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coming to the dw life thanks so much for coming and coming up. pressure mounts on the train government is to enter there shortly. you'll go nuts and german social democrats get their final chance to say yes or no. watch these two men once divided by the state of
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grace were white. in the sure on the ukrainian government both at home and abroad is continuing to mount thousands of protesters in central kiev repeating their demands and reinforcing the batter. it's all but the us and the european parliament are considering sanctions against the country and russian president vladimir putin who is called for the country. this all the political impasse without violence. the protesters in kiev have turned down all that the government saying the seizure of new elections will. the tensions remain high in independence square in kiev. security forces have withdrawn from the area they demonstrate is a winner. many have reinforced the barricades to prevent assaults people he didn't trust the government of feeling ukrainian opposition leaders restraint again on thursday. on the one hand
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the president says he wants to sit at the negotiating table spots on the other hand he sends the police to discuss the people. it is concrete all proposals on the monsters known texts. it is worth keeping the opposition has called for democratic and his government to quit and a one child demonstrations free pressure from abroad is mounting. the european parliament is planning to send a delegation to ukraine legislators passed a resolution saying the eu should consider sanctions against kiev. it was clear that went again occurs it is listening. although the eu is top diplomat catherine ashton returned to kiev. some potentially good news for eu trade agreement with ukraine the night. finally associates but russia has maintained the pressure on ukraine in his annual state of the nation address of a president that in the putin
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was fine and soft spoken. go to michigan i hope that all political forces in ukraine can reach a deal in the interest of its people and soulful all the current problems. they seem to be so certain is that russia was of course in ukraine to do anything it didn't want to since ukraine is a crucial economic and strategic partner. moscow is likely to have to go without a fight yes. ok this is some breaking news in this story just before going to err let's bring in our correspondent in kiev marcus ran for more. marcus we're hearing that ukraine's deputy prime minister says that kiev will be signing the trade agreement with the eu quilt show. what should we make of that glad to be very skeptical when it counts that to the ukrainian official it's ensuring they were ready to sign a treaty with the european union. so do protesters in independence day in kiev. they understand this as another you could
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knock them out the menu for a tactical maneuver on me. in the great game playing east against west to get those nights to have ukraine to avoid a bankruptcy or no victory are true the president is in a very un enviable position he's under immense pressure from its powerful neighbor russia america's increasing the pressure we have. the on the streets the situation there as well what are his options right now. well um i suppose he would go on not trying to play east against west to get to it the most out of both diet and i'm deeply on and on the independence that they fear i'm he's going to travel to to visit and meet with the president put in next week in moscow to antipathy of the time they would face a crackdown on to the right place we tried to remove them again. and they are oh so afraid that a president that tiana coverage might sign a
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treaty with russia to join on a customs union with russia russia had to put this on the table on time ago and put a lot of pressure on ukraine to join just this constant union with russia. mark is ray was the latest for us from kiev markets thanks very much. moving out of bangladesh when opposition leader has been executed for war crimes in a ball of dough cutter malone was and is just hours after the supreme court rejected a last minute appeal in september the islamic politician was convicted for his role in war crimes during the nineteen seventy one war of independence against focused on execution is expected to further inflame tensions between the government and opposition protesters. after weeks of deadly violence. and in thailand the leader of anti government protests says it's time for the country's security forces to decide where their loyalties lie to to cost a bomb has asked me to military and police officials to demand that they
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choose sides in the uprising either for or against the prime minister. protest leaders accused of murder during protests back in two thousand ten. when he was then the deputy to the prime minister of the time of the side of the shoes you bought all the thought has been indicted today in connection with the shooting deaths of two protesters back down. tonight topics. when you're in germany it is a moment of truth for what many hope will be the country's next government a grand coalition of conservatives and social democrats and it all rests with the speed it is because the social democratic party's half a million members have until midnight to submit their ballots and approve the block a coalition deal hammered out between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and sbc leaders spd chairman see mark vaile has been campaigning hard to acceptance of the coalition by his party's grassroots and most are predicting he's going to get it. if he does
