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tv   RT News  PBS  November 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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all. we saw what the supporting your integration the trade are growing in numbers may be a calm before the storm as the country awaits its dj wall in vilnius the lead is dealt with or whether there's going to the last minute due to the ukrainian president's association agreement with the id. also this diet remedies in texas an unusually high number of clicks expediency says locals and scientists put a finger
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for a cake. loans are finding it increasingly widely used all over the world. we are not going to operate them as other countries. it's not the video. bring it within the route to take a warm drove morphett as russia pushes ahead with a multi billion dollar campaign to revamp its own forces the boarding for me kevin o'neill most goods to stop the midnight now. he sees on tv on top story than the abuse easton recruits in complete and full the summit map that ukraine's president fell in the spotlight as he has a tight so the summing up to closer ties in brussels meanwhile pro european demonstrations in kiev are due the fifth day when hundreds of people seeking the parliament building day and night. the carriage of skis. protests are growing in
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numbers in here right now. i would say approximately thirty thousand people watched his independence way the city sent to the pros this is the soul but this may well be called before the storm. because we've already heard the statements coming from some opposition leaders that the intensity of the province does not sign the new association d on friday vilnius. they will be taking the lead to the streets for an asteroid strike anybody inside what they describe as the euro revolution. indeed this deal this is what it's all about to read that strong assurances from the government of the president. the deal will not be signed still these people here. i'm hoping that the treatment to get back to greeks. indeed it's a tricky situation because the cricket government explain them to call not worthy to sign this deal by economic damages possible economic damages to the country the corner which is already dating and has wanted it to the six billion euro loan debt to pay your debts. what did i see the facts is the trade in fact is along for the eu standards would cost more than a hundred billion euros
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but in the case of ukrainian politics which is the rollercoaster ride but it has always been like that you could never say anything without dissent second seat despite those assurances by the government in the present address in this village on second thought which may take a good start last minute you don't get to attend sunday's deal like goalie couple stalks was now in vilnius covering the summit will tell you walk over to paul. well eu leaders on heads of state of ga but here in vilnius for the two day summit gem in the german council on the buckle. british prime minister david caplan are amongst the guests attending an informal dinner on thursday evening has been effected to be discussing their next movesn how to deal with ukraine colt a kid decided that this isn't the right time for them to sign up association agreement with the eu now course the summit was made. ortiz will complete it will not deal of last week's decision from kiev surprise many of these in negotiations to get to this point but the ukrainian president viktor yanukovich says the towns of the deal aunt agreeable for his country out
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of my image he says the six hundred million euros on offer from the eu and the imf the country to modernize simply is not enough now that is something the president of the european parliament has come close to admitting it earlier today saying that the eu may have underestimated the drama of the domestic political situation in ukraine. but the country is economically in a bubble financially in the deepest crisis for decades. he goes on to say that he ever needs money on this baby gets applied to fifteen knots like the leaning towards russia at least hide out of a lot of stumbling block that is to be the right to form upright minister and jailed opposition leader yulia tymoshenko. she's covered in prison they needed medical treatment on about how the eu to say that i was a precondition that she gets gemini to get treatment on our bad luck. however it was blocked by ukraine's column and now the eu if it does remain on the table with president yahya khan to be given until the eleventh hour to change his mind if he chooses to side with
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the iraqis are willing to budge on that starts the prospect that some like me. well it was a little too big to dominate in the lead of fronts is natural fiber in the pan heat illness is not surprising the train from left to the go ahead with the deal right now. they're making intervention has an inside the national audit six the train i can cook so fully understand the president of ukraine why he felt humiliated on this case they're mixing up nutrients are not concerned voices difficult questions at all you get tymoshenko and the interface ukraine should be thinking clients with all these offers which were seen as humiliating and which even accept their russian friends i mean what does the european union has to offer. when he says. but it's going to rise soon. rising trends to bite into it yet the pro european opinion. if pro russian opinion of this country from its history and
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a stalwart he is complicated let's not make things even worse. russian embassy in damascus. but more supplies to the security guard was killed but the timing of the russian stuff that need to be head is a middle east correspondent closely with the matrix. we know that when the city and has been killed nine people had been injured including syrian security officials. as of yet no information at least in mice and citizens having being killed or injured not be too much on foreign ministry is courting this a attack. we also being told that there is in significant damage to the russian embassy building now the attack happened when a bomb exploded in the embassy premises the idea. it was more to attack by anti government soldiers in the vicinity of way this in this building is
