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little. it is. chu you. it's the beer each. i'm not wanting to be an old model a calcutta coffee reveals his plans for the future. his first news conference as a free man. but some questions about his past are being avoided. people consistently overlooked the european court of human rights has repeatedly said that he's guilty but that never seems to get people to. a suicide car bomb attack in syria reportedly claims the lives of up to seven children that
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comes amid allegations that islam is massacred thousands of civilians in damascus suburb. you won't get it here if you like it. apparently not many what especially after report found the cancer causing chemicals were found in water samples collected near franking sites in colorado. a new. it's not meant to look back at the top stories of the past seven days this week on rt twenty france thanks for joining me the carol carter calls he says he's for he will not pursue a career in politics or in business. the former oil magnate outlined his plans for the future at its first news conference since his release from jail. he
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didn't use a douche. his name and the beast pdp. i'm not wanting to be involved in politics to the floor he made clear in my letter to president chc!vez and confirmed many times. i'm going to devote myself to social issues. she is in the midst of the struggle for power is just not for me. it wasn't listed in may. despite the farm business and being flooded with questions some aspects of his past or of what a by the media. peter oliver reports. the celtic healthy and fit in to the press conference today will wind its media hype into a room packed to the rafters with journalists many of whom were congratulating him on these releases a political prisoner. however there is a novice i need to be you cole saga on that so often that three of the detainee is that some of the capital calls his comments after his release of re selling brown's new book the asian human
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some of my comrades remain in jail. they are my fellow sufferers. for example my friend plaque on whether the alleged secret region history. there are still other political prisoners in russia not only bills related to the yukos case the weekend i am free now and i'm asking you to think of it as something which symbolizes the efforts of civil society can lead to the release of some people who no one thought would be able to walk free. that you did was the head of security finished the book of course these oil company yukos. he's currently serving a life sentence but find it helps to know that if you have a court finding a person deal to move to. i think it's very difficult for anyone could then say well he's guilty but he felt guilty because he's a political prisoner i find the quiet older. in two thousand and seven eight could come they could be too good if ordering the shooting of the tinny a picture called the manner of a town in sunny periods and his widow believes that this was a cry
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that went to the top. of course keys behind them as my husband he's a free man now it's painful for me to talk about this because nothing can bring my husband bought the international community should know the facts. cos he should confess his sins and stop trying new stuff is a victim. the colts phone no link between being that isn't the utah state. the couple because he was jailed in two thousand and three the prolific and impediments he refuses to accept any guilt for the crime to convict the bill. despite the conviction and puffed up outside russia to people consistently overlooked the european court of human rights has repeatedly said that he's guilty as well. it seems to get cold feet the tall above all seen them in. earlier we spoke to intervene now say sierra to the editor in chief of protocol magazine compacts he says there are parts of the form of oligarchs past the west prefers not to nap
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the company on owning the west that that that over coffee this update to the cosmo mikko criminal and that he has been and still moving a lot of money from the russian people and the current state of the year so on lvl four in the physical the above apply it means soul for cisco many cool asian. and that every kind of discipline in the press pool has done the same would have four full the ended in prison because the story is told in the west that now. are the conditions and the office the kind of pressure off on him home a big section of the anglo saxon oil industry. to me to go into russian politics and too cool break into the game folder does not feel welcome a lot more on the release of the calcutta cup ski head to our website our t dot com o we have reports in depth analysis and opinion. from
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this area now or a suicide bombing their primary school has reportedly killed but two six seven children rather in the province of thongs. this comes after dozens of civilians were allegedly massacred by islam as in the town of on track. aig's at the channel went there to talk to witnesses. here still fills the hearts of those who witnessed the militants entering the town about to be salt and a disorienting to run for their lives and they ran themselves they will never forget the despair in the eyes of those who were forced to stay behind with no reliable way to communicate with people trapped inside out. but officials are saying the atrocities against the civilian population are continuing. people are being butchered and even burned alive in every bit of news coming in over the town is doing a new blow to those whose families are still being held by the militants in swat. everyone working for the local authorities was to be killed. regardless of their religion or denomination. they were all
