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adults the deal was about eighteen countries. i think we are. planting will grow forever terms of relationship that an understanding that it's the song. i eye. ricci why did you hear what did at last. thanks for joining us finally sighed and ceo jim nice new government now has to get to work. russia's foreign minister and brussels as a tug of war over ukraine's future continue its attitude to this strike before christmas and what is in gemini stage a full count
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i need to speak. after almost three months of political limbo interim each after all of that goal is to begin covering the head of a grand coalition to be sworn in tomorrow after signing the coalition deal that will the new government brings together to pay policies that are usually of rivals knuckles consensus and the center left social democrats. now to tackle big issues like the euro crisis together. for now they're projecting harmony. here's a look at some of the government's personalities and some church for women and immigrants now the coalition deal has been sealed. the third conservative social democratic coalition in the history of west germany and united gemini can soon get to work. on to lament gold remains chancellor and says the new government is well equipped to shape it in a nice teacher i'm not spending whatever challenges we face we should never
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forget that we are here to serve the people in our country the union. xp the leader's seat nine gabriella had a similar message. the government's purpose is to serve the people in germany and europe. it's been that the city. this has turned out to be a grand coalition for ordinary people. people you see that in our coalition agreement. we then just told pie in the sky of time round ideals. it's the five tonnes to four years of cooperation between political rivals on the sands of riots and sentiments on the cd you signed it was enough on the mind becomes defense minister. the first woman to hold the parties. both enjoy below will keep the finance portfolio. some estimates the andes from the defence to the interior ministry the spd side to gabrielle will be deputy chancellor a gets a new economics and energy said the ministry and front but this time i will again become foreign minister often for use in
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the opposition. biden has this become state secretary for immigration refugees and integration. it's the highest office to the hilt by a woman from germany's three million strong ethnic turkish community. on tuesday parliament votes to confirm on the necklace chancellor and finally the ministers will be sworn in. well what's going to top the agenda for the new government must bring our chief political correspondent linda crying for more on that one out what's going to top his agenda what it would begin to be getting down to write off the back. well the coalition has yet to spell out the blueprint for its first months in office we will be sharing on wednesday from the chancellor in a declaration to parliament but she's only scheduled to talk about european affairs at that moon but certainly europe is one of the main challenges that will be facing this coalition the eurozone by no means out of the woods. other european countries have been waiting months for germany's government to get back to work one of the big outstanding issues banking
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unit so we will know a bit more about what's in store as a snake on wednesday. other challenges ahead. certainly the area energy policy here to the coalition agreement was signed today is relatively easy but it's clear that the area is a major challenge. we're seeing electricity prices rise significantly. here in germany and the government tries to wean the country off its nuclear power and fossil fuels. a very big challenge their faces each take my capri of the spd leader who will now become so our minister for energy and the economy silky will have a lot to tackle both had to learn to like the priorities we also know that the spd the junior coalition partner very much wants to see a minimum wage at the top of the agenda for the coalition and also an extension of the pension system to people going past a touch lower benefits to quite alot today looking. one the winners each minute mark of real stay there. this'll be no pie in
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the pot and opined this guy coalition. um is it a collision i can get things done briefly future. well the coalition agreement that is ambitious covers a lot of ground that the fact is when it comes down to hammering out the nuts and bolts of those last things could get difficult. these are two parties that as you mentioned earlier were former rivals certainly they do differ on a lot of details. we'll see how well they can negotiate when it comes down to the snowball see me cry and our chief political correspondent october. was to let one of the pez nineties that was less fun than line switch from the labor ministry to defenses component ok go online as his possible successor for all the mackerel although the relationship is not always the easiest labor minister she openly defied tackle by pushing binding quotas for women executives on that he can expect a higher profile than ever as the first woman to the japanese defense minister this is the first in the history of germany. i
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wouldn't pass defense minister as commander in chief of the armed forces the sixteen defence ministers in west germany and the mike jenny since the wall old men. the ghosts of the fun that night and seems to like a challenge. they are sick and science. us anyone who knows her knows that she's only been interested in international issues as on social policy matters. i think that it's a good combination for a german defense minister to call me nuts to one guy in the butts of frustrating minutes on the vexed. those of islam that time is a physician turned politician and the mother of seven children she sees the hard work and if i didn't speak up before i ask you to respect the job it will be an easy one. what is going to tackle new issues it's all good i'm looking forward to it. teams of the people and stuff like that. there is certainly plenty to be done. for