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the russian prime minister has issued a statement to the meeting from the cafe is the resident and current and decisively. the attack on defense in center damascus and we consider this as an act of terror it was clear that it seems to russian diplomats not just the attacks on the ground in syria but also in the media are like this outside reporting on why the foreign ministry i've made. cnn russia's ambassador to the us but it was six magnitude earthquake has struck an area in north texas it is the strongest eminem five years. no damage or injuries have been reported that local stuff and left emotionally shaken. not to vote but mother nature for eighty that some scientists now say that that building and nearby frog king wells is full of stepping off these quakes. he has been to the bible but it doesn't emma's this month on loan to fund it seem more earthquakes in front of the gathering two thousand eight hundred the previous four decades combined. one
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texas residents in the affected area shared his experience with the setting whenever i read or write a one over two point five minute away and in the three pointer. and our current boom and how large a cannon damage was minor to go back in the iraq war i've talked to one lady and she she had appeared mean opened the flap we have. how to get on to keep up with a canadian. i really didn't matter. let's just say coming to fetch the soles of his controversial opposes if rocky was a wally is thrilled to see the ladies will toe the earth as me too sometimes underground and into that while a high pressure makes towards the sound is what is in times of talks it is cold front came through his opponent in the vein creates issues that allow the only gas to reach the surface but
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the crux is the harmful used td accumulated the soul may result in can come in the ground war and for the altar table. those talks and also about prayed up and cause them permission to visit growing movement of the bam the present system it said confronting a pall footage it'll be the key nonetheless to tap into the lucrative deposits us with a text back to the show will smooth the dead may she be used to live there if tracking site. so she made the tough decision to abandon the home. once i turned the tap on and nothing came out which was very frightening. the air was decorated horribly. lots of beer and extra clients. no lanes. it was just completely change the character they were concerned for me wednesday and with our water cooler and ten minus ten k in debt he said. from the chemicals they use the next tennis team. i lost eighty thousand dollars in property value as they expand this practice more and more
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people are hired and more and more people joined the opposition right now there's an entire neighborhood over five hundred homes in june were there tracking theory a class c hundred and fifty c in some cases from people's backyards leaving from people expect showed us isn't it more as this but in the gas itself party that's according to british and the fact the activist even whole. bush butter all citizens of this cold will rebuild the structure whatsoever. no lid of the people said to me that it's that runs the can feel the traditional couldn't make it from the leakage you from all the wells and oma is the two to three to seven percent of leakage of the good of me think athens in the atmosphere. there's a lot more pull than to agree that yes the waltz of steel to it so that your visitors to the city is actually a more harmful form of energy than burning coal in power stations. i was able to leave
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a message to the russian president dimitri insult to devote the country to defence industry. he's going through some major changes at the moment not to tell him i'll say stop the store. let the presidential residence the president has had a very busy day safe up now. he went on to talk about the defense and aviation industry to the papa john's. yes this is what. just needed the drones are finding it increasingly wide use all over the world we are not going to offer them as other countries. it's not the video. however it's absolutely clear that unmanned systems have a big future. the armed forces of the day into something of a transformation. in fact it's the biggest modernization program since its a good hour the doctor and says it needs to adapt to face up to thrive this all comes at a major
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cost of course hundreds of billions of dollars and cents will continue until twenty twenty. old tiger ways than one and i need to add to its people i did towards the book the advances in mental energy system if it wanted to go through technology has become tiny sophisticated but is also very controversial. well the the reports of civilian deaths and usj strikes in yemen and focused on only the name of full on terror russia is determined not to get down that road. although it doesn't want the technology. so if interface for russian energy but with some pf mountains obama crave salty. we approach the bright lights the mets needed to pull it out a lot more too. i see
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things in that it is a call would benefit from leaving some parts of the wild gm. we just get to play on the state's ideas through biotechnology research through genetic modification we can give those small holder farmers the opportunity to be able to deal with and survive all of those challenges. i believe they should have all of that she says. the road. it's me again when an awful lot. we
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all sang night at the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them the news network cnn is taking steps to line the dispute with russia's foreign ministry over to interview with the country's envoy to the nation's key details about new cut the conversation on the channel melbourne plans to post before this website of his records never explains what is actually most objected to. american news network cnn says that it will publish as the entire interview with russia's ambassador to un get that each weekend on its collapse has found that the statement comes after it was revealed that cnn me some pretty significant cuts to its end he was at that age group and most notably as comments on the number of people that actually supported syrian
