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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 29, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the end the blinds while the political standoff over its eerie sounds. suffice it to reach a plea of push to expand its airspace control here are the country's problems and for proceeding to put on hold once again after the main opposition party only cost you some sense in its standoff with the party. top state auditors nominee korea's industrial output and celebrated at the fastest pace in nearly
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every year in october. that's it. the country's economic recovery. the stores want next. to primetime years it's friday november twenty nine here in korea flight from seoul and nosh on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the ongoing geo political standoff over the fence here so that has grown even more intense in this region korean government is mulling over the idea of expanding its airspace control. it seems that the come as early as next month. salon has our top story. the jury and get ammon is currently looking into expanding the nation's interstate it then add in
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the kitchen ceiling. during these candies exciting given the source is telling based in ghana news agency reported friday that the korean government has been considering in this series tying s unilateral declaration of an air space to dance to it partially go domestic korean territory every man and latrines authorities reported the money will be doing for expansion plans. baxter says and what of the entire t of korean territory. gelato which is located about one hundred and fifty km of the nations that are most at intel. i do. we are examining the matter of extending the korean air defense identification zone now. we cannot answer about the exact range of expansion. however we will fully considered as part of protecting south korea's national interests to ensure the rights of independent defence defence ministry officials say a final decision can be made as early as next month meanwhile thai nest and were
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a pain in his newly declared their defense village in east tennessee on friday. it came just days after to us leaked to the fifty two bombers overdue zealand and a matter of hours after south korean and japanese ninety aircraft flew into the disputed area even since china has created its airspace defense and we have continued our surveillance activities as before and the east china sea including in the snow. with his resident of east tennessee. the us and japan can get them to regain some if the debtor over again exercise is on thursday and friday in one are still around. ok now what to pack thanks your country's best pr reagan and montreal experts say the period targets town as growing presence in the area. a team of the dmv. antennas unilateral designation of a new air defense sound seems to be cooling times but korea that have been working a full
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and successful summit talks back into. so is the sole beijing honeymoon over and done reports on the new diplomatic challenge ahead sino korean relations have been better than ever thanks in part to president i think he is widely recognized diplomatic skills. but things are taking a different turn but china's new ears on becoming a major bone of contention between the two neighbors. during the third round of korea china defense strategy talks held on thursday scholar called for redrawing of china's here's alex in a way that doesn't affect korea's national interest. but the request was turned down. china has said it will not accept korea's request to adjust the air show. and as the us continues with efforts to keep china's growing muscles in the asia pacific region in check promising support for japan and territorial disputes with china korea faces a new
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diplomatic challenge the adminstration has pushed for so called balanced diplomacy which means not mean too close to either the us or china. that tactic is now being called into question. seoul's foreign ministry how leper is seeking to play down the aisle we can then be with the critters that balance diplomacy as a career in an awkward situation. the korea u s last spot and there's no need to compare it with the us japan alliance. some pundits here korea will soon be pressured to sign with either washington or beading sandwiched between the two powers to make the errors on route. every eye is heavily dependent on the us politically and militarily i'll try numbered means korea's largest trading partner. speaking of twenty five percent of the nation's total foreign trade. much attention is now being drawn to how us vice president joe biden's trip to asia next week will impact the current
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situation in northeast asia and then i didn't need. in other news after months of stalled talks the two koreas finally came together on friday to resume its sub panel talks on transit communications and customs and the korean interrupt the inter korean prison industrial complex the two sides agreed to begin construction of an electronic transit system that will control the passage of businessmen in and out of the invesco parking consult they also great to paint a canvas of panel talks to discuss other sensitive issues including internet and military coming patients connection. earlier this week to run on agreed with world powers to limit its nuclear program for slight reprieve from economic and n sanctions that it's while the deal has raised hopes about a possible breakthrough on the north korean nuclear issue of using political analysts from iraq doesn't see it that way when sonny tells us more it is not
