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tv   The Afghan Report  PBS  December 1, 2013 6:50pm-7:01pm PST

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that's it the conference has emphasized that its yep it's that sound won't need is to help hold his lead by example sending extravagance focusing attention on sensitive to the likes of mike with us. and to reach the government unveiled its independence from on tuesday i made to pay for investment in next year's referendum his office an optional toppings that the country would have full control of the toxins on north sea oil revenues. but keep the pounds and retained the queen as head of state. scotland and england considered politically union in seventeen eighty seven holes cut he said. it's all about independence with a good diet eat during economic consequences and seven ties and bread early hours of wednesday to political leaders emerge from coalition talks to announce the reached a deal to govern the country for the next four years
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later after some sleep party leaders presented the final agreement. just look under the medical from the conservative cdu expressed satisfaction that compromise worked out with the spd. click on the tail and fled the scene the weekends that are very different ideas. sorry it took awhile. it is very interested in connecticut the same issue in different ways all that up. one does not understand me. so for me this class. that's what makes life interesting for me the negotiations went well and were matched by trusts we serve. one fun fox island to pick it up. you incorporates key campaign pledges of each party. the stds demand for a minimum wage in the euro is fifteen dollars will be introduced starting in twenty fifty the series he has won approval for a car pool for four to audubon users. the cd
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remained firm on their pledge not to raise taxes. social democrat leader cyclone gabrielle first the party's rank and file to back the agreement in a referendum next week. he has acted was acquitted grand coalition has written a coalition agreement for regular people to carry out their responsibilities every day. is there some water cannons to stabilize fairness and social balance in our country and this week's upset about austin is none of these yet. spd members accept the deal chancellor under the miracle could be re elected to a third term in mid december he rejected the grand coalition will be over before it began. italy's senate voted on wednesday to expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi following his conviction for tax fraud the decision meansravis county loses his parliamentary immunity and could face arrest in connection with other legal proceedings against him. they include with an underage prostitute and abuse of
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office. the vote was preceded by a heated debate between supporters and opponents doomadgee imagine that this is a historic day for italy just for them to the rule of law has been strengthened because it's clear that everyone is equal under the law to enable him as a clown a cookie sheet to the knee so i know i'm an addict. but there was tony says he isn't giving up. it was the seventy seven year old told supporters he would seek a seat in the next election. however under the terms of its conviction he's barred from holding office for the next sixty years the day. like his prime ministers like these two groups. he knows his resignation in a surprise move on wednesday the one he said he could no longer carry on in the wake of the country's worst disaster since independence. fifty four people were killed last week with a supermarket group collapsed in the capital riga
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critics have suggested that the government's decision to abolish the construction oversight authority as part of budget cuts may have contributed to the accident so i know and to current and up the pressure this week in a territorial dispute seven group of islands in the east china sea. in response to basingstoke narration of an air defense and around the islands. the united states and japan have both been managing at croft through the area without informing china. boo to you regarding china's use of force to try to challenge the status quo. we'll continue our patrols and surveillance activities without interruption deal with it. when we were determined to fully protect our nation's territory and territorial waters and territory or airspace. he did the titans colts in ca provides a common value by china claimed by the pacific islands the uninhabited islands lying at home to
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the notion that needs to be rich in mineral resources and fishing stocks. the tech tree has been on the japanese administration that on a piece to be flexing its minutes the muscle within you at the fence and even scrambling five digits in response to violations. they tink has signaled it had attracted confrontation with tips on it. sea the deal on jewish festival of hanukkah kicked off on thursday hundreds turned out jerusalem the ceremonial liking of the menorah a giant menorah was also in berlin in front of the city's brandenburg gate. the holiday commemorates to read education of the temple in jerusalem during the revolt in one sixty five pc according to jewish belief there was only one to two flights per day. miraculously it lasted for eight. in this
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the blue a crime as it was good tonight star gaze is this an on pace to have been upset by it. let's encounter with the sun on thursday in the us space agency nasa released these images on the ice on disappearing behind the sun. but just failed to relax on the other side's leading scientists to believe that the two km wide some of the race and that bet the pot. the comets was the need to be for the hoffman billion years old and was discovered by a russian tennis get lost in the sun is out hoping they'll be able to study the danbury to learn more about the makeup of thinking of us its. eu summit with former soviet countries and lithuania on friday falling short of its goal of signing a partnership agreement with ukraine. president victor gemma corbett said he was unhappy with the terms and rejected the pact. eu leaders accused moscow of trying to
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secure ukraine's foreign policy reform. the fact that we have a synthetic partnership aggression does not mean that benny on dealing with another country we can't accept any kind of shark park involvement in the bilateral relations ukraine said it wanted more due monday but russell said it was sticking to the conditions it was offering with no new negotiations the government's decision to reject the deal fueled week long protest in ukraine thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets in numbers of cities calling for closer eu ties. will the summit was a success for two smaller countries jordan until the insight into the new partnership act the use of the door was still open to pray. if the president changes his mind. it's the disease. one of danny's nice celebrated christmas markets open and i'm back on
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friday the kids. i hang the christmas angel to admit that the traditional greeting the stock up on the day season. no that's not that dates back to the seventeenth century. it still will sell everything from decorations and toys to feed on touring this is the city is expecting more than two million businesses to sewing the festivities. that was the weekend break. swedish detective. you know sometimes the too much the us. now on dvd. low low
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a a. sells. says the focus documentary series from place to go. captivating documentary said reports cover business and selling its alternative ancient
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historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm.n ukrainian capital the biggest show of anger gets off the country's pro russia president refused to sign a trade back to the eu. tragedy and the new york saw the massive rescue effort is underway in the bronx offer train derailed killing at least four people. saying no to gay marriage according to partial results and thirty four percent of correlations oppose the motion which says that marriage is between a man woman


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