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example dealing with the logistical challenge of putting gem and treats out of afghanistan by the end of next year. ministers have often had to struggle to keep large scale equipment purchases on track. one dandelion spree the sense that all must him as he had stumbled into the euro coltrane projects. what to feed on the street think about the surprise appointment. it was unusual for the blues i served in the army. it's unusual for a soldier to answer to a woman you are no soul no one to two pm. that is to take from somebody better suited to the jaw finished all night but it was dismissal easily she always runs a tight ship estes is fun had to. most of the fun that i'm his wife to the minors. and that is much speculation about whether she might be a suitable candidates to that of the ship. too dang of an eco eventually called it a day now the coalition will take
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up this work was trouble brewing. not far from germany's eastern border you crying. the surprise in a tug of the eu and russia ukraine has been in the christmas mass produce as citizens can pull that a trade deal with brussels the eu has criticized moscow's putting pressure on its smaller neighbor. the sun and today russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov was in brussels for talks and in at least both sides insisted that ukraine was free to make it onto it. as the game after all the riot in brussels some eu foreign ministers were making no secret of their frustration of what they see a small stone putting pressure on ukraine not to sign the eu trade deal the statement from the russian side is that they are going to the extensive propaganda campaign based on misinformation and sometimes awkward arts. participants it votes on to being very frank in the meeting between the eu foreign ministers and their russian counterparts. lavrov
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spoke briefly to journalists before returning to moscow bozo over with the bitter row with mr summers. if it doesn't include integrated if we're on the shadow of the peoples of which history shows us tobe able to develop the country. and fiji's foreign policy chief catherine ashton struck a positive note she was keen to downplay told that if ghana kuta beach which has signed the association agreement that could damage ties with the kremlin. it's signing it would not have to document effect on relationships with russia in any way. and i hope that that message will resonate. that was promised a laugh from fancy hats back to moscow. russian and eu rush a tool to hold a summit in january. ukraine is likely to feature prominently on
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the agenda. oh brussels correspondent estimate has been following that story for us he gave us these impressions of a tricky days diplomas. yes the m e hughes farm policies. the chief cause ration has been hosting lunch with the russian foreign minister and right at the time when he was not only trying to forge a new trading corporation deal with russia but one is a tussle with russia over who should win with a visit ukraine which is likely going to join the closest relationship with the russians with the european union. i'm nothing was result today on the front but certainly a contraction was walking a diplomatic tightrope she insisted that relations with russia word good is that of those now on to budget today about who would. when the contract almost full for ukraine's flavors and it remains to be seen with the ukraine will reopen talks with the eu on the trade deal which could lead to membership or indeed will face russian lady down to who provides enough financial
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support. who wins that contract which is what it amounts to but today relations were good and calm i was just me speaking to us from brussels that it will meanwhile the eu has signed a deal with tacky as the illegal migration and what is being seen as the following times between the two sites a long way to deal allows eu governments to send back immigrants to cross into the eu illegally from turkey. the two sides also signed an accord to open talks on dropping the visa requirement for turkish citizens visiting you. it ties into two sides shower earlier this year over turkey's crackdown on anti government protests. what the government activists and serious a quote unprecedented air attack on the city of aleppo killed at least every six people over the weekend we have some footage coming in and day out on say it is said to show that some of the devastation was twenty and four strokes barrels packed with explosives on the opposition they put it in the acc. state television
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said that they had been targeting terrorists the nice nations says he's too late to find the nearest provide relief to syrians affected by the civil war epo is the largest in the history of the well auntie annie comes as the un begins at eight flights into north and tell access to the region has been restricted by severe winter weather over the past week or so serious ongoing conflict has led to a perilous situation. the world through food program says food supplies are unreliable for about half the population inside the country. now adding to that. the two a half million refugees who fled the war. un estimates half of the country's pre war population the day that's some eleven million people more of this we're joined now on the journal by give us the spokeswoman of the year that ethan was in damascus right now. welcome to the program you can eat chelsea un secretary general ban ki moon says the situation in syria has quote deteriorated beyond all
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imagination can you please give us an idea of what people in syria are having to deal with right now. when it's the putting it into the mic and its manning be attending a kit called out and then there'd been on that and that that would mean to them. and everytime i come i see them all into the capitulation to win over the bow and got a beanie and in on a batch of bread i know that no more than hundred and ten. my niece the mean time i get over there not being man i'm gonna like sixty percent and will repeat button on this place. not once but twice but he would find him at a yet to make a woman with that thing with that in mind seachange had medication that invention. here are some
