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tv   RT News  PBS  December 5, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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we. i am the am. it's worse like him in washington d c i m lopez and you are watching artsy we want to go straight to break the news this hour former south african president nelson mandela just passed away a short time ago he was ninety five years old mandela has been viewed as a hero to people all around the world and was the biggest leader against apartheid. his health has been failing consistently over the past few months due to a recurring
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long infection. he was last in the hospital in september but was discharged and allowed to return home. he was a nobel peace prize moderates in one of south africa's most beloved presidents of all time are ceaselessly or brings us a look back at this great leaders like. he's the man who pulled a couple of the divided and that from the brink of civil war the man who up to twenty seven tough years behind bars will be from prison. in his heart was an ultra change well i think that his greatest legacies this country is reconciliation in the last three decades the world's tightest be punished. the image of nelson mandela. and in each recognized of all the world of nikko cooke oh that is based on known to man whose struggle for racial be undertaking south africa's reading like a nice he had a dark side. the world has
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he's gotten about an awesome and the end of the need to know struggle pretty cool someone new. i embraced finances. isn't this a street political instrument at a particular juncture in history. and his colleagues look forced underground twenty oh five peace band of the fleet in nineteen sixty in this house was the secret headquarters of the african national congress. it has hit me with the sixties that my dad and his comedies and went beyond struggle. it is also said that mr bin where they stood on trial and sentenced to life in prison what was known as that of the new colony nineteen sixty four hundred and ten of his colleagues faced the death penalty for seven times. one of them and alongside him in the dock was dennis cole good an engineer and from a can to sabotage campaign. he spent twenty two years behind bars. no summoned and those scores of because he took up arms against the apostate government. governments not
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to support government. they claim to just a mistake the waves had big investments go times industry the sea transport links to the east the paper it was very important. the support of the apostate government. a neocon. was there for a service. it's helpful because it would've lasted as long as it did. if the world community has been closed ranks behind the white government. but he's prime minister margaret tech announcement and a seat airbus. i was once quoted as saying anyone can fold the ends he will stop africa was living in cloud cuckoo yes they take too well come to montana to downing street washington also did the hunted in a few concrete and also to seventy two thousand and eight. the truth or references to miguel and his colleagues asked airbus promised onto base the change in heart according to this man who so if all that was an activist in the south african underground was because of a change in the political
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climate was destroyed and the last north dakota to the soviet union in nineteen ninety. the self interest is a waste of time to preserving and protecting south africa from forming into hands of the communists. became less and less significant than a list of links important jenna was not unknown in world leaders who injured a love hate relationship at the hands of the waste darlings of the waste one moment that is the next. it is one that gadhafi. egypt's hosni mubarak. we keep weeks counting cheena songs to name a few. south african journalist chris bishop believes the nineteen sixty four trial that soul mind and then his comics sentenced to life. colts ten that will be in a favor. during the trial these gentlemen. you are on top of a neutron as they went from being the key is that the people in that tall slowly transformed. they became the benjamin
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franklin's of africa as a beacon of freedom fighters that began the man of principle who was standing up mainly for the rights of office mates who needs those sampled opinion around parma violets to one of the greatest be confined to step into walked the earth the story of nelson mandela is remarkable. a man who stood up for the whites of people in the way. but also the familiar tale of governments pushing and gone and now was around twenty one day and evoke the next points via rt hon is that south africa. and we are showing you right now in line look outside of nelson mandela's house again at nelson mandela the most beloved president of south africa's history died today at nine five years old he isn't so joe cannon south africa people are obviously gathering please the tuning into artsy dot com for the latest information coming out of course will be bringing it to you all night all fourteen so called
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computer hacked events associated with an ominous appeared in california federal court today over charges that they conducted a cordon in the cyber attack on paypal. the sun and mastercard distributed denial of services attack or the ddr westpac overwhelmed patel's on line service is back in two thousand and one and is temporarily not the company offline. today the paypal fourteen respect the deal that would require each to pay five thousand six hundred dollars and pleaded to a felony which will be dismissed after a year with good behavior. two members of the group did not want potential felony on their record and instead to a misdemeanor charge and ninety days in prison. this was part of operation came back which is in retaliation for paypal refusing to accept or perform financial transactions for the secret spelling organization with the leaks in the wake of the biggest drop in us history. allison on the very latest i was joined by one of the attorneys for the group standing calmly in the fall
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of the rt web producer and blake was been following this case very closely. i started by asking stanley to explain the plea deal and the latest coming out of the courthouse it didn't involve negotiations for over a year of negotiations that such a weakness that the current principal of acquiescence that did not involve cooperation is not golf. and it had that renouncing their car and up the walls that up instead. it would use that week. we had to call the police. the imps. we believe me it was appropriate at more than willing to pay the price. her tremendous amount of negotiation and important challenges. we reached the conclusion that deal with the approval of the defendant pleading guilty to a trial in the caravan was the account. during her year
