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aye. we need in one room and. luke . the news on him thousands of ukrainians gathered in kenya on sunday to denounce president victor get local beaches decision to turn away from europe and moved towards russia is the country's biggest protests since its pro democracy one for pollution in two thousand and four the demonstrators are furious with unocal which were his decision to ditch a landmark pact the european union in favor of a trade deal with moscow with police brutality against
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the peaceful protests last week. later in the evening crowds toppled the statue of soviet state founder lead in the oakland before taking it with hammers the statues filling is seen by many as a symbolic rejection of moscow's power is selling the tensions could soon rise for the opposition members have said that the government has plans to enact martial law in order to restore calm across ukraine. memorials in remembrance services continue across south africa is the country mourns the death of its first black president and with the official memorial service to take place on tuesday. some sixty heads of state have said they will be there in person although israel's prime minister will not be calling in from all corners of the pool. some of the leaders who will be in attendance include us present crop obama french president francois along and uk prime minister david campbell. israeli prime minster pitcher netanyahu said he wanted to go but
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after he found that of which the trip was going to cost some three hundred thousand us dollars and that he was going to be a logistical nightmare with three of whom reportedly said it was unfortunately impossible for him to attend. nelson mandela was south africa's first black president who steered his nation the apartheid into multi race democracy. he died late on tuesday at the age of ninety five after months of illness. i. the long. i the community. and more the one. ross. the root of
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you. sheen is missed when in jail for the media's for demonstrating for the reinstatement of the coast is known as president to come up more seats will be released after four quarts this instance is the case that an outraged opposition groups and human rights campaigners. the case that led to accusations that the army backed authorities were becoming as draconian as the muslim brotherhood to my route has accused the brotherhood of modern terrorism since else that more sequels and in july since then hundreds of moore's his supporters had been killed and thousands arrested. most end of the brotherhood leaders on trial for its components the only route map for peaceful transition to eat the chips to presidential and parliamentary elections next year . that is the history
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syrian border on friday evening with reports that the coolest bikes but is it is intended to top it is repeat defense unit that was patrolling the border. idf officials say. me in age to attack marks the first episode since the syrian civil war began and to deliberately target the israeli army at the border with explosives syrian someone who has also seen his lead was queuing up with gas masks in recent months as fiasco that nobody has done for other business units and groups that advocate the destruction of tame temple pilots who went and stood to speak against israel. this might be raised fuel hoses to use reiki national security the jewish nation has been treating hundreds of victims in the body to the conference which is already claimed one hundred thousand riots according to the un . the in
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times of budget cuts on defense spending even lawmakers are still enough pressure on member states to tighten military cooperation european parliament as hurts the leaders meeting in brussels this month to take scheduled talks on a defense very seriously. the setup of a european military force has been the subject of discussions for a while but the december summit in brussels will seek to renew support the idea. eu defence cooperation is nothing new the militaries of the alex countries belgium the netherlands and luxembourg upgrading works nicely together. recently images that he soldiers on the ground and molly just what the capabilities of the combined defence front of five hundred soldiers deployed on a training mission to lead the west
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african nation's army the site from overseas conflicts. the european parliament deal with other cats to european security bringing you the tendency to cause a joint european defense when faced with the new a economic and financial situation into a severe crisis and aesthetic measures that to me said that had as a result sydney at budget cuts. so we are in a position in which we have to do more with less than a tent in brussels members of the north atlantic treaty organization spoke about the pressures on europe to invest more in defence and increase the military capabilities. its closest allies. many eu nations seen the tickets combining resources and know how it would seem like a good idea though it might prove a tough sell. his twenty eight and an eu member to spend almost the same tomato and people have thirty two counties on she contests the baltic sea