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in the oven to heat but i'm knitting and finished with it and know when that will avoid admitting that the two begin a new situation when that he will honor in state at him and went to my mother in law in a speech at the edmonton on the two meet me i mean you will end up work that awaits him i wouldn't be in st etienne in the pic but it hits the outline of a grave situation at what else is the wfp planning to do to help these people. while the program has been an abiding word that is in the eighty s with the last two years this month we are spending my money in it. and as you mentioned we have on hand and heated up when we need a villain the main attack taking off and landing every day and be in god and to meet the man on the sepia the cia had not had any lying
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on bed with him and petting and eight with the new mom bring milk and wait in line with the win could be the thing is common in the twelveth month of the year. this is so much of the fatigue from the wfp coming up in ca since the young indian university student was raped and killed instantly and asked whether that has changed. that was do. for it. i know. it's
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been one year since the brutal tactics to india in the world with twenty three year old student was gang raped on the telly box got to sleep. we're trying to get a big debate on the problem of sexual violence in india and the government responded by coughing up some lol is that there is still a lot less to get out today students and protesters were back on the streets and a campaign to end the indifference about crimes is receiving some how flexible. it's been a year but these protesters will be
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silenced. young people are expressing their anger at continuing violence against women. some of hollywood's biggest voices came to show their support. they gathered in front of the cinema with a twenty three year old student and her friends met for a quiet night at the cinema before the brutal crime. it saddened this morning and said mcnamee has won an inch of that. women like me exist to get to the field the outrage has prompted the government to tax rate is now a capital offense except committee between married couples. still more women are pressing charges. an emergency hotline has been set up but the network is fully operational in delhi everyday there are reports of new assaults and maps bruised india's image. at the beginning of the year tourism here dropped by twenty five percent. though the numbers are picking up again in many are still worried about their safety
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the ticket oceans would be true that the little assistant to the needs of the posts we never have to explain. safety for women but no one will tour is asked this question right a day of mourning in delhi the protesters are also sending a signal that change is essential. now the president of south sudan's president m to two against government as before slovakia. he didn't mail it to you in a full two and that's because he's in the capital of juba up to a night of heavy fighting between rival factions within the country's armed forces he frames his former vice president in the set in july the nice nations has appealed for calm. sassy done it gained its independence from seed are just two years well be watching south africa course these cars couple weeks as it celebrates the memory of announcement after ten days of mourning it's time now to look ahead
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but tells him and ella gone many wonder what lies in store our next report ages to this piece of gauze for the beach it had given him by initials of the new house he's building. what he was also proud of the tiny home he use to live in allocated through social housing policies one knows and one fellow was president. most blacks and so desperate to feel gratitude for one month ella's party the african national congress did in the past and troubled about its future mix is already a year to boot. we don't know which part would fall in the mall because harvey is c's caught up to probe has been its release raises chris's dad and a huge misusing mandy. mistrust of the nc is spreading. for many life has hardly improved since independence. about half of all working age people have no top. well monday le is revered governments that came after him especially the current president are blamed. a man
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dead and alive. if i have a hero. it was evidence the us budget crunches. as a dividend of twenty one oh five the exceptions. even during his retirement bungalow was respected as a leader. keeping the nation together. some fear that after his death and the conflict could ignite but most people dismiss such concerns saying among those values and ideals will live on. things are already about because the dog does is it too. if it can be if we do have a new meaning to. it is not due to be like them. my family don't expect south africa to change radically now that mandela has died their commitment to the anc is in question in recent years one main reason to vote for that party has been loyalty to know some of them the michelle bachelet has won today's presidential runoff election it will be a second time as president
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this is his he too was extremely popular during the first time in office from two thousand and sixty two thousand and ten. well as simple as i counted at this time around she won sixty two percent of the fight easily beating the consent of dr put it to say. bachelet has promised a major overhaul of the education system and hikes in the corporate tax rate to pay for it to us and wants to legalize abortion it is a controversial issue in the predominantly catholic we're in germany workers at the online retailer amazon have begun the strike action in a long running dispute over pay and working conditions of the next two days collectors who will close until that several logistics and is out of that cool full bench of the conditions of the action comes during a busy run up to christmas. the conflict between labor and management in amazon germany has been brewing for a long time. in the anti labor unions as
