all what went on to the local tech watch when you trip to sicily where she bought the stuff i bought the debt the act. the chili i think. e g taking action the decal. the only actual gone told the oven to four gb all week she has a look click on it. we are true each dog he is popular too i still took the gold taking a ten c to twenty twenty. thank god. eighty two the tt. he might look to my
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feet don't look up how would he be the country's leading to the edt. people treat watching it the site. i've got. the polity toby keith we got to cool. like what the inside scoop that ep it's six pm feeding. i intend to actually get one free coupon. he wanted to youtube. with mortgage to keep helping me. i'm truly a team pointing. will clinton once i got to school shooting for you. what if all your what the greens to achieve that. he says. who could tell
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someone your porch on going onto the difficulty of meeting each of the porcupine oh my. i hope they will work on that. i don't think it will be among the key question the afl's leading the league. i want to be called a cheat sheet. what you call gp. for two wks and the toy appeal. youtube. i walked him home to eat. what it would be. the discount scheme for action. what a cool guy. itc consul. she told the court she. each or you. what if all the hassle
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to work on it. we cycled for two would be a tree my goal to be helpful he she needs me for who. the army. don't read he shot me. what are you not eat eat. why don't you the funny things he teaches you will see i'd actually get what we know for sure. i sure you know. we caught the wind chill. don't sleep which ate up the issue. thus the uk team to test it reaches the court do what you would use it would complete the job with this it was sweet a huge ordeal with him. shocking. i got to tell ya see youtube but if you want to consider chris huhne who turns on so we are teaching kids committee to its credit don't you. i keep pushing. i want all the training he was
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told yes. we don't even want to become law. i don't really eat on tv. what can i. should he she will cherish the duty to teach our kids eat the night the shares options i don't report the weeks before the eat in a teapot she treated you funky looking at you. according to court so that he cooks. i'm sure people who totally cheated fourteen. twenty
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people but he opted to go the heat. on the field. i'm tired week. we should eat the soup pot heat. to say you'll see that other than to itunes the sonnets again it's a good result leaves his home burned to the gentiles and the upcoming pretty good i think she will she auctioned total bum wanted him inside to difficulties in contrast the cereal honey. she rightly problem tenants. when the one of the gantry. the team. she needs to come to that. well off to sleep the wine. she said. she's been slow to spot
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forty people. you can see the need to be watching to see people working on the sleepy. she did. bought twenty dollars. it's the portal site youtube the problem. the entry team in which he did it the one that you can eat. which is so stiff i wonder what does that answer knowing she was somewhat humid heat on its appeal to our one and put on top. so stop using the scg you mean and all sanity warne's tended to target again. to get some sleep so it went in to beaumont to conifers toes over the desolate sleep. when that didn't succeed him if i would do so. he too knew him you here. i want to feel a chill cool things. so don't come on
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who don't want to change keep an eye on. he knew he could come too. will he lead the team sheet. we will be cool. google's ultra people to meet you. thankfully the new team to beat the heat of the new bill collectors looking for leaving the shopping. actually it's awful traffic on with it through the hoops. top local tv. we still call the school i too should walk for which he popped. teach him a cheater. we took. it looked awful on the mind can think of the dt call. her colleague will be more to come tell the truth and he is at the moment he teaches. people
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find what we are one country the needy local dealership you crumple it. intriguingly named to the team should be the jock docile we knew the truth. im thinking team castleford call him tom. i'm going to open the show the firm wants to come back a little popcorn tree. local pr careful when you tilt your coffee fight for them to come he totaled five point one for each get a look of pure black. i mean she will she fall into social political and some kettle corn alfalfa the new country. one who would come for the us previous evening my joke with me and for the trip went to multiply local cop tree top walk to the top twenty team on which the team. samuel eighteen fourteen the clean look. all crumpled and read
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for chewing it we must be the uncle for my he'll chew it will be to teach and truly on the morning all time. went orchard to see joseph j couple of communal center for mattresses to school caught on tape for freedom for the costs order which kitchen and he shot twenty four doctors and completion of the wonderful amish iraq is important and suggestions output gap is intended washington week in whatever meager really awful. i applaud him to go to bondi awful. so if i was on full and happy full capacity until it caught fire one of the court aqua show for the one time when the bailout and wanted to go back to the committee. we thought were too short. luckily josh who i want to call pm. he did
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not help. alicante little meat cool can i say why don't you. oh look i have come to shape the dcu will be plenty do you mean to me i should include a complete vehicle thing fun for people to war with each week the thirteenth and hungry due to compete compete. school hoping to be shifted to come in. if the pizza to get back and whom we will sleep i use the com. they teach em to halt which you can. teach us the ppd. we can compute some lumpy should tune into the back. eat it all the look on her right away chief among the local eating into it. what do you watch it on. she once again eat sleep and you clean. mind you i
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will keep you cool with me in the team. for me to keep cool what awful. chancellor in which we. now let's look at the moment he selected the one on one. we knew him righteously. your ideal south porcupine complex ideas that you can thank y'all for not supporting. he puts on tall tree. we are cleaning costs looks antique clock local local local. i need to call i need to haiti and i will teach him the jack seen on t v. i don't really know what
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we are i mean. and the go go like going to see what should be. each the tree. you should the who would teach you to sleep the ensemble. cool to be chic and cool on sheet to cool. it's what you might you need to go you'll keep going the way to the war going on in oakland. you wish to say i mean. each is crucial to fall in gdp. what do you think according to joe were simple
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she looked huge in the league. ok soo sleepy that she and cheap too the actual time to achieve that you'll teach you to get one room to find the art scene the form that scene the rule. i know. in the day he is the only enduring last time. isn't this a very open space. the chinese
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system reviews and acupuncture points to the bell so that she always goes back to. thousands of years. it is. the chinese. to be very useful and children there are a little broader there are chinese medicine over to japan in small six inch a japanese them destitute. it's their own arms. feeling so then. it is also next to him. yes this is essentially a hands on the gentleman who made it resuming on was named an encore she would be futile to memphis for the first time the disco christian school in nineteen twenty five. aah his system when what he
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calls got two was based on that impressed. what is one of his students must not the last sentence yes two which includes more striking than it is more than just the pressure comes with just twenty four. the thought of the united states and europe with very popular and on. in america especially of east and west calls just two years ever changing and it's also based on the same. same principles of chinese medicine but it's a very. we can always feel you know it's it's just you know this many styles. what i do is call there's a chance to us yes woods. more emphasis on using your feet. on the exams yet to. yes humans. different
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shots. basically based on the senate yet it was fun but also that and thus far but not coach. the welcome to but it is to be. we had best get going to be that interested you try to produce and effective to defend the boss that at the center is about the struggle for freedom of each piece done before the creation above the base he just thought oh i'm in no doubt that i stand and it did that and she always be with me today. chalk it up


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