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coast in boxes and crisp and is the new temple was being so connected trainee in the text of the kind of test costs. to try. i be able to tune in to get that i'm discerning eye of the spending taxpayers' money and this is not explained the steering eu agreement was signed but still those four countries could potentially poisonous our military resources. so how did it a step too far. beyond is a good girl too. current twofold to europe on the one hundred of the so called advocates are union moving towards an integrated federal seat of state or europe. we had a ball but we believed in god mitcham. natural integrity on the stool softener on its own lyrics listen to live in a natural
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stop them to the defense it's thought that once europe's big three that's germany france and the upa agreed to move ahead with enhanced eu defence plans mightain momentum. but i had about finding any kind of military threats resistance from winfield you're apt to forge a united defence force will first sparked a war of words here in brussels center davenport and one in brussels. you can the hundreds of thousands approach at cherry said stuart ukraine's capital of kiev to show their support for closer ties with europe and the west after the country's president and his allies in parliament and walked away from a long anticipated deal with the european union. he was one of the biggest rally since ukraine's orange revolution of two thousand for and brought people from across the country to express their anger with president viktor yanukovich and his decision to scrap the eu association agreements a move
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that many saw as a step backwards for the former soviet republic demonstrators took over the city's annual christmas tree which had been draped in protest banners in ukrainian flags during the days of demonstrations leading up to the rally inside. protesters said they were angry because the company gannett co which was putting their future in jeopardy. still when you because my brothers are still going on in my health family grew up in my two hands. it's like ninety nine and twenty two. dani i want to stay. on the north and the lead instrument in an orphanage it's hard for him to hollywood on the site keeps me out on the street. living on the streets the treaty is signed on with it because i want a normal noise and on call and uplifting audience i am flight to one run the protests followed days of demonstrations by activists who have been camping out in
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kids independence square saying they won't leave and tell the government resigns opposition leaders have accused in a cupboard just trying to steer the country toward russia at the ukrainian president faced pressure from what he did not sign the agreement with the eu and instead joined the mosque al a customs union which includes ballerinas and kazakhstan. the and mm the psychic i ate everything the staff support to the great east to its community. as i can say is they think she would laugh with the ball into the teeth to ensure the right to break sixty eight pounds. liam is going to more than two hundred and sixty thousand genes. because the lights in cities like london and i'm just sad when it is tolerance and multiculturalism are important bases. in an exclusive interview with jay and mom. theresa may said that the uk government will continue to help communities
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including the two skeins the government is absolutely can we protect the rights for in relation to sydney to come but there are other issues that folded to my particular response to the sea. last time secretary about the whole question of extremism ltd with anti semitism all been shoring as we hopped on the teachers like a crime are properly recorded an all too much into fights. i think these are ways in which the government can help needed says i'm a happy healthy kids can you see here in britain. the men secretary has announced that the british government has sent up to one of course commission to consider new ways to remember the shoah. i think it's very important that we all remember the thai robotics all the plants inhumanity to man the police or the holocaust as if it's mine. people who put themselves in fall sport this appalling it is all for families who were taken to the and the holocaust. as they die. well greased see is that memory. time with that we just make chill that it
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does not die alone together we just make sure we never forget the horror of the holocaust. and that's why david cameron is looking out for jack to say what is the best way which we can ensure that the holocaust is remembered only for recognize the atrocity that so nice trying to teach a nice ancient human parts of the crust pots motif and commissioned into the napoleon devotees appears tuesdays. i need to use the dc council which would be decommissioned. it was simple as that british teens from theresa may. this other picture the minutes that i won't pick on the beach at five minutes that basis it is the noted a day it and wanting them i . consider bronze me to the playground israel tilted statesman prison shimon peres has
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attempted to ease for teens in the middle east by saying that he would be happy to meet his counterpart from the islamic republic. kason recon team. oh i know i don't have an immense. we don't close it though. yvonne is an enemy. and this is the moped the neon me is that the metro. open house and bought them at the open policy. oh well time to sit in moncton it. for example with ufos. but the moment the fight to change this policy was no milk opiates and time the negative the focus is still call him grow and amaze. true friends low pay rates may be trying to extend the hand of friendship. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has taken a different line saying on a number of occasions that he believes honey is a wolf in sheep's clothing material he says the rain you need is a parent's taunts is a mother it is false. colton a killer deal recently signed between tehran and weston is a
