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capital of chemical representatives to this day much of the legacy of the samurai culture and tradition. the art of anti french league ready to get a real lady at clashes erupted between police and locals who don't want america to a giant chevron to drill for gas shale in the. all the politicians to set up yet again reaffirming its support for the anti government demonstrations which showed no signs of going that despite the cold weather this morning's announcement that my continues will apply to look at the concerns that traces the south africans
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take his spot this time for the country's minority the show. make repeat what you read that will just cost me not meant to teach you the most common our top story this morning that the tracking protested northeast from ideas to violent clashes have broken out between police and locals to try to stop the us will join several folk heading for shale gas than any of us use the capital was at the site to the address one theory when jesse this is just moments after a very intense clashes between protesters who are against chevron conducting exploration for shale gas drilling here in this area in northeastern maniac what you need not be hiding me over there is actually the chevron sites now. protesters had that ran across the street they broke down the perimeter of the chevron location. i'm
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torn down the fence and then entered the area there were actually inside the several intense exploration area the police are on and underwent a raft made at the moment have to concede that's right we thought it had been called into the area this is when things are very much up late and we had several protesters. between police and demonstrators here you can see i've been very upset about what's happening here. but chevron the answers. monday at earlier. actually broken up by thai police officers at today's matinee with a host of the major protests and is still trying to get someone to me because although santa ana and tougher has anything to operate if the work had begun. i need police officers
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are not going anywhere. add the feed into thinking the contest is contained to this area for they don't break down again and go on to the chevron sites. now we didn't see several arrests some people had been injured they were taken out in that magical plants. we don't know exactly how many time and again. it contends tense environment these people are very happy with the conduct of the police not just a day earlier. chevron is continuing. these operations may feel that although sometimes that it's going to add to this in irresponsible way to the people here feel like they haven't been consultant and if he liked their point of view isn't being taken into consideration. lines of business of farming area people here will i glanced to survive but if the water does get contaminated which is something that they fear will happen as a result of the franking their very existence is threatened to quit just like her so frustrated when the situation and when jesse spencer environments need the demonstration painting is a good clear out what will make these protesters the vatican think if we turn around or sitting down there saying their grounds. they don't want to leave this area
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look oh so cute of them with anonymous and reminding you can also stand today the falling leaves see all the traits that is the capital. bush mentioned local city of substance is used if rocky with kidman in the soil and gravel to the water table even go into the air. most of the chemicals were my demographic he is to come back to visit with the rover thousand documented cases of water contamination needed to dig sites with health impacts including sensory unrest but the damage of his trucking company that i'm the child until the end of the authorities worldwide stay silent about cracking precisely because of the possible causes. you might imagine in this country a window onto the oil is specifically designed to be a distinction because they know full well that all will be vigilant. is there an exaggeration of the potential problems they are overlooking a fact that the closely
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following the recent solo cd the limited by the society the two losing it. anz's his bicycle in the oklahoma in the on loan from things that going for thirteen years of law that started last dubstep attended a century to set him off to battle an increase in its duty to the zoo and it's a cool is that even being to live blog on wednesday to suit the interests of big businesses between two places in the keating governments that's the situation had gotten a lot of people up in own screw it all in on the police to stop using them to protect so unconvincing by the selection of the city bolton been added into my new quote the stories within ten to twenty dollars to the pavement in the upper don't matter because we know we told you all in all governments going on to these
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potential new season is this next to the protest ukraine again a delegation of u and pieces spoken to the crowds in kiev the protests is have three more days that the decal from government buildings. the latest is the peaceful sculpt and tia he crouched behind me were addressed by a group of any peace they once again returned to their support for the protest is now the delegation met with opposition leaders and looks like the mingled with the crowd with a typically too many representatives all the government of course the government to survive to fight all the confidence in the week despite that results a delegation of skilled park schools for snap election his deed. buddha will grow in him and make that choice for a country with his. in freedom. these are the new