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working conditions are unacceptable surveillance and passion excessive and bleach is tomorrow. workers on strike in three of its nine centers via the oven. he got the ball to eat pudding. we are calling strikes for the whole week. when the big off before buying a site with the speed of the night to christmas isn't in full time sahm is and we will be all and it's a time during which we can stir things up rather than the can on not to blame swift delivery has always been one of the company's strengths. germans are eager online shoppers. last year online purchases accounted for seven percent of retail sales. they amounted to more than twenty nine billion euros. amazon share was six point eight billion. it was and is the biggest player on the german market. there he says staff at amazon germany should be paid in line with the retail sector rather than the logistics industry where pay is generally lower
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christmas deliveries will not be seriously disrupted says amazon only one hundred of its nine thousand workers on strike. it also says its logistics center staff had package if you do not serve shoppers. the kids the mosque is now a new pistol to being on the rebound fell to some heavy losses last week. to which he hopes his story the resort has died aged in new trading week on the scene though they did jam and that's almost naked for the losses of therapy this week killing hope that this still might be a yet and many traders love comments positive economic data in the eurozone the economy is gaining momentum driven by a strong industry said to procure me past the heats this diploma splash as often as siemens and argentina come as siemens profiting from that record order full wheel turbines by annie guest in a tea supply and agitated come
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true sense to speaking nations that spring might be interested in us you need to offer two to become too might get sick. total silence of the senate on the market numbers a bit more teeth still stopping off in front of where the decks at the games will bomb point seven percent to close at ninety one sixty three strong gains also near a stock's fifty two does not present at the closing number. trading was still underway in new york the dow has come in one hundred and fifty points up a fifteen thousand one hundred sixth and europe is cut its rating on us markets the one to lead thirty seven sixty one. as our sages mention the german engineering giant siemens has backed a big order for a suite of us. in fact the comny does say that it's the month is a look of this kind of perplexed of that power company mid american energy is applying for under forty eight provides for an estimated one billion dollars will be installed in a total of five wins farms in the midwestern state while. together they should provide enough clean energy for three and twenty
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thousand households siemens will also handle the servicing and banks. i miss you notice in the school is nice now and in champions league soccer and school has been made for the last sixteen assigned to the left in europe's top club competition. this is the first time in history of the champions league before german teams that made it to the state of the current title holders by new nicotine cone against arsenal soccer will be up against lemon trees by me because in the face and sentimental and goldman to go up against and pieces back. elsewhere barcelona will take on men to succeed and get those emails who faced man says he likes it. ac milan are up against the tacoma trees and scallop as a writing sample will play the twenty twelve when it stops. so the cry to pair up with this early stage between him and says see t and barcelona genocidal abt some will consider themselves in with the counts against a sense of love. but still
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contend that we have amounted to decline they can't spell but it's okay let's get some reaction from people at the club's so the pieces movies. we hope school in miami that reason has never played pirates and demand that the only team in the draw but still in the night and we're happy to be going to paris for an onshore up and still the same way that offends the bowl it's an unpredictable weather from about seventeen and you know. the dvr. with the dividers are going up telkom and to see one of the arab and teach. yet we will leave the latest on the house with the bia would just grow to post. zambia the soviets would go with the us we are told both funny and joan fontaine the only actress ever to win an oscar for role in an alfred hitchcock film has done to the edge ninety six the british american actress won best actress for her role
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in hitchcock's suspicion that it was his american debut rebecca the really makes the house i eat. i am. they don't like it was described by some as one of the locks leading ladies of hollywood's golden era. she passed away peacefully asleep. on sunday what's with all we have time for right now thanks much for joining us here to journal but remember will have more news at the top of the up and because he'd taken a website anytime gusty w to the seat the air. i have. in an airy
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series from which it though captivating documentary said reports covers business and finance alternative teaching historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm she has two huge. thank you this year the day. hang on
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even though it's a win on sunday. shiites who make it these. i was so good the book. the air. we didn't
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want you will. be. it's six one. what she knew was with grind up some time to put all taken. taken from her parents because she was blond and blue eye. it is china's can teleport as a full account of the emergency care or care hearing


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