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historic mistake honey meanwhile has been attempting to drum up support is room for the atomic agreement signed last month in switzerland. the rainy needed postponement of the weekend that the deal which uses economic sanctions on iran in exchange for detail into the controversial me to the program has already had a positive effect on the rainy an economy the i know. the it is generally geared towards a target audience in israel producers are developing content for an unusual target audience infants below the age of three. selected films chosen special programs have been created for children and teenagers over the years. designated content especially geared towards confidence is quite innovative in this country basically it is. to reach
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the knowledge of the child all orders numbers the delivery. decided that we are trying to create loving and caring environment the child will feel his endeavors. the fire. we want to give them the best the pumpkin pecan gets paid to keep them at the multi cultured peaks to their burrow. in december. i know what you choose in any nation really gives you a way of controlling as the stat of the way out of the reason that it's so motivating. how do you call me you missed it you right here. to the kids to the audience that system you can create your image it's possible. it's a magical world. considering
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the fact that infants are the most curious audience out there. how does one create content for the square constantly in the process of grasping and learning just about everything the lady arrives here is the key to getting the kids only. to understand the whole. for example the different states a police car. that's the rest of episode is all about people start when the wheels and in parts of the vehicle itself. each pod who fall into place. instability in gradually. kids can understand how it always feel what it's made of understanding the parts to understand the whole is something that appeals to young kids the be all the fuss is all to create the right thing to do seeing as they deserve if i had children. the blues psychologist everything is
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done. hope that they seek your understanding. at that what do you mean. this is very important. and that we take each day paris your sleep. for the update is though comes from. really it doesn't seem real. sometimes it's something i see the light delicacy that i know it would be to give the keys in the interest of o c howard's be how it's made when it's clean off mainly because from this come from a gut instinct and things were exposed around us. my cartoons are one thing in a world where everything exists online. a web based version for this targeted content was absolutely necessary. what i think we're going and i've noticed is apparent. mike is always see me. browsing the internet. and they wanted to see berlin at the end
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danny kaye she definitely didn't do what you wanted to scream can we start looking for countries for them when the incident. it wasn't enough he was hardly any sorts with that age group that was one of the reasons why we decided that he has to be a very good due to breathe on the wet one on youtube for that. you know it's him. it's it's really important. it was the obvious thing to do for us. israeli leaders create oakland to get caught in that lake is only the love. just upload it so that they can find in themselves a seat on the internet unless they were very excited about it. watch the series for young children on the two nations. this company created for the district doesn't you to ten times appearing in twelve different languages. they have received over seven hundred million hits crossfire. the animation is
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so clear is that he doesn't have an interest in manatee doesn't have anything that connects the two borders or our cultures even. and vicky the road will play sees a toy and give this a tory and firetruck aware that you love it for what it is. will she never any theories as to what age children should begin watching tv. what the consumers via bucks on tv on the internet during these days on smartphones. this surely a basic need for toddlers to consume targeted content written and designed specifically for them. dale and i see better days. it's around . mm. a ceremony was held at the weekend to play to be told in two thousand cited as the marines who perished when the japanese don't sneak them in a time in the top eighteen u s should
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back off more outgoing finance though papa seventy two years ago. around two thousand five hundred people attended the ceremony including the points tied up in the us government officials military representatives and sixty cents since this is the life that early morning of time i've taken to teach people to. she kill the muslims are slowly roll. for breakfast nobody wins. sleep recently did a lot better. my mental silence was held at seven fifty five i am the exact on japanese bombs drying down on an unsuspecting us nightly sinking four to six three destroyers and two other types of ships some two thousand four hundred marines and scientists last time the lights on more than one thousand others were wounded three hundred and twenty three at crops but was