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rule will never know when to call for a minute. every democratic country. every time. it's my job or was it about time for that. well the opposition continued at the age of sets and government buildings despite the tight deadline set by the government considered to be outside buildings is living option expires on tuesday amid allegations of support for the opposition comes despite pleas from brains prime minister outside interference is still well as the protests they look set to continue into the evening k behind me with allies now on sunday when organizes type that up to one million people from all of the ukraine could descend on the council though their us a german mep one european politicians the colors in up to ukraine's opposition now. it's not the game instead of crying. i forgot there's just so would their sunday there etf if the protesters. i log on and he wants that the us assessment team and this new insights on the first two
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crying now. to be on adult and then there are a few of the union. and then chancellor of the assistant some digital commentators the city assistance by western politicians matters simply unacceptable. my estimate for the ukrainian or russian will bring out the diplomats or formal competitions will take part in a new demonstration against this you'll need in the middle of course it's really your own. the pork was on offer on the fourth remember that getting in the western conference current united nations and asking for regional security from supercars that this boy and to feel this is the book nothing to do with people follow as they play. from some traditions like to say about them but the rule of law. the snow and cold foreign diplomats and foreign editions interfering and basically provoking this
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violence. what is happening in ukraine. jim is what it's like the foliage ukraine's recent history believes that the divide among his people in the deep end of the eu association deal with. i think it would be a nightmare come true in the long term ukraine in the european union have a lot to gain from increased relationships with each other the package that the eu was proposing. i'm the price ukraine with a severed ties with russia on the east block of wood in the short term costs of thirty we go drop in standard of living for the ukrainian people much weaker than the cheap price cut costs and the european union and european commission given their own financial woes would not be in a position to keep ukraine the necessary financial support with leaving the situation the european union has major problems with that in its own area but it really monstrous all before it can. we knew its offers to reach our two nations like a korean i think are really nice to be a fundamental reassessment in
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brussels of what ukraine needs which has not been adequately recognize in brussels. meet our investigations under way into allegations of brutality but police and pro eu activists that unfolded last week every last of the story this morning is doing the commotion i called the worst moment was when i saw people being beaten on the ground at my feet. they were just kids and i couldn't do anything about it. and it was terrible it must never happen again. liked it and this idiot when peaceful protests in cardiff. tears were broken up by ukraine special riot police force dozens ended up in hospitals images of police beating defenseless people converged on the internet the us the next day it was the police on the receiving end of the violence. but at the hands of the mob and not the peaceful protesters were
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dispersed just the day before i get hit by our daybreak for a piece of pavement score in the face. it's hard to tell because everything was fine. no one could predict it will go like this that there will be rooks greeks multiple males the school so i was scared for my units who were there because it was toast man expects its right in front of all this there were these boys eighteen nineteen years old and serving the army and everything was flying at the rocks molotov cocktails. these men are among the officers still in hospital week after the attack. some received injuries severe enough to meet them disabled or to convince them to leave the force. but both are going to be a determined to return to service and safety don't have any animosity towards the crowd on independence square. i can understand the people they want to express their opinion. people
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have the right to voice their opinion without breaking goal not an overstatement to say that many of you both here in the avondale police is very enemy number one especially after last week's intense classes lots there isn't any amount there. that's the essential task police force were simply following the instructions they have received as those who gave the orders that should be held responsible for the violence. that would do that with their recordings and the incentive to actual orders that are to proceed and oxygen pump to clear the idiot who masquerade as a parliamentary commission can find the person who blew it all up and hold them criminally responsible. i'm sure the orders came from someone higher than the head of police. just enter their third week of the tension is palpable. no one wants a repeat of last week's nightmare. the resolution requires common efforts from both sides among people whose patience is already wearing were unleashed in the middle
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school art in kenya the events of the new rail line to find out what pres to get a cut of responsibility to put in about half that meeting recently in sultry out of cpo comatose from abilene to some the speculation radical. it loses all britain's prisons become a breeding ground for extremists coming up and on this program a crackdown on a preaching behind bars is underway to try to stop impressionable rates from being radicalized him so therefore all that. the bride the eye. been one of the country is rich in resources are the words after asic on the cause of the corporate. strong leaders who aren't fond of the corporations. so they have to beg from the world bank development of social programs goes to pay back
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debts. all countries with drowning in the end of the debt to pay. so every year that would bar him. they would use the same amount of money to pay back the events don't let money really helped. the wages of debts right from the same. i couldn't picture. the report is your. this is what is the consecrated to god for almost a thousand years. you