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president bashar assad and now the first question that was added to its nature and science will lead the interim period to which of the russian envoy. that should be up to the country's people and no one house and there was also another topic that cnn fox was unnecessary in the final version of the interview and that was all about the rebels sound more complex. it lies about the efforts of beer part in a comfort to many tear and a delivery to the war stricken population. earlier russia's u n represent them for six classes every graphic that happened and that's at the company's interview i did not make the cnn fox and the sensory some of the most important and crucial issues to the resolution of the ceiling prices ceo will be a few stories online tonight cultivating life on other planets may sound like science fiction but a breakthrough could be on the way is reporting the cold sea side is it just only
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company is doing them from selling the first plant seeds of the surface of the moon when we get more. it isn't a bad day. a full physical twelve movies took away a fortune. unfortunately the landfill site he confided in the last meetings until was with the big boys two c chopped away the code in the bay and went to save the nfl's like this that gets for us. right from the sea the gripping picture the reporters were there the animal. recent news the european union's developing new members but some of the blokes leaders are happy with the free movement of people this
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expansion brings in the day with the migrant rights to housing a well fed while others goals coming from britain from gemini. peter oliver. well it was a low for a month's time and john terry but the romanians and bulgarians will top the right to me that way at that within the european union and seek employment though we saw david cameron the british crime is to say he wants to see your limits put on the amount of benefits that this type of migrants would be able to to receive help those calls it the echoes funny and an echo here in germany and francois on monday in front so it does seem that there is this that and the movement between the sticks split between the west in the east in the eu. those in the west to come said that this could be huge influx of migrants moving their way. no im looking up mr cameron said mr cummins words we head to mind the miracle saying that migrants that the teat migration was the cause of considerable social problems
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in certain cities in germany not to mention basic tees but it was almost understood the command buttons along the east and for that old germany and in the folder before with east germany that and you know what she said is that it did as she was announcing a coalition government to claim put in place the med and that the restrictions that would not allow my kids to just move here with alcatel been signed on for social benefits housing benefits and the likes that they would only be allowed to do so for limited periods of time now confronts from swollen lump was saying similar things he said that this type of migration was a threat to the social fabric all fronts and that is that something must be done trying the beast type of large scale migration from east to west from its cool enough to face the west but me from the puma countries in europe to those that had its economies have weathered the storm much that
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set them up it's those in the high echelons of the european palm and sipping cold said by these comments coming out but it hasn't stopped leaders in britain in front sons here in germany saying they want restrictions of migrants. the drama revolutionary three d printing technology stocks and guidance can america are off for one couple fly on was successfully create it now than philadelphia's become the first us city to ban the unlicensed printing of guns were told by luke said how anyone could soon manufacture weapons in tow the brits shooting range in cost. going to see us. today the difference is that he's in the firing rounds with a do it yourself why are the world's first reading printed metal god. we wanted to showcase the abilities of what direct metal can do and what better way than find something that i can withstand a bite to eat tolerance. i carry seen it all wrapped into one which in
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america everybody knows us far. much later is going to court the gear solid concept stop company specializing in three d printing paper and three the rt was granted an exclusive pour out their cost in facility which those tend to read the industrial printers and get glimpse of our technological future these are all the three credit cards that i went into making this far after getting a federal firearms license the company used a process called direct metal. these are centering to produce this browning nineteen eleven pistol fixed up twenty five to thirty five hours depending on the machine we put it on and what materials were running . repeat with a metal sign has pioneered who for one thousand rounds in the meantime solid concepts has manufactured it's set in nineteen eleven. why are we
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plan on making a few more prototypes for additional testing do you we don't we'll plan on going into full production of these we can afford to sell on. that's the price of beer for your money back. while this isn't many three d printers have fallen below one thousand dollars solid concepts insists the stainless steel firearm be introduced to the world can't be replicated by hobbyists. these machines start at six hundred thousand or two million dollars. they need to be in industrial environments they require more electricity than is available in residential areas and they require inert gases in the chamber that are just not commonly available so what's the point in an industrial commercial type process. and it'll be years before medal. printers become available on the consumer market. ethanol. not exactly the world's first mini metal maker has already been created. it prints using precious metal clay. and with
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laser century pack is set to expire in february. it's predicted that metal desk top creatures will hit the consumer market before you know but it's no small doses can do it maybe five years after that he spent a couple workshops and an unpopular the one on your desktop at home so that we are going to that of technology exists the price to from there. the world has learned the convenience of technology has a downside. we all love to the internal cell phones email and social media before finding out better but love that data is being monitored and stored by the nsa. the astonishing piece of evidence that three d metal printers he's no longer a secret. so when they become a part of our households have alongside them like a and flat screen tv the people choose to physically leave the privacy of their home. looking beyond the control of the us cut the lead up when i am rt