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political at all as mohammad are ideas that ibrahim will not let its groundbreaking new theory deal go down the drain like noah three and has an acutely in the past speaking to local media in seoul on friday iraqi dissidents any comparison between iran and against nuclear programs of getting your thirty s self proclamation as the new clear our state. for some of the iranian nuclear program has always been completely peaceful. international atomic energy agency its members shown any evidence that the court that the program is anything but peaceful. the professor also brushed off speculation that it runs secret dealings with north korea in which iran is believed to be exchanging its missile technology. yes nuclear technology. tehran's nuclear program is very advanced. far more advanced than north korea but it is peaceful. and over the last
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decade. the iranian nuclear program has reached a stage where it is now. industrial and to therefore on the run is in no need. of the anime expertise from any such country. wine talking to me that this week with the p five plus one countries the united states britain china russia france and germany. she brought me to limit its new program in exchange for lighter economic sanctions. rhonda said the deal signals a political shift in the middle east with the us trying to mend ties with iraq after witnessing chaos the country say that once considered allies such as egypt and libya the united states is facing a difficult situation. in the west asia north africa and are therefore i think the united states is beginning to recognize that it means you're on a lot more than its parts in order to bring back stability to the region. speaking
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backgrounds experience iran he said that best solution to the north korean new clear issue. as for the concert party to take the lead. i think that the people of south africa. south from korea are mature. very intelligent and i think that they can guide to own foreign policy an internal policy better than anyone else. sigh things down. involvement of regional powers for i parents only complicates the situation further. he eats. for your dns and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages
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fourteen with the viewpoint of the covert its global network and why on arrival that is seventeen always on standby. got to korea's national assembly the main opposition democratic party launched a boycott on this friday bringing parliamentary affairs to a standstill. jean m gill has a support on how this may put the nation's finances in limbo the main opposition democratic party has launched any definite boycott of the elements which on friday cat party lawmakers from participating in a committee of the view of next year's budget. though the democratic party will stop attending all parliamentary sessions starting friday. we are very sorry and apologize to the korean people. but we cannot work with the ruling party lawmakers who refuse to cooperate the boycott comes in the midst of the elitist tangle and ongoing tug of war between the rival parties. on
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thursday ruling party lawmakers in unilaterally pass the bill to conform deter of the state on import content out of the objections of the democratic party. no democrats participated in the votes. instead they tried to filibuster the bill to stop the ruling party from pushing ahead with palms confirmation. but the national assembly speaker rejected the action saying that a filibuster cannot be use for confirmation bales the party decided at a meeting of all its lawmakers on friday to file a request to suspend pounds the mediation of christ to submit a resolution next monday to us for the recognition of the national assembly speaker if the national assembly fails to pass a budget bill by the end of the year the governor will have to put together a provincial budget. the we are running out of time. we must meet the deadline for the budget proposal for the state of the economy. we have democratic party to cooperate with us. that could spell
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trouble for asia's fourth largest economy as export state that a provisional budget. this is really her korea spending capacity lawmakers did however pass the audit of the two thousand and twelve but did at the plenary session on thursday. a task that should have been wrapped up by the end of august which was to me bye bye parties and wrangling. termed as i did ten years. present bought today has called on the nation's leading scientists and researchers to become the driving force in her push for a creative economy as dental office correspondent in jail has more on the president's support for science and technology. the kid has called on the nation's leading researchers to support small and medium size can be a technology steamy speaking at a ceremony commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the head of research and felt a special said in a time. the president said they should focus on
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research and development that could be difficult to carry out a high percent ers and trek the complex and a hub for the so called creative economy. she emphasized that korea can survive the effects of global economic slowdown and high unemployment or science technology and innovation. just as it did in the past he said it to fail when that is condemning your pc. is it december. he's the detention little jaunt ally took in a castle. steam heat it back. she radioed an unbeatable team. she glad she was kind of a time to invent him. when the day with them their cookbook i fit in double time to have more than that. the creature to complex was created in nineteen seventy to retrieve the puck to the administration and has the center of science and technology and an engine for economic growth in the nation
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the setback pasta peta visit to the korea advanced institute of science and technology has also established an attorney administration. the president that what the scientists there are stressed that science when combined with other sectors of study such as the kinetic he's a result and as expected accomplishment in creativity the optus be president that skittles that it's not me cry baby and a lively heads of the. lycopene to say this reflects her determination to normalize it appears that are facing challenges but the ongoing political deadlock at the national assembly. what changed it again and hips. and a move that would directly impact korean see me finance minister and deputy prime minister and the stock has expressed that korea intends to protest at the end of the seasons for trans pacific partnership that is the us led regional trade pact for economies of the isa pacific region. no weekly meeting of economy related ministers and said that korea will enter into preliminary talks with