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there are numerous him to hear the elliott smith the misdemeanors of the place. and people actually get conditional discharges at that point the six hundred dollars per student. now that it was five point five million. with help of the weakest position paper of may and that pretty much the eighteen thousand dollars back. these folks. and then continued. they would have to pull them back and continue to do it is active role in the future to live the digital world so what is next for this high is there anything against them using the internet grandstands or being able to log on anything like that. the conditions that are not pre trial release for almost two years that the arrest in the novel conditions that allow the continued though i have indicated that he thinks they're a lot of writers are due to a parent whether they talk to. they continue with the hopes that he was hit on two more years to conclude
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that the prosecution was basically an open window at the top three years. and it worked out i did think it was nice while we're in today having worked out fine the defendant in a given that the heater where an employer the president of the ordinary person to me they walked into the business leaders to back to the honor and courage for her stanley thailand one of the attorneys for these and this group of anonymous the captain and thank you so much for joining us and please keep us updated as this trial. commander that continues or at the vet these people continue and within the next year. now if you must allow the president is being set here has anyone ever been successfully process. alas attack would know it's really weird that were not necessary for the past year because they put in this guilty plea had this gone to trial and we had a group of civilians get up there and hear about what's being called to happen is really just fulfilling a website a bunch of times on then we might have that
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the president might find out that only few feet off the website you can do that you have to decide that they can screen for really long time. there is actually be several years ago at the infancy of the one on this movement when some kid ahead dvd off the top three just overflow website. he did it against the church of scientology and he actually turned around they went after him and he served the year in prison for clicking a bargain that i took down scientology dot dot church i know what the there are websites call of ms and other related this incident is another one happy right now in the eastern district court on for three eastern history reaching apatow court on just down the road we're on a handful of elected activists on comprehensive what you got canteen against a bunch of anti censorship websites also on in retaliation for the soul kind of step with that broke out after which the greeks began releasing all sorts of confidential information back in twenty ten so that does happen and then he'll break now. that's happening right now that i start earlier and earlier
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this month i believe around a week ago on our fellow was sentenced to two years' probation and ordered to pay hundred and eighty three thousand dollars fine and thirty three thousand dollars restitution to koch industries show that the corporation run by the insurance co for taking down one of their websites momentarily within the top fifty years ago. now the challenge when greenwald who is the journalist that was working with veterans and all those ns family and is reportedly working with the founder of e bay which is the parent company of paypal on a new media venture beyond so i went every couple of weeks. that's me i didn't encounter wrote his name is pierre own mini are heat treated it whenever you think and act with the league's tactics we know more about our world through their journal and then donate the empty paypal. the man but this certain altercation considering paypal was part of the block and then expanded to start with feelings of those fines on so i wanna read and other sweet that said this transparency
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organization responded by saying the block it has cost with the league's tens of millions. we announced successful changes in policy and right after velocity so what do you make the business agreement and work for me on the paypal payment saying this mainly to update these ones are not. it is a bit slack given us human is a lot of players involved in this relation come down to disappear says or what you hear in the belief that there's a lot of bulky telling you there. obviously the massive taxes on corporations. but no it does raise some allotted in this interesting points about the oneness the week ok one is of additional protest ok and on who's got the money to state what can and can't work on latino. going into this paypal is looking at receiving upwards of five million dollars in restitution for the crimes of alleged crimes committed by these activists and now they're looking at receiving around eighty k on it so a lot of people were building up the stable no paypal that all the time to go out there
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and say no. don't tackle these kids don't open in jail and pierre recently just made a statement this week saying are you in all lighted leniency for it that people fourteen. i was hoping that you know why i plead his case of the spring over a little bit in the attention has spread and most readers know not many people talk about is the irc a weapon is randomly taking so much for filling as an adult i are out feelers to your website are good outcome for the latest on all the presents. when your dear a pro business group known as the american legislative exchange council alec has gathered for one week to discuss domestic business policy. this week has come to dc to meet somebody and was not alone. protesters gather breakouts out ahead. they did let them know that it not
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okay with that the day. what would it be that you would operate the wedding breakfast with them. they have not blogged every day the demonstrators demanded that alex tait out of american politics given for transparency alec allow members of the media to attend this year's meeting our team as anzacs was there and brings us an inside look at the conference. dear alex two thousand thirteen states admission policy summit in washington dc where center takers addressed the conference just a moment of the look of course is the american led to sleep exchange council a conservative pro business or decision. the breeze together mostly republican state lawmakers from around the country. the teams them up with representatives from corporations like ducks on mobile. att and pfizer. you can actually tell who's who around here. with that lawmakers were in red badges that state legislative member and corporate representatives wearing blue badges that said private sector member. now alex has often been referred to as a dating service for lawmakers and business suits