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taken to the town's beaches everyone even those who supported neither the government of the rebels all i did tortured killed always uses human shields the things being done in the drawer unthinkable their slaughtering children and throwing them out the window and no one's doing anything about it. the syrian authorities say the evidence confirming the massacres of taken place and tested out the attack. yep and many other areas which remain under the control of the armed opposition the situation in syria has now deteriorated to the point the international norms of combat are no longer being observed. the moment that there is an industrial town with a look if the us residents working both in the private sector and from the moment and it's a horrifying crime being committed team is now houses were set on fire when people traveled side of that the syrian army which is positioned just outside the town continues to carry on surgical strikes as part
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of their effort to liberate add to that which is now the only hold of the families waiting for news of their loved ones inside. this weekend that i will in my apple martini that the western powers have indicated next month's peace talks in geneva mean a longer involve calls for us not to be removed from power actually feared extremists can take control of the country if his government fails. i washington says it so willing to meet members of the newly formed islamic front group which is implicated in the blood shed on track. he spoke of an adviser to the us congress to warrant extremists can be trusted. well first i thought it would be a strategic mistake. if the us administration or europe or their allies would mean getting any partnership. we need to be one of the lady with organizations on and have not connected to become moderate or recognize the fact that if they come to a flower pot of flower to recognize human rights that did not happen. that would be
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a mistake of the size that was done in afghanistan eliminate be done again with a potted them but next year number two. if the outfits that would engage or has engaged some of these organizations. province in the goal of the fact that the engagement to make sure the bill of four says i'm not gonna bring more foreign forces from the outside into the kolkata again on this skeptical. so we have to have a better strategy to ink it with a more modest with a second nurse and also with the minorities that exists in syria today. infertility birth defects and cancer. all potential side effects of chemicals found this week near frank wells in colorado but that hasn't stopped us energy companies pushing ahead with their drilling operations and is kennedy to come reports residents living near the wells have almost no allies to fight for safe environments the local government in texas tells the weeks keep it the water from his well why didn't he can stand and fight year it's safe to drink and confusing his home. this year
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you make it. but speed has the assessment of other experts who say he's well is a ticking bomb in his backyard. loaded with methane and other contaminants why the starkly different assessments. he claimed that if tracking operation year by contaminated hands well and that taxes energy authorities are shielding the gas company they don't want the world and all that really isn't that big one in official documents it could be that the franking allow gas from lola formations into the aquifer and subsequently to steve leach is well the gas company denies the claim that this gets to the range resources corporation but the for a counter suit and want. in costs in the fact that they concede ground water. it's incredibly difficult truth my sauce i as an engineer who worked with the federal environmental protection
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agency is not surprised that the state oil and gas regulator sided with the gas corporation. the agency that derives its income. for fine wool. from boiling pass protection. it's usually put in charge. awful to make human being. the protection of groundwater from online as well. and there's any inherent conflict of interest it's hard to fight for his holy father philly steve has been shifting fresh water from the city and trucks at a cost of five hundred dollars a month. but the family now faces another blow from the fact the incorporation of four point two mm you mean dollar lawsuit for defamation he flips his greenhouse. and it's a beautiful property has become easier nightmare several of his neighbors apparently have the same problem that they are reluctant to speak out after
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they saw how the gas company went after the salute you they shouldn't expect much help from washington either for what you saw signs that the environmental protection agency has not put nearly enough resources into studying the effects that frankie has on groundwater but that didn't stop the epa from coming up with a report in favor of the practice the ladies were advice to bend to the gas constantly to keep it from accumulating under their property as their neighboring gas well continues to crack. we're pretty much standing around the top one hundred years from now when somebody dies becomes in some companion to the border in and they're able to trace it. that is cracking. the office who can invest their philosophy but now it seems that the authorities at all levels are so fired up on tracking potential profits that households likes to meet his
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family are left to fight alone to get a healthy environment in their homes dennis check out a r t parker county texas meanwhile across the atlantic the uk government would like to see greater energy exploitation in the countryside. what is laid the groundwork to open up vast areas of britain to exploration including shale gas drilling of the light blue on this map. over here hahas shows how much land has been earmarked for that to the u k's energy minister has hailed the report as the next step in unlocking britain's franking potential friends in the years however believes it's time to stop before it's too late. with only half the harmful effects but it's retailing sites across the uk already beat the heat to a competition like that. and then open up a wet wet wet finger now and i think that the government's new licensing round which is going to add a can opener that she said that the country to take tests to
