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tv   RT News  PBS  December 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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snow. this screen nation this is artsy this morning ukraine's things clarification from the eu of three european commission is this trade deal told to the country are on a whole all this to make don't stop the anti government protests in the capital the debate which is dulled by western politician. also this week have my psychiatrist reported in serie a with islamist rebel forces that have killed dozens of civilians that makes this a series of atrocities. while it shakes off the bailout lose up to breaking free of the eu state program but the government wants but doesn't mean a
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mentor thirty am. russia does not want to donate the world that will stand for the defending its values president clinton delivers his annual state of the nation address . he just up to me. no it must be what to do weekly is me kevin illegal mount international some rather for the top stories about certain things and post again ukraine this is seeking official confirmation this morning now that the eu is frozen or work on a trade association deal it was off or tweet was posted by the eu commissioner for enlargement stinky as expectations are unrealistic alexia just beautiful. we have a statement by one of the appeal. who is responsible for
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the enlargement of the european union has agreed to leave. the directors and staff at which we call on his dislike of the white coated words and deeds of the ukrainian president the government regarding association agreed with neighborhood. apart form the arguments on all grounds woody allen to global stability also went on to cite several days ago in brussels when he was speaking to delegates the government lawrence. the association deal the bright side the lead in the door. so i know. this makes it. still that also puts huge addressed under the carpet because his insight on on continuously
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during the offices of the window. officials at the position that it would be all that difficult to integrate. it was expected to sign in its recent deal project. meanwhile the protests are continuing people are now. rapid rate of capital and we're watching the situation to see how the weather lately the officials make them laugh or make illegal and go but that brought death to behold. diplomatic sources the psychic readings financial demands to be beyond the eu disposal in kiev is being sent to the very start of the country's failing economy couldn't handle it the unlawful by brussels on to mention the mobilization requested by the eu which could also cost billions of dollars. love amounts of time to get my bags make a momentous and took evan to take a stupid earlier all wannabe he attends offenses of statistics this week and is appalled present gamut of it as well as the two cars floating around each is happening a few of the drink is a pop in fact. but then a lease but the foreign affairs editor of the chronicles magazine and told it's no surprise of the deals being frozen yet again. you can hold her and. long hair
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very dubious of rain the land rover. you see who wins european industrial products it was really cute and it came with the eggs for easter any longer. do you think he's the guy in the country in the west you have. you me i can't believe he's here. moscow for the dogs. then in the middle you have people who seem to be given the typical speak russian but peel your cranium talk of ukraine as a kitten identity. you all have the latest instead of high profile foreign visits to kiev us senator mccain to the anti government protests comes a place to support for the dress photo to the macabre it isn't exactly correct but duplicate only theusy show was washington's real intentions
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in ukraine. the reason that all that is probably because i think these people want to detach the ukraine from russia as they say. and they think the most important successes and here they might actually be. the problem with that strategy is that he's simply not working. the broad institute the ukraine and russia. we can all make me culturally and ethnically on simply too strong. and i think for american politicians and indeed european politicians to go to the youth traveling at a jaunty tune that is actually very humbling and very dangerous. i'm simply exacerbates the making with us. the differences and divisions in the ukraine which already very great. but again don't sit in the next few minutes they come of forces if liking to reclaim
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the town of ad for it to damascus to open up a second set to paint the state of the massacre this last week cut out by al qaeda linked militants. all systems have a lot to think of this report nah mobile thought about it yet that the party sources in the military say radical islamist fighters entered the town of address and massacred local civilians according to latest figures at least eighty people were killed in the district which the syrian army has now liberated. entire families were killed. other families were kidnapped and are being used as human shields in the battle against government forces i was. take note and from jack armstrong and the army of islam seize control of all the streets and crossroads very quickly first it positions on the roof and how it will be carried out the massacre and the press reports that twenty have been killed but they receive an updated figures the horrifying situation in
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a sea of murder atrocities in the year. rt sources in the military also say that some of the kidnapped families have been transferred to carry this out of the town. there are now being held in strategically important zones which the rebels have been using as a base of operations. these places are heavily fortified us sources also say the total death toll and patrick mayne fact increase because the syrian army has not yet liberated the entire town well as sec off like an actual offense defense timelessness as the phrase the reaction inside let's even say it thanks for a payment uptake from seven to seven days ago said its skeptical about next month's peace talks with the multiple position in this area now also cover basic goes well with that the us the uk but didn't withdraw that boxing promoter of rebels when it's not gonna have all the mold radical rebels then if any will it be to support them
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through to the first to realize that the use of a struggle. members of the slavic wrong with the city of ghosts were wrong the islamic state will you write it on this you don't live on the it's not moving well into their own support them by saudi arabia. hitler and the store. iridium members of the departure of both so when it caught our eye so they use it hopes to be the one piece that the one that is this the children that the sentiment that i don't want to call received by force if necessary. people are those who surrender. no one is ready. basically to reach. it's a good free throw
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gave the order paper in peace talks going to be able to work it would also be given to him in the tree is beyond me. we should do that close to the varsity. it cost to the body so that the student art work by governments didn't seem to be caught in the boston according to greenpeace the news on the loose my job. with a few years. if you go. it's good to me. what a week is interesting is prepared according to this report the bill still to do about what's good for the peace islam. one of you. celia it were to be. it hurts appreciate your company. and with dignity. arturo and assemble cars might be coming by the way there. french toast so interesting that stinkin proud of. hopefully you though is the subtlety and i hope you believe. it will cost you can use it though. it's all a instead
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the governor has no support from the slums. let me use it in a child killed by sword or radio era and perhaps also went on and on the properties are going to be in the government broke the resistance of iran it's at the stars the west is concerned can any of these several radical sides of the opposition. the reason to quit but have been trying to reach out to have to speak to the outcome of the recently that as far as the west is concerned. on a solid arabia says so. according to reports when a m in the chapel something for the guests and crew spotted our team who made the curtain blocking the christian girl. brush over the weekend back in all of this year. he controlled the scoops so they can solve this one. they wanted. they talk a bit of light that brings me to list our top it is the nice uncle that sort of kentucky the plymouth reading it which will be a
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cyclical stock to review it and more than the westernized stick with our might to court or permit the spirit soul and it makes the jump in where once was the one thing the cobras will it taste like what's up for the soviet school of nineteen eighty eight. they say it worked or it's against the west don't know what to do with the national court that his parents know he's like it they may well be the stake is going to try to run that by keeping it real complicated difficult pitch if any the less as teams not total offense and defense analyst thanks for your nemesis on one time the uk for a syrian of the human rights is to pull in at least eighty six people have been killed in airstrikes in the syrian city of aleppo the crew doesn't like the thousands homeless
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autumn is finally ready to take his finances into its own hands to in the past week having become the first eu state to work itself free of risk in this milestone to like to donate the irish province's televised address in fact the nation in about an hour's time. this received reports from dublin. but people know about it back to the fish and they enjoyed it to me years of daring guarantee posterity. you had some of these going down and you have their benefits of being slashed a lot of deep spending cuts of what the government will use trying to do is say that this guy is symbolically stepping out of what they call the shackles on that point god hoping that this will really get that morale boosting the people whether they can raise no illusions here that are still high unemployment that have to be tackled as well of them very high number of people skill to young workers leaving the country moving to countries like australia or canada to pursue their opportunity some of the businesses to construction businesses that starting all over again given the brutal ever when you go
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tell someone that were out of the capital. the story is really different. biden has come through the worst of the crisis. we shouldn't underestimate the size of the causes of pace because of the enormous holes in the banking sector which in turn resulted from very heavily in lending by the banking system. the irish state. our citizens and taxpayers to pick up bill for the mets the banking system was in the government already set of austerity policies are actually going to be continuing so if this system is seen as a success that it's going to be a psychological or out more about boosting success in terms of exiting again again be in one closely monitoring of the boycott. economically they are still on the way to go farther into the bb calling itself a success just to see reforming the better the program of protest about protests
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the cream is a valid thing to do to the campaign against boston stick to the moon flight demonstration been labelled an attack on democracy recovery the elephants thinks it's a matter of stayed up a visit community living in holland and builds a good note again and by the authorities but the sets was refusing to kate didn't tell the story too off the i use it. if any of
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these at the makeup without a plan that although the effect that on the deal saying i am the traffic light thingy free coffee. guru. i know. i was the new the torch is lit review committee to defend traditional badly mistaken the nation address this week with an approaching also said the country doesn't aspire to be think about or to lecture others on the conduct of the is but is ready to defend itself whenever necessary the gophers can all go
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the store. it's traditionally be comfy place to be to find out the president's vision of the present and has plans for the future. every year russia's top politicians businessmen economists and the elites got it from and to listen to his annual address first had just returned from there as well. and here are some of the key points but you wouldn't have to make russia is looking into the meeting will but that doesn't mean it has to stop protecting its solvency and traditional values. it is revealed that there are even more people around the globe who support our position in terms of ensuring traditional fondue. these are the values of traditional family and the value of human life including religious life is not only materialize but also spitual. of course this is a conservative position. but the point of conservatism is not that it hinders the movement forced and awkward. but that it precludes the movement backwards downwards towards chaos of the barbaric staked it. wednesday was another
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point in the president's speech or specifically he's completely sincere in canada weapons and healing in the program. many analysts agree. these are examples of diplomacy still works holland russia. our suggested that the so that those chemicals are stars in syria. on very few countries in the world. weekend to support the so called obama auction which would've been yet another bombing of the ten knots the country. so on boxing day so this is the very important lesson our lesson on how the prices of the stock should be sold wa's plans to build an anti missile defense system the unique one of the biggest sticking points in moscow's relations with washington the force also talked about the president's message was simple without a threat from iran was building it. moscow the sea the shield is a threat to national security importance as a towering of
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russia's military is one of the ways to protect against it. i really love the cute innocent and it was not as they did so but no country should harbor illusions of achieving a treat on a silver russia. we will never happen in russia is ready to meet those challenges both political and technological we've got all the potential me that our military doctrine as well as ominously equipment. i was without doubt to ensure russia's security. finally the train to the current situation in ukraine was in said moscow respects the views of local supporters who want to be closer to the eu as long as decisions are made by contents in a beast and dialogue. when school starts the mosque. south africans living in the futurist else mundine is laid to rest but some migrants onto the lake in front of me is the greatest attention of the suffix is about to boil over. first i was a staged a violent protest to madrid and to material for trough tool
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that could enforce tough act to get some sun to dry lakes forgotten people read it sat and rested to the angry crowd attempted to throw the scottish parliament activists contend the proposal which would impose hefty fine for offences in the national flag and called an attack on democracy. feels like a possible that with strong support for consenting to hold a majority of the conflict. add to this dollars my guess is that protested need to show that they're not ready to give up without a fight. it is this the new cia uses only the beginning. this legislation is that we didn't want to see an antidote to mean something to demonstrate against the telco. and yes this is only the beginning it'll take some months ago
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to be considered and adopted its infinitely cheaper but one that is not the last time we need more people as the contest was announced its twenty needs and wants to make their voices had no clue what did before. all was going to be able to shute on tt the time in southern spain a cave dwelling communities also standing its ground hundreds of activists formed a human barricade this week to resist being forcibly move from the homes. the residents say the devil wants them out to make one from a tree was all use a capital fund to meet the defined centers ring out an existence on the outskirts of granada sprucing up the front yard with some of the best views in town. it's an eclectic community that's literally burwood into a mountain the residents of the telethon miguel had converted dozens of caves into a bonafide homes. we can even hear it for two years now and not alicante. sweeney bruce help each other out. me not be a life of luxury. there's no
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running water or electricity but for residents like and i'm not a problem we have an aunt to meet the time and really i mean i need not be now we just got everything here. but dough should meet their palms hear me how big these numbered. well they've lived here for years now the city council has been fighting to get them off the land these aren't proper houses and it is in the residential area of the seine and the keys are unsafe for any human son and they could collapse at any moment for it. it's an argument that this president simply doesn't buy one antonio park has lived on the hill from the guilt from within eight years. he believes the city is old for exaggerating the dangers here to help developers get their hands on a layout that i'm actually one of the fifth in the defense here. and i played it comes to speaking to somebody. it made it even
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beats that the vix to protect their groove on. they need to be done even if the news he's willing to do everything to keep on living here. or a forum on is this any use to be. this toxin to do the beard own house. in the meantime hidden in the city council wants to clean up the hill years ago developers announced plalalanso induce it into a tourist attraction and we think that's what's really behind the eviction. now only eight states are facing the risk of addiction. irma is one of the residents who could lose her home she suspects and ulterior motive. it's a crime so monstrous some time the teams. they don't want to tear them down. that's why we think he really just want to get around to use it for real purposes. another concern cited by the officials as sanitation. the caves they say are dirty in the area has been described as islam that sits above the city movie i
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made a movie and not so say the residents. it also isn't likely to abandon its plans to evict the residents but for the people living in the caves of san miguel giving up is simply not an option. according to the spain are key. i miss the capital. is it cynical but the celebration maybe but russian venture issues he had no mood to sit back and take it easy despite just sitting sixteen to the legendary field that will be off set off on a summer trip across the city and sugar in a small rowing boat. which is more complex to the bottom of the bill called the cinema was his daring twenty eight of the stay safe else online to google snaps of the firm providing full use of robots for the pentagon might think or rather we move. these key states cut the reasons why it's in an under wraps up to bill coleman has more on the ticket breakthrough technology on the website will make it to. more fresh from an auntie go comb
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nelson mandela has been laid to rest his ancestral home up to ten days of international morning for the uncommonly dead of course gone down in history as the man who vanquished a part of the bridge racial and ethnic divides. but with mom that was causing some africans fear the ghosts of the pots mail it to the fullest extent he's hoping he can stop traffic at from the congo because of one man nelson when pacman ghana. though i'm one of the things in africa at the time came. now he's gone and he's afraid she and other foreigners like the will to keep count. i think that it is but in this posted on one foot in the end of cooking expert in undertaking that all this millions of africans have hit the troubled countries in search of the peace of mind to stop traffic at the mall often than not they swapped one hundred for another with no mighty work will post pics
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hansel has made this case methodist church in downtown chicago is the home. if you agree. corey future then rode a few fringe. and you come into this country. you went experienced sports experience here. one of the things that i've taped it. for instance was that the divorced us from the east. the sales campaign is struggling to support his wife and five children. in a brutal attack. she was beaten so that the she miscarried he was they could it be crying. the new find is in a strange land. if i did. who knew him. you want. in some plastic and pretty this is one deep. o'neill african foreigners accused of taking jobs away from miracles. im also held responsible flakes animation crying. i was doing
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and with that. i'm going home because he's not an option. basically it's abt a cute petite and finance awaits them for twelve one minus two team has been too afraid to step foot outside this church. and now with montana gone. she's more afraid than ever. luke says something about a foot in it but now is that no one would talk about that thing. as a mindful was the stores close providing a brief speech to people seeking century in a country that doesn't like him when crt to harness that south africa this week according barring centers twelve anti regime activists to fifteen years in jail they told that cowell handsome fed river that support this or that of sentence and a month ago pink and continued pro democracy of them to visit the country spiraling into a dictatorship. full of iranian parliament member kelly laws and chris johns to these sites intended to criticize mnemonic a live issue himself
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he says the authorities also believe politicians in tamil anticipate and human rights groups. the problem of the band is betty. they say that under the sun that we have to go to the doctors expected him to handle peel economy and we need do is hope that it is to be shared with them the body the people in the pool and a host of politically conscious and that is his winning the hearts of the people in whom the man was never meant to have that and he can heal and then head to the international community stand that i knew and faucet by spurious and coats that is looking for new son has just stopped all the punishment and bobs of death threats and fields to the position and the activists not to join the movement that going for sam to haunt you in advance the rights of the people to be equal to have dignity to
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fuss a bit and would be consistent and how did the front that this bed with a blue one. your say on tim's national excuse to impose a new full but fitting to mention i love the bright though it's obviously show venture capital quito skated ay ay ay. the i don't like let me an american talk about that. how to empower women in art and powerful. if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who will either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed
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blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over them being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to
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the atrocities against women by at our life and present are women human power of thinking. aye aye. cease the future. what's this. it is. much. south africa holds the state funeral will be the heartache. hundreds of thousands of people are back on the streets in ukraine's capital


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