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texts. well coast once again to oversee such a bitter but use the macro one was the first dusting firearm was printed in may so father is the truth too unreliable to use but the greatest editor paul michael printers are becoming more affordable but tension and making it possible for ordinary people like us to stomp working replica simple for firearms one expert in this field told me that said the other day just read deeper into guns too it's a very universal. acknowledging that can be used in most of the boys some some good some not so good but it is alarming that the people have started printing guns i would say the most interesting is up. let's say a god that those who look like a ton of looks like a flower vase was something else and in songs that he has this ability to make things in any shape and form really defies the laws of the conventional thinking around regulating guns around the detecting them and so forth and i think that sort
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of. it's a whole new world when it comes to control the skies of things possession is a brief that's not what she has been killed and several more injured in street violence in the egyptian capital. in a soft place to force the break of the rally as the economy that the great evil to gas and water can be gathered was in defiance of the new ban on protests held without official permission. on wednesday group of female activists admission is fifteen given prison sentences for a recent protest against the government they got a live report on my coming up next a few that could compel true the cenotaph testament under the knife to cut off power and also water supply national police headquarters the year to date from east to get nukes to the what if the anti government demonstrators to back down after she survived a no confidence vote in parliament given the grace to across the capital bangkok is the country faces is not just
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civil unrest in three years mountain state ministry for some they feel is independent i'd seen as a proxy for the exiled from the taxation law who was forced out back in two thousand and six. jake knows all the more planes to routinely patrol its newly declared that defends obama to speak to diamonds in the east china sea it comes in the wake of america japan and south korea. all in the last few days sitting minutes the flights of the archipelago. the dispute threatens to overshadow to us vice president joe biden's trip to the region next week and fuel tensions between china and its regional neighbors the guy carrier rivers of the head of the falling to the streets of the city of kano with charitable what is now in effect around two hundred and forty thousand bottles of booze was seized by israeli police and destroyed them with a clampdown on so called immoral behavior. most of the alcohol been confiscated from minority christine shopkeepers hundreds of estimates in september of two directive from the state
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government. it was not near moscow things. the company of the breakers on a blog is here to make station will supply them aye aye aye aye i am. i hate to be in doubt i really think the olympics have lost all meaning yesterday was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place the abstract at the nineteen thirty six olympics pseudoscience their self proclaimed security was put on trial for the whole world to see what the olympics having the majority of the country's honor of participating here now horribly horribly bland. one could argue that they become a great way for cuts to show lawful excuse to pull up some infrastructure. i think this is a big misconception the rectitude of the olympics
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in beijing. yet china is willing to help the last twenty years but the deal and that really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or give up your age and culture of the way the thinker the way they live nope nothing at all. all we saw with the flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of a swiss company yes i hate to say i think the olympic flame is kind of workout over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat. i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battleground again then the olympics will become worth watching. but for now it's just generic sports and their countries achieve their stadiums. that's just my opinion. when i rmb you knew the photo. okay what the market. from nigeria
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chris and its contents but it will proceed. caught this little chrissy was formed in my sights along the city's up of me pink to push it in my tuna. my due date assume you mean it to science. a musical when the rice four teams in the seat it was formed the country where i come from. we may be the least the seal on its axis the inlets. so when i was last long. it looked awful site links. on to win the race was also calm. i am not winning. so that the wound. you would think is nice to use and abuse of our house we get to those. they are very long time political nice well kept going and it is going to prepare me to great heights. i'm taking its name. why is the costliest
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made it lots of you don't get some stuff interesting how would these i would be to see what call long distance phone to the allies that all of them. so i went to school to speak out. i would do it looked small in ensuring that remain get to know what needs to be good to have the chills if we want you want. i did still sees this playlist this book which counts more people talking. i always get outs. i bought peace peace peace peace that no one has spoken of by just a war widow realize that you don't want the secret war. and though we had to do was come with such issues on the front lawn. i went on about how we can get one life to the store will think it looks official opening. in my cute baby quilt. he makes the world
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programming for globally minded people. sponsors and underwriters local contact test sponsors to any team that works done or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. windmill new. i eye. welcome to the jaw joint line from dw here for less good at it let's write ups and invisible in the next ballot. will he join the tri club called warranty the ukrainian leader viktor yanukovich is in vilnius for an eu summit. german chancellor on to a medical says that door is still open japan and south korea despite china over its new air defense around watching up tensions in the air migrants to die coming to


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