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confirm can see from our position in the kidneys cannot have said that landmark forum in place like it has been previously that she lives with the consent of communities because the confetti latham clean my face. the founder of the pirate bay website is being treated almost like enemy number one. according to his lawyer says solitary confinement with little contact with fellow inmates that's after he was charged with hacking into a danish government database. lots admits he's jealous of obama and explains what moscow was pouring cash into ukraine the annual marathon killing a session but the press. after a short break the eye. tune in. you will. eye. is it a
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secret laboratory to her it was able to build world's most sophisticated world when sean fortunately it doesn't get it all done anything since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this is why you should care. watch only on auntie don't tell she's going. to them. she was consumed. you can use that degree. i do. it used to access key to haunt you
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the held his annual marathon during a session this week which lasted for more than four hours. bombarded by dozens of questions he shared his thoughts and hottest topics of the year. was there the live events personally but his revelations show we made an impact on the world answering a question about edwards noted the president didn't reveal his exact whereabouts. we couldn't resist showing his own relationship about obama the us surveillance tactics that this covenant with the blessing you all tonight how i feel about mr obama off the snake beans leeks. a few generous. i felt jealous because he can see the stains and gets up still free. still there's nothing to be happy about. on the other hand isn't a reason to be frustrated. however tough criticism against the us may be all these measures avoids been aimed at tackling terrorism. but it must be some clear rules and said agreements including those of ethics. ukraine was also
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discussed that she's had it rough in the last few weeks with mass protests both in favor of headache gets moving closer with the eu. moscow was getting key of a fifteen billion dollar loan to help the city and economic problems according to court in the eu integration is not the core reason to believe what a rest. to do with those who perceive for the idea of signing an association agreement with the european union. these people were covered in ukraine the sonoma diet. it's in you was a foreign minister also said that the parliament to meet santa is a former prime minister. yushchenko was ukraine's president. what did they sign these papers when they're in power. noah was standing in the way they could have gone ahead and sewing them and that the nie program today. i have images and sounds of the current protest about moving closer to the eu. it's an internal political struggle in signing on loan signing this document is just a pretext to light odyssey which could affect up to twenty five thousand people court sides with a
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twentieth anniversary of russia's prosecution. members of the suez and greenpeace activists from the so called arctic thirty are expected to benefit the body's decision was also mentioned including the president steps of the organization itself. i would love to move to then shifted into dawn exclusive economic zone was not responding and they tried to stay on the platform it off to tend to still move this second but is still the drumming of border guards his baths a civil discussion about protecting the environment. it's just self pr or attentive but lionel racketeering. all someone's order to use them i'll work on developing resources. what happened she said is a lesson and you know it's ups and only greenpeace into an f as to minimize environmental risks. instead of just making a fuss in the of course these are only a few topics touched upon it also talked about recent diplomatic breakthrough was like a scene in chemical arms deal and the iranian nuclear program. the conference was attended by over thirteen
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hundred journalists they lasted over four hours. rt hospital. the killer or a but he's being held in conditions is that as if he were on line activists and elected how her heart beats for tom park is one of the founders of the file sharing website the pirate bay. he's been accused by denmark stealing millions of personal id numbers as the first time one of the pirate bay creators found themselves in court the website first came under fire back in two thousand six pentagon on the wrong side of hollywood. mistaking them for several days when swedish police raided its headquarters several years later it is by its founders were charged and eventually sentenced to a year in prison for encouraging copyright violations. earlier this week arts he spoke to spark home parks lawyer who told us the client is treated much worse than is warranted but the charges against him. in essence the toll last time
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you've been known to his ascendancy to the pantheon of the masses. henry and went back. it was nasty. to time even though they may still remain to balance two weeks it is. he is not to go outside with one eye and the day. and and and you know you and you know i exist and be able to talk to him and thinks his name not getting it and hang it in his honor in this case the beginning who he is on the air and cold we want him to go on. this is the second case going on turkish police have fired tear gas water cannon to disperse demonstrators who is humble. in the industry to vent their anger over a
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massive government corruption scandal . the that's after these twenty four people close to prime minister ariel on were arrested on suspicion of government money laundering and bribery. for the turkish leader dismissed the case as a conspiracy to discredit him and his government dr john and irene time of the istanbul guys that told us what he thinks is behind the unrest the behind the scenes. for what effect the use of corruption scandal erupted because there is a struggle between water in the pocket to settle for today and the so called lincoln nebraska to look into. and so on the road close to say that there is in the struggle. for most or thirteen. in the middle of the political field between me and katrina what for the moment i think that on thursday because he