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the twelve countries and all associations for ttp which include the us did not in chile have been taking place for the past thirty years. n korea's industrial output expanded at the fastest pace in almost the irritant over continued strong economic recovery. her sippy cups despite cautions against optimism about an economic recovery simeon numbers suggest that the korean economy is finding its footing. statistics korea said friday that nation's industrial output rose one point eight percent in october from a month earlier the fastest pace of expansion in almost a year. the october industrial output which includes production in the mining manufacturing and gas industries follows a two point three per cent drop in the previous month the turnaround comes on the back of a surge in automobile production which was hit hard in september
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because of partial strikes by unionized workers at local automakers. hyundai motor and yet motors. korea's auto production rose nearly twenty percent in october from a month earlier after an eighteen percent drop in the previous month production in the service sector also grew zero point four percent last month after an zero point two percent rights in september statistics korea's that also showed that investment in facilities rose almost twenty per cent in october from a month earlier. but the agency said that the numbers were inflated by the purchase of aircraft worth two hundred sixteen million us dollars adding that the nation's still feeble economic recovery could be derailed by unforeseen shots coming from global economic uncertainties did i tell you. earlier this
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week tourism officials were elated with the prospect of breaking the ten millionth visitor market share to ireland this year the milestone comes earlier than expected and well out cases visitors to iconic resort island destinations like hawaii and bali from lauren how korea's tourism sector is fair in twenty thirteen we welcome professor robert on her front and the university. welcome to prove it. thank you for having me. well professor what explains the boom in the tourism sector. she deferred to jeju island there are some reasons but first and i think we need to clarify the numbers. but when you say ten million that's combined domestic and international tours. so about seven point eight million of those were were koreans still two million is a very good and there are several explanations on for example the growth of cruise tourism so since in two thousand dying there are about thirty six ships thirty thousand visitors in two thousand thirty nine hundred and seventy ships three hundred and fifty thousand visitors um there are low cost
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airlines now which makes it easier to get to chat to there are more international direct flights so in two thousand i need and fifteen this year fifty seven um unesco the natural heritage designations for example for mt hollow biosphere reserve world natural heritage sites including mt hollow the global geo parks network and in addition the new seven wonders of nature designation and time and it's been a big increase in medical tourists why is expected to post if you are than previously expected number of chinese tourists out for the remainder of this year and this is largely due to a new elite implemented chinese law that bans chinese travel agencies from selling cheap travel packages sent to what extent could this have an impact on the korean tourism industry. well let's look at the lawn that to the way it's expressed that it sounds like that certain tags are being
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banned with what they're actually looking at. use it if you've ever been on the package to work. he might go on an excursion in and stopped at a special shop and have to spend an hour or two there instead of doing something else. so what with the band is on is actually this idea forced shopping now these types of shops from contribute money to that of the package operator in order to have people stop there to stop so that is one of the reasons why the prices of gone up. experts predict that by twenty twenty he of world travel market the biggest travel market in the world will be here in the show was in korea do now to promote policies and programs to improve itself well um again when were were talking about ten million. we are. we're focusing on quantity. as opposed to quality. so a lot of these ten million tourists and very very cheap package tours. and
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for a destination to to be calm. sort of a focal point of cheap package tours them in the long run harms the destination. it harms its image is a unique and special place. so again we go back to this idea of promoting quality products as opposed to just ride it more and more and more people to come. what is there a point where too much tourism to tissue island starts to threaten its natural beauty and resources are there are initiatives there to help maintain and preserve the am. well time for sausages and ireland. in diamonds and beach communities or more sets up susceptible to environmental damage. um we have some company of a concept of carrying capacity. so bio physical caring capacity this is how many chores he can you can have come before you start to have some environmental degradation. we
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have social carrying capacity there becomes a point where as tours and develops particularly mass tourism the local people don't like tourism as much anymore. so the bees are all issues and in which local authorities need to be aware especially if it can at the end goal is to bring more and more people will say that's all the time we have for now but thank you very much professor her for coming into thinking crap. a classic entrance final weekend of the season with the championship still to be decided and stephen j joins us now with the preview all of that. hey guys the final weekend of korea's premier football league is here to be an exciting one as they were sung to the tigers and pawn steelers face each other on sunday with the title were