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destroyed in the attack crippling the u s pacific fleet. the then us president franklin d roosevelt the claim that died a tights which will relieve him from it take before declaring war against japan following guide as foreign minister has said that the old arab states must have a seat at the pitchforks between twelve pounds and around cause of the doomsday key regional stability sydney the fourth of november twenty four seconds to an agreement between iran and the unites states russia from its perch and gemini and china. notice the p five plus one group which causes tehran some relief from damaging economic sanctions in return for more of the sites pulled its nuclear program. sunni gulf states including the united arab emirates uae and tom bean as suspicious and distrustful of iran as israel which is also called
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into question the wisdom of offering sanctions relief to country still ultimately controlled by a supremely to you has frequently called for the destruction of the jewish state the national gallery of treaty of paris presents to the european audience a unique insights to the prolific award of one of the pioneers fashion photography. our theme songs from the very beginning of history here. darebin cumin salt experimented with this every six weeks. was attracted to the foam darts european movements like dada movement and inspired with a mystery only spoke a word for man or a soapy explore techniques such as standardization of multiple exposures and oh by the negative and positive if the jets. he was a mini you
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can instantly achievements and to confront it. bringing you some of it and keep it he always has one assist and free thinking. and you can see few coastal seats apiece and ninety. when it comes to he tiny or find new solutions claimants might think so it's a constant me think a new to me mom. i started working his over there after stints at the time warp for food at that that i have known to ski series of her magazine. she produced some of his best known photographs for a friend to both like the one of the more truly selfless arrives. balancing immediate update my photo. he'll wait to go over to believe that god are famous for magazines he discussed it on the feet can pick that doesn't apply to units and kiss it. stand
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in their beaks peaceful right to use. i was too late to their peak soon as he cooked and eaten. to know this news just in one aspect of the fruit at school. i was born in eighteen ninety seven in berlin and was drafted into the german army during the war for one and was arrested when he went to the circuit. he moved to answer down in nineteen eighteen. what he actually began its war as a foot over for. he later lived in paris you will. when she returned to france during world war two. he was incarcerated at camp learning and other concentration camps. he's still going through life that didn't however stop him from becoming one of the most innovative and into a typical refers to what extent. i seem to be in it the new creation i am thankful for time offenders. not can stand as for that because it's attend
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school today due to an instrument photography you don't have to keep it going to list celebrities and stars like marlene dietrich audrey hepburn grace kelly as to whom approached to do the manual. grandchildren baby teeth is comparable to his work. still have vivid memories of their grandfathers or smile with teeth and work its way like this bit of a night. this is the self portrait in paris in nineteen sixty seven of the dead on the way he had his studio and i like it because you can see that he left huge blow ups of his work also. which if he did all his laboratory work and stephen black and white but it's huge to us we don't buy that stuff gets mad and out the photos everywhere. this is what i've read and also from the studio in new york the occasional basterds addition to homophobes books that are out of stock are
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being deranged. he asked about the beach ten one carats. i. the is you football star down into its own way christiane every holiday has unveiled a statue and to wax museum president is max figure clad in portugal national team jersey in all the new team for its work. using antique glimpse of the forwards who says he is now ready to get back into action. the institution cannot be denied to them however now that did not travel to the mindset over the weekend to take part in the ounce cans. that's the case is currently serving a suspension. he loves football star scored fourteen goals in his last seven matches for every hour before
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the muscle injury and is a hot favourite to see the highly coveted. until next month. unlike them he had given annually to the world's best player . i will. do. will be. to me will. or do. i will the tsar
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ch new one. will. it is i since. changes like the one dollars and ten. how unprofessional sibling seniors association members recently had a touching scene formed to combat its own investigation. then ali found in the coke guest houses but also many pipes incapable of string that was similar to


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