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go gym here in twenty some years ago. that was so quiet on this island i am a people feel the love of christ working. people say you can just go on. something is amiss. that makes them return to it again and again. they say the beloved saints them join me. james brown. when ginny for the soul. neo . it was. aa the news. hello again
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demanded lives of africa out of its darkest days of the pa announcement and will be laid to rest on to seven fifteen for these families stay and chatting inequality in bawdy be maintained in a country which suffered such the scots mostly i asked a different chapter on segregation still lies ahead. many of the south africans taking that have been asking themselves the question what happens when men get across is on and for a long time it was the one week that if we think he stood for which was he seemed to be putting one in black africans to get that what disappear when he dies thus christian has become a surgeon as big as the cost on a new generation of south africans has come to the fore the technique of their own pockets of critiquing the one south africans who are gay straight. i was to take to the community of pain and pain which is a one on page b
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you find only off the contents not the someone from africans who can trace its roots back to you it can stop this pain in the sixteen hundreds. you'll get special permission to include the area. he asked as he thought it the way or the fact he's paying tribute to the founders of a court case which was top africa's legal system of discrimination between blacks and whites. people there to justify the existence of such enclaves has made me a way of considering the history the culture they that wait on you against any kind of came off places and we feel strongly about the lighting it in the one to pick it back in contention. this together but the fear that some one topic on this appeal has caused some to put in place contingency plans. now the second quarter the state and this they estimate that the figures are round eighteen two hundred thousand people and the bleeding too immobile phones in such a way that anytime the beach at
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genocide happens in the dvd for the genocide is coming again. one top of the kids they can be mobilized themselves and move to an area where they will be able to both protect themselves and be completely self sufficient not hesitate to this community and this is what i had to tell me right now. we use this stage notable sixth grade. they will say love is when the action can be stopped these white south africans however are in a monarchy the majority we credit and get help with putting the country back on the brink of civil war. the contest up that kind of face can be a great speaker he didn't need to stop africans have gotten thinner as the heroes of the struggle again to partake and see him as one of the quake two sons the stampede has it that given the people. motorists think stories crunch has launched a second major event in africa the shia present the lungs raise the deployment of one thousand six hundred troops on the ground in the central african republic the soldiers of the mit
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press known carriers of them and feel the capital bindi to patrol remote areas with ibanez is at its most intense fear of trustees on thursday left almost three hundred dead eyes begun to send reinforcements hours of the un authorized the mission to quell a spike in sectarian bloodshed that thousands of civilians have fled the country's main airport in seeking refuge from iam fight this. christian militias loyal to the ousted president of battling muslim rebels a car to control the country lawrence freedman from executive intelligence review magazine. he believes france's domestic problems are behind this makes this one. recently. france has become more active militarily and i think the problem with that of france and britain. i have not given up your intent on having access to news of some of the resources and wealth of the african country. plus i think france is suffering serious problems at home. i
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view the old devastating collapse living standards throughout all of your. so many new things that can combine to push france forward to some of these military activities that more recently than we've seen before. the british government still not much is to stifle the span of extremists and it follows the brutal much of the uk soldier boy is the maximum that the file includes looking guidance material on the web on cracking down on a preaching. but as nazis laura smith reports next the country's jails girls becoming a breeding ground for radicalism. what with scrubs prison in west london said temporary ordeal that time high in to around fourteen hundred male presidents. apart from the inevitable gang activity and drug taking the case of insights. many prison inmates find renege said well that's it that's tracks some odd january of this nelson on
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the robot can you get those who've left home to the news that religion is an excuse for extremists. i'm dealt with to put this in part that was clear evidence that there are arguments to be radicalized. i'm forced to join direct causation all beyond a folder for christmas who then can become extremists as well. evidence for the prison open sissy name stays put the as are necessary he said not finding pellets as having shelved and then they say its length and gangs have grey and in power and influence in jail to leave the country and the prison open the safe nation is concerned that they target vulnerable new arrivals that can touch it and that the islamists that is already being forced into more extremist views. he speaks some business in a tone that you are going to the bathroom. all summer to get more fiber itself. all art doll that had just
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the same as the pa for a kind of trip. atonement for protection. how dumb it because i'm cool with extremists who was ultimately released from behind these moles back into society. they expect the store is one of them one must not be enough artist of the north korean jail calm the seas had to get and you can find something that they probably have to flee war crimes that's exactly what makes you fight the real you is that you didn't freak. that's what website up to go home to get his story. what a wetsuit in age it seems normal people are being thrown behind bars for not keeping in line with the brooding minute read the article comes from the tills of the last day of rest. right from the sea i couldn't picture. the report