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is surprised at fault in this time. permission is that he is bubbling and seven our son forces were trying to thwart her before her progress the resulting he is firmly entrenched in a small hike to go anywhere however how this whole crop of canada will play out. when the people are going to cost the phone with dear. time for brief look now onto other news making headlines around the world. a suicide car bombing at an army checkpoint in eastern libya has left thirteen people dead and scores more injured. a truck approached the site and exploded when soldiers approached she checked the vehicle government troops in the east of the country regularly come under attack from armed militias thousands of state to rally against racism on the streets of the swedish capital stockholm. this comes just days after neo nazis attacked anti racism protesters. two people were stabbed. hundreds of police officers were deployed along the route of the march. but there were no
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reports of violence. they did their duty and were repaid with sickness service men and the whale air force were tasked with carrying out nuclear tests in south australia at the height of the cold war. and as our t's tesco are some of the port's calls for the uk government to compensate them are getting louder. it was seventeen when he joined the royal air force and was eventually posted to my lincoln southeast really a nuclear tests were carried out during the fifties with some publicity but minor trials reportedly continued in secrecy until the nineteen sixties. we knew that every a flat before my neck ruff dealing with the new kids about it. which we all loaded onto an aryan and was taken away by the scientists who didn't want to do it with its twenty ten fifty delta says
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he believes were caused by his exposure to radiation that barely got started manifesting started off with the current tb and then started humming the tune or a movement spawned one tool that has gone up and we ask a condition which can only be of great pride to do that in a heat source. swan have to question in my mind. it was in may. was it because autumn is in there and many others are asking the same questions even before will want to read the review. as the copeland we use measuring it in a meaningful way. then we can repeat the call can be nevertheless it is ungodly i think competition among the potential for his mole to own up to any respect that these people well experimental quite unexpected it was disgraceful how the soldiers working to end this long been asking the government for recognition and compensation
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this service is part of history and more to life that future generations will not forget that those who have actually served the forgetting is not an option especially for those who feel that a decision being made decades ago. they have cast a shadow on the allies and those of the twelve watts. you know how other countries needed to treat and then venture is to compensate them and recognize them. we sit stand and one suitable to open table. his role as the united states and the tiny i would not have all but done so that the ministry of defense maintains that while there we see quotes huge debt of gratitude owed to it the rest of the rejects any link between veterans health problems and that military service site in two thousand to help me sell it overall the region severity of problems reported was typical of older people in the uk in general. any veteran who believe they have suffered ill health due to service has the right to plan
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for no fault compensation jeff knows the clock is ticking and while he's hopeful he has no illusions about how difficult the fight will be at the very least what he wants is that this was taken to a review but it will cost them any money to take time and clearly goes to we don't eat them. yes i said the rt monday. i'll be back in about thirty minutes with more news but up next an in depth discussion on the nsa spying scandal with the white house security veteran in worlds apart. been been been seven days this is one of germany's influential contemporary german photographers. or are about a
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german and all levels of society. his work covers the period from the end of row twenty three it would be in education. so it sits the range of german society and how it has changed in years. each day as well and people in german society standing before us and hide the dvd flights but the greatest of the people and yet also in comparison to history at times she is significant that humans were all good. just what is fingers. it will stand here and find a page that they felt best for themselves. and then just it's good to take the kids when they felt it was ready to buy it so i can tell time that series this also. people just want to be
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seen in history. these are our been just be another theory is that it's worth it sailing. theories are western. people everyday life as a judge the trio on it again wh a bow at textile factory the other are people fn the photograp a result the guitar also smiled at the trinity just needed to fill the inside jurors and eight. with that of other people. a lot of times that people are listening in gia on a linky to the presentld
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leo and that was a bit so that guests should ask the people. necearily in that everyday life. that is just been to. sells. says
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you knew you were little all day and welcome to nice line it's not the december twenty third and catherine comanche and tokyo the operator that damage or she might ninety nuclear power plant says it has found another brady lack of water leak. officials say that no radioactive water beach the ocean as that no drainage systems leading to see new sights. the company estimates


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