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together their legislators and corporate representatives are crafted in voting on model legislation that's been done behind closed door meetings little bit later this afternoon. the senators task force's new media is allowed in. there's an education taskforce there's no wind energy task force the tax policy task force is physically organized a similar way that our congress is organized into committees not once legislation is passed out of these task forces to secure it with lawmakers back to their home states for the traffic passing through their respective state legislatures to become actual loss. so basically that's how it works it's this activity that threatens for christians who argue that this organization acts as a shadow government turning a corporatist legislation enforcing elected lawmakers to pledge allegiance to corporate interests rather than their own voters back home the members here say nothing nefarious is going on. i first came down like
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over a decade ago. when i was in the bush administration i've been privileged to work with alec. in the federal government i've been privileged to work with alec when i was back in texas the texas policy foundation leading the tenth amendment center. and i'm proud to stand without liked it. i will tell you this my advice to alec is very very simple stand your ground looking at the conservative vendors on hand and what's on the docket includes or task force meetings. you can clearly see an agenda emerging. alec has operated largely in the shadows but the organization did release some of its priorities for this year. they re did the sensible laws are being written in voted on at the summit. although alex still keep secret which corporate interests are being hired writing. each bottle bill. present. there's that this model bill under consideration this week opposing the case ability to regulate greenhouse gases under the clean air act
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the proposal was supported by deep deep oil industry. or there's this bill the international relations task force that opposes regulations requiring country of origin labeling on to the grocery stores. a proposal supported by the back. plus there are model bills to weaken sector unions as well as to make the affordable care act or obamacare more difficult to implement. these are all conservative priorities. but passing model bills the cubicle was on the road is only one priority this year for alec. the other is mending fences. as the guardian reported this week. alec is facing any foreigner is in crisis. after hundreds of lawmakers and dozens of corporations left the organization over controversy created by alex supporters to your brow was in voter id laws. it's reported that alec is facing a one point four million dollars budget hole that year it has launched a new initiative known as the prodigal son project to
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work corporations and their donations back into the organization. but there is little concern on the faces of members in the halls around here who dined together and play in a later vote together on corporate greed was emboldened by the dysfunction down the street congress alec is taking the responsibility of governing into their own hands. and that is exactly how corporate america wants it. in washington dc the same socks are too. ask the current number one hundred city is put down their snacks allies and picked up picket signs to date. julie protests for better wage its goal the protest is to raise the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour which would amount to thirty one thousand two hundred dollars for a full time employee before taxes. countdown is just about eight thousand dollars above the federal poverty line for a family of four at the moment right now the minimum wage in the country is seven twenty five an hour in some states
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that number is much higher here but so is the average cost of the twenty eight states that the highest minimum wages. they range from eight dollars an hour in california and massachusetts to nineteen nineteen in washington. the photo washington st international airport might be the testing grounds for the future of minimum wage. the city of sea tac is the first in the street sweeper of a fifteen dollar minimum wage for last month voters passed the ballot measure that would do that. airport workers a pay raise of more than double the current federal minimum pay and the ending of this next year. president obama is addressing the minimum wage in his speech yesterday other cities might need to begin to follow suit. you know that there are airport workers and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off. and i still
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living and or billy above poverty. and that's why it's well past the time to raise the minimum wage for the real fight the war was worth it we turn onto rt correspondent marina park nine am. what began one year ago here in new york city with just two hundred employees has exploded into arguably the biggest wave of protests in the history of america's fast food industry thousands of saskatoon. it's high in the one hundred cities throughout the country how to go for a binge on thursday. nancy are based in minimal wheat and the right to due to new heights without it how the teaching of the organization spearheading this movement is called fast and well worth it. workers side that are participating in these strikes are in a way
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to hide in each chain restaurants mcdonald's the eighteen twenties and kfc and while the fast food industry remains of two hundred. in the dollar industry. eighteen weeks for the service of words like here's the crew the national median week is just eight dollars and ninety four cents an hour more during the year with many of that fifty plus thousand fast food workers earning than last. just seven dollars and ninety nine cents an hour in the comments below. what is fast and restaurants. tell me the live in poverty forced to rely on assistance of portland food shelters to feed their families many other fast food workers are living in shelters because they are salary can to cover their backs now even worse is that this problem is expanding low wage jobs have been accounted for the fall of the new jobs added in the so called us recovery in retail and fast food are
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among the fastest curly not economic sense sectors in the united states right now know what the strikers are demanding is fifteen dollars per hour and so far only one city in washington still has and that those demands. as you can see there is as significant police presence here on the scene on its very high feast day of action so far everything has remained relatively calm now in the meantime companies like mcdonald's her kicking and in twenty ten that comes out saying that a low key positions are just adding stones to better positions but reports reveal that the managerial jobs on make up just two percent of all jobs in the past the industry had five restaurants have also said that the state of minimal but we will increase costs and da forced some workers have a job that i've run the ads you can see