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signs that the top of the seventy three points two points ahead of pong which means that all i need to win for the title. it's not your son will be from two thousand and thirteen in the classic said yes. meanwhile third placed to look in fourth place horrible battle for third place. but both will regard this event for next year's afc champions league and ted on the still avoid relegation with a win over tottenham. it also needs to go to lose their heads against them now. now moving onto the ice the third round of the isu speedskating world cup opened in astana cause extent and five hundred meter world record holder is on a walk to the ice. the specie was suffering from a cold and body aches and that the olympics near and she wasn't taking any chances with medication which may show up until contest. still she battled through and won her heat with that kind of a time of thirty seven point two seven seconds before her fifth gold medal in the world top twenty the second race on
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saturday. now for some baseball news the korea baseball organization believes the list of its players excluded from their team's official rosters the removal of sixty one players reflects the aftermath of this offseason is free agency and its a total of five hundred and thirteen players remain in the league. the lg twins retained the most players with sixty three legit tigers sixteen players in what looks like a complete recess. now let's get to friday stopped video match up on young ttc to the road trip to the side to face the kt sunny pool both teams come into it but the last hungary headway. t t and p d c next week so they're looking for but it's thirty five thirty five at the half. tt's at the richardson kids up from the start and finish it's been twenty four points and decided to take this one seventy to seventy. for me here to sportscenter this has
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been ceded to say bag at midnight but the latest in the world of sports. i know the eye. cheers eased up a bit here in the capital on friday but it was a different story for the bounds of tat u i went that's right it's else that stirred things up or trekking but down at the weather center of doubt
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tgif guys as of this morning approximately fifty centimeters of heavy snow had been accorded hans not hung out with is a rare occurrence for an fm back. take a look at the current conditions with these clowns in taiwan province and instead do but it is relatively clear elsewhere in the nation. now the family dry weather warnings have been tested in taiwan province and the east was presented as for tomorrow we should get back to our seats and expenditures with the average daytime highs getting between eight and thirteen degrees. for those of you haven't had time to do outdoor activities too large to be perfect to get some fresh air to keep in mind that tomorrow morning is forecast to be silly. taking a lead that tomorrow's numbers sell its morning low breaches minus one victories but the height of eleven team of sadie's down south with the love scenes. when on sale at their present status as top that day at seven degrees but the high of thirteen all the while ago and bought them that he had twelve and zero
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degrees respectively. well hope you have a wonderful friday. the bank. broadcast on this friday nights and the ck in seoul and chong lim thanks for watching have a great week it seems. to the books. having it's good to you. in the middle. this puts its top forty years each ninety six to tie. msf to him to prison i was going on fourteen if i made myself and i was fourteen i would reckon this of course that person today. it's the same spot on
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i read the slides. normal for all to read and see what i know everything about them and cut it off long beach. no this guy is going to be the same woeful of the will to prosecute. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes. you will not be the same tomorrow us don't so i run out of me trying to work in the caribbean sea in the conduct a life changing no holy giving the deceased's so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance. cruel when last in the evening hours. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all. in one casey said. he said. well
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winter is called the vista home. it's not use the d c and d in quite a bit another direction and in use them the same vintage. this bolivia. instead the sea need to make stew in a way around. nosy. looking into how the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. kink sustained move by love. it's a man whose longing for something he's lonely and long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i mean. seles
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else he'll actually be healthy and tasty apple garbanzo living and their staff. apple's new to granny smith and golden delicious apple for the life of the bath and adding some dried cranberries some crumpled up until the cheese and some yogurt to them using the new oprah to continue to pray for you but if you prefer. these. i know he was. it's the mindset of a bow the apple cranberry. so
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shannon. you and new wong will. the retail eu summit in vilnius includes was out of ukraine signing the association agreement how about you in sixteen oh five remains on the table thousands are still in the streets of the canadian cities both supporting and opposing the president's decision. it's been peaceful so far but what else this may well be a calm before the storm. i began to have some serious philosophical reservations


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