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on top the story is that rates will make great about last month deal which could provide trillion dollar boost to the global economy. when it is honestly the cross border trade by slashing red tape the customs checkpoints time and so this will also give them that the developing nations to buy create ten to twenty min get a job that is the first global yet to be rectified by each member government. in mexico with the comedy store is alaska but that may recall six people suspected of stealing a truck with highly radioactive material from a medical scan at a big release themselves of small spin will be the youngest suspect they spent sixteen was found to have traces of radioactive poisoning. those men will matter of maybe detention for further questioning the vehicle of the time was kind to the dentist cobalt
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sixty mm of police gun and it was hijacked at gunpoint and accountability this week. so wills most popular vacation spot for those who try to settle down in price often find the romantic notion shafted. hester is still a thing the old great on paper but anyone with an aspirational living in central paris. we missed some reason i can hear the constant looking for plot here is the qwest center and the city might also have a sign that says off limits to anyone with a tight budget but if you must care for the very tight quarters when it first arrived to the fat owl is complete in time because this was the smallest area. today i myself have heard how tight it is like it's from here danica p seven hundred seventy euros for this twenty twenty square meter essential paris plot. a popular latin quarter area thus another hundred for bills and internet. she chose convenience over. it's a
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choice that's not quite there for others likes of dean who lives just outside paris with three other people. her bedroom in the basement. my aunt that it was about five confuse them with ten so yea i was thinking an incentive for this offence in the year as the unthinking me. it's expensive and i visited a few faces that though. my name so i decided to go full sunlight in southern coasts. in more extreme cases not only did people end up far from the center apartments like this one where there's no kitchen for hot water to the communal pool. it's a real problem in from the stock of housing we need eight hundred and one hundred thousand more housing. this is what explains the high prices in july a report released by france's national institute of statistics and economic studies found that one hundred forty one thousand five hundred people were without a fixed a residency in france. a rent
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control law was recently passed as part of a larger housing reform to address the lack of housing sub standard conditions and the trend of people being pushed out of paris and other major cities. but changes in living standards will come overnight. in fact many of the city of lights and just come to look set to relax his interest in this area. nice and stay in the area. i love the cake was a fan of them i'm just a silly rt parents i'm counting but meaningful news update about thirty four when his time. i have no doubt seeds national next to report on aid programs in africa that don't seem to bring any of the poll as to what she gets in the uk legal going on rather than fewer times chelsea's i i. i rmb
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ukraine is a tough spot right now trying to figure out whether to join the eu or the region's custom you'd it would be nice if he would handle maybe love apples to vote for their future by referendum but said he looks like the politicians will be making the historic decision i can see why some people wanna look west and some people want look east. it was so called ukrainian nationals want so desperately to join the eu. first off a nationalist groups in the eu are automatically demonized as right wing extremists in the politically correct west patriotism is pre much dirty war. generally nationals like their culture and the people for part of it but to look at migration trends within the eu we see that the slavic part of it is flooded western europe looking for work i have many relatives from the slavic part of the eu and almost all of them have to work abroad might sound nice to have a work in europe but the reality is that you koreans will probably be paid even less than bulgarians are a means to clean toilets in london. ukrainian nationals don't have to like wash or join the customs union or
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join the bloc of countries but advocating the future for themselves the eu seems absolutely backwards least to me. fascists. i am. you know them. each includes the word dude he is actually more showers. some of them. or are very defensive. we were just what to do so they were taking someone's force. this is. he said. firstly and some of them are or are these
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techniques to look in mind that made it. its components i sing with. it's simple ite is represented by what you and i know what the western world knows as the us. we changed into his call. the tide cheeks. that's the philosophy. the art. i teach more beans. traci. it's a thai boxing. we have. g the new york we had pt on fox so it's basically a martial art based on. a philosophy this dichotomy this nature overall the ruler who will i know that i am. the new
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wing will or will. i knew the land or welcome to the journal coming to life and dig out the winter wet and sarah harman and these are our top stories this hour should this continue for nelson mandela preparation to get underway. memorial service and funeral. after twelve years of negotiations the world trade organization held its first global trade agreement. and if so was not in berlin where the european film


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