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the majority of the semester he even walked all the shop rides a white or off of the six leading weeks of quality of life. that said american jury. mom says to all of its citizens should also mention that this movement has a lot of support might get lots of civil rights groups community leaders even when you're sitting here at lax fields of law seo has voiced his support for reducing the minimum wage as you can see this is that fuel which movements in the united states taking place in day out the extent they're going from location to location and name calling them as they continue walking. reporting from the dark green up when i r t. rapper great scientists and rescue crews are desperately attempting to save the crew of beached whales. the group of pilot whales is stranded off the shoreline of everglades national park in southern florida. at least ten whales have ninety six of natural causes and four of them were euthanized. for more from
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florida. rt is an incline so donovan reports. the last couple of days of being very sad day this to be down here on the shoals of the southern florida on wednesday the whole the news spread out but the very large group of up to forty five pilot whales stranded themselves off the shoals of the candidates national park. marine officials tennis gods and plentiful it is trying to help those whales to get back to teach the wall says but it actually all happens in a very remote area known as the hide and to the sch this area as he stays very remote it's actually more than an hour away. well i bet it's the nearest opponent rep and obviously all the piece is called the kite to the rescue mission. and today wildlife officials say it simply no new content for the wales already ten of them have died for them was euthanized due to their pull condition but it's funny that it just takes a bold a situation that is complicating the rescue. it's
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actually the bells themselves many wells to simply teach themselves wants and over again and the problem now is that the remaining wales simply just won't leave because god has tried to head the wells out of the banks but it was simply impossible this loyalty is just a tree gets up scheme and study them all why would the whales come to the shadow bolt is in the first bikes. it's not likely that it was an accident because pod whales will they be and indeed the warts is its belief that this particular group several days to travel the twenty miles that separate the state borders the way they had to be hip to the shadow bolt is the in the area that they were found this different theories as to why it did that whales and dolphins these shadow bolt says it could be that there was scared off by a thread that said that they would simply disorientated all still always been scared off by an on the wall. this is me but they could be something
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special to complete the daily double sake of a helpful was too old and simply just just came to the shoals to die the rest of the group followed it. at the sites just to impossible to know them and the beached on the beach that we have one of these events. we just had a good normal. but it's still an enigma. as for why these whales come to show to die those aren't his neck was so donovan reporting and or maybe hope on the horizon wildlife officials say twenty and the wails of purity swimming for the deeper water. several miles north of their previou location well just one day after he blasted the environmental protection agency for not using so called sound assigned units republican congressman lamar smith of the carry on. it's the aliens representative smith who chairs the science of space and technology committee in the house criticized roles the epa said on the amount of carbon pollution new power plants
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were allowed to remain. this is the epa is way too slow or reverse the effects of climate change. a letter addressed to the head of the agency. lamar smith wrote the agency is a stubborn insistence on placing its judgment of biomass of that science advisers raises serious concerns that the apa is a roll making is based more on partisan politics and sound science but on wednesday a job for the stars with a two hour long hearing called astral biology the search for bio signatures in our solar system and the lines. this guy saying that is possibly just about life on other planets aren't possibility of june more than you the pope refused. what can we find hope and pray the atmosphere to the french who drive by of signatures that would indicate the presence of some form of gluten free life. what would be the implications of such a
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discovery. pics are now questioning the lamar smith concedes aliens as sound science but quiet change and partisan politics but danger will robinson. there is a bigger issue at hand and this one is in our galaxy are exactly five days left in the house of the official calendar year including today law makers have out of town there are several serious issues that must be addressed the most important of which isn't your father's now while hopes are high in the farm bill will be passed that allows as expected it from this conference. so with so many important issues on the table ranging from the economy through immigration. perhaps the real question here is show the maker's be searching for aliens are focusing on the issues right here on planet earth. and wanna update you on the breaking news that we've been falling former south african president nelson mandela just passed away a short time ago he was at ninety five years
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old. mandela has been viewed as a hero to people all around the world and was the biggest leader against apartheid. his health has been failing consistently over the past few months due to a recurring lung infection in his last in the hostel in september but was discharged and allowed to return home he was a nobel peace prize moderate and one of south africa's most beloved presidents of all time. our hearts go out to his family has made it for now from one story to cover go to youtube dot com slash rt america check our website for the latest on the nelson mandela story and follow me on twitter at meg and underscore lopez aussie about kerry. you see the world reading for globally minded people. hunters and underwriters local contact us
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at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. windmill new. although welcome to new site it's like a december six and captain comanche into camp. millions of people around the world of remembering and paying tribute to the man who was considered the father of modern south africa nelson mandela has died he was ninety five. known simply as medina. he dedicated his life to the fight against apartheid and went on to become the country's first black president


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