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germany could have a new government before christmas so is voting for this deal a good thing for the social democrats. there's a significant faction that isn't convinced. these young voters the future of the spp and it got quite a different take and we are the party should be happy most of the young socialists are against the coalition deal with tentacles christian democrats. the head of the young socialists berlin branch and could not peel the spp is abandoning its socialist principles. by combining to recount my boy redistribution of wealth to the highest taxes in a notice to finance the government's plus totals at the foot of our vision of society. it's completely don't know what european level jobs in america was going to keep dead with her austerity a must if you don't like camping full suspension bike of the dems but the truth of that seat. most here would rather see their party go
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into opposition to accept compromises to form a government with the conservatives. party leaders that one copy of wanting to have the young socialists on the site and knew he had little chance the members are always a bit more radical than the poppy is a whole lot so it should be. still got the answer to give up too quickly. utopian socialists at the party's political relevance was at stake. i'm not asking the leaders had helped shape the coalition agreement. he even tried to convince them that the conservatives want to read previously thought the wheels audience responded with laughter and plenty of criticism. when it was taken on the list mostly to those who didn't need or sleeping the two thousand and one voted in favor of the coalition agreement the one hundred percent satisfied. no one in the audience. lots of things and he agreed with them and they want to seek a delay began to me it's about getting those things done
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and here comes the fun visiting the expenses that most of the young party members were less interested in pragmatism. they wanted to send the signal. after intense debate they put the matter to a vote the majority was clear the young socialists were not afraid of breaking with party lines. still mostly in the coalition is likely to go through including ten minutes you get to bed. but the benefits from george dawes dettori will keep doing what we always do with any government would address problematic issues. whenever we disagree with on tv this it will get on a case about it. we like to dance again most of the socialistic two thousand members agreed will this agreement goes through let's bring in terry martin or parliament to studio for more on that what's looking like terry is this going to work out o'brien almost everyone is anticipating a positive
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outcome to the root of the spd party leadership of the asli is confident of but even critics of the coalition agreement within the spd itself up acknowledge that the vote is likely to go through now but we won't know for sure until saturday with all votes are counted but that little detail isn't stopping the would be coalition partners from already getting together and thinking about how to proceed on thursday morning the leaders of the cdu csu the spd method of testing week presumably to discuss division of labor within the cabinet said to some degree. the discussion has already moved on beyond the better to who's going to be doing what in the next government assuming the government is sworn in on wednesday. what about the country as a whole how does it feel that one party is in the driver's seat right now even though the last elections. that's right brian know there is some resentment there's a feeling that to the spd is holding the country's political process hall stage with this
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vote either. many were simply frustrated that the formation of the new government is being delayed by this boat but only other hand are those who say well this is actually very democratic why not ask your members on it or whether they prove they should approve a controversial coalition agreements other two minds about eight am or before us an appointment to see a scary and summer one dramatic moments in a german courtroom today when the country's first president to face criminal charges. saw his estranged wife to testimony in his defense of state prosecutors have charged a symbol with receiving a bribe of seven hundred heroes which are typically rejects will preside over the fare and rejected a plea bargain offer to clear his name. two boys who composes you're on to give evidence. the court she met her husband. the couple had separated she greeted him
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warmly. and unspoken his favor. the trial focuses on a trip to most of the munich october fest. some of their expenses were paid for by film producer dhabi when the police. after telling steep for me are of lower saxony full fledged lead and helped clean of leakage funding for his work. she knew boys testified for more than a dollar. she said her husband include a blog was such good friends. he also shared restaurant bills. i do think i still didn't incriminate him until she described a friendship with glucose as very close in sydney's to pull always carry cash and always have cash in his pockets as he didn't anyone i try to get that center left and he tells prepared to help a child. i'm a super testimony also include information about tomorrow would include a blog page for friends. tina said she wasn't in the timed it
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right it takes which is the central themes the tremendous things that will help parents and husband the common cold. it's better to call mickey this week the judge is expected to get nto conclusion on the evidence so far in the coming weeks. moving along now known severe winter storm has hit parts of jordan and syria sprawl snow and freezing temperatures to fall from an eastern refugees staying in makeshift accommodation life just became much more difficult because no one is sheltering in oklahoma school and mum she and her six year old daughter from homes are among the fourteen families finding refuge here. the conditions are far from ideal. granted it was suffering in the cold weather would not have to say that unhcr to post tonight at seven a or click on get over him warm enough for children a cold cough comes in through the windows the first real winter storm has blanketed the area in
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snow and pushed temperatures to below freezing. making life even tougher for the city and refugees. each of the families staying in the school has a costume to itself. there are holes in the windex. a few days ago some of the rooms were flooded by heavy rains the refugees say delta for the winter as best they can it's the cold season has only just begun now to some lighter fare. nominations have been announced for that golden glow to the us comprises decided by hollywood foreign press association to camera to film the lead with seven nominations each. con artists caper american high school and full use of slaves the account of one of the groom's years american history the british star. to tell a joke for is nominated as best actor drama and his german irish coast are built on spenders supporting it bah spenders up against the nail glue another german he plays a racing car driver
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nicky law would up in the formula one drum up rocks well still ahead the u boats to protect taxpayers from ever having to bail out banks again. and plus the interest of forty european bailout at all costs. stay tuned for that williams musical arranger. when told dramatics controversial. two hundred years two thousand thirteen he's the famous german composers twice and ten lautner two hundred w's multimedia projects. we had company this major cultural events throughout the year. w taught me english faulkner two hundred years. speedy it
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duke was sixteen. inside this keeps the hospital. i use key techniques to treat troops to do the dishes. it was stunning. we didn't eat by the sea. i don't like the us. it tells its own pc welcome back to the journal taxpayers should never have to write a check to bail out banks ever again. that's a promise from european leaders is set to agree on legislation that would overhaul out troubled banks until now. although it's already been hailed as a landmark agreement the deal is not without its critics to claim it puts bondholders line of fire. in the future major eurozone banks want to set aside large blocks of capital. if they get into trouble. shareholders on bone folders will be the first of the plates. eu financial
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commissioner michel bondi put it to say the tax as a medal or the from line to pay for banks mistakes. banks will have to put money aside for rainy days when diving lessons of prizes. in the so called bailey process shareholders and bondholders will have to bear the state's percent of the mind of its ease of use and will national crisis nds stepped in those funds will be transferred to a cold one euro zone resolution fund over a ten year periods the finance ministers agreed that the resolution fund will be up to fifty five billion euros. the ministers will present this compromise to the eu summit next week. is approved the new regulations will come into effect at the beginning of twenty sixteen. well with eu policymakers paving the way for new banking rules what or treaters making the deal
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stephen wolf reports from frankfurt stock exchange the dome and bangs the new from brussels has been good meals they won't have to pay for collapsing banks in other countries for the next ten years. but to watch it for the national rescue funds are too small it is dat would be a crisis. this would mean that the rescue twenty of them would have to pay it again and this would bring taxpayers from all over europe back in to the king the market in general. waited for a new economic data from the u s unemployment has been higher than expected which has been taken as good news because as long the unemployment stays high in the u s defender results will keep money cheap and easy. stephen welfare reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange. let's have a look now at home orchestrated on thursday and frankfurt the dax was down over half a percent the euro stocks fifty also down points sixty five
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percent. meanwhile across the atlantic the dow jones also down and currently trading at fifteen seventy seven five and the nearest trading at one dollars thirty seven forty. sony says thanks but no thanks to european bailout plan for its embattled banking sector and the signs to take matters into its own he decided to go in alone and capitalized is troubled banks rather than rely on outside assistance that comes with strings but it will have to find four point eight billion euro stood at kohl's and national banks and one sheets. with these banks billions of euros in baghdad on the books. most of it was issued during the country's boom years from the nineteen nineties to two goals and eight. then the crisis hit. no the country's three largest eagle in banks need a bailout we beat billion euros between them to stay afloat
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the exploding as prime minister brought the good news to brussels the government should be able to fund the bill itself the eu welcome that. this is good news and it demonstrates this paramount importance of decisive action by the authorities the fact that the airborne economic recovery of the year isn't it that somebody under way european commission is supporting sweeney has plans to set up a so called bad bank which would take around four point five billion euros of the bad loans. ten to three establishing trust in the system solutions for the new businesses will be safe in the country's economy will be on a steady path to recovery. germany's chemical industry has been holding its annual conference of the bellwether in the street is chemical their bony the rest assured to fall out of this year the sector doesn't seem to be optimistic about the outlook even though the past year itidn't work chemicals worth one hundred sixty five billion euro
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mickelson needed it most branches of jim and industry from aquaculture to medicine the second is the third most important in the country. but it has suffered from a drop in prices and lower worldwide demand. dc chemical sales rose on the sand expectations a slightly higher to twenty four team he will soon mauresmo didn't really expect a huge recovery the emerging markets in asia latin america on strong enough for that. grants will continue to be slow in europe we expected it to him but not much better than this of us go to the speech to the side. there is also the optimism of that growth in china the us. american customers aren't expected to order more. the extent of the cheaper in the us because energy costs in a lull in the main unit. the jam and chemicals branch is struggling to hold onto its process. as you teach and that's always the crucial
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question of the week that prices will rise but bc they could drop slightly. the full ins endsointing a small inurnover terms oncrease quantity and prices of him to gain one point fivedicted percent to one hundred and ninety one the union and snakes tn. mexico's heated debate over privatizing its oil sector extended into a second day after the lower house gave general approval to legislation to end the seventy five years state oil monopoly. no colors of this builds a wall and national control of the country's oil gas resources and pave the way of profiteering by multinational hse despite protests in mexico senate has passed energy reform leglati among those opposing the new law is too left wing prd the party fears that if the state who panics oil companies exposed to competition the icon of national sovereignty will
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survive. he was the us. we want him to hide its national and about bold transnational companies. want to comment and danced in mexico. in order to take some profits on mexican petroleum gas into thinking that the gunman they don't get is a milestone of this. to pass the bill was a clear majority insist on to the house of deputies the licking them all for going out of portland has decided on energy reform that will come down to the bring benefits to mexicans. it was legislated in great seriousness and with great passion. it was come upon a time. media art and autonomy in when the moment until now statement makes had a monopoly in petroleum production in mexico. it is one of the world's biggest oil companies. recently panics have been investing less in production has
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declined. under the new law more oil would likely slow for mexican wells again portraits are hoping to bring the issue to a referendum. a last ditch effort to stop the energy market reform. nigeria is again being ripped apart by the violence between muslims and christians in this all the bloodshed. two men from across the divide are holding out hope for the future that's right because a christian pastor and a muslim and non belief. peace is possible that have opened an airtight the nomination center percent to just received the german afrika prize for their efforts. in oma making pasta james houston maintenance and incite them to fight each other because they represent different religions. today remembering the many victims of the conflict between muslims and christians. what is known as the sun and you can do now. is that this can be i can tell is that when no
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one to ship as it begins twenty oh four to defrost victims was cute. but just thought i'd visit the well with fantasy the piece commemorates the crisis caused by the introduction of islamic rule. more than two thousand people were killed in violence that erupted. two members of the mom's family with guilt. but until the pasta must talk to the sound the top. this book also has to get them. i lost the fight it off tried to say i was thinking i need to trust. god's love forgiveness the sentiment. this week is to say if you got into it. we
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all know that all forginess and destroy you and your little one double one. there is a crime to feed your kid you know. the mosques in many christian districts have been set on fire. janet is in muslim areas has been destroyed. the ctv looks like a fortress the play down the situation. listening to her is so concerned. he goes to show here is to be reminded. to make use of whom are known to local groups. in my mohamad in costume change if i wanted once i chilled in the station bit painful experience is needed to set up the in cafe mediation center. the biggest hit me with peace. these begin to associate it to say that it is his. phobia. the sizzle of the few health budget. and the steam can be cheap. we need is pushed aside all thoughts of safety. with this sixteen co workers they want to share that reconciliation is possible even in a country with tensions between religious communities run
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some time to meet my july post since my teens which is about these two actually. he told myself over to his house so i don't feel it is easy to do with the dissolution tool for the night the stated goal of the season ending injuries seemed to be known. so what all my enemies and now more than just coming weeks. after all if they often eat together they traveled across the city is to mediate between and in the crates. i sometimes see at the same hotel room. the anything that cost it cannot accept is that the mom calls continue. even though he isn't the six months old. that's all for now thanks much for joining us significantly the air
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shea. it seems to me contact century. he said asked the reason i'm only home. first two. two explosions at its that time focused documentary series from which it though captivating documentary said reports covers business